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Children’s Health Defense (CHD) has launched five new chapters in Oregon, Arizona, Ohio, Florida and Canada.

The new chapters join CHD-California, CHD-Illinois, CHD-Hawaii, CHD-New York and CHD-Europe in advancing the organization’s mission to end childhood health epidemics by working to expose and eliminate harmful practices, hold responsible parties accountable and establish safeguards to protect children and the environment.

State CHD chapters inform and empower local communities, helping to spread awareness and create support at a local level for key medical freedom and children’s health issues.

“Our chapters provide much needed information, advocacy and camaraderie during these trying times,” said CHD Chapter Coordinator Karen McDonough. “With the mainstream media’s corporate conflicts creating distrust amongst citizens worldwide, more people are relying on CHD for trustworthy insights and facts.”

Sally Nicholson, president of CHD Arizona, said that as the world sits at the juncture of “unprecedented” events impacting the future of humanity, “we at CHD-Arizona are thankful for the opportunity to help CHD carry out out its crucial work in safeguarding the health and well-being of current and future generations.”

Regional CHD chapters help communities stay up-to-date on proposed legislation and policy changes. They also facilitate tailored educational and community-building campaigns.

Local leaders also draw from the larger CHD community for educational and advocacy support.

“We are parents and experts in diverse fields who are dedicated to the well-being of Ohio families,” said Nadera Lopez-Garrity, president of CHD Ohio. “We believe we are all intrinsically connected and equally affected by attempts to take away our freedom to make healthcare and other critical decisions for ourselves and our families. Teaming up with others who want to preserve democracy will maximize our ability to do just that.”

Mo Van Hoek, president of CHD-Florida, stressed how the actions people take now to protect health freedom will have lasting impact for generations to come. “Our children’s future is hanging in the balance,” she said.

If you are interested in starting a CHD chapter in your state or country, contact Karen McDonough.