‘TRUTH’, with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Season 2 Episode 19 featuring Dr. Judy Mikovits

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– I don’t know where you’ve been throughout the course of the week, but when you walk into this building you realize you are in the United States of America and there is freedom. So we have titled tonight, a religious discussion on, what was it, Micah? A religious discussion on medical procedures. Because that way, YouTube, if you’re listening, this is a religious issue. Do not violate our first amendment. And so a number of us are Christians, a number of you aren’t but you are in a church and I am a pastor. And, so I get to do this. Tonight we have a returning guest who is my dear friend and also a member of the congregation. Dr. Judy Mikovits. Bless you.

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– Yeah I think a standing ovation is necessary here. And you can remain standing for Robert or Bobby Kennedy Jr. Hey! Please have a seat. So the format for tonight is a real simple. I’m gonna have them relax and enjoy themselves. I’m gonna ask them a few questions. And then through the course of the evening, we showed you the text number. You could have texted a question. If your question is a doctoral dissertation, it will not be asked. Keep ’em simple because David is the one reading ’em. And if he can’t understand it, he won’t ask it. And he’s just a little bit smarter than me so he’s in a lot of trouble. Now, before we begin, you did give a standing ovation. And in a sense, neither of these two need an introduction. But I wanted to tell you what’s so special for me about tonight. We had no idea back in April when the governor said that the church was non essential and I resigned from the city council. Because I just cannot live with that idea that a governor can declare a church non essential it just doesn’t work that way. That’s the first amendment. And so we’ve remained open. We did follow, when we didn’t know the severity of the virus we did follow the standards. Communion for us, as you can see the sanctuary holds probably about 400 people. We did communion on April 4th. It took us almost three and a half hours because had 10 seats and we were following CDC standards just like Costco or anyone else would but it was the cleanest place in all of California. Somebody would sit down, they get up, we’d spray it off. We didn’t know the severity of the virus. We are now on, I think 260 episodes of our livestream that we began to. We had 20 subscribers when we began, not even that. And we wanted to minister to some of our folks who were 65 and older that were shut in during the, the concerns over COVID. And now we’re over 20,000 subscribers and we’ve had amazing guests. And this has taken on a life of its own. And no one would have ever expected that as we’re here tonight, you have a lifelong Democrat, lifelong Republican and we’re completely unified in our desire for freedom. I was introduced, I was introduced to Dr. Judy through a number of folks. And then I saw this precious woman out in the foyer. And I go, “Gosh, you look familiar.” And then she said, “Well, I’m her.” And I’m like, “Wow.” She’s like, she’s like, Seabiscuit, she’s tiny but she’s mighty. Fair enough? Yeah. And she’s taken on War Admiral and you’re gonna win. Hang in there. She’s completely fearless. And then I had the privilege, my daughter, my oldest daughter, my oldest child came to me and said, “Dad, this man is my hero.” And I was kind of offended ’cause I’d always been her hero. She said, “Dad, this man is my hero. Dad, you gotta listen to him.” And you know, back then all of us were struggling over this but the gravitas that he brought to it, this man. And, you know the iconic Kennedy family and you know the suffering that they’ve endured. But he was given an editorial position where he’d get to write columns in the New York Times when he took on big oil. And then he steps out and he starts to address big pharma. And then he’s erased. It’s this cancel culture. From the most iconic family, that has suffered in this nation. And yet here he is contending for children that have been affected adversely. Neither of these two up here are anti-vax. Please understand that. And you’ll hear more of it tonight. And we’re going to take questions from you. But my daughter was so completely blessed meeting this man. She said, “Dad, you have to meet him.” Tonight was the first chance I had the privilege to meet you. I’ve been, I’ve watched your stuff. I’ve been blown away by it. You have a convert in me. And he’s a father of seven kids he’s got one grandkid here in Westlake. And again, let’s welcome both of my friends.

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– I even put a suit on tonight but I refuse to do a tie ’cause I knew you’re going to be East Coasty looking. And you’re always buttoned up and I wanted to do kind of in between you and Bobby

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– Yeah I’ll take the vest off, how’s that? Let me begin with you, Dr. Judy, and then we’ll come. I have such a struggle calling him Bobby. Anyone else struggling? I mean, that’s, is it okay? I was the mayor of the city and that’s a lifetime term. And so, technically I am the honorable right Reverend Robert Roy Walter McCoy. But I prefer Rob so. Judy, you have endured so much hostility and we’ve covered it on the livestream in the evenings. And tonight, there was a topic you wanted to kind to address. And I loved what you said when we were in the green room. And, the minute we say this name, it, we’re gonna have some troubles with YouTube, but I do wanna say this, for all the folks present here tonight, this is a religious issue for us. It is clearly a religious issue. And we’re up against a government that’s in violation of our first amendment freedoms. And yet, we’re watching as in our community in California, it’s gotten bigger than just the church. As a matter of fact, folks in every area of California are troubled. Tell us from your perspective about this vaccination if you would, that the difference between a therapeutic and a vaccine, and then I’ll turn it over and this’ll be good so.

– Well, the reason I really wanted to come back and talk tonight is, as we talked when Peggy Hall was here a few weeks ago, and I was here the week before. This shot, this inoculation does not meet any definition of a vaccine because in order to be a vaccine, you have to stimulate a therapeutic protective immune response and you have to prevent transmission. What this shot does, is literally inject into every cell in your body, the very pathogenic part that the surface parts of the SARS-CoV-2, Coronavirus that is, purported to be the causative agent of COVID-19. So it literally causes the disease. It causes the fever, the chill, and more importantly, unlike the virus found in nature, it’s been altered and expressed permanently and the lipid nanoparticle that is the envelope that surrounds it, allows it to enter every cell in the body and contains pathogenic nano elements that 70% of the United States will react to, which could be a deadly, anaphylactic toxic shock type allergic reaction just to that particle. And then you put it in every cell of the body and you don’t, it doesn’t cleave. It doesn’t degrade as it normally would. And, it’s not, it’s not doing anything except turning every cell in your body, into a disease producing factory. And that’s a medical device, it’s not a vaccine and it needs to be explained to everyone. So everyone thinks they’re doing a good thing and they’re, you’re not protecting anyone. It doesn’t stop the transmission of the real virus, it has literally nothing to do with it. It just makes you sick. And then you get sick. You wear the mask, you get sicker. And you think you’re protected and you could actually be coming in contact with coronavirus and spreading those. So that’s the message that I felt we really needed to get here and discuss tonight and in a week or so ago, Bobby and Dr. David Martin and I did, online webinars that you can find at And we were focusing, we don’t say the F-word anymore. So I won’t say Fauci tonight, again.

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– Dr. Judy, religiously speaking. Our scripture says that the body’s a temple of the Holy spirit.

– Correct.

– And we’re not going to make this a deep theological dive. But all the folks are, we’re stewards of our children’s lives. And, and Bobby, you have seven children. You have one grandchild. And I was captivated when you started to describe that this wasn’t a vaccine, it’s a therapeutic and it’s detrimental. And then you described, in your childhood growing up, you took, there were three vaccinations. And now we look at the schedule of vaccinations for the children and you covered, that not only is it profitable, but also the ancillary effects of the vaccination that big pharma profits from, but what really hit me is, there is no liability with big pharma in relation to this. And all of our families, are looking to say, who takes responsibility for this as they’re forcing it on us. And it hasn’t been tested, hasn’t been, can you shed light on that and talk about that in any capacity?

– Yeah, I had, first of all, thank you for having me and thank you for your courage and, you know–

– They’re thanking me for my courage? Sorry.

– I’ll just tell you a little bit, a little bit about the history of the program, the vaccine program. When I was a kid, I got three vaccines. My children, this generation now gets 72 doses of 16 vaccines. The change happened in 1989. And the reason it happened is, in 1980, another vaccine was added to the schedule. It’s what’s called the diptheria, tetanus and pertussis vaccine or DTP. It was a very dangerous vaccine. And UCLA, Wyeth introduced it. UCLA was asked by NIH, to do a study 15,000 children to see, they thought it would be one death in every 15,000 which was a lot more than they were telling the public. They were telling the public one in a million. What they found was, that and we now have their internal documents. What they found was that that vaccine was killing or causing severe brain injury in one in every 300 children. And the vaccine was later banned in the United States and banned in Europe. It is still given by Bill Gates to 161 million African children every year. The Danish government did a study in 2017. Nobody, Bill Gates said, “My vaccine that has millions of lives.” The Danish government said, you know what? Nobody’s actually looked at mortality and health outcomes from this vaccine. And they send a team down to Guinea Bissau, which is a country in West Africa. And they looked at 30 years of data. And it was the best scientist in the world. The most revered leaders of African vaccinology, you know all of them, Peter Aaby and Mogensen and these very famous names. All of them very pro-vaccine. And what they found and they published a study in January of 2017. And they found the girls who got that vaccine, were 10 times more likely to die than children who did not get it. The girls were dying of things that nobody had ever associated with the vaccine. And they were dying of pneumonia, of bilharzia, of anemia, of malaria. Nobody ever made the connection in 30 years. That the only ones who were dying were the ones who got vaccinated. The vaccine was protecting people, against diptheria, tetanus and pertussis, but it had destroyed their immune systems. So that other diseases, found it much easier to invade and destroy their little bodies. And that’s the problem, is that, none of these studies are ever done The industry, as you pointed out, I call you Reverend?

– I’ll call you Bobby if you’ll call me Rob.

– Okay Rob. What the, the industry has two big advantages on every other medical product. One, there’s no liabilities. You’re literally not allowed to sue a vaccine company for injuring you. Number two, and many people don’t know this, is they’re also exempt from safety testing. So not one of the 72 vaccine doses now, mandated for our children has ever been tested against a placebo on preclinical trials. And the reason for that is an artifact of CDC’s legacy as the public health services. CDC used to be called the public health service. And that predecessor agency, that the CDC was that quasi-military agency which is why, people at the CDC still have military ranks like surgeon general and they dress in uniforms. And the vaccine program was initially launched as a national security defense against biological attacks on our country. So they wanted to make sure, that if the Russians attacked us with anthrax or some other biological agent, that we could quickly formulate a new vaccine and then deploy it to 200 million Americans with no regulatory impediments. And they knew if they called it a medicine, they’d have to do five years of safety testing. Why five years? Because, a lot of the injuries that come from medication are auto-immune injuries and allergic injuries, and/or developmental injuries, that have long diagnostic horizons or long incubation periods so you can, you can do the study and you will not see the injury for five years. Autism for example, usually is not diagnosed for four years after the vaccine. And so they said, we don’t wanna do five years study. So, here’s how we’re gonna evade it. We’re gonna call them biologics. Or other than calling them vaccines And the other, the other big advantage that they got was, this DTP vaccine was killing so many kids and they were getting sued. And Wyeth, which was the big company at that time It’s now called Pfizer, went to the Reagan white house and to the Democrats in Congress including my uncle Senator Kennedy, Ted Kennedy who was chair of the health committee at that time. And they said, “We are paying $20 in downstream liability for every dollar that we bring in, in the sales. And we’re losing our shirts on vaccine and we’re gonna stop making all vaccines, unless you give us immunity from liability.” And what my uncle said, and what Reagan said to ’em at that time, “Why don’t you make the vaccine safe?” And what they said is. And this is a quote, “Vaccines cannot be made safe. They are unavoidably unsafe. No matter what we do, we are gonna kill and injury a certain number of children.” And when they pass this statute in 1986. In the preamble of this statute, it said, vaccines are quote, unavoidably unsafe. And that’s what the Supreme Court which case said when that court found, upheld the statute. The statute gave them immunity from liability and suddenly the, all the vaccine makers, there’s four of them, Sanofi, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, and Pfizer. They looked around at these new landscapes, and they said, “Holy cow, now we have a product that we don’t have to safety tests. That saves $200 million upfront. And there’s no downstream liability which is the biggest cost for every medication. This is gonna be like printing money.” So there was a gold rush on to CDC. And we went from the 11 vaccines that we had by 1986, it was three when I was a kid, it was 11 by ’86. It’s 72 that we have today, very quickly the big change happened in 1989. And what else happened in 1989? We suddenly had an explosion of chronic disease. For those of you who are my age, I had 11 brothers and sisters. I never knew anybody with food allergies, peanut allergies. All of my kids have allergies, or eczema, or asthma. I didn’t know anybody with injuries. We didn’t know people. I probably had ADHD, but it wasn’t common like it is today.

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– You got it too. So, and then autoimmune disease were unknown. I never knew anybody with rheumatoid arthritis or juvenile diabetes or lupus or Crohn’s disease or Graves’ disease or any these other. In 1989, those diseases exploded. In fact, Congress at the EPA, tell us what year the autism epidemic began. An EPA came back and said, it’s a red line, 1989. About 300 different diseases, became an epidemic in 1989. The allergic diseases like peanut allergies, food allergies, eczema, asthma, anaphylaxis, or developmental diseases, ADD, ADHD, speech delay, language delay, ticks. I never heard it ticks, Rhett syndrome, never heard of it. Narcolepsy, never heard of it. ASD and autism. Autism went from one in 10,000 people in my generation, to one in every 34 kids today. One in every 22 boys born in America, now has autism. And, and either way, CDC used to say in the industry, “Well, we’re just noticing it more.” No. Missing autism is like missing a train wreck. And by the way, I grew up in special Olympics. My family was on the cutting edge, the spear tip of the movement for civil rights, for people with intellectual disabilities. When I grew up, they were warehoused and treated with shame and my aunt Eunice Shriver because of her and because of my uncle, president Kennedy, all of those institutions were closed down. And those people who were locked there, who have intellectual disabilities were given rights of human beings. My aunt, in 1964 started Camp Shriver. And I worked in there from when I was eight years old, until, well, I worked there my whole life. I would go and work as a hugger and a coach on the weekend. She was seven minutes from our house in Bethsda, Rockville, Maryland. And she turned that into Special Olympics. The year that my dad was killed in 1968. I work, because of my family’s legacy with intellectual disabilities, I spent 200 hours at Wassaic Home for the Retarded. When I was in high school, I never saw a child with autism. We never saw anybody in Special Olympics with autism by the way, we prided ourselves on being able to accommodate every child even children who were essentially in a vegetative state, we had games that we had devised for them to put them on a seat and let them push a bean bag onto the floor and everybody would cheer. We never saw a child with autism. We could have handled it. The violence, the kicking, the biting, on the kids with headbanging and you know, the terrible debilitating gut aches. We never saw children like that. And those kids finally appeared around 1995. They were injured in ’89, beginning in ’89 from the mercury and the aluminum in vaccines. And they began appearing in the mid ’90s. And, you know until this day, I have never met anybody with full-blown autism my age. If autism was always with us, where all the 66 year old men with diapers and football helmets, walking around the mall, headbanging, non-verbal, non toilet trained, stimming. You will never see somebody like that. They’re all of our children. And by the way, genes do not cause epidemics. You need an environmental toxin. Tony Fauci’s job, and by the way, all of these disease that suddenly became epidemic in 1989, all, every one of them, all of the diseases I mentioned to you, they are all listed on the manufacturers inserts for those 72 vaccines as vaccine side effects. Every one of them. Why are they listed there? Because the only way that you can sue a vaccine company under FICA, is if you can show that they knew of an injury and they failed to list it on their manufacturers inserts so they list autism. They say it doesn’t happen. Oh, where it really counts they write it down ’cause they know it. They know the connection is there and they know they don’t wanna get sued. And so these companies went from making 100 million dollars a year selling vaccines when I was a kid to making $60 billion today. Plus $48 million that Anthony Fauci has committed to his COVID enterprise. But, they are making 500 billion, selling the EpiPens, the albuterol inhalers, the Adderall, the Ritalin, the, any seizure medication. The Prozac, all of the medications that are required to treat, the chronic diseases that they cause with their vaccines. Well, if you got, if you got measles, I got measles when I was a kid. I am a measles survivor. It’s a miracle. There were nine of us who got it at the same time. And it was a week off of school, and watching TV and having fun. And the, what is the cure for measles, the treatment? Vitamin A and chicken soup. You can’t patent either one of ’em. One in three or 400 kids get seizure on that vaccine, now you got a lifetime customer. Every disease, every one of these childhood diseases were rashes. Mumps, measles, pertussis, chickenpox that are treated by these vaccines are all self-limiting. They’re all treatable. None of the chronic diseases, that are caused by vaccines are curable. They’re all lifetime addictions, EpiPens to help you through all and all this. And it’s, and that’s where they’re making all their money. You may say to me, these companies, they wouldn’t do that. These are the same companies that gave us the opioid crisis. They’re killing 56,000 children a year. More children were killed, more kids, American kids than were killed in the entire 20-year Vietnam war. These four companies are serial convicted felons. And since 2009, all those four companies have paid $35 billion in criminal penalties, and damages for defrauding regulators, for falsifying science, for lying to doctors for cheating, for bribing and blackmailing doctors. And for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans. Vioxx alone which was Merck’s blockbuster drug before it gave us Gardasil in 2006. And that drug killed between 120,000 and 500,000 Americans. Mercks sold that drug to people saying it was a headache remedy. And I, and it, and it stopped joint pain. And arthritis. They didn’t tell ’em that it also caused heart attacks. They knew that from their clinical trials. And when we sued Merck, we got the spreadsheets where they say on the spreadsheet, their bean counters told them we are gonna kill so many people. But it’s okay, ’cause we’re gonna sell so much of this stuff. That even if we have to pay them all off, we’re still gonna make money. Doesn’t it require a kind of cognitive dissonance, for us to believe that that company, the only, those companies, who lie and cheat and steal, and murder, with every one of their products. Is not doing it with vaccines, which by the way, is the only product where they can never get caught. All of those other lawsuits that were brought against them, why did they get brought? Because private plaintiffs’ attorneys. People like my friend Ray Flood is here, who’s in the audience. Ray, raise your hand ’cause he’s one of the great guy’s– And. These, these attorneys sued the company for injuring their client with one of their drugs. And during the course of discovery, discovered arguments that showed criminal behavior by those companies. And they walked those documents down to the US attorney’s office, and said you should prosecute ’em criminally. That’s how they got busted. That could never happen with vaccines. ‘Cause you can’t sue them. There’s no discovery, there’s no depositions. It is a, it’s the perfect product for them. Their business plan is to give it to every kid, have the government pay for it. $60 billion. Make everybody sick, and then sell them the chronic disease medication for the rest of their life. And Tony Fauci, started running that agency NIAID and in 1984, two years before the vaccine act, that year, the number of children in America who had chronic disease was 10%. By ’86 it was 12.8%. In 1940 it was 6%. Oh, by ’86, we had 11 vaccines and it had double. By 2006, under his watch, it went to 54%. And I will tell you this, that every child is damaged. 54%, those are the kids who made insurance claims. What about the kids who lost IQ? One or two points. Who are depressed? Who are not functioning? Who can, who are socially awkward? All of these injuries that are invisible from the vaccines. We know, you know if you’ve ever compared an unvaccinated kid to a vaccinated kid and you see, the bright eyes, and the engagement and social interactions and the curiosity, and the affection. And, you compare ’em, a child even had one or two vaccines and they’re completely different. And those injuries don’t get measured. They’re just a blight on, on this and they poisoned an entire generation of American children. And, you know, that’s why it’s important that this church is open today. We need, people get subsumed in the orthodoxy. What Tony Fauci is, he is not a scientist. He’s a high priest of a religion. You have to embrace with blind faith, that the heretics have to be silenced, they have to be burned at the stake. They cannot be listened to because what they’re saying is dangerous. And what he is doing is evil. And we need a spiritual fire to overcome what he is doing to our country.

– Can I? No, no, I got this. All right. That’s precious, thank you. You brought that to a place where it hit a chord in all these hearts. And, you come from a family of 11 kids, you have seven yourself. You describe what’s happened to an entire generation. We’ve heard you, Dr. Judy, speak about what they’ve done. And many of us are aware that even with the vaccines themselves, for us which is unconscionable, they use fetal tissue. To what extent, the idea is they dismiss you, and they gas lamp you and they tell you that you don’t know what you’re talking about. But the more we do our studies and it used to be we’re on the fringe, but now you see rooms getting filled because we’re starting to realize we’ve been duped. What I wanted to point out and ask if you guys wanted to elaborate on is, you brought in a metaphysical declaration. We’re talking about good and evil. Our children, from our perspective we’re stewards of their lives, they’re gifts from God. And we’re accountable to him. And governments from our perspective are judged. And how we treat humanity we’re accountable to Him and accountable to each other. And we want as much freedom as possible as long as we’re treating one another well. But when you put that much power in the hands of an individual, and you watch the devastation and they control the narrative. I bet you a lot of folks here and viewing don’t realize you’re a Harvard graduate, and law school as well. Can you, ’cause people are thinking he’s just a good looking guy. No, he’s got an amazing background. You’ve heard Dr. Judy’s background. And actually, your voice interestingly enough is our old pastor Bret Shellabarger had the same, vocal cord kind of, it’s, I just want everyone to know. He’s not like sick or upset. This is a gift from God because everything he’s saying you better lean in and get it all. Amen.

– I’ll tell you, I’ll just tell you something about my voice. I had a very, very strong voice and I had that until I was 42 years old. In 1996 I lost that voice and I got a disease. That’s a neurological disorder called spasmodic dystonia. And, people, doctors for many years have said to me, did you have a trauma that year? when you got it? And I was like, you know, my life is trauma. I have no, I have no idea whether something happened. But then, I was preparing a lawsuit recently against, against all four of the vaccine companies. And one of the things I had to do was to write down all the side effects that are listed on the manufacturers insert. There’s over 400 of them. And, when I got to the flu vaccine, one of the top things on it was spasmodic dystonia. And in 1996, I was teaching at Pace Law School. I taught for 30 years and the unit, the infirmary was right next to my office. And every year when they, announced that they had the new flu vaccines I would go get their shot. And so I got that shot and I probably got this because of that vaccine. But I didn’t realize that until a couple of months ago. I wanna say one thing about what you said Rob, I don’t wanna dominate because this woman–

– I don’t need to talk.

– You talked about the ability of the medical cartel to control the narrative. And this is what Dr. Fauci is, I think has really done to this country that people don’t understand and to the world. He’s agency NIAID. I’ll call it NIAID, it’s National Institute for Allergic Infection Diseases. It was a back order when he came in there in 1996, why? Because of infectious disease mortality had virtually disappeared in our country. And not because of vaccines. CDC made a study, to figure out what had, you know all these hundreds of thousands of deaths we used to get in our country from measles, from purple fever, pertussis, whooping cough, from all of these, from scurvy, Scarlet fever which I had as a kid doesn’t exist anymore. And by the way, there’s no vaccine for scurvy or for yellow fever and what CDC found out, they did a study it’s called Guyer, as the author, which they published in 2000 with Johns Hopkins, G, U, Y, E, R you can look it up. And the journal they published it was pediatrics. And they said that all, you know, because you’ve often heard, well vaccines save millions of lives. CDC found out when they actually studied the issue, and anybody can look this up and I urge you to do so is that vaccines had virtually nothing to do with the disappearance of those mortalities. It was altogether to do with engineering, and nutrition with clean water, chlorinated water, electric refrigerators, and good nutrition. People getting oranges and getting the food programs and these kinds of things so. Tony Fauci when he came in at 1984, really didn’t have that much to do and the number of allergic and autoimmune diseases, his expertise in autoimmune diseases were null at that time, it was around 10%. And so pandemics was kind of a way of him keeping that agency relevant. But his job is, to find out what’s causing allergic autoimmune disease. To do basic research on ’em. And find out, why did autism go from one in 10,000 to one in 34. It’s an easy thing. There’s a doctor called Phil Landrigan, who I’ve used in a lot of my cases. He’s the most famous toxicologist in the country. And he said, essentially there’s 11 things it could be the way the timing is right. It has to be environmental. Genes do not cause epidemics. What is, you have to find a very particular toxin, that beginning in 1989, was that, the entire population was exposed to from Cubans in Key Biscayne, Miami, to Inuit Indians in Alaska. And it all happened at once. There’s only a few things like that. There’s glyphosate from Roundup, there’s neonicotinoid pesticides, which became ubiquitous in that period. There are, ultrasound, PFOAs, which are flame retardants which became ubiquitous. Cell phones and cell phone technologies. And he listed, I think 11 of them. Oh, it’s an easy thing for Tony Fauci to do, to go do the epidemiological studies. And you find people who were not exposed to those things like the Amish who don’t take vaccines, or communities that don’t have cell phone service or whatever and you compare it and you do a placebo controlled study. Or a retrospective study And you can easily find out the answers. He has never done a single one of those studies during the 50 years that he has spent there. And incidently as a footnote, how does a man last, at a public health agency for 50 years? How did he become the J. Edgar Hoover of public health? J. Edgar Hoover stayed there by making friends with the organized crime and you know, and blackmailing and bribing people. How did he stay? You look at anybody in his agency, who took a side against pharma, at any point in their career and their career ended there. Bernice Eddy, was one of the great heroes of public health who found contamination in the polio vaccine career over. John Anthony Morris. NIH, who found contamination. He found that the flu vaccines were a hoax. They don’t work, they kill people. He talked about it, his career was over. Who did the largest epidemiological studies in history and found that the Hib vaccine and the hepatitis B vaccine were causing the diabetes epidermic. Career over. Judy Mikovits. Who found the XMRV viruses in many of the vaccines of polios and the others. Career over, office locked. Police chasing you. That’s what happens at NIH if you stand up to pharma. How did he stay there for 50 years? By being in the tank with pharma. And turning that an agency from a public health agency to have an incubator for pharmaceutical drugs. Oh, he now has a $6 billion budget. And what does he do with that money? Does he study public health? No! Never. In addition to that, he has 1.6 billion from the military. And that is a very sinister relationship between him and the military. DARPA. And then he coordinates his giving, with Bill Gates who’s the other big funder in the world and with the four pharmaceutical companies and they all do it together. And what can he do with their money? I’ll tell you what he does. He’s created an army of what he calls principal investigators or PIs. These are the doctors and scientists who get grants from his agency every year. And they run the departments in your local hospital. And they conduct clinical studies for him. And he gives them a clinical study and they enroll patients to test his new drugs. And each patient, that PI would get $15,000 for. Half of that on is skimmed off at your local hospital or by the university medical school. That’s how they stay in business by skimming off that money from Anthony Fauci’s grants. And they completely rely, on his grants every year. Every medical school in this country, every one of these local hospitals is taking money from him. And the people who are taking it are the heads of the department. So, when, when, if there is a scientist, who says I got a great idea. I’m gonna try to study the links between vaccines and autism. Nobody’s ever done it before. What do you think’s gonna happen to that guy?

– Hey, where did he go, did anyone see him?

– Not. Number one, he’s not gonna get any funding. Number two, the head of department at the medical school is gonna get a call saying you stop that maniac, or we are gonna ruin your whole program. And we’re gonna shut down your university. He can ruin any scientists on Earth. He has 10,000 of these PIs all around. You know, when you look at CNN, and you see a doctor come on and they look like an independent doctor, they’re not. They’re one of his PIs. Paul Offit is his PI. Peter Hotez, Ian Lipkin, Arthur Caplan. These are all the people you see every day on CNN, pretending to be independent scientists. He keeps saying, well you know, after we get the vaccine through this process, we’re sending it to an independent committee. It’s called the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices at CDC. You know virtually all the members of that committee are? They’re his PIs. They send it, FDA’s committee VRBPAC. All of those guys, are his PIs. There’s a data monitoring review board that decides which of the vaccines gets in line first, second, and third, it’s no coincidence that his vaccines are first, second and third. Because he chose all the guys on that committee and they’re all his PIs. You know, for many, many years. He can dictate the narrative all over the country. So for many years, I was making a lot of money, giving speeches. I was running one of the biggest, the biggest water protection group in the world. Waterkeeper Alliance, which I founded and acted as president of for many years. And I was getting 60, paid speeches a year from universities and some from corporations, I was doing about 240 speeches a year. I was making money on a lot of ’em. And when I started doing the vaccine work, all of my speeches got canceled. And my Speaker’s Bureau would say, “The University of Kansas just canceled your speech.” And I said, “Why, we had a contract?” They said they got calls from the local hospital, and local health departments. From all of these, those are all Fauci’s PIs. When you a guy like Ken Solar in this day, or Bob Sears being investigated by the medical board, who’s on that medical board? Who’s gonna take the license away from these doctors who are the only doctors in this state, who will treat vaccine injuries. It’s Tony Fauci’s PIs. So he is the most powerful man ever, in public health. He can control the entire narrative from where he is and he looks like this sweet, old guy. Avuncular guy but you know, you have to ask yourself how did he last there for so long? And how does he get away with this stuff that he does? Saying in March, masks don’t work, they’re garbage. And in April, everybody’s gotta wear ’em. And Oh, if I, he says, if I were sick, I would take hydroxychloroquine. And then a month later, nobody’s allowed to take it. And all this other crazy stuff that he gets away with you know, remdesivir which it’s absolutely worthless, making that standard of care and killing people. Prolonging this pandemic. By making sure that we do not. He has spent, $48 billion on vaccines. How much has he spent on antivirals? 1.48, and almost all of that went to Remdesivir 1.48 billion. His drug that he developed with the Chinese and Bill Gates. It doesn’t work. But he made that the standard of care, and the off patent drugs that were threatening vaccines, if hydroxychloroquine works, which it does. And if Ivermectin works, which it definitely does, he legally can not get emergency use authorization for any vaccines, because if there’s an approved drug that works against you, you cannot get emergency use authorization. So he had to kill hydroxychloroquine. He had to kill Ivermectin. And why is it that America, which has supposedly the best healthcare system in the world, has the worst health outcomes from this pandemic? Because we have a maniac, who is prolonging the pandemic by ending the accessibility of drugs that could actually save people’s lives. Funnel us all into that shoot. Into the slaughter house. His vaccines and I don’t know whether the vaccines are gonna end up good or bad. You have to look at each one individually but I can tell you, there are remedies out there that we ought to be using. And we ought to be getting to people these hydrocortisosteroids, Pepcid,

– Is what I use.

– Yeah, and all of these other ones. And we ought to be telling black Americans, you need to load up, on 10,000 units of vitamin D a day. And, all the other things that we should be doing to protect public health. Instead, he has turned that agency into an incubator for the pharmaceutical industry. So that between 2009 and 2016, virtually every drug, that was approved by FDA, came out of his shop. And it comes out of his shop and he’s allowed to get the patent on it. And NIAID owns I think 2200 patents. He owns patents himself. He can collect $150,000 a year, on every patent he owns from every drug that he’s worked on. And the people who work for him, he has six employees at NIAID, who are each, filed patents for the Moderna vaccines. If these are his buddies, who are now getting $150,000 pay offs from Moderna. And they’re the ones who are supposed to be regulating the industry, but they’re making money on it.

– The foxes are watching the hen house. Yeah, guarding it. I was intrigued because in the green room, he said, “What’s gonna be the format?” And I said, “We can do an opening,” He goes, “No, no, questions would be better.” I asked him one question and he gave an opening statement. I loved it. Everything you shared so blessed everybody, amen.

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