Defender Days

We have the science. We have the resources. Now, all we need is YOU to take it to the streets! Be our army of truth. Be superspreaders of truth and information.

Be a Defender of Truth, Freedom and Children’s Health

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) is calling all advocates to stay vigilant and keep advocating for a return to democracy. Join us to create awareness about the harms and risks posed by COVID vaccines and masks and learn how to fight medical mandates. With your help, we can be walking, talking billboards of information and truth. Overcoming censorship, building relationships, encouraging critical thinking and demanding answers — all while building community and defending the medical freedoms of this and future generations.

Although it feels like things are returning to normal, ending medical mandates is an ongoing battle that will take more ammunition than just science and data. Regulatory authorities and mainstream media continue their campaign of coercion and fear to separate us and convince us to forfeit individual rights for the greater good.

Sadly, many parents are falling prey to coercion and the impact on our children cannot be fully measured despite the growing number of deaths and injuries. It’s time to break through the propaganda and follow the science with our Pocket Guide for Vaccine Truth and “The COVID Vaccine & Children: A Second Opinion” that provide you with the talking points and science to educate your community and navigate these conversations.

Find handouts and our sticker gallery:

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We can overcome the censorship and propaganda that dominate mainstream and social media. “Defender Days” are educational days to share the facts about the harms and dangers associated with COVID vaccines and related mitigation protocols. Through meaningful conversations with others we can teach people to make decisions from a place of informed consent.

Use our fully referenced flyers to educate your community, state legislators, board of education, pediatricians, pharmacists and more. Pull together teams to create “Defender Days” within your community!

Vaccine Science Guide

Don't be Coerced Flyer

Print 100 of these flyers on standard 8½x11 paper and cut where indicated into thirds. Go to a busy shopping mall or other high-traffic areas near you with many parents and families and give out as many as you can.

Suggestions for sharing these resources in the community:

1. Set a recurring date and choose a location. Find high-traffic, high-visibility locations with many people — grab a couple of friends and engage people with open-ended questions. CHD encourages everyone to get into their communities the first Saturday of every month. Use this done-for-you customizable flier to spread the word in your community.

2. Don’t be attached to the outcome, be committed to sharing information. Meet people where they are. Some may feel confronted by the information you offer. Don’t allow their reaction to impact your confidence and commitment to your work.

Here are a few examples of engaging questions:

  • Did you know your child is more at risk of being injured or killed by the COVID injection than by getting COVID?
  • Did you know that neither pharma or your doctor is liable for death or injury caused by the COVID injection?
  • Do you know what VAERS is?

3. Be Superspreaders of truth. Create street teams and assign people to different posts. If you have a large group, encourage people to stand on a busy corner with banners and signs to get the attention of cars passing by. Assign pairs of people to disperse and hand out our fully referenced educational flyers. Visit our Handout Gallery and Sticker Gallery for these resources. Encourage everyone to wear CHD branded gear to create organizational awareness.

4. Share our customizable graphics. Create your free Canva account to access Customizable Defender Day graphics. Share your flyers on social media, email lists and post flyers in your community.

5. Share your event with CHD. Be sure to share your Defender day with CHD to be featured on our Community Calendar. Connect with other “Defenders” in your community by posting your event on our Community Calendar. Check back often for other events happening in and around your neighborhood. We are stronger together.

6. Stream your event to CHD.TV. We are the media. Overcome censorship by streaming to CHD.TV. Create your StreamYard account and follow these simple instructions to create your account and set up your broadcast.

“Defender Days” are a powerful way to raise your voices as you connect with other members of your community.

Join the movement. Be a “defender” of truth, freedom and children’s health. Children’s Health Defense will provide you with the resources — all you need to do is show up with your conviction, your voice and your CHD materials in hand. It’s time to be the change you wish to see in the world.

All of CHD’s litigation, censorship-free programs, tools and resources would not be possible without your ongoing support and generosity. Please donate so we can continue this important work.


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