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On the latest episode of CHD.TV’s “Community Corner,” hosts Stephanie Locricchio and Aimee Villella McBride recapped events surrounding the Worldwide Walkouts and discussed the expert panel discussion on COVID vaccine injury, organized by U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.).

Michael Kane of Teachers for Choice also discussed his upcoming hearing for New York teachers’ rights. Kane, Children’s Health Defense’s national grassroots organizer, has been leading the charge for teachers against vaccine mandates in New York. “We’re prepared to go to the Supreme Court with this,” Kane told viewers.

Locricchio and Villella McBride shared Worldwide Walkout footage and commentary from rallies in New York and California.

Commenting on the New York walkouts, Villella McBride said:

“It was so great to see the crowds grow. You know what I love about it best? That it totally destroys the narrative about us that we are just white, suburban moms upset with vaccine mandates. When you look at the beautiful diversity of this crowd and people of every background, of every ethnicity, every religious background, every socioeconomic status, and they all just want one thing: the choice to control what goes in their body, and to not be coerced.”

Along with the latest news on medical freedom activism, the hosts discussed Johnson’s expert panel discussion, which also included testimony from people injured by COVID vaccines and from others whose family members died after getting the vaccine.

Locricchio said she hopes viewers see the footage of Ernest Ramirez, the father who lost his only son to myocarditis following a Pfizer COVID vaccine. She said:

“He talks about for his son’s birthday, which will be this week, for the holidays, while everyone’s sitting at the table enjoying their family and their children, he’ll be sitting at the cemetery.”

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“Community Corner” is hosted by Children’s Health Defense advocacy liaisons, Stephanie Locricchio and Aimee Villella McBride. Locricchio is a certified holistic health coach and yoga instructor. Villella McBride is a certified holistic health coach and marketing and sales professional. These moms-turned-warriors invite you to join them and other activists from around the world as they take on Big Pharma, Big Government and anyone else who threatens the health and freedom of their families.