‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: Ramping Up Fear as Vaccine Demand Drops Off + Bill and Melinda Gates Ask for ‘Privacy’ + More

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– Hi, great to be here.

– Hi Polly.

– Hello, and hello everybody out there, sorry about that. I’m in a new location just for this week and we will be going live on, Children’s Health Defense news live button next Tuesday, all going well. So welcome everyone to this week with Mary Holland, who’s the president of Children’s Health Defense, and myself Polly Tommey. And we have a lot to cover this week so we’re gonna get straight onto it. So our first story that we’re gonna cover is the children’s stories. So we’re gonna start with WBRC, they reported earlier on in the week this is a train so we’re just gonna go through it ’till we get to the end then Mary will comment on it.

Health officials are concerned over the variant cases and the impact on children. So we’re starting to get the lead-up to the vaccinations on the children. UAB Infectious Disease Expert, Dr. Michael Saag said, “They can also cause more disease and more symptomatic infection. The variants are a concern for adults but there are also a great concern for children. We want to monitor these children. We are going to have to look at the data coming out in the next several weeks on vaccinating children between 11 and 16.” He says, “It’s looking very good. Within a month, this will be available for children over the age of 11.” Well I thought the studies were 12 to 15, so he’s now saying 11. Fox News and Report, 10 million kids could get Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine by the fall if the jab’s approved for younger population.

Well, we all know this word approved is very misleading. Very misleading for people who don’t know better. The former head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the FDA said, “Should the jab receive emergency use authorization.” Correct. “For the nation’s younger population.” And then he goes on to say, “Some 5 million children “between the ages of 12 and 15 would immediately receive the jab following approval.” And then says, “I’m hopeful the FDA is going to authorize this Pfizer vaccine very soon.” The Guardian then reports of Pfizer are, COVID jab may be offered to 12 year olds in Europe from June. In fact, BioNTech are submitting applications in the U.S. and Europe for ages 12 to 15. This vaccine is already approved in the U.S. and EU for 16 years and older. Again now, using the same line or reading from the same press sheet, all the press is saying vaccinating children is seen as a crucial next step towards herd immunity and ending the pandemic. Then we get yesterday, I think from ABC the FDA expected to authorize Pfizer vaccine for ages 12 to 15 this week. The decision would allow middle school students and all high school students to get the shots. Pfizer says, “Clinical trials showed the vaccine “was 100% effective for 12 to 15 year olds.” Well, not according to the National File here where we have a 15 year old boy who dies of a heart attack two days after taking the Pfizer vaccine. Had no history of allergic reactions. He was from Colorado and this was filed in the National Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. He had no other illnesses, no preexisting conditions, no known allergies, no birth defects, and no permanent disabilities.

– Polly, he also wasn’t the only young adult who died in the various reports last week there was one 15 year old boy in Colorado and there were two 16 year olds whose deaths were reported in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. This is so outrageous and so tragic Polly because these young teenagers are at virtually no risk of death from COVID. I mean, virtually no risk of death and so to see them dying from the vaccine is just, you know, it’s not a good risk-benefit calculus for teenagers. And so the whole story about these teens, I think they have to hype the variant so that the variant narrative, so that people are more fearful on behalf of teens and children but the reality is, is that teens and children are at just exceptionally low risk, right? 0.00 and a number from any kind of severe COVID disease. And so this is really all about sort of the herd immunity narrative in terms of medicine and then this notion of we’re moving towards this passport identity, bio state, right? Biosecurity new, and that’s where I think the kids narrative is.

But clearly, as of this week Polly, we are seeing new focus on the 12 to 15 year old and clinical trials younger and they’re now starting to talk about having these vaccines be available for the fall. Really several weeks and months ago, we were talking about sort of the official narrative, Dr. Fauci and others talking about children in school being vaccinated, starting in January of 2022. So this is catching me candidly a little bit by surprise that they’re really now talking about fall not only for universities, but for high schools as well. And I know here Polly I’m in New York, we’ve gotten several letters about high school setting up clinics in their high schools for vaccination and they’re explicitly saying, “We’re not checking ID or insurance. “The shots are free.” And therefore they’re going to be giving them to 15 and 14 year olds, even though they’re not even authorized for that age group. And I also just heard yesterday that Governor Cuomo in New York, is calling on the school systems to have buses to bus kids from high schools to vaccination centers. So it’s all this sort of, you know it’s all good, it’s all benefit, there’s no risk and yet you and I both know well, there’s a lot of risks that people aren’t being told about and we’re covering those but mainstream media, for the most part, isn’t.

– Right, and expect over the next month or so to see the media really ramping the fare up to this because these parents.

– They ought to be continuing to ramp the fear up, but I was really interested in one of the articles we read that it showed that we went from a high in the United States of 4 million doses of COVID vaccines a day to now just over 1 million. So clearly the demand has dropped by 300%. This is, you know it’s dropped, so that it’s 25% of what it was. This is really, really interesting. I mean, now it is getting much harder Polly. We know that, it’s getting much harder for the sales pitch, right? The people who wanted the vaccines largely have gotten them.

– Well let’s go into Reuters, excuse me post-vaccine COVID infections and deaths are rare, says a UK study.

– Right.

– The UK are so bad. Anyway, a very small number of mainly frail elderly COVID-19 patients are being hospitalized and dying even after having a first dose of Pfizer’s and AstraZeneca vaccine, but this does not mean the shots aren’t working. Sometimes I try not to laugh reading this out, it’s ridiculous. UK was heard to have said on Friday and this was in Kelland’s sample from the University of Liverpool, he’s a professor there, “It’s mostly occurring in the group which are most at risk of severe disease anyway.” So in other words, they’re gonna die anyway. “It also shows that the vaccine isn’t perfect.” Correct Kelland’s sample.

– I love though that Polly they have that name, you know, these are breakthrough cases and in some of those articles, this is again just, this is, you and I have heard this for so many years. It’s not, they’re saying that the vaccine isn’t perfect but really they’re saying that these people weren’t good subjects. They were elderly. They were frail. They had underlying conditions. And then probably they didn’t observe social distancing for those first two weeks. So it’s probably their fault that they are a breakthrough case. I mean, it always comes back to sort of really it does come back to blaming the victim. It’s just, it’s your problem. It’s really, we had great vaccines, you just were a bad subject.

– Yeah and we’ve heard that so many times before on these many years that we’ve been doing.

– Right.

– It’s never the vaccine’s fault.

– Never the vaccine’s.

– Always the patient’s fault.

– Yeah. It’s not perfect but it was probably your fault, you know.

– Absolutely. Evening Standard, more than 500 people admitted to hospital with coronavirus after getting vaccinated. Again, such as at Liverpool University said, the patients all received one dose at least three weeks before they were admitted. 113 people say died and what the research team calls “vaccine failures”. One of the studies also said, “People should not be surprised about some vaccine failures. “It was what was predicted.”

– Right.

– I found that kind of interesting language there.

– It is, you know it’s like so now it’s to be expected that some people are gonna die from these products Polly, it’s just the way it is. Some people, there will be some vaccine failures they’re not perfect. It was probably your fault, but hey, you should expect that some people will die after vaccination that’s now even the new narrative. Like you should expect that some people will die after these things.

– Amazing that’s even in the press.

– It’s amazing, it is quite amazing. It is quite amazing, because actually even in the child context, they never have admitted that SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome is related to vaccines. So here, I don’t think they have that choice so they’re acknowledging, yes people are gonna die after vaccination that’s just what happens.

– Okay so moving on to something that I’m following this because I find it really interesting. I’m seeing, I’m on various groups on Telegram of COVID victims, you know, the people who have been hurt by the shots and I’m seeing a lot of eye disorders.

– Yeah.

– So this was in LifeSite and it says, 19,916 eye disorders, including blindness following COVID vaccine is reported in Europe. Hundreds of cases of blindness are among the 19,916 reports of these eye disorders. And they’re being reported to World Health Organization’s, European Monitoring Agency following these vaccines. As a long list of different eye disorders or vision flashes of light.

– Yeah.

– And more than half of these eye disorders were reported in the UK’s Yellow Card adverse events reporting system but we’re not really hearing very much about it other than this article.

– We’re not, well I was surprised by that article too and it points out that the FDA fact sheet is not mentioning potential eye disorders, but when you understand that lots of people are reporting these headaches and we know that these blood clots are related, you know to some of that sort of, you know, the sort of the blood circulation. I mean, the eyes are just so complex, right? I mean, it makes some sense and we know that actually with viral infections like measles and then the vaccines we do, I’ve certainly heard about eye problems in the past. I’ve certainly heard, you know, in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program about blindness and about uveitis and some of these things but I hadn’t heard about it in the COVID context and it’s very disturbing.

– And under the people commenting that we’re calling them vaccines, remember we’re reading the headlines.

– Yeah.

– So we.

– We know that these are injections and we don’t believe that these are, you know, these are not, absolutely these are not vaccines where they contain an antigen and they’re creating a response to it. No, this is genetic therapy. This is gene engineering. No question, we’re with you but we are talking about what’s in the press.

– Right, okay so onto military and I’m fascinated with the military because they are seeing quite a lot of injuries in the military already.

– Yeah.

– The Pentagon is tracking 14 cases that might be suspected. So a lot more than that Mary.

– Yeah.

– Sure, sure.

– For them to be putting this out. Heart inflammation in troops after COVID 19 shots and this is, they say after the Pfizer or Moderna but they are saying it’s rare, so everybody stay calm.

– Well they’re saying it’s rare, but Polly, they’re talking about very healthy young men getting inflammation of the heart, myocarditis and so this is life-threatening and they’ve got to be concerned about this and in general, I think the U.S. military and militaries probably around the world are some of the most aware people about vaccine injury and vaccine risk because they do get a lot of vaccines. And so we know that also that President Biden is really weighing, can we mandate this? And what will that mean? It’s a 30 to 40% of people in the military who are refusing. So we’re definitely watching this issue. This is a big issue.

– Yep. Okay, CHD Defender now, this article is interesting because I shared this part on my personal Instagram and all of the comments underneath was when they tried to share it, there were not only taken down there were banned as well not just on Facebook, but also on Instagram. So they did not like this article from the Children’s Health Defense, Defender. And here’s why, the headline is, “Significant jump this week in reported injuries, deaths after COVID vaccines.” The data was released by the CDC, 3,544 deaths supported as of April 23rd. 25% within 48 hours of the vaccines. 17% within 24 hours and 40% in people who became ill within 48 hours.

– So we’re hearing this from many people Polly, it’s quite extraordinary that when people try to post information from the main Federal Adverse Event Reporting System, VAERS they’re not able to post it, or they can’t share that information. That’s extraordinary and I was saying to you ahead of the show, you know, we’re seeing so far as published on Friday, 3,544 reported deaths and we know that that probably represents about 1% of actual deaths, one to 10% of actual deaths. It’s a very small fraction of what’s actually happening. And it’s, this is so dwarfing any reported deaths from vaccines ever in the past. Typically, it would hover at about 200 reported deaths a year up until 2020. And so now we’re already at over 3,500 reported deaths. I wonder if they’re gonna keep VAERS available on the internet. I really do because the numbers are so incriminating on the safety of these COVID vaccines.

– And I was telling you Mary, and I think people need to hear this, we are definitely not hearing even a tiny smidgen of the real adverse events out there. I was speaking to someone in England, she’s in her ’70s, unvaccinated but for whatever reason had the AstraZeneca shot. She immediately had to have adrenaline shot put into her because she reacted so badly. They sat her in a chair for two hours then put her in a car of which she barely got home. But the most important part of this, it was not recorded or reported to the Yellow Card system over there because they said, “Well in your records, “a long time ago you had a reaction to a bee sting.” And so it was not reported. So we are hearing that there’s so much more, there’s so much more.

– Yes there’s more I mean, you have to really multiply this by 10 or a 100 to get an accurate. So that 3,500 is at least 35,000, you can be sure of that and it’s probably much closer to the 350,000. I mean, we don’t know where it is Polly, they’re not keeping good track. They have other reporting systems. The federal government isn’t citing to the other reporting systems that are probably better because they do get information directly from medical centers. I mean, we don’t know, but we do know that these vaccines are a whole order of magnitude different in terms of their lack of adequate safety. That much, we clearly know.

– We’re going on with the same subject again in Defender, Children’s Health Defense no wonder they’re coming after you.

– The EU vaccine injury reporting system.

– Yeah.

– Shows more than 330,000 adverse events following COVID vaccines. This is all four vaccines that are approved in the EU for emergency use. Pfizer-BioNTech have 4,293 deaths and 144,607 one hundred injuries. Moderna at 2,094 deaths and 15,000 injuries. AstraZeneca 1,300, it goes on like that.

– Yeah.

– They’re mainly cardiac and lymphatic disorders were reported the most commonly reported injuries, but well then.

– But you know what’s interesting Polly, I was just thinking, so this is called EudraVigilance. So this is the VAERS equivalent in Europe. And when you think that roughly Europe is about, the European Union is about double the population of the U.S. the U.S. is, you know over 300 million, they’re are over 600 million. When you look at that, the deaths are about double. There are a little more than double. So the overall deaths for Europe are 7,766 and their adverse events at 330,000 are about three times, a little bit less than three times what they’re in the U.S. but you know, we’re getting some sense of the scale of reported injuries and it’s a lot, it is really, really a lot.

– It is, it is and also again, I’m just gonna go back to that person I was talking about, where she’s very, very sick now and when she goes back to the doctor for help because she’s so sick, they say, “No it’s not the vaccine.” How many times have we heard this?

– Oh Polly, and I’m hearing this from my close friends who have gotten the jab and who are injured and, you know they see 10 specialists for whatever the adverse events they have and not a single doctor will say that it’s related to the vaccine and to you and me, when you hear this story of within days this person develops this brand new medical condition that’s very serious, they’ve never had it before, the first thing you’d think is it’s probably in some way related to the vaccine and yet that’s not what the doctors are saying.

– No, I’m pleased people realize that this is why we’re trying to warn you. We’re not trying to attack you or fight with you.

– Oh, we’re not judging, Polly I don’t judge people who get the vaccine. I was ignorant too I mean, I’m doing what I’m doing because I don’t want other people to be as ignorant as I was, but we want people to be healthy, you know we’re just trying to help people have the adequate information so that they can make the best choice they can.

– Yeah, it’s actually really sad, the whole thing.

– It’s quite sad Polly

– Anyway.

– It’s very sad. What’s happening is very, very sad that people are being pressed into something that likely is a very bad idea.

– Yeah and people, I’m sorry I’m gonna say, they’re gonna be losing children. If you choose to have that vaccine with your child and I’ve interviewed parents who have lost children following vaccines and it’s the most painful.

– It’s devastating. It’s devastating.

– Painful, painful process. Please be aware of that.

– It’s devastating.

– Epoch Times, at least 9,245 Americans tested positive for COVID-19 after vaccination, 132 are dead. As on April 16th, 9,245 people have tested positive for COVID-19 at least two weeks after getting their final vaccine. 9% or 835 required hospitalization and again, 132 dead. So again, just bringing that up from the Epoch Times.

– And I just wanna say Epoch Times is a weekly paper and it’s really, it’s one of the best papers covering this issue that sort of a print publication. They’re on this story.

– Yeah.

– So I’m grateful to Epoch Times.

– Me too. Now let’s go to the sad, very sad news from, the BBC broke this, well it’s what I got anyway. Stephen Karanja, the Kenyan anti-vaccine doctor, he died from they say, COVID-19. I’m gonna have you talk about that Mary and tell people who he was.

– Yeah, it’s very sad. So Dr. Stephen Karanja was one of the two leading doctors of the Kenyan Catholic Doctors Association and they had spoken out vigorously against the human papillomavirus, vaccine campaigns in Kenya, pointing out that it was unnecessary and that it was seeming to be associated with infertility. They had also spoken out and written about a tetanus campaign in Kenya that had evidence that it really was being targeted at childbearing age women and it was in fact, inducing infertility. And these doctors in March had written an excellent report about how COVID vaccines were not the answer for Kenya. In fact, they actually supported use of masks, but they, and social distancing and antiviral treatments and other treatments, but they absolutely rejected the vaccine in that it was just inadequately tested and, you know, very surprisingly it turned, we recently learned that he developed COVID, was taken to the hospital and died. I’m eager for the colleagues that we have who’ve been investigating this Polly, to investigate further. I think it’s, I think it’s suspicious.

– Suspicious.

– It’s suspicious. We don’t know what really happened. That the notion that he would get COVID and that he would be in hospitalized for it, strikes me as odd and I’m very eager to learn more about the details.

– And I’m sure as soon as we do, Defender will be covering that.

– Absolutely.

– Okay, so “POLITICO” feds rethink vaccination strategy. This is them panicking article as slowing demands reveals stark divide. “There is,” this is what the article says, “In some communities, a poultry demand for shots “accompanied by new hot spots Pott disease. “The Biden administration is redoubling its efforts “to reach the stragglers.” That’s what they’re calling us now. I think it’s a bit more than stragglers Mary. They’re going from mass vaccination sites to refrigerated vans, community health clinics, and door-to-door campaigns. So watch out, lock your doors. “The ground game really matters now,” they say. The sudden decline in demand caught them off guard, creating a new obstacle to Biden’s pledge to return life to normal by July the Fourth. I think where they’re going with this is getting ready for maybe some more action. Sorry, can’t reopen or whatever it is they think they’re doing. I mean, Texas is not listening to Biden at all, we’re completely open.

– Well many states aren’t. And it’s interesting in that same “POLITICO” article Polly they note that the two states with the highest COVID numbers right now are Michigan and Colorado, and certainly Michigan in particular, had very harsh lockdown. So again, we’re seeing that these lockdown measures which they’re using as sort of what you need to do, they’re not associated with great outcomes.

– Right, so now this is a subject, this is a headline in the Mercury News. This is a subject that we personally and I know that the organizations here in Texas I spoke to a couple of them yesterday are inundated with requests for help here. So the headline is Bay Area employers wait and see on mandatory COVID vaccines. Workplaces and companies ask, do they make their workers get COVID shots? They say, “If we don’t mandate, what happens if employees don’t return, unless everyone is vaccinated?” Sandy Rappaport from the Bay Area labor, she’s a labor lawyer says, “Employees are really struggling with it.” And in the article it says, and this is a question for you, Mary. The article says, “The law is clear. Companies can require workers to come to the offices and also impose a COVID vaccine requirement as a condition of employment.” My question is, can they?

– So we had also a very good article in “The Defender” last week by Megan Red Shaw. No, our legal view is that no company can impose an emergency use authorization vaccine as a term of employment. You have an absolute right under federal law to refuse an experimental medical product which is what these are, until they actually have been approved and licensed. Once things are approved and licensed through the FDA, that will be a different legal picture but while these products are EUA, Emergency Use Authorization only, the legal precedent is on the side of the individuals saying, I refuse. On “The Defender” page, I think this should be up as of today, there is a tab on the upper right, Legal and under that tab of Legal there’s, Resources. And there are notices that you could give to your employer or your university or your institution, you can redraft it, but it gives you the citations to the federal law that says you cannot, you must have the right to refuse an Emergency Use Authorization product and precedent suggest that this happened around the anthrax vaccine in the military and a federal court upheld the right of soldiers, military personnel, not civilians to refuse the EUA anthrax vaccine. So this is really, the law is on our side on this issue. They’re kind of snowing people. They’re gaslighting people of, oh you don’t have a choice. We can mandate this. Yes, there are other mandates, measles, mumps, rubella you and I know there are other mandates in other contexts. Those are approved products. Those are licensed. Those are federally recommended. There’s an injury compensation program that is very different than the legal picture for these COVID vaccines right now.

– We’re gonna need a lot of lawyers on site.

– We are Polly, and I’m working very hard on this issue because I know that people are gonna be discriminated against. They’re gonna be fired. They’re gonna lose their pensions. They may be discriminated against in housing and so one of the things I’m working very hard on right now is to create the infrastructure to help people get access to legal help, because they’re gonna need a lot of legal help as this thing rolls on. We’re not working on, and I can’t announce anything yet but we are working very hard on this.

– And lawyers, if you’re listening and you wanna get involved, you.

– Yeah if you are a lawyer and you are listening, please write, there is a contact at Children’s Health Defense, CHD at and tell us. There’s also a volunteer sheet so you can, and we’re getting up to speed so that we can better utilize volunteer talent but we welcome lawyer volunteers, write to us if you’re a lawyer or you know lawyers and you’re eager to help because we are gonna need lawyers in every state able to help all of these individuals who are coming forward. We as an institution, Children’s Health Defense, will be focusing more on sort of what we hope will be precedent-setting cases but we won’t be able to help all the people who need help but we want to help people to get the legal assistance that they are going to need. This is going to be an all-hands-on-deck situation for quite some time.

– Yep, please everybody join our CHD tribe. We need you, right. This is a new vaccine alert. It was new to me anyway, so correct me if I’m wrong. It came out on Reuters, Venezuela to begin clinical trials of Cuba’s Abdala.

– Abdala. This is very interesting, you know Cuba actually Polly as you may know, because they were so cut off from sort of Western capitalism in some respects, they really developed their own vaccine program and they actually have some, I think comparatively safer vaccines actually. So I’m actually very curious that Venezuela is now gonna begin clinical trials of Cuba’s vaccine. I’m gonna be very interested. I don’t know the technology in the Abdala. I’m sure it’s not the messenger RNA and so I’m very curious about that.

– Well, I actually looked it up and I got a little confused ’cause it looked like nothing like the other vaccines.

– Yeah.

– It was talking about yeast and it was talking about.

– So I’ll tell you something that’s interesting ’cause what that suggests is that they’re actually growing the coronavirus in a culture which many of them have been grown in yeast. So this is an old-fashioned vaccine. This is not gene therapy. This is not a DNA viral vector. This probably is an old-fashioned vaccine and so I’m actually curious to learn more about Abdala. We’ll come back to that.

– It’s free shot jab every 14 days, sounds awful to me but anyway, just ’cause of the whole thing.

– No I hear you, but it may be a very different technology, Polly, it may be a very different technology.

– Anyway, it was really just a vaccine alert that for you peeps. Okay, over to “The Guardian.” We’re gonna go, we’re gonna move on to New Zealand now, interesting here, “New Zealand fires nine border workers who refused the COVID vaccine”. So the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern has previously said, before she said this, “Workers who decline to be vaccinated would be moved to another role.” But no New Zealand Customs Agency has fired nine border workers, who refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The country has required all frontline border workers to be vaccinated by the end of April. I just wanna say on that, to those nine board workers good for you because A, you got pressed on it and it encourages other people to stand firm on this subject that you didn’t settle and you did, and I’m sorry you’ve lost your job and I really pray that you get another job but I’m New Zealand’s not as wonderful as many people are saying new Zealand’s wonderful. I’m not hearing the same thing from the people out there.

– No I mean, we know that New Zealand, Australia, Canada the UK, sort of the, you know the former, the English speaking countries we have not been very, you know they’re pretty draconian.

– Yeah, they are. Right Forbes, Canada will require using a vaccine passport. Canadian Health Minister, Patty Hajdu, says her government supports the idea of a vaccine passport and will come up with a form of vaccine certificate. Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau said, “This is naturally to be expected “when it comes to a pandemic like this and coronavirus.” So.

– So what we wanna point out on this, which probably most viewers understand but this is not going to be a vaccine passport for coronavirus that’s gonna disappear in a year. The likelihood is that these biometric identities are going to fuse all kinds of other information about you so that really there is developing a kind of 24/7 surveillance system. That is where this goes. That is what the planning says. That is what sort of the powers that be in the World Economic Forum and so on, that’s what they want. So people should be very, very skeptical about what these vaccine passports really are.

– Correct, I agree. All right, so Reuters, Denmark ditches the Johnson & Johnson COVID 19 shots from vaccination program. So on Monday, Denmark became the first country to exclude Johnson & Johnson COVID shots from its vaccination program over a potential link to a rare but serious form of blood clot. They have already stopped using AstraZeneca for similar concerns. And then I have to go into my favorite probably all times since I’ve been doing this show with Mary. I am not going to laugh ’cause I’ve laughed long enough over this. Everything about this article I’m gonna read out to you is unbelievable peeps, are you ready? Okay, from the Babylon Bee it says, “Johnson & Johnson roll out the new no-more-clots vaccine.” It is called. A spokesperson for the FDA announced that it was “lifting the pause on the Johnson & Johnson’s COVID vaccine after the company, reformulated the product into a trademarked, no-more-clots formula.” Immediately shares of the company jumped to 5% or over. The announcement is this, “It passed the rigorous safety testing we could do in three days” and that’s an FDA spokesperson here. The FDA spokesperson that it has no name by the way and I’m hardly surprised when you hear this. Plus the spokesperson says, “It says no more clots in the name. So what could possibly go wrong? It’s 100% soap-free. It’s dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic.” Now I kid you not on the next section, you ready everybody? The spokesperson said, “It was tested on the company’s herd of koala bears and it made the hair softer, shinier, and more manageable all while maintaining a fresh smell.” I can’t believe I’m reading this. This is what the new Johnson & Johnson is. It sounds like a hair product. Do they think we’re idiots Mary? I mean, it’s.

– Well, Polly, Polly, Polly that is a total spoof. My favorite line in that, that’s definitely a satire. My favorite line is, our new no-more-clots formula is as gentle to your platelets as pure water. I mean, this is totally a spoof, but you know, Johnson & Johnson produces the no-more-tears baby shampoo and so this is sort of making the connection that, you know, this is all marketing and this is just so crazy, right? And kudos to Denmark. Denmark is a vaccine producer but also really was at the forefront of seeing all the harm from the HPV vaccine. So kudos to them that they’ve actually now ditched both J & J and AstraZeneca and it doesn’t, you know it’s 11% of the population that’s been vaccinated there so far. So they’re skeptical, you know it’s not gonna be an easy rollout in Europe or the U.S. for these products. It’s not gonna be easy to get people on board. It’s really not and they advertise in these articles that, oh, it’s you know, 70%, 80%, favor these passports and these measures, I’m skeptical Polly. I’m skeptical, that it’s really that high, that public opinion is that much in favor of all of these measures.

– Yeah I mean, the press gets more and more ridiculous, the more you get into doing it, the more you just think I can’t believe they’re getting away with it. And the saddest thing of all, I mean, I’m not gonna read this but I sent you some tweets that someone twittered out or whatever the terminology is. And it really is beyond understanding how people are so frightened of dying of this COVID that they’ll take any injury that they can. You saw that and there’s many more like that and this is the problem, people.

– Oh, and again Polly, we know this narrative from way back you know, we know it from the people who get the flu shot every year and then they get terribly ill and they’re in bed for two weeks and they say, oh, but if I hadn’t had the vaccine, it would have been worse. I mean, this is like the suspension of disbelief that it could possibly be related to the vaccine itself. So this is the same thing. It’s like, oh, I’m so glad I got the COVID jab, you know, I was paralyzed. I had splitting headaches, you know, I couldn’t hold any food down for a week but I’m sure it would have been worse if I hadn’t had the vaccine. This is how they rationalize to themselves that decision.

– Right, now we’ve gotta talk about this next one. This is the announcement, I think it came out yesterday from Bill and Melinda Gates. They announced their divorce and the bit that I just wanna pick out of that little announcement, so I’m really not gonna read the whole thing out, is that at the end, we ask for space and privacy for our family as we begin to navigate this new life. And Dr. Sheila E. said to me, “Would you think they could give us the same courtesy?”

– Exactly.

– Like they would like extended to their family?

– You know, maybe we should have a little privacy on our medical decisions and our relationships with our own children. So true.

– So what Right, onto what maybe is good news, this is all I’ve got anyway is, at least 40 States are creating legislation that would ban vaccine requirements. State capitals across the country, lawmakers are advancing legislation to ban COVID vaccine for businesses and schools. I’ve got a quote here from our Texas Republican Governor, Greg Abbott. He says, “The government should not require any Texan and to have proof of vaccination. And it has left,” Mary, “many scientists shaking their heads.”

– Yeah, this sort of, you know the official narrative suggests that these people are anti-science but interestingly, the article said, it’s more about civil liberties than it is about vaccine skepticism you know, and they point out these are bills mostly being brought by Republicans and most of them will likely not pass given Democratic majority is in many states, but kudos to the people bringing these as Bobby Kennedy too thinks when you mentioned the media, he uses the term far media. We can’t be surprised that the media is taking this narrative so gullibly and lock stock and barrel, you know, 70% of their revenue comes from pharma. And another phrase that he uses that I think is especially apt, is he says, you know “At the time that the U.S. Constitution was being drafted, at the time of the war of independence of the United States there was a smallpox epidemic. Smallpox was 30 times more deadly than COVID, 30% of people who contracted smallpox actually died from it. It was a deadly, deadly disease. They understood about pandemics arguably better than we do but they don’t have a pandemic exception in the constitution. They understood the risks of disease, but it was separate and apart from, you know individual rights in the First Amendment and free expression and freedom of conscience and the right to petition your government for grievances.” So both of those things from our chair, Bobby Kennedy I think are very useful to remember. Media is against us. First Amendment does not permit the government to censor us. And there is no pandemic exception to the U.S. Constitution.

– Yeah, and CHD turns out to fans and Bobby Kennedy being trolled through the press. I mean, somebody said to me, “Oh well like I went and looked, but then I Googled them.” And I said, “Look, from experience here’s the thing, “every doctor, everybody who speaks out on this.” Look at that cell biologist we were looking at who won a Nobel Prize at one point, is now shunned, shunned for talking out about these vaccines. So if someone has bad press against them, you know there’s someone you should listen to.

– Right.

– It’s really, it’s almost that simple Polly, it really is. It’s like if somebody is being called, you know, an anti-vaxxer or a vaccine skeptic, or anti-science, that’s probably a pretty good sign that they’re really talking the truth and you know, people are afraid of the truth.

– Yeah and also as I point out to everybody, Children’s Health Defense is made up of a lot of people, lots of lawyers, lots of scientists, you’ve got research, not just in this country around the world communicating.

– Around the world and you know, we have a scientific advisory board. We have a legal advisory board. I mean, we listen to lots and lots of people and we don’t judge by political party or by, you know, letters after your name. I mean, we’re looking for people who can advise us and we listen to lots and lots of sources, Polly. We wanna get it right, you know we really, and we go through rigorous editing for things that go in “The Defender” and everything that we can hyperlink in “The Defender”, is hyperlinked. If we reference an FDA publication, or a CDC publication, or a scientific publication, we hyperlink to that so that you can go look at it yourself. And even our show, when we’re talking about these articles we hyperlink to those articles. We want people to be educated. We don’t wanna tell people what to do.

– And so what’s happening at Children’s Health Defense, what’s been happening, and what’s about to happen?

– Well, you know it’s busy. I can tell you the thing I’m most excited about, stay tuned, is we’ve got a hearing tomorrow in Federal District Court in the Northern District of California and it is for the judge to hear Facebook’s and the fact-checkers motion to dismiss our complaint. So our complaint is three different claims. Our primary claim is that Facebook is acting as an agent of the federal government to censor us. The federal government is getting Facebook to do what it cannot do under the constitution which is to censor, you know language, speech that they don’t like. But we’re also claiming that Facebook is, you know downgrading us and censoring us and de-platforming Bobby Kennedy’s Instagram account because we actually get in the way of their business so we have a racketeering claim against them And we also have a Lanham Act claim against them which is that their falsely promoting information. They’re falsely promoting our competitor’s sort of science direct and their fact-checkers and steering them away from our information through their warning labels on our site. So it’s gonna be a two-hour hearing. Unfortunately, it’s not open to the public generally but we will obviously be reporting on it and fingers crossed people, if you pray, then please pray that tomorrow we will, that the judge will listen carefully, and that she will reach the right decision. The other thing is I’m very excited, I’ve been invited to go down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and will be testifying to their health committee in the legislature tomorrow about draft legislation on mandates and about discrimination. And I’m delighted that they’re eager to hear, you know, sort of the counter-narrative if you will. So I’m excited to go do that and meet with the activists down in Louisiana. I’ve never been to visit our boots on the ground in Louisiana. So I’m looking forward to that. Otherwise, we do have this new Community Corner on “The Defender”. So look at the bottom third on “The Defender” when you go there and we have Aimee Villella McBride and Stephanie Locricchio who are really trying to showcase what’s going on in advocacy. When are there rallies coming up? When are there other events coming up? They’re focusing on specific activists. They’re sort of doing a deeper dive profile on certain issues in certain states. So you should certainly feel free to write to us if there’s something that we should be covering or we should know about, you can just go to the contact form at Children’s Health Defense and we’re trying to ramp up as the powers that be are ramping up.

– Yeah and lots of comments coming in, so one of you who was asking about you couldn’t find something on Children’s Health Defense. Tomorrow in “The Defender”, will be the same interview with the links to everything and we’ll ask the boys to maybe screenshot where it is you go for that to find the lawyer, you know, the lawyer that we were talking about.

– Yes, yes.

– And that links to everything that we’ve been talking about. So you can actually look at the Babylon Bee article yourself.

– Have a good laugh right?

– Have a little laugh. Also to the people asking where they can find us. It’s Children’s Health Defense on Telegram as well as we are as well with “The People’s Truth.” So follow them there and you’re still hanging on, on Facebook and on.

– We are, we’re cautious on Facebook candidly, but really, I consider the best place to get our information maybe it’s not as accessible to others but it is our website. So our website is uncensored and we now do have live content on our website. So we had our reporters at the Connecticut rally last Tuesday where we had four to 6,000 people in Hartford and so you can watch that. And we’ve got a really exciting event actually in 15 minutes live on the Children’s Health Defense website. And that is a discussion with people whose native language is Spanish, French and German as well and Italian as well as English and talking about how now our whole Defender publication is translated and is available in five languages. So that’s actually gonna be very interesting live in 15 minutes on our website. So go to the CHD website and you will start to, you know, get familiar with all of the content, which is really a lot.

– Okay and just to the last of one other person who just said what are they doing now they’re coming from my child and all those kinds of, look here’s the thing, you are in charge of your child. They cannot come for your child. Keep in contact with Children’s Health Defense ’cause we’re gonna be reporting on absolutely everything. And you know, personally my opinion, this is a very evil agenda and you need to stand firm. Do not bow down to this. Do not settle for this.

– Do, do not.

– Do not never have an education.

– Yeah.

– Many, many people are homeschooling now ’cause it’s not safe.

– Yeah I mean, homeschooling is, you know people I just, I know that we can’t do this alone. We can’t, it’s very scary to be in this situation alone reach out to your state health freedom group. We have chapters in several states. You can look at that on our website but we also have, we’re associated with Health Choice. Health Choice has 19 different chapters around the country. Don’t do this alone and reach out to your friends and neighbors in your county or your city, form a health freedom group because we are gonna need mutual support. And especially if you have school-aged children and you don’t want to expose them to the insanity that is going on in schools today, you are gonna need to form, if you haven’t already, you know, pods and co-ops and all that kinda things. So this is very overwhelming to face it alone, but it’s not as overwhelming when you know that you have the support of, you know, millions of people with you.

– Correct and also remember all those stories that we recorded on the bus, when you’re injured to the degree that my son is and Colton Barrett died, you think you want your child to go to school and have a shot, the shot might not make it and that’s a reality here.

– It is a reality. The school, I know that people think that schools and, you know I know that people think that, oh my God, you know I have to give my kid the jab or otherwise they won’t go to college, forget about it. Life is gonna, you know take it day by day. You don’t want to subject your child to this. You really don’t. The risks are literally unknown but we know that from past experience, they can be death. The consequences can be death. You have to recognize that the consequences of these shots can be death or they can be long serious chronic diseases of every conceivable sort.

– Yeah okay everyone, well so is where you should go sign up, join us. Remember you’re loved, pray big, you know my opinion on that is the biggest weapon that we’ve got against evil. So we will get there, we will win, God wins in the end and but we’ve all gotta keep together. So get over to Children’s Health Defense and join our family, which is what it is. And Mary, thank you for your hard work.

– Thank you. You must be exhausted with everything you do so.

– I’m delighted to be here, thank you Polly.

– Thank you everybody, we’ll see you next week.

– Bye.

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