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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Children’s Health Defense’s (CHD) board chair and chief legal counsel, on Tuesday appeared on FOX Business to debate U.S. Congressman Buddy Carter of Georgia on questions surrounding the development of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine. FOX Business’ Lisa Kennedy Montgomery hosted the interview.

Kennedy explained that vaccine injuries, including neurodevelopmental, allergic and autoimmune adverse events, have long incubation periods that would not be captured in the 45-day window of clinical trials. He also pointed out that Pfizer’s study design does not answer the question of whether or not the company’s vaccine prevents transmissibility which should be a primary goal of any vaccine.

Watch here (conversation on vaccine liability starts at 7:20):

Despite RFK, Jr.’s presentation of the facts, Montgomery insisted erroneously that pharmaceutical companies are held accountable for vaccine injuries, including liability for injuries or deaths that occur from any of the COVID vaccines in development. This lack of liability is clearly spelled out in the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act), enacted by Congress in February 2020.

Parents of vaccine-injured children are quite familiar with the concept of liability-free vaccines as established in 1986 under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.

CHD strongly believes that consumers should be as informed as possible about all of the COVID vaccines in development, including their safety risks, and the liability protection provided by our government to the pharmaceutical industry for these upcoming vaccines. Liability-free vaccines ensure that those injured and their families will have no means of compensation whatsoever for injuries and deaths.

While we appreciate the opportunity for Kennedy to share his knowledge with FOX viewers, we believe an on-air correction and further explanation of what the PREP Act has put into place is in order. CHD requested this in an email to Montgomery on Wednesday, November 11.

If you’d like to join us in this effort to correct the record, FOX Business can be reached at 212-601-7000, option #3, and by email at [email protected]. Please be polite and thank FOX for allowing vaccine-safety discussions. If you have a personal vaccine injury story, share that as well.

The network needs to know how important it is that consumers be fully informed of the liability protection provided to vaccine makers and understand how liability-free products provide no incentive for safety.