October 05, 2017

Vaccine Injury Touches Families Throughout the U.S.

In our Campaign to Restore Child Health, Children’s Health Defense is asking for everyone’s help in demanding legitimate vaccine safety science. Our government health leaders in charge of protecting children’s health are urging parents to vaccinate without conducting the science necessary to prove all vaccines are safe for all children. In the following parent testimonies of vaccine injury, we have removed references to personal information but have included locations to underscore the widespread devastation of a vaccine program not based upon rigorous and transparent safety science. We invite you to watch the parent testimony videos and read about the campaign.

In December of 1999 my daughter received MMR, DTaP and four other vaccines at 15 months of age. In one hour, she developed a fever of 104° which held 5 days. When the fever broke, she lost speech, eye contact, couldn’t be touched, developed bowel disease and later received a diagnosis of severe Autism. Within three weeks of her MMR, she shed the measles virus and her mother caught it, triggering Multiple Sclerosis. Her mother these days is in a nursing home at age 53. My daughter, now 18, still has severe autism and bowel disease. She is forever dependent on me, her father. I raise her alone. I have sacrificed my career and a decent living to care for her and we struggle financially. My home has entered and exited foreclosure multiple times and our bills are always a challenge. There are countless families just like mine (I personally know a few thousand). America cannot sustain the projected 1-in-2 prevalence rate we expect by 2032.

Hoffman Estates, IL

In 2006, I had a flu shot when my daughter was 13 months old. Within an hour, I had literal projectile vomiting, and was ill for days. I later developed severe chronic fatigue syndrome.

After the shots my daughter received at 13 months (DTaP, HIB and a flu vax), she had a high fever and constant crying for almost 24 hours. I then noticed that she was unable to walk properly. She was now walking and falling, continuously, tipping over like she was drunk. She had been a robustly healthy baby, ahead on all her milestones, extremely social, just perfect. She later developed symptoms of the following: Sensory Processing Disorder, ADD, eczema, IBS, and was diagnosed with neuro-developmental vision disorder, dyslexia, mitochondria dysfunction, MTHFR, and Celiac disease. She has very low energy and is unable to play sports. She has constant stomach aches. My entire life is spent trying to recover the vibrant, healthy child I had. She is beautiful and smart and deserved better.

Austin, TX

As a board-certified pediatrician, I thought vaccines were safe. I never read about them and we received minimal training in medical school, but still thought they were safe. In 2009 one of our 1-year-old patients died 4 hours after receiving his vaccines. That’s when I started reading about vaccines, and from that point on, I realized that the vast majority of doctors are not adequately trained to offer patients true informed consent. Doctors do not understand the risks of the current CDC-recommended vaccine schedule. I would *never* give my own child the current schedule.

Eden Prairie, MN

 I have 2 vaccine injured children. My son was born normal and healthy in 1995. He met every developmental milestone at 18 months, even exceeding some. Then he got his MMR and we lost him. It took over $1 million dollars of treatment for him to get him to a stable place medically. He’ll still never be a taxpayer but at least he’s healthy.

My daughter was a normal, precocious, healthy kid. Then she was given her Kindergarten boosters a month before her 5th birthday and almost immediately she changed. Even the doctor who “missed” my son’s autism, was floored by my daughter’s swift decline. Chelation, diet and supplements recovered her from autism and she is now a 23y/o taxpayer with a degree in mechanical engineering. Vaccines RUIN lives when given to the wrong people. We are NOT one-size-fits-all and medicines shouldn’t be either. We want NO mandates, bring back manufacturer liability, and respect parent choice. Period.

Felton, PA

My daughter had an adverse reaction to her vaccinations at 14 months old. She suffered with petit-mal seizures and an encephalopathy about a week later. She suffers with severe gastrointestinal inflammation and pain, brain inflammation, liver glutathione deficiency, hyperacusis, genetic mutations and methylation deficiency. She is now 13 and still suffers. I have had a very hard time with her having to stay home, the school will not help, mainstream doctors have not helped and I cannot afford to see her only doctor who has done the most help for her because he no longer accepts health insurance due to their not covering the ONLY treatments that have helped her!

Bastrop, TX

My first child was born in November of 1996. I was a 21-year-old soldier in the Army Medical Corp. It never occurred to me to not fully trust the medical system. My son had ONE DAY of perfect health. Apgar Scores of 9/10. On his second day, he got a Hep B vaccine. He cried for days (encephalitis symptom). He started projectile vomiting shortly after. He was covered in eczema a couple days after that (auto-immune).

He got his 2 month shots early, at 6 weeks, out of convenience. Hep B, Hib, OPV and DTP. Adjusted age was 3.5 weeks old when you consider he was born at 37.5 weeks. This was his highest dose of mercury for his weight of all his series of shots.

He got his 4 month shots on time. Hep B, Hib, OPV and DTP. My parents were watching him and said, “I’ve never heard a baby moan like that in my life, he moaned like an adult in pain.” After those shots, the chronic ear infections and illnesses began–and he was still vomiting constantly. The never-ending cycle of illness and gut-destroying antibiotics began. He was thin, sickly, had failure to thrive, and was miserable.

He got his 6 month vaccines and spiked a 106 fever (DTP, Hib, OPV). When fever hits 106 it is indicative of two things: heat stroke and poisoning. He did not have heat stroke.

From 6 months to 15 months there were no vaccines for him. He did OK. You could tell, with hindsight because I missed it at the time, that he was delayed in some areas. At one year, he only had 5 words and there was no “shared attention” which is an important language milestone. One of the words he had was “ishies” for “Fishes”. “Ishies” would be his final word for the next five years. He said it at the doctor’s office, in the waiting room, while waiting for his 15 month “well baby” check-up. His name was called, we walked back the hall to the exam room. He was given DTaP and MMR. And that was it. Lights out. Full blown autism within days. Vacant eyes, no speech, no language. Gone.

Our elected officials need to listen to the parents and the whistleblowers and the science that is already out there. Our lives are in ruins. My son has moderate to severe autism. Severe OCD. Severe sound sensitivities. He is violent, aggressive. I cannot work because no one can watch him. He hasn’t been in school for 4 years because of his seizures and behavior. We survive on his SSI and food stamps. I have a degree in Speech Pathology, did some post-baccalaureate work, and a year of law school…and we live on government assistance. I get no breaks. I have no help. It’s mind numbing.

Du Bois, PA

My 9-year-old son was injured I believe by the DTAP vaccine when he was 10 months old. There was a drastic change in him including loss of all words, loss of eye contact, and he became unaware of our world. He started bouncing his head in his crib which was a very strange and clear sign that something was very wrong. I took him to his doctor and of course was told it was just coincidence that this was happening right after this shot. My family has been swimming in the dark ever since that moment and our lives have been turned upside down. We have lost family and friends because of this.

He finally got a diagnosis of severe Autism along with Asthma, and eczema that resulted in bleeding and infection. He’s also allergic to peanuts and all tree nuts that requires us to carry an epi pen which by the way is so unaffordable I haven’t been able to renew the prescription. He’s also allergic to bee stings. Because insurance isn’t willing to pay for any treatments, homeopathic doctors, or any therapy, we had to relocate to a place where they have the ATAP program—Autism treatment assistance program that helps pay for his ABA therapy. The more I have learned and am still learning, I am so angry and feel let down by our country. How disgusting it is that our children are injured for life, that we the parents were lied to and never given informed consent so that we can make an informed decision!

Sparks, NV

We have a beautiful son who is now 14 years old. He was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. Unlike many of the stories we hear, he did NOT seem to regress into autism. We did not see an obvious deterioration after a round of vaccines. He is possibly one of the children that may have been injured by the HEP B vaccine given when he was 12 hours old…and then continually deteriorated with each additional vaccine. Our son was a very stoic baby. He smiled and cooed, but not like our other children. He crawled and walked, but when he should have started talking, he never did. He was a screamer, unable to communicate with us and not able to follow basic instructions like “go get the ball” when we asked him to. He was exhibiting odd behaviors. When we would go outside to play, he would not play; instead, he would circle the perimeter of the yard, following the fence line. He would cock his head and move his eyes in a way where it seemed as if he was looking out of his peripheral vision.  He had several behaviors that we now know were stimming behaviors.

After the diagnosis, I, as a nurse, did not even think twice that it could be vaccine related. One of the moms at his autistic preschool asked me, “As a nurse, do you think it could have been from the vaccines?” I adamantly said, ” NO, there is no link”. A few months later, I read the article “Deadly Immunity” by RFK, Jr. My mind was blown.

We took him to a DAN! doctor. To make a long story short, we put him on a GFCF diet and we started him on tons and tons of supplements. We had blood work, stool samples, hair samples, urine samples—all indicating he had damage from heavy metals, leaky gut, yeast overgrowth, etc.

He made significant improvements following the protocol and began talking and loosing some of his autistic behaviors. It was a long, long hard road, but 10 years later, I can say (by the GRACE OF GOD) that our son is essentially recovered. He is mainstreamed at school and is making As and Bs. Socially, he has struggles. His speech and reading are nowhere near his grade level, but still, he is RECOVERED!! He has no idea how much he has overcome. He is my hero.

Raleigh, NC

My daughter got sepsis within 24 hours of receiving her 2 month vaccines. She was taken to the hospital and admitted for 3 weeks, then sent home and followed by an oncologist and hematologist. They told us they couldn’t understand how my daughter got serratia biogroup 2, and how it could have possibly spread so fast. A year later, on the same exact date of her vaccine, she went into cardiac arrest and never woke up again. We filed a claim in the vaccine injury court, and it was confirmed that my daughter had some sort of cytokine storm prior to her death.

While vaccines didn’t kill my child, it caused her to be in the state that she was in upon arrival. It was because doctors didn’t move quickly enough on the sepsis that she passed away.

New York, NY

On October 5th of 2006, my very happy healthy typical child went in for his 12 month well child check. At 10 am, he received the regular schedule including the MMR. By 6 in the evening he was in the ICU fighting for his life. When he came home, everything started to change. His eating habits became awful, which is typical of gut damage. His eye contact was gone and so was his speech. Later he was diagnosed with Autism. I found this so odd since not a single person in my family has autism. I didn’t believe it was autism. I knew it was damage from his shots. My sister’s kids do not have autism, however they were not vaccinated like my son. I know for a fact his vaccines caused his issues. It’s for life. To allow these companies to lie and get away with this stuff is so tragic. It didn’t need to happen if the truth had been told. They knew it was possible. Of course, there is so much more to his story however, this is the short version. I think it was all his shots, with the MMR being the catalyst.

Salt Lake City, UT

Our son was born on July 7th 1997. He was our 3rd child and he was perfect in every way. I was so happy to have a little boy! It meant my family was complete. I felt like all was right in the world when he was born. Just like my 2 older daughters, I took him in for his vaccinations. None of them ever had any remarkable reactions, until our son was around 2. I took him in for a check-up—and a round of vaccines. That was the last time I heard him speak for years. It was the last time he had a solid bowel movement for years. I took him back to his pediatrician and told her that he stopped speaking and he had horrible, explosive diarrhea EVERYDAY. She had been his pediatrician for so long, and she asked if he had any injuries since the last time she saw him a few weeks prior. I answered “No,” then she reassured me that it is not uncommon for little guys his age to stop speaking for a short period of time. She said that I should not be alarmed because she knew he was healthy and without any injury, there is no reason to think anything is wrong. After all, she knew he could talk, she knew he was social, she knew he was meeting milestones just fine. She assured me he would start speaking soon, and she gave me some diet tips for his diarrhea.

BUT, he did not begin to speak again. If anything, he got worse. My husband and I took him to a Pediatric Psychologist, who tested him and then sat us down and explained that he had P.D.D., maybe Autism, and that we need to accept, that we once had a son, and it is as if that son has died, and now we have a new son to raise.

The only thing we knew about Autism was from the movie Rain Man. We did not have any internet connection at the time so we went to the library and for the first time we learned about the Autism/Vaccine/Mercury/Aluminum connection. I went back to the doctor’s office, now realizing that all this began immediately after his vaccines. I was horrified that I may have caused this. I got a list of the vaccines and the manufacturers of the vaccines he got that day. I looked up the ingredients of those vaccines. My son was injected with both mercury and aluminum that day.

We took him to another doctor who looked at his hair and his blood. His poor little body had Mercury and Aluminum levels THROUGH THE ROOF (especially Aluminum)!

My husband’s father had the Measles and the Mumps—almost at the same time—and I guess it was horrible for a while, but it was TEMPORARY and it left him with a natural, lifelong immunity. I wanted to spare my son those illnesses. I realize now, how the illnesses are blown out of proportion. The Measles is not as scary as Autism, neither is the Mumps. People who die from the Measles, the Mumps or the Chicken Pox? Unfortunately, they are very ill and could die from a bad cold or Strep Throat. It is what it is—I feel bad for them, but losing my son to save them is not right. Forcing my son to lay down his life for theirs is NOT RIGHT. How many children have to end up like my son, before their lives matter? I am so sorry. I wish he could understand how sorry I am.

Arlington Heights, IL

My daughter stopped breathing after her 2 month shots. We trusted our doctor and followed the schedule. She survived. She cried for 3 days non-stop without any sleep at her 4 month and 6 month shots. My doctor told me this was normal. This is not normal. This is brain damage occurring. We stopped after 6 months and my daughter is recovering. We are very lucky!!

Streamwood, IL

My son was injured by the DTaP vaccine when he was 13 months old. He developed normally with no issues up until that vaccine. Immediately after the vaccine, he became sick with a fever, whole body rash and severe diarrhea. He was angry and became a very hard to handle toddler. His fever lasted for 3 months and no one could tell me why.

I continued taking him to the doctor as my baby was sick and needed help. At 17 months he received the MMR vaccine. At that point in time, my angry and sick baby was silenced. He lost his language and regressed to baby talk. He began banging his head and destroying anything he could when he was upset. He then received the autism diagnosis at the age of 2.5.

He is now 14, and is mildly affected. Its taken a lot of time, effort and love to get him to where I am hopeful he can lead a relatively independent life. We no longer vaccinate. I do not feel it is safe.

San Antonio, TX

My son was perfectly fine up to 12 months. Around 15 months after MMR, everything went downhill. He would not respond by his name, was running away and crying, breaking toys. He has major constipation and is aggressive. Vaccines destroyed everything.

Oak Creek, WI

My son was born without any complications. He was developing normally until he received vaccines at 18 months. He was diagnosed with moderate autism. He’s had a rough life as our insurance will not cover his injury needs and the doctors say it is not vaccine related and we can’t sue for HELP. He can’t go to school. He can’t get therapy. He will always be in my care, never get married, never have children, and I worry about dying everyday because I do not know who will care for him the way I do.

I want justice for my son and ultimately I want to save other children from his fate. Our insurance still to this day denies coverage for his care having the diagnosis of autism. My family suffers; we can’t go in public and we can’t enjoy our lives like we should. I want to care for my son at home and I can’t. These issues need to be addressed. We are victims. My heart is broken into a million pieces and it will never be whole again—and someone should be responsible for that.

Brownsburg, IN

My son is now 14 years old and is severely Autistic. Born 12-20-02, he had the Hep B shot after he was born. He had a reaction to it with a fever of 103, shaking, convolutions, and was back to the hospital in 5 days. Before his first birthday he had a cold. The doctor gave him a flu shot and 6 other shots. He was FOREVER CHANGED.  Me too.

Laguna Niguel, CA

I have 2 children who had vaccine injuries. Both had immune system issues and my 21 year old daughter still suffers from the effects of her vaccines but is able to attend college, etc. She has had major obstacles and continues to. They had been better until she got into college and was forced to get a flu shot, and all shots we hadn’t given since she was 5. She now has massive stomach issues again, vomiting, headaches, massive anxiety and depression.

However, my 20 year old son was injured more severely. He is non-verbal, severely autistic, has epilepsy, sensory dysfunction, anxiety and ADHD. We struggle with so many different issues and every vaccine he received, he got worse. His reflux was one of the biggest things that got worse and he eventually had to have surgery which resulted in major complications and now he chokes on any food that isn’t cut up into small bites. He requires 24-hour supervision and care.

Newburgh, IN

My son was injured from the MMR vaccine. He experienced epilepsy. He is now on the autism spectrum and every day is a struggle. Please look into things for us families.

Washington state

My son got his last set of vaccines at 9 months old. At his 4 month shots, he stopped cooing, he ran a high fever and would not stop crying. He also developed severe eczema. I thought it was normal. He then got his 6 month shots, same exact thing happened. 9 month shots, same thing. He also had a bad sensory issue all of a sudden.

I decided enough was enough, this is NOT normal. I stopped immediately. His eczema got worse, his sensory issues got worse, he developed extremely sensitive hearing. He finally started to walk at the age of 3. Since he started to talk, he’s had speech problems. These are NOT “normal” vaccine side effects. No child should ever go through this. To this day, at 5 years old, everything is still the same; he also cannot brush his own teeth or wash his own hair/body, or wipe himself. It’s a learning ability that he cannot grasp.

His doctor said it’s all normal. THIS IS IN NO SHAPE OR FORM NORMAL!!!!!! NOTHING my son is going through is normal. This is vaccine injury.

Glen Burnie, MD

We have an 18-year-old son with Autism and Epilepsy. At 18 months, although he engaged, he was a late talker. In a one week period, we got “apple” and “bubble” very clearly and appropriately. Those were the last words we heard for 2 years. At 18 months, he withdrew and was much harder to reach. Doctors diagnosed him with Autism at 3 1/2 and he developed epilepsy in the 5th grade. There is no relevant family history of either of those.

After years of ABA and supplements, he is verbal, but still highly functioning autistic. He will engage and is friendly, but is still significantly delayed. When we look at possible factors, it always comes back to the vaccines.

San Marcos, CA

My son was vaccine injured by his MMR, DTP-Hib (Tetramune) vaccine at 15 months old. His MRI showed the vaccines caused demyelination of his brain and he was diagnosed with autism at 23 months old. My son was a precious, perfect little neuro-typical boy who said several words and loved playing with his brother. He developed a fever of 103 hours after his vaccine and my son was gone, just like that. He developed a rash later that evening and his face blew up like he had a severe allergy with puffy eyes and puffy face. None of his doctors have been able to get my son back. My son is now a 19 year old young man who can’t take care of himself or his personal care. My son should be in college with his older brother right now, enjoying the best years of his life. Instead, he spends most of his time on a computer, nonverbal, unable to tell me what he wants or needs, unable to tell me where he hurts, unable to tell me how much he loves me. He was in a diaper until he was 10 years old and had to relearn how to eat with a spoon or drink from a glass.

All of this because I blindly trusted my pediatrician and did what I was told to do. We must stop the damage being done to all of our children from the vaccines. My son deserves justice for the life that the vaccines stole from him. This wasn’t God’s plan. My son should be a Southwest Airlines pilot like his dad and get to fall madly in love with his wife and have a family of his own. He will never have a job and contribute to this world. Now, he is stuck with me and his father until we die. Then what happens to my son? Who will take care of him? I can’t trust anyone anymore. Stop the madness RIGHT NOW before more children’s brains are damaged by another vaccine.

Belton, TX

My son was walking and talking at 8 months old. After getting the MMR shot, he stopped talking and lost the ability to walk, and was eventually diagnosed as Autistic. Before that shot, he was happy and playful. After, he was a shell of himself. Vaccines injured him permanently. We have had to acquire vast amounts of debt to treat his autism and still work for his recovery. We need a Vaccine Safety Commission and an independent body to ensure Scientific Integrity.

Orange, CA

My son was vaccine injured as a baby. I never even questioned vaccines when I was growing up or when I became pregnant. I took all of the shots recommended to me by my doctor, including the flu shot for myself when I was pregnant and for my son when he was close to 1 year old. He was vaccinated on the “recommended schedule” provided by the CDC and I never argued when the doctor told me when or what vaccines were due. I wish I had been educated on the truths behind vaccines, I wish I had someone to tell me to really research vaccines. Although, now that the damage has been done and I have spent countless hours researching vaccines, I know it wouldn’t make a difference because the CDC has made sure to go out of their way and pay off scientists to skew results to prove that vaccines are “safe”. My son was a healthy baby. Many people told me “he’s the happiest baby I’ve ever seen”. But one day that changed. Around his first birthday, we began to wonder if he was deaf because he wasn’t looking at us anymore when we would speak to him. After hearing tests were finished, we knew his hearing wasn’t the problem. I asked the doctor yet again what could be wrong and, after hours of researching and praying, I came across an article that told me what no one else wanted to tell me: my son had autism. Since then, I have fought to get him the therapy he needs and I have tried countless supplements to help him. We have made progress but he is 3 years old and I’ve still never heard him say “mama”. I dream of the day he will speak and I pray the truth behind vaccines will be revealed so all parents can make the best decision for their children.

Sulphur Springs TX

At the age of 15 months, my very healthy son was vaccine injured after receiving the MMR and Varicella vaccines. He became very ill, had a high fever, developed a rash, had diarrhea, and became lethargic. Within a couple of weeks time, he had completely changed, became nonverbal, had no eye contact, lost his ability to interact appropriately with others. The doctors kept insisting that he was going to be OK. He was diagnosed with Severe Autism shortly afterwards. Jacob is 18 now. He has been in Special Needs classes since he was 3. He will never live on his own, hold a job, have peer relationships, or take care of his own needs.  Vaccines are NOT safe!

Ringgold, GA

My 24-year-old son had reactions to each set of vaccines as a baby. He would get ear infections and then was put on antibiotics. This caused him to be delayed for his vaccines where they actually doubled up and gave him his 15 and 18 month shots at the same time. (HIB, MMR, DPT, OPV.) I said no and they said not to worry because they did it all the time. Unfortunately, I submitted to them. He was diagnosed with autism/PPDNOS a year later.

Maywood, NJ

My daughter was vaccine injured by the DTaP vaccine at 16 months old. She lost all of her words, lost all eye contact, started having absent seizures, screamed and cried constantly, started displaying very odd sensory seeking behaviors, toe walking, hand flapping, and every other classic symptom of autism. Our pediatrician denied that there was anything wrong and fired us from his practice for questioning vaccines. She is now 6 years old and she has not yet recovered from her injuries.

Channahon, IL

My granddaughter nearly died from her one and only vaccine given at 5 months. She needed to be choppered to the NICU of the Phoenix Children’s Hospital and was there for almost 4 months. She would projectile vomit, have seizures and her skin was falling off in inflamed patches. It took nearly 4 years to “recover” her although she still has eruptions on her skin that NO doctor has EVER been able to address.


My son was born a heath baby in Mississippi in 1991. My wife is an RN and we didn’t question the vaccines for we thought we were doing the right thing to protect our child. At 6 months old we took our heathy baby to get his first shot the DPT vaccine. He started having seizures after his shots and he had 27 in a 24-hour period. Our baby was playing, cooing and playing in his walker. At 10 months we saw our baby smile for the last time. We questioned the vaccines but our doctors in Mississippi told us that the vaccines where safe and not to even give it a second thought. Our child had 100 seizures a day and was hospitalized over 17 times. We had no exemptions in the state of Mississippi so we couldn’t opt out of vaccines. We learned about the vaccine compensation program too late—it’s three years after the first symptom. We lost our home and we lost our insurance. We moved to Colorado in 2004 where we get better health care for our son. In May of 2014 we lost our son.

Littleton, CO

My son was developing normally. We watched him very closely and were very happy that he had no signs of autism. After MMR, he started hand flapping, lost language and developed OCD tendencies. After his pneumococcal vaccine at 2 years he was never the same. He immediately developed an ear infection so bad that his eyes swelled shut the day following the shot. After that, our son with the brightest light in his eyes was gone. He no longer cared about his parents, sibling or surroundings. He is diagnosed now as severely autistic and will need care for the rest of his life.

Orange, CA

Our son, born in 2002, was developing normally until his set of 15 month shots. His development then stalled and he became over-reactive to sound, had difficulty in crowded places and communicating his needs became hard. He could not handle interactions with others so he would withdraw and stim and stare at the wheels of his cars. He was ultimately diagnosed with autism at age 3. After spending over $100,000 on treatments and therapy, we have gotten our son back. We want no other child or family to have to go through what we have gone through.

Bristow, VA

My friend brought his healthy son for his MMR vaccination, on the way home from the clinic, he started having seizures. He lost his ability to speak, and today, at 11 years old, he still cannot speak.

Eagan, MN

My son was vaccine injured in 2000 when he received the MMR vaccine. Shortly after receiving this vaccine, he started having seizures. Up until that time, his development was completely typical. He was admitted to a children’s hospital for testing and placed on anti-seizure meds. While undergoing treatment with a pediatric neurologist, he was referred for assessment for autism. The neurologist noticed signs of regression and feared he now had autism. In California, we have the Regional Center system to diagnose and help provide services for persons with autism. We started that process and he was in fact diagnosed with ASD. He is now 18 years old. It has been a long road for our family. He has been able to be removed from anti-seizure meds and is considered high-functioning for someone with autism. He no longer receives any kind of vaccination.

He has struggled his entire childhood with depression and anxiety. He is very bright but lonely as personal relationships are difficult for him. I worry about his future. I know that he was injured by this vaccine and possibly by the others that were given to him in the first year of his life. I try not to blame myself but struggle with this. If all of the information that the CDC had at the time would have been released (CDC Whistleblower), I likely would not have vaccinated him. Our children are our future and we need to protect them.

Fresno, CA

In 1992, I asked the doctor who held the needle poised at my daughter’s leg what he thought about vaccination. He mentioned a few points but I remember him saying, “The benefits outweigh the risks.” I asked him if he would vaccinate his own kids and he said, without looking me in the eye, “Yes. My own children are vaccinated.” With that he proceeded to inject my healthy newborn with 3 vaccines. My poor baby began to cry and I felt terrible that the needle hurt her, yet I was somewhat relieved that she would now be “safe” from disease. However, the reservations were still there. I took her for 2 more appointments and each time I was given the VIS sheets that downplayed the risks and dwelt on the benefits. Still with reservations I signed each consent sheet. I cringed with each set of shots but still had no information to prove I was doing the wrong thing. I will forever regret not trusting my mother’s intuition.

I had postponed the 4th set of shots because I just didn’t feel right about it but *still* had no concrete information on which to base my decision. Because I had postponed the 4th set, my daughter was behind on her shots and, with a disgusted tone to her voice because of my tardiness,the nurse said we would have to “catch her up.” That day my 23-month-old daughter received 4 shots and a TB test.

I told my husband after that 4th set of shots that I would never have my daughter vaccinated again. I couldn’t prove it was harmful but I refused to continue unless I got some answers. During the next preschool year (about 11 months after my daughter’s last set of shots) my daughter’s teacher started noticing red flags in her behavior and asked if I would mind if some specialists came in to observe her. I agreed. To cut a long story short, 3 months later my daughterwas diagnosed with sensory integration dysfunction, what later became part of the autism spectrum disorders. The two Ph.D.’s who diagnosed my daughter could not explain what sensory dysfunction was and had no literature on it so I had to do my own research. I could find nothing on SID; all my daughter’s symptoms turned up in literature on autism.

Now desperate to find information on the adverse effects of vaccinations, I went as a last resort to a local health food store and found a book called “Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective?” by Neil Miller. There I discovered the source of my daughter’s autism. She is now 25, cured by classical homeopathy and prayer. I’ve dedicated my life to warning others about the adverse effects of vaccination so that no other mother will live with the guilt I’ve had to live with and so no other child will be that so-called “one in a million” who is harmed by vaccination.

Charlotte NC

Let me tell you about my son who was born healthy and developed typically, meeting all of his milestones on time. I am a pharmacist and had no reason to question vaccines. My son received his vaccines on time following the CDC schedule. We began to notice that something was wrong soon after he turned 1 year old. He did not develop language, he stopped making eye contact, he began to line up his toys, he would not respond to his name. It took us two more years to figure out what was wrong. He ended up being diagnosed with autism. I am 100% sure that this happened due the vaccines he was given. Our family has a history of auto-immune disorders and I know now that this makes a child more susceptible to vaccine injury. Vaccines are not a one size fits all. We need action now before more children are damaged.

Brownsville, TX

My healthy son received DTaP, hep B, hib, polio, and rotavirus at his FOUR month well baby check. He was lethargic for several hours and then came the nonstop inconsolable high pitched screaming, stomach bloating, extreme frothy green diarrhea for seven days. On the seventh day, he had a febrile seizure, turned blue and passed out. I took him to the doctor (after reading every last word on all the package inserts throughout the week) and demanded they admit that all the symptoms and seizure was related to the vaccines. Not only did they 100% deny it, but they did not report it to VAERS and told me that they wouldn’t continue seeing him unless I agreed to vaccinate him in the future. Completely corrupt and sick. Thankfully, he is healthy now with the exception of some minor tics and fine motor delays.

Baxter, MN

My sons are both vaccine injured. My oldest suffered brain swelling and brain damage at 17 months old after he was given MMR, DTaP, hib, hep b, ivp and chicken pox vaccines all at the same time. He is now 19 and on a waiting list for r adult services. He will never live on his own. My youngest son was injured at age 11 years. He was given H1N1 and meningitis vaccines together.  He got very sick and was unable to even lift himself for 2 days. He is 16 and has black outs when standing up too fast and mild brain damage.

Towson, MD

My nonverbal 11-year-old daughter was progressing normally until her six month vaccines when she received the DTaP vaccine. After the appointment, she began to run a high fever and became very lethargic. I called the doctor several times over the next few days as her temperature stayed around 104 degrees the next three days. Her temperature wore off after that but the lethargy didn’t. She had regressed in all areas, stopped gaining weight and hitting milestones cognitively. She now has a severe autism diagnosis and operates at the level of a two year old.

Clearwater, FL

My son was born on December 20, 2010 with a scheduled induction. Healthy, happy, and weighing in at 7lbs. 6 oz. my baby was perfect. He hit his 6 months and 9 month milestones. He could “moo” at 8 months old when I sang Old McDonald. He followed the normal vaccination schedule. On 9/27/11 at his well child visit he received the Hep B and Flu vaccine – at this visit he was in the 54% for head circumference. On 9/29/11 we were rushed to the ER from his pediatricians office because my son could not breath. He was diagnosed with Asthma. We followed up with the Allergist for a full workup – and was told to watch for Asthma symptoms – which he never had again. He stopped meeting his milestones. His head started to get bigger- at 1 year in the 77%, at two years at 97%. Due to his missed milestones, we visited a developmental pediatrician and were referred to an Autism Clinic. He was diagnosed with Autism on 10/11/12 – two months shy of his second birthday. Today he is mostly non-verbal.

On 9/2/16 we had an MRI that showed that he has abnormalities in his brain. He has excess fluid and inflammation and a possible blockage. In November of 2016 he had an EEG and brain mapping that showed seizure activity, and abnormal function of his left lobe. We were also told that he does not present like he has Autism but that it could be an adverse reaction to a vaccination. We are currently waiting for directions regarding next steps which may include a lumbar puncture.

Pasadena, MD

My son died from a seizure due to a vaccine injury. He started having hundreds of seizures every day after shots at 6 months of age. It was clear what had happened, but nobody would admit or file the injury. I need closure. I want justice for his suffering!! He was my only child and I know there had to be a purpose to his life! We need to make sure no other beautiful, healthy children can be forcibly filled with toxins. These crimes must stop and be fully prosecuted.

Boerne, TX

My son was born a healthy, happy 9 lb baby. He hit all his milestones well before the “time line”. Language started with 2 syllable words at 13 months old. He was developing completely normal and had photographic memory on top of it. At 15 months, he received the MMR vaccine. He started regressing within the week. First he lost language, then cognitive, stopped responding to his name, and finally lost eye contact. Diagnosis: Autism. I have videos and pictures of him weekly leading up to the MMR and days/weeks/months afterwards. You can clearly see a clear cut difference. This has devastated our family. As a single mother struggling to get by as it is, the expensive biomedical treatments not covered by insurance are over the top. We will do almost anything to get our son back. We changed his diet to gluten, dairy, soy, corn, and GMO free and he regained eye contact. He inspired me and I started my own business dedicated to cooking for special needs diets such as my sons. The doctors all told me there was nothing I could do for him. More lies. I’ve started a local parents special needs group via Facebook and almost all stories are identical. Autism induced by vaccination is not rare. NON vaccination-induced autism is what’s rare.

New Milford, NJ

Shortly after my son’s 2 month vaccinations his head began dropping to the right side. An infant who was on track with milestones became difficult to sooth and then came delays and fixation with spinning objects. Doctors brushed off my concerns. At approximately 2.5 years old, he started services with ECSE in our local school district. Shortly after came a clinical diagnosis of PDD-NOS and ADHD. Now age 8, he is diagnosed with Autism and ADHD. His injuries are life long, even though he has made tremendous progress. He deals with the impacts daily and as he gets older he becomes more socially isolated. Where is the justice for him and all the others who have been impacted?

Orrock Twp, MN

There really needs to be a separate entity to oversee vaccine safety at the CDC. The “one size fits all” paradigm has to change. Our son was injured by the MMR vaccine during his 18 month well check. He was reaching all his milestones before receiving the MMR vaccine. After the MMR vaccine, he regressed and loss all communication and eye contact. He would scream frequently and did not like change. Our journey has been to recover him since. We are blessed that he is now 14 years old and doing well in high school. He is a little quirky but we love him to the moon and back. My wife and I are not “anti-vaccine”; we are for safe vaccines. In fact, my wife used to be the Vaccine Program Supervisor for several years at the San Antonio Metropolitan Health Department before we had any children.

San Antonio, TX

Our nightmare began in September of 2007, six days after my daughter’s second Gardasil vaccination. We were told that the only adverse effect from the vaccine could be pain at the injection site. So when she began passing out during cross-county practices we made no connections to her recent vaccination. We spent the next three months working with a pediatric cardiologist, but every test he ran came back normal. On Dec. 31, 2007, she received her third Gardasil vaccine. Ten days after that injection, our nightmare truly began. She would begin to tingle in her hands and feet, see flashes of color and then simply become “unaware.” She did not recognize her surroundings, her teachers, her friends or even her parents. She could not state her name, birthday or day of the week. She would stare with a glazed look in her eye. These episodes occurred 4-5 times per day and lasted 20-90 minutes per episode. I have been with my daughter over 100 times while she had no recognition of who I was.

I will not overwhelm you with the medical journey we’ve been through. In short, we went to every specialist and hospital and had every test imaginable trying to find answers. There were none. The connection to Gardasil was finally made by two neurologists. Since that time, my daughter’s symptoms have grown to include muscle pain that can keep her up all night, excessive hair loss, ovarian cysts, mysterious rashes and numerous episodes of Shingles, temporary bouts of blindness and repeated episodes of unawareness. She also suffers from “foggy brain” which can make her daily life very challenging. Her teenage years were taken over by the AEs suffered post Gardasil: she had to be removed from her honors classes, she was not permitted to drive, swim, take a bath, or be left alone. Her love of sports also came to a stop as she could no longer run cross-county nor continue with her varsity high school basketball and soccer teams. Episodes during games made it an unsafe atmosphere for all involved.

Shockingly, we have since learned our daughter is not alone in dealing with these symptoms. I have written countless letters to the medical community, my local legislators and every single member of the Government Oversight and Reform Committee. I have continuously begged for research into what is wrong with this vaccine. For the most, part my pleas for help have been ignored. Sen. Richard Lugar and then Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels shared their sympathy and suggested utilizing the VICP, and Sen. Donnelly responded with the advice of finding a support group.

Our daugher is currently a senior at Purdue University which has been a challenge as she suffers short term memory loss and “mini episodes” that have her going to the wrong classes at the wrong times, and finding herself on different parts of campus with no recollection of how she got there.

We currently work with a research neurologist based in Buffalo, NY. She has informed us that she believes our child’s injury will be lifelong, with some periods of limited symptoms, but then reemerging with intensity at different points in her life. We were granted three separate hearings in VICP. After 5 years in the “court” process, we were informed that we lost our case due to the Special Master’s feeling that our daughter’s symptoms were coincidental with the timing of her Gardasil vaccines. Special Master Millman did also declare that Gardasil was too new to have AEs associated with it; there were too many unanswered questions with regard to injury. Some say, “There is little that can be done to recapture a dream of justice that has turned into a nightmare for thousands of families with vaccine injured children, who have been denied federal compensation while vaccine manufacturers and doctors have enjoyed unprecedented liability protection for the past two decades.” Most families of vaccine injured children will not speak up because by the time they are at this point in the program they are beat up and run down. Doctors accuse them of lying and needing psychological help and the government program that was set up to be non-adversarial is in fact just the opposite.

The ones elected to be the leaders and protectors of our children need to defend them. These officials need to immediately begin investigations into Merck and Gardasil and put into place measures to ensure the VICP returns to its original intent. Vaccine injured children have had their lives altered in unimaginable ways, and dreams for the future have been diminished before they have had the chance to begin. This is unacceptable to these innocent children.

Noblesville, IN

I was injured by a flu shot at the age of 30. It was the only flu shot I have ever received. I got it at work, during a United Way flu shot drive. The following week, I had the worst headache of my life, and missed the entire week of work. By Friday, I was in such excruciating pain I drove myself to the Emergency Room. After a couple of hours of trying to bring my blood pressure down (with unsuccessful results), I was admitted to the Neuro-Intensive Care Unit and put into a drug-induced coma for five days.

Nobody knew I had received a vaccine because I got it at work and it wasn’t in my medical records. My sister, a nurse, was trying to give my medical history, but she didn’t know about the vaccine either. She later told me that at one point my blood pressure went to 240/210, and the ICU doctor told her they had never seen anyone with BP that high that didn’t “stroke out.”

I was in the hospital 10 days initially. Six weeks after discharge, I was back in the hospital with phlebitis and a deep vein thrombosis (DVT). To this day I suffer from circulatory problems and high blood pressure. Prior to the vaccine, my blood pressure was always low.

My daughter was also vaccine injured, as was my father (he had a stroke after the flu shot). We have since learned that we all have specific genetic mutations (MTHFR and others) that make us more vulnerable to vaccine-injury. MTHFR defect is estimated to affect 40-60% of the population, but in children with regressive autism, one study by Dr. Jill James found the incidence was 97%. The research is available, and common sense tells us that just because something is safe for the majority, that does not automatically mean it is safe for everyone. If that were true, no one would die from penicillin allergies, and peanuts would still be allowed on airplanes and in kindergarten classrooms.

Mandates for vaccines are increasing, and those mandates assume that these invasive medical procedures are safe for 100% of the population. There is nothing in medicine that’s safe for everyone. Vaccines are not safe for my family.

Our children and the very future of this nation are at stake.

Mount Vernon, IN

I have a 10-year-old son who was born healthy, with zero complications. He

was breastfed for a year when we started introducing organic, homemade foods. He was exceptional. Started rolling over, waving, crawling, walking, and talking early. He was a beautiful, curious child and filled our lives with joy.

But at every “well-baby” checkup, he had adverse reactions such as high fever, bowel issues and became lethargic. The doctors always said it was normal. We were never given vaccine inserts or told to stop. On one occasion, he broke out in head to toe hives and eczema immediately following vaccinations. Again, we were told this is normal.

At his 12-month appointment, he received vaccinations against 8 diseases and then against 7 diseases at his combined 15/18 month appointment. While in the doctor’s office, he started screaming, went stiff and then limp. They said he was just having a minor reaction, to take him home and give Tylenol. We did that. But when I got home he became unresponsive. He was breathing but couldn’t open his eyes or move. I rushed him back to our pediatrician where they did a series of blood tests. The doctor said he could possibly have cancer as his WBC was extremely high. I was then told to take him immediately to Children’s Hospital where they would have better equipment to treat him. On our way to the hospital, I couldn’t get him to respond to me at all. Once there they proclaimed it wasn’t a vaccine reaction. I was crying and saying I don’t care, please just help my baby. After more tests, fluids and steroids, they sent us home. No explanation. No warning of things to stay away from.

After that day, he could barely walk. He lost language. He stopped making eye contact. He would cry and scream while banging his head against the wall and biting his hands until they bled. This beautiful, previously typically developing child is vaccine injured. Diagnosed at 3 years old with severe regressive autism, he is non-verbal. He now has a whole host of digestive issues, food allergies, skin sensitivities, textural problems, all related to “autism”. This is not autism. This is vaccine injury.

Seattle, WA

My son is 8 years old. He was injured by his 12 month vaccines. He was developing beautifully with some words and smiles and laughs. The day of his 12 months shots, we lost his smile. He developed brain inflammation, yeast overgrowth, leaky gut syndrome, insomnia and lost all of his words. He was so sick and we were helpless. He didn’t even recognize us. We waited 9 months on a waiting list for an autism diagnosis. My son was never supposed to talk, potty train, make friends or be independent. If it were true that autism was purely genetic, then I shouldn’t have been able to make him better. Today, we have him in mainstream school, potty trained and he has friends. We worked so hard to heal his brain and gut. This is not genetic. It is the aluminum in these vaccines, building up in the brain and GI tract, poisoning our children. We have been so bullied and ridiculed. My son doesn’t deserve it. We did what we were told by the doctor who won’t even look at me anymore. Please help us get the justice our babies deserve. Let there be truth and let there be freedom of choice and informed consent.

Olympia, WA

Our son was born in 1996. After a normal and healthy pregnancy, he was born weighing 8 pounds. He hit all developmental milestones on time or early, as he was walking by 8 months, 3 weeks. As dedicated caring parents, we took our son to all his “well care” checkups and vaccinated him on time with all vaccines the doctor said he needed. Looking back, there were some “flags” that should have suggested he may have been suffering vaccine reactions. At 6 months, he saw a developmental pediatrician to rule out Cerebral Palsy because he had periods of stiffening his body. CP was ruled out, but no explanation for the stiffening.

In hindsight and through research, our son was more than likely suffering from a recognizable vaccine reaction. In the 90s, many vaccines contained thimerosal (mercury) that is known to cause various problems to the central nervous system—especially to an infant. At 12 months, I dutifully took him to get his MMR vaccine and have his development checked. At the visit, the doctor recommended additionally getting the Varivax (chickenpox) vaccine. Being the trusting, uninformed Mom, I agreed to those 2 shots containing 4 viruses. THAT IS THE BIGGEST REGRET OF MY LIFE. Our son regressed over the next 6 months developmentally and physically. By 18 months we were so concerned he was accessed for “autism”. Since he stopped answering to his name, we had his hearing tested. He saw a neurologist who wouldn’t label him with autism at the time. We were moving out of state and he was eventually diagnosed with autism at the University of Chicago by 2 world renowned experts. We were told therapy was the answer. So we embarked on Speech, Occupational, Developmental, and Behavioral therapies which were expensive and grueling.

His physical health continued to decline. He suffered constant infections of the ears and upper- respiratory system. He was prescribed rounds and rounds of antibiotics. His bowels were sluggish and he lived on prescription constipation meds which never worked and he was subjected to numerous X-rays of his bowels. He was also hospitalized to get him “cleaned out” several times. He had numerous allergies and at times was taking a combination of 5 allergy medications to no avail. He had unexplained fevers and episodes of vomiting. He lived on Tylenol, Motrin, and prescription cough syrup because he always had the sniffles/cough. His diet was awful as his regression began, he self-limited his food and only ate prepackaged junk food like pop tarts, fruit bars, pretzels, and yogurt. He did not eat a piece of meat or a vegetable for 2 years. He was very sick.

But, this was basically ignored and no connection was made by all the MDs who we saw. Our focus was his “therapies” all to his detriment. Had we addressed those physical problems maybe he would be better off today.

Fast forward to today. He is 20 years old. He is non-verbal. Prone to fits of rage where he is self-injurious or aggressive or both. I attribute this to the fact he can’t effectively communicate despite years of speech and behavioral therapy and then there is the PAIN. PAIN he can’t express. I know he is in PAIN because he still has bowel problems. He destroys my toilet paper and soap dispenser in my bathrooms as he sits in PAIN on the toilet. I have dents in the walls all over my house from him banging his head. He has a permanent scar on his forehead from banging it until it bleeds and a scar on his hand from biting it until it bleeds.

I would be happy to discuss this with ANY lawmaker who is caring or concerned enough about families like mine and those who want to remove vaccine exemptions. Vaccines ruined my son’s life.

Canfield, OH

Our daughter was injured in 1978 by the DPPT (diphtheria, polio, pertussis, tetanus) manufactured by Connaught Labs in Canada. She has a SEVERE SEIZURE DISORDER DIAGNOSIS despite NO FAMILY HISTORY OF SEIZURES OR EPILEPSY. It was her first 2 month shot. She was born normal and healthy, uneventful natural delivery on March 27, 1978. Immediately after the vaccination was administered by our family physician, she started a high pitch scream. She continued to scream inconsolably for 6 solid hours. That same evening, she had some twitching in her left arm, and I knew something was very wrong. I called the doctor and he asked if the twitching had stopped. It had and his answer was, “well, if it stopped, don’t worry about it and give her some Tylenol for fever.” She had a slight fever so I did what he said.

She was fine for the next two months other than colic and adjusting to breastfeeding as I was a first-time mom. The day before her scheduled second DPPT at 4 months, our daughter had her first of many grand mal seizures. From that day on, she has been on various anti-seizure drugs and has never been controlled to this day.

I am thankful that when I suggested “no more vaccines” that I had doctors who agreed with me without being challenged. The one vaccine was enough to destroy any chance at a normal life for her. She has always been and will always be dependent on her parents to take care of her. The same family doctor had another baby in his practice react the same way to DPPT in the same time period as our daughter. As a result, he stopped giving the vaccinations for a few months to his patients and replaced it with DPT vaccine. However, Health Canada and local health department got wind of it and he was forced to continue with the original DPPT. Many doctors have dismissed that it was the vaccine, but I have also had many agree that it was possible and very likely that the pertussis did the damage.

Ontario, Canada

Healthcare providers are encouraged and sometimes required to be immunized for different diseases. In the state of Washington, dental hygiene students were required to have updated vaccines back in 1995 (perhaps they still are) prior to hygiene college admission. So, at age 35, I had all required boosters, and a flu vaccine. I went on to achieve my lifelong career dream and entered practice at age 37. Trusting the CDC with their vaccine recommendations, I continued to obtain a yearly flu vaccine. Shortly into my career and 2-3 days subsequent to another yearly flu vaccine, my legs and thighs severely hurt while standing. I was on the phone to my physician for answers. Shortly thereafter, I suffered focal hair loss and a red rash on the bridge of my nose. Other signs and symptoms began to present themselves: Irritable bowel syndrome syndrome, Excruciating foot pain, General (all over) joint pain, Migraines, Anxiety, Shingles, TMJ dysfunction, Costochondritis, Photophobia, Phonophobia, RLS, and more,

Without ever having another vaccine, I have now developed a second autoimmune disease: myasthenia gravis. Fibromyalgia has been a major game changer, as it has caused me to lose my beloved career, and my excellent quality of life. However, myasthenia gravis is frightening. Without my twice-daily medication, I quickly lose the ability to walk, swallow, and breath. I don’t even know if I am on an official vaccine-injured list somewhere. I suspect not as I have never been questioned by a physician about the suspected cause of my life-threatening autoimmune diseases.

Having lost my dental career and athletic pursuits of karate, skiing, hiking, and mountain climbing has angered me beyond what I thought I could tolerate. However, my inner strength has sustained me.

Seattle, WA

I remember asking my OB/GYN when I was pregnant if vaccines caused autism. She told me no. When my son was born he was healthy. He had vaccines at 2 months and within a week we were in the ER because he was sick. This pattern of visiting the ER after each shot was the same until 6 months. 2 months, 4 months, 6 months. Then we moved. I did not connect the sickness with the vaccines at the time. Neither did the Army hospital. They just didn’t care.

At 17 months of age and after a move to a new state for a new military assignment for my husband, my son went to a “well baby” visit. He was given the shots for a 12 month visit and the shots for a 15-18 month visit—a total of 7 shots (ten vaccines). He developed encephalitis within a month but was delayed with responding to us. He lost all language and I couldn’t get any answers from any medical doctors. I didn’t know it was connected to vaccines until 2 years later—by myself looking into his medical records…and reading the book Evidence of Harm. Vaccines cause autism. It’s true.

By the time I knew what had happened (my family and I were on our own), the statute of limitations was up on any tort claims against the Army and for the vaccine injury compensation program—I never even knew there was such a thing! I was blindsided and lied to by medical professionals. Our children can get better—and that responsibility should be paid for by pharmaceutical companies. We can’t sue them, but they need to be sued. They have no accountability and more children are being injured every day. My son has not spoken in 10 years.

Fort Belvoir, VA

I have triplets who were born on 12/17/1998. They were born early at 33 weeks, but did very well. They never needed oxygen. They came home at 2 weeks and were “the healthiest triplets” our pediatrician had ever seen. They did OK with their early vaccines but on 12/20/1999, they received MMR, Varivax, DTap, polio, haemophilus influenzae and hepatitis B vaccines at once. I never questioned this. After this, the triplet boys who had only ever had one mild cold became very, very ill.

By early January, 2000 the boys were in the hospital in severe respiratory distress. It seems their immune systems were completely overwhelmed and even confused. One of the boys started screeching and flapping. I started practicing holistic healing techniques and over the next 5 years the boys started to heal and get better. At age 18, they still have mild asthma. Sick has become the new healthy. These vaccines are making our families sick and we are not getting informed consent before receiving these vaccines. I was an RN and had no idea that the vaccines could completely undermine their immune systems. They received 10 antigens at one time and it was way too much for their immune systems.

Sackets Harbor, NY

My daughter had all of her vaccines on time. She had mild reactions. At the age of 5, I took her for her kindergarten vaccines. Within 3 hours her fever was up to 105.7. She was projectile vomiting and had a severe headache. She had brain swelling. She is now legally blind. She was a healthy, normal child until that set of vaccines. At age 13, she had lower abdominal pain. She was diagnosed with an adrenal tumor. When discussing why she was not up to date on vaccines with her endocrinologist, he said many people have an adrenal tumor and don’t know it. He said it comes from the DTaP vaccine. It is called adrenogenital syndrome on the vaccine insert.

Manheim, PA

My son was bright, happy, healthy, aware, and emotionally intelligent. He only received one vaccine and that was the MMR. His balance went (he broke his arm by falling off a little slide—before the MMR he was highly coordinated!). His cheeks became bright red; he stopped interacting and looking at me. He wanted to play alone! He is now 27 years old. His Asperger’s has affected his brothers; us; him; our family unit. My son lives at home with me and always will. I will never have a grandchild from him. The pain and frustration is ongoing. He has to lock doors (yes, I have been locked out many a time). He cannot stand bright lights or a “busy” atmosphere. It unsettles him. The MMR did this! No one can tell me any different; I saw this unfold before my eyes. My child was not the same after the MMR!

Tasmania, Australia

My daughter was injured by the Gardasil vaccine. She currently is under the care of 7 doctors for an array of medical issues. We have even had to have some blood testing done privately to try to find her help. She is now 16 and is struggling to keep up in school, which is now all online classes because she is unable to attend school on a regular basis. She is unable to participate in cheerleading anymore and hardly goes out with friends. When she does try to be a normal teenager, she will become very ill for a few days. We get zero help from doctors as they all treat only what falls under their specialty rather than converse and treat her symptoms as being all connected. Some of her symptoms are (always new popping up as well): migraines, dizziness, ear pressure, muscle weakness, extremities always cold, joint pain and stiffness, severe menstrual cramps, vasovagal syncope, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, burning sensations on her skin, randomly her hands shake, tmj, nausea, constipation/diarrhea. The list goes on. Our kids need help.

Warren, RI

In 2009, my then 13-year-old daughter received the first Gardasil shot, just before 8th grade. It started with headaches and stomach issues and with the volley ball coach asking what was up with her. She loved volleyball, had played softball, was athletic, but now she had no energy and couldn’t focus. When it became clear she couldn’t make it through a day of school due to overwhelming fatigue, gut issues, headaches, etc., I asked her doctor for a release for school. The doctor would only agree to a release if we would go to a psychiatrist first…and of course she made it very clear we had to rule everything out. The doctor was just not going to say it was the vaccine.

My daughter began losing feeling in her legs and her headaches were awful. They put her in the hospital and ran IV migraine meds. All night she cried, held her head, and kept telling me that it felt as though her head was going to explode. I cried. The next morning the doctor suggested we try another round of meds. I told him to check us out. She did not get to go to school that year. Nights were spent on the couch with her, afraid to be too far away.

It was about 6 weeks into this when a friend called and asked if I had read the Sunday paper, because there was an article in there about another young lady in Wichita who was in a wheelchair due to Gardasil. I called the neuro that was referenced in the article and he helped me understand that I needed to detox her. The PCP sent her to an eye specialist because of the headaches and she was given a new prescription for bifocals. WHAT!! She was 13. He and I talked and he said without a doubt this was a vaccine related issue. I was very thankful for the neuro and this eye specialist who helped me make the connection before shot numbers 2 and 3. I fully believe had all three shots been administered, she may have died.

That was the longest year of my life. Some of her friends’ moms were so thankful that I was outspoken about Gardasil that they opted out for their daughters. I’m glad for that and so is my daughter. I have talked to my daughter extensively about the regret I have and how sorry I am. I am thankful we wound up with a happier ending than most.

Sedgwick, KS

Six years ago, I lost my baby boy at 38 1/2 weeks of pregnancy due to placenta abruption. I had the flu shot and TDaP. 2 1/2 years later, I had another boy and was so grateful. Got his vaccines but delayed the 12-month shots. He was developing well although sick a lot, had eczema, and had pneumonia 3 times before age 1 and also allergies. He’d had so many shots. Got his MMR at 19 months and because they were bundled, I didn’t realize he was getting 9 vaccines at once. He regressed after that. Felt like I was losing my boy. We’ve been told just recently he’s on the spectrum and we’ve been working hard to recover him.

Anonymous City, State

My son started having seizures, shortly after shots at 6 months of age. He also had autism and severely delayed development. He had hundreds of seizures daily and died from a seizure, 2 yrs ago the week before Christmas. We knew the shots caused him to be poisoned, but they refused to add him to the injured list. I know his life had a purpose and I will do whatever I can to seek justice and stop these criminals.

Anonymous City, State

Our second son was born in 1993 and developed typically and ahead of schedule. We were a young family living the American dream. We were dutiful parents that did not question our doctors or vaccines and took him for his 15 month well baby check where he received his MMR vaccine. He was never the same. Our toddler was from then on miserable and cried non-stop, had diarrhea 12 -15 times a day with severe gut issues, developed extensive and severe food allergies, severe skin rashes, severe sensory disorder, lost all eye contact and finally lost all language. He went from saying I love you, to love you, to you, and finally silence. He was zoned out in his own world. The pediatricians offered no help except to tell us it was not the vaccines that he received.

The developmental pediatrician diagnosed him with severe autism and mental retardation at age 3 and 1/2. It has been a life of constant pain for him as well as our whole family. Today he is about to turn 24 years old and is still in pain and cannot communicate and tell us why he is constantly moaning and whining. It is hard to go out with him as he still has severe sensory disorder which affects his ability to be in crowds, with noise and out of his routine. He still requires help with all self care and cannot be left alone. He will require 24/7 care the rest of his life.

It has been 23 years of watching as nothing is done so that other families have to go through this. We are just joined by more and more families that say they were never truly given informed consent to know the risks of vaccinations either. There is nothing, no amount that could compensate for the pain and loss of a life of quality for our son. But as we are aging parents we wonder what will happen to him if we get sick or when we die. He has aged out of school and there are not even any day programs near us set up to give him some sort of quality of life. What will happen to him and all the other children that are vaccine injured when us parents are gone?

Anonymous City, State

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