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For Carolyn “CC” Blakeman, media director and task force coordinator for the FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation (FFFF), life experiences are what led her to become an advocate for COVID-19 hospital protocol and vaccine injury victims.

“I got started because I had previously lost a daughter in 1995. She was killed,” Blakeman said. “When the COVID-19 pandemic was announced, the thought of losing somebody else I loved terrified me.”

In an exclusive interview with The Defender, Blakeman said, “They had us all terrified on the news,” referring to the death count tickers, the refrigerated trucks and the claims of how many would die from the virus. “I was already a political blogger, so I took a deep dive into researching this virus and what other countries were using to treat their COVID patients.”

According to Blakeman, her research led her to discover that other countries were using “working early treatments, but we were being denied them.” These treatments included ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

But when Blakeman attempted to spread the word about these treatments online, she found her blogs were getting taken down.

“I’m like, ‘This is a 40-year-old medicine that won the Nobel Prize. Why won’t they let me write about ivermectin?’” she recalled.

When she and her husband caught COVID-19 in November 2020, they immediately took the ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. “We had symptoms for three hours and that was it,” she said. “I’m like, ‘My God, they’re killing people!’”

Several of Blakeman’s close family members were injured after receiving the COVID-19 vaccines, including heart problems, neuropathy and vertigo.

It was this series of events that spurred Blakeman into action, joining the FFFF as a full-time volunteer. The foundation, established in 2016, began to “focus strictly on crimes against humanity as they pertain to the COVID-19 pandemic,” she said.

In her interview, Blakeman described the work FFFF does on behalf of COVID-19 vaccine and hospital protocol victims, including legal actions, efforts to get the COVID-19 vaccines recalled, providing support to hospital whistleblowers, publishing victims’ stories, forming support groups and organizing campaigns to raise public awareness.

Documenting victims’ stories before they ‘scrub this history’

The FFFF says its mission is “to restore America and the Western world to those conditions existing and considered normal prior to the emergence of the pandemic crisis and the unconstitutional mandates that accompanied it.”

As part of this, the group says it will expose the ‘“FDA [U.S. Food and Drug Administration] Death Protocol’ for what it is,” “will help people assert their legal right to refuse to submit to harmful COVID-19 vaccination and testing mandates,” and “call a halt” to the use of “‘vaccine passports’ and draconian digital ID systems.”

Several of the FFFF’s members are former federal agents and prosecutors, according to the group, which states that “Many of our former feds are ‘former’ because they witnessed the corruption of our most fundamental systems firsthand and subsequently became conscientious objectors.”

The group also launched the COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project (CHBMP), described as an effort to develop “the world’s largest online resource for information regarding the individual victims and the concerted effort to deny human beings safe and available medical treatment.”

“We knew we needed to document these stories of hospital protocol and vaccine injury victims” before they “scrub this history,” Blakeman said. “We need to get these people documented, so we can remember what happened, make sure it never happens again, and remember them.”

Blakeman described how the website came together from doing interviews with family members of people who died in hospitals or were injured by the vaccine.

“As we recorded more testimony, we built a case file that evolved into our COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project, where we have over a thousand stories and still growing,” she said.

“Our network of victims is very tight,” Blakeman said. FFFF has seven interviewers and has established state chairs and co-chairs in every state. Each state has its own CHBMP website, where stories from that state’s victims are hosted.

Lawsuits survive initial PREP Act hurdles

The FFFF is now involved in a number of lawsuits, legal actions and lobbying efforts across the U.S. According to Blakeman, FFFF is working with approximately 20 attorneys. In all, “we have about 70 cases filed across the country,” Blakeman said.

Some of these lawsuits were filed on behalf of hospital protocol victims under the PREP Act (Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act). According to Blakeman, “Three have made it past the first stage of the PREP Act.”

Under the PREP Act, the liability shield for COVID-19 vaccines will remain until at least December 2024.

“They’re not filing these lawsuits under medical malpractice,” Blakeman said. “They’re filing under constructive fraud because the fiduciary or the doctor is not getting any kind of consent from the victim or the victim’s family to use an experimental drug on them,” Blakeman said. “Most of the time, they don’t tell them, or they trick them.”

“Most medical malpractice cases have a statute of limitations,” she added. “Usually, it’s two years in most states … fraud has a much longer statute of limitations, usually.”

Blakeman noted that while the PREP Act includes covered countermeasures and the protocol, it doesn’t necessarily cover the doctor or fiduciary for not getting the patients’ consent to take the drugs. She mentioned remdesivir, a treatment some have claimed resulted in the deaths or injuries of COVID-19 patients in hospitals.

“If you don’t know what someone’s putting in your body, then that’s not necessarily covered by the PREP Act,” Blakeman said. “In our three cases that have gone before a judge, the judge said PREP Act immunity does not apply here because the patient never knew, the family never knew what they were getting.”

Blakeman said victims can also file PREP Act claims on the basis of several other types of claims, including elder abuse, medical battery, breach of fiduciary duty, professional misconduct and negligence.

Blakeman said this legal strategy seems to be working so far. “It’s probably going to depend on the jurisdiction and the judge, but the ones that have gotten passed are in California and Wisconsin,” she said. “They got through the motion-to-dismiss hearing and are in discovery or arbitration right now.”

In addition to PREP Act lawsuits, the FFFF has launched the “We The People 50-Recall the Shots” campaign. “We are going state-to-state, to the attorneys general offices, to get the shots recalled, just based on the fact that we have the latest science by Kevin McKernan that the shots are contaminated.”

The FFFF assembled a team of medical experts who will speak at the state or local or federal level “to present our facts and ask them to recall them [the vaccines] based on contamination,” Blakeman said. “We’ve gotten pretty far in Idaho, and so that’s looking good. Our goal is to get them pulled before more people are injured.”

The FFFF also is pursuing legal action against Gilead, the manufacturer of remdesivir. “We’re working with a group of attorneys on a class action suit,” Blakeman said, adding that the group’s attorneys “found a way around the PREP Act using false advertisement because they were advertising that remdesivir did something that it didn’t.”

“We’re trying to fundraise it,” Blakeman said. “The case is going to cost millions of dollars. These four attorneys are from independent little firms. Those are the attorneys that are stepping up. It’s not these big firms. They’re not touching these cases.”

“These attorneys have been working on this case for two years, on their own time,” she said. “They have a great complaint. It’s ready to be filed, but they can’t go against Gilead without a war chest.”

Blakeman believes the FFFF will be able to use its fundraising strategy for cases against Pfizer and other Big Pharma firms.

The FFFF also organizes regular gatherings of attorneys, known as the “Changemaker Attorney Meeting,” where attorneys are invited to come together on Zoom to strategize and brainstorm. The calls have led to protocol lawsuits in eight or nine states, Blakeman said.

‘Follow the money’

Based on its interviews with COVID-19 hospital protocol victims or their family members, CHBMP has developed a list of the 25 commonalities shared by many of the victims. According to CHBMP:

“As we’ve scrutinized hundreds of cases from across the nation, we’ve compiled a list of the most prevalent characteristics associated with the deadly COVID hospital protocols. We’ve heard these things from victims again and again.

“The heart-wrenching experiences of patients who have suffered due to these COVID-related protocols and policies must not be ignored.”

Commonalities include isolation of the victim, denial of informed consent and alternative treatments, gaslighting, removal of communication devices, discrimination against the unvaccinated, dehumanization, dehydration and starvation, non-emergency ventilation, refusal of transfer and strict adherence to Emergency Use Authorization protocols.

The group’s interviewers “kept hearing the same things,” Blakeman said.

“In almost every single case, [patients] are begging for alternative treatments. They’re begging for Vitamin C, begging for ivermectin. They’re being denied it, and they’re being gaslit, told ‘you’re not a horse.’”

She said not a single person in the FFFF database has ever seen the remdesivir fact sheet hospitals are legally obligated to provide.

“We’ve had people that go into hospitals and their wife wrote on their arms with a Sharpie, ‘No remdesivir,’ and they get it anyway,” Blakeman said. “Or they’ll go to sleep and [doctors] will bring in the remdesivir drip bag in the middle of the night. So, they don’t know, and their loved one doesn’t know.”

People described being “dehumanized and treated like animals,” Blakeman said. “They’re not cleaned, they’re not given mouth care, they’re not allowed to go to the restroom. They are not fed, they’re not given fluids.”

“And a huge one is being discriminated against if you’re unvaccinated,” she said. “That’s the first question out of their mouths.”

Another commonality involves patients who were “either chemically or physically restrained, tied to the bed,” put on non-emergency ventilation or “do not resuscitate” orders that were not authorized by patients or their families. And some were given overdoses of fentanyl or morphine and physically abused, including cases of broken noses.

“That’s not coincidence,” Blakeman said. “It’s clear that they did not die from COVID-19.” She said that these practices are the result of COVID-19 hospital protocols prescribed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and are the subject of a white paper, “Follow the Money: Blood Money in U.S. Healthcare.”

Blakeman said the government incentivized hospitals under the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act). “The hospitals were paid all this money upfront, and if they didn’t use X amount, they had to pay it all back. That’s why they rushed to ventilate, to do all these procedures that are often unnecessary.”

The report states the average per-person incentive in the U.S. for a “complex COVID inpatient” is $292,566. “It’s definitely the money that’s driving the hospitals and that protocol,” Blakeman said. “Doctors have been bought out by Big Pharma also and they are going to be corrupted by big paydays.”

“They get money if they have a COVID-19 admission, then they get money if they use remdesivir, they get a 20% bonus on the entire hospital bill,” she added. “If they put them on a ventilator, they get an extra $39,000. And if they put COVID-19 on the death certificate, they get another bonus.”

Blakeman said the FFFF launched “Halt Hospital Homicide,” a series of rallies with medical experts as speakers and protocol victims’ family members, wearing “a shirt with their loved one’s picture on the front of it.” The first rally was in San Antonio, Texas, in March, and the next event will be in Nashville, Tennessee, in March 2024.

The FFFF also launched a hospital advocacy program. “If you’re in the hospital and need to get rescued, then you can call us,” said Blakeman, “and we will get an advocate on the phone with the doctor.”

“We’ve gotten several people out, rescued them,” said Blakeman. Although FFFF’s team did not rescue her, Blakeman cited hospital protocol victim Gail Seiler, who was able to leave a Texas hospital after a six-hour “standoff” with doctors and staff.

Still another FFFF initiative is the Amnesty and Leniency Project, “where we encourage whistleblowers to come out” from hospitals “to disclose what they did, saw, heard,” Blakeman said.

“That’s the way we’re going to win these cases and public opinion,” she said, adding that the group “can advocate for amnesty or leniency” for the whistleblowers.

Some victims have committed suicide ‘because their lives were destroyed’

The FFFF has also used its outreach with hospital protocol and COVID-19 vaccine victims to launch support groups for them and their families.

“All these volunteers, all these victims, they want to help. They want to feel like they’re fighting for something, and we need the help,” Blakeman said. “FFFF started off with one Monday night support group that has since expanded to six nights a week,” Blakeman said, “so nobody ever feels alone.”

There are over 4,400 people in the vaccine support groups, but according to Blakeman, not all of them are getting the help they need. “More than 20 of them have killed themselves in the last three months because their lives were destroyed,” she said. “They lost their jobs. Their health was destroyed, and nobody believed them or helped them.”

Through the FFFF Citizens Task Force, over 20 committees have been formed with the participation of several protocol and vaccine victims, including a legislation committee, a media committee and a rally committee.

At the state level, the FFFF has been acting to raise public awareness of vaccine and hospital protocol injuries and deaths, including recent billboard campaigns in Michigan and New Jersey, and a plane flying over the Jersey Shore with a banner raising awareness of hospital protocol deaths and the FFFF’s efforts.

Other FFFF awareness initiatives include a car sticker and magnet campaign, the “FormerFeds Focus” podcast, a Substack page, discussions with protocol and vaccine victims and with medical experts on Twitter Spaces, and a Rumble video series. However, the group has been censored on Facebook, Google and YouTube, Blakeman said.

Victims ‘need to be remembered’

Blakeman said that despite the FFFF’s continued efforts, it has “been very, very stressful” to her to collect victims’ stories. “I had to take a little break from interviewing after a while because I was having such bad nightmares.”

Yet, she said these experiences “also inspired me to keep going because I know this level of grief when someone’s taken from you in the wrong way.”

Blakeman said the FFFF’s end goal is to have a national monument put up with all the victims’ names on it. “These people need to be remembered for what they sacrificed and who they were,” she said. “So many young people.”

Blakeman also encouraged victims or their family members to come forward and share their stories.

“We have to raise public awareness,” she said, adding:

“Get your story on the record. Get in support groups. You’re not alone. A lot of people feel very alone. We believe you here, we’ll support you, we’ll help you tell your story that you need to tell, and we’ll help you honor your loved one.

“And we’ll help you find an attorney if we can. We’ll try to get you some kind of justice.”

“This is a spiritual battle, I believe,” Blakeman said. “We have to use these deaths to inspire other people to speak out and stand up for what’s right in humanity.”