This Week’ With Mary + Polly: ‘Healthy Babies Don’t Just Die’ + More

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– Polly, great to be here.

– Hello everybody, and welcome to “Children’s Health Defense Live.” This is “This Week” with Mary Holland, the President of Children’s Health Defense, and myself, Polly Tommey. Right, Mary, we have a busy show this week.

– Yup.

– A lot of it’s, you know, it’s quite distressing some of these headlines, but as always walk through it with us everyone, and you will see how we get to the conclusion we are that, actually, in hindsight, I think as you’ve always said, Mary, they really are throwing their last rocks.

– Correct Polly, it doesn’t always look like that superficially, but we are winning. The reason that they’re throwing all the rocks is because they know that, you know, they’re losing. So they’re throwing everything they’ve got.

– All right, well, let’s go through this and we’ll conclude at the end. So I’m going to start off here with, but the headline, “The FDA Needs to Speed Up “Full Approval of COVID-19 Vaccines.” This is a physician called Dr. Leana Wen a public health professor at George Washington University, and she says, “I think it will convince some businesses that are currently “on the fence about vaccine requirements “to actually go that step and make vaccines “mandatory for employees. “It’s already well past the six month mark “for collecting enough safety data, “to determine if full approval should go ahead. “Besides reassuring the public that vaccines are safe, “full approval would allow pharmaceutical companies “to do marketing.” Mary, I find this is unbelievable. Six months mark for collecting enough safety data.

– You know, six months is unheard of up until now, Polly, usually clinical trials are 10 years for vaccines, and I find it ironic that she says that now they can start marketing, as if, in fact, they haven’t been marketing through till now every newspaper, every show has been about COVID and COVID vaccines all the time. And the most striking thing that I read in that article by Dr. Wen, who was very controversial, she had been the head of Planned Parenthood before that, and was essentially terminated there. She says that if the FDA explains their process, then people will know it wasn’t just politics during the process. It’s like you’re coming out and telling us that the FDA should hurry up in the press and then you wanna tell us that it’s not political. It’s just, it’s oxymoronic, it’s silly. It’s become so political. And all of this media we’ll talk about the “New York Times,” all of this media has just descended to say “FDA rule, rule, make the license legal. “We need it now.” Of course, it’s political.

– Yep. Well, let’s go into the “New York Times” their headline, “FDA Aims to Give Final Approval “to Pfizer Vaccine by Early Next Month. “With a new surge of the coronavirus infections “ripping through the U.S. the FDA has accelerated “its timetable to fully approve Pfizer-BioNTech’s “the coronavirus vaccine giving final approval “to the Pfizer vaccine, rather than relying “on the emergency authorization.” “They say this could help increase inoculation rates. “Final approval could also help misinformation “about the safety of vaccines “and clarify legal issues about mandates.” So what’s this really about?

– Well, I think what’s interesting, Polly, is there is this recognition. A lot of lawsuits have been filed saying that the emergency use authorization mandates are illegal. And even though so far, the courts two, one appellate court has ruled, two appellate courts have ruled that there, one appellate court, the Seventh Circuit has ruled that they are legal. I think they recognize that they’re on very shaky legal ground. And, you know, we talked last week about the Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel came out with an opinion saying, “Oh, they’re legal, no problem.” It’s obvious that they’re not really sure, and that there is a legal question. And so I think that is causing some of the pressure as Dr. Fauci and others have said, I do believe that once, and I assume that the FDA will license the Pfizer, in particular, very soon. I do think that will trigger new mandates. I think we have to be realistic, and we’ll talk about the military has said, as soon as it’s licensed or, you know, before, if the president authorizes it, we will mandate. So this is a big deal. And the only thing that’s good about this Polly is, I think, lots of corporations and lots of institutions realize that they’re on very shaky legal ground to be mandating anything while it’s experimental, because Nuremberg says, first principle, “The consent of the individual is absolutely essential “for anything that’s experimental.”

– Well, let’s move on to the “Military Times.” We have a bit of a timeline here. So earlier on in the week, it said the “DOD could announce mandatory “COVID-19 vaccine policy as early as Friday. Following a rise,” they say, “in COVID-19 cases “attributed to Delta variant, multiple media outlets “reporting that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will seek “authority to mandate vaccines for the entire “active duty force.” “Mandating the vaccine for military members “requires a waiver from President Biden. “According to ‘Fox News,’ about 64% of the active duty force “is fully vaccinated, 70% they say have had “at least one dose.” And then it says, “Overall, roughly half of the United States “is fully vaccinated, and 58% has had at least one dose.” Mary that’s a lot of people that are not vaccinated.

– 50% Polly, they’re all acknowledging this, that 50%, they’re angry because they really wanted to do this by choice. You know, they wanted to pretend that this is not coercive. They’re actually not happy because they know when you start to coerce people, people start saying, you know, “I’m not down with this, go to hell.” So they’re not happy. They’re very angry that their lotteries and their free beers and they’re free joints and they’re this and that, and it’s safe and effective, and the CDC says so, and Dr. Fauci, they’re very disappointed with the billions of dollars they’ve spent to convince people. People are not convinced. They’re not convinced. But, I mean, you know, it is extraordinary. So there was that sort of trial balloon Polly last Thursday, that in “Military Times” they said, “Well, you know, a mandate in the military could be coming.” But then, you know, what we’ve actually seen is, again, they’re being quite cautious in terms of the mandate, right. They’re not gonna go ahead if FDA licensure or acknowledging that the law, which is now well-established says that the president has to give a waiver if they’re going to mandate an emergency use authorization product.

– Well, then we go onto “Fox News” where their headline is, “Defense secretary to mandate COVID vaccines “for U.S. military by September 15th. “The Pentagon says all military troops will have to be “vaccinated by September 15th “according to a memo sent by “defense secretary Lloyd Austin, “to all defense employees. “It could be sooner depending on development “regarding vaccine approval or the spread of COVID-19.” And then yesterday, we have the statement by President Joe Biden on COVID-19 vaccines for service members. I’m just gonna read a small amount of this, but I strongly recommend everyone reads it in its entirety, and the link will be here as well. And he says, “I strongly support Secretary Austin’s message “to the force today on the Department of Defense’s plan “to add the COVID-19 vaccine to the list “of required vaccinations for our service members “no later than mid-September. “These vaccines will save lives, period. “They are safe. “They are effective. “Being vaccinated will enable our service members “to stay healthy, to better protect their families, “especially with the Delta variant spreading rapidly “through unvaccinated populations.” This is the president of the United States.

– It’s really horrible Polly, he’s echoing also what the Department of Defense Secretary Austin said, and they are calling these vaccines. Austin says that these FDA authorized vaccines are safe and highly effective. All the FDA has actually said with an emergency use authorization product is that these products may be effective. This is a bold lie. Nobody knows that they are highly effective. The other thing that’s very troubling to me about the Austin memo is he says that, “In the meantime, we will comply “with the President’s direction “regarding additional restrictions and requirements “for unvaccinated federal personnel. “Those requirements apply to those of you in uniform, “as well as our civilian and contractor personnel.” That sounds quite intimidating to me, Polly, that in other words, we are targeting you the unvaccinated, and we are hearing reports from places that they are targeting the unvaccinated, that they’re putting them in solitary confinement. They’re taking them off of attractive work duties. They’re doing things to further coerce members of the military to get vaccinated now.

– And on the military, we’re already hearing in the last 24 hours, many of these military members in very high positions, a lot of money’s being spent to train them and what they do, and they will not take the shot. So the military is going to lose some very high powered, highly trained, America’s gonna lose some top people.

– America’s gonna lose those people, Polly, and we’re seeing that, also, in law enforcement, you and I will talk about. So many people in law enforcement, particularly in New York and in California, the sort of two, you know, avant-garde states in all of these policies, they’re imposing this on their workers and they will leave. And I think there will be very important federal employees, also, that will leave, you know. And then one has to really wonder, “Well, if that’s true, what are the true, “what’s the true purpose of all this?”

– Yeah, I spoke to one military member the other day who said, “It’s not even so much for me about “what’s in the shot, it’s about the principle of this “and when is it going to end?” So anyway, massive, much more than you think, peeps, members of the military standing firm on not going to be taking this shot. And now let’s move on to United Airlines. United Airlines, this week saying they will require U.S. employees to be vaccinated. “By late October all U.S. employees need to be vaccinated. “United with the first major U.S. airline to announce “such a move. “Frontier Airlines also announced, “employees to be fully vaccinated by October 1st. “United officials called their decision, “A matter of safety and cited incredibly compelling evidence “of the effectiveness of these vaccines. “The CEO Scott Kirby and President Brett Hart “told employees the facts are crystal clear: “everyone is safer when everyone is vaccinated.” Again, they cannot make these claims. They cannot be putting statements out to these people. Anyway, we’re seeing them standing firm-

– I think, one thing to bear mind about United. It is the flag carrier for the U.S. government, so I believe that they would be under very severe pressure to do this. The article also points out that they’re not mandating vaccination to passengers. They say coyly, “Oh, that’s up to the government.” It’s interesting, we know that Delta Airline had already mandated for new employees, but not for their other, you know, prior employees. As far as I know, Polly, American Airlines does not have any mandates in place. So I think as we a people who can vote with our feet, right now, we should preference American over United and Delta because they are not putting in place mandates for now.

– And I’m hearing from the peeps, so I need to clarify this, Southwest, also, not going that way. So everyone do your own research, but yeah, I’m not gonna fly Delta. There’s no way. Right, “Essentia Health “to require COVID vaccines for employees. “Essentia Health made what they called “‘a bold but necessary move, announcing all staff “must get fully vaccinated by November 1st “as a condition of employment. “Employees must receive their first dose “by October 1st, second dose by November 1st. “This includes all of their employees, “including remote workers, volunteers, students, “non-employed medical staff, board members, “and others who provide services within our facilities. “According to officials Essentia has administered “close to 200,000 doses of the vaccine “since late December, 2020.” And just for those who don’t know, Essentia Health is an integrated health system, serving patients in Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota. Well, we’re seeing this, Polly, as part of a broader trend of healthcare institutions around the country, and I imagine, and I know around the world trying to mandate this for their workers. And those are the people who, not all of them see the injuries, but many of them do and they oppose this. And so there are starting to be demonstrations and medical health worker unions that are opposing mandate. So this story is definitely not over, but, of course, given the positions of the healthcare industry, these mandates are definitely coming for them. And we saw that flu mandate, flu shot mandates work strongest for healthcare workers.

– Right, let’s go onto “New York Post.” “CNN fires three workers for entering office “without being vaccinated.” “In an email to staff about returning to work in person, “Jeff Zucker warned that the company “has a zero-tolerance policy about allowing people back “who hadn’t got the life-saving shots. “‘In the past week, we have been made aware “‘of three employees “‘who were coming to the office unvaccinated. “‘All three have been terminated. “‘Let me be clear, zero tolerance policy on this.'” Strong from CNN there.

– So the issue here, Polly, is that up until now, it’s been a kind of an honor policy. And so they, it came to their attention that these people were unvaccinated. And this is sort of a, you know, this is an extraordinary level of measures. You know, soon enough, they will hope that it’s not gonna be on an honor system and so they’ll, people will have a QR code or not. I mean, they will suffer, you know, their employment situation will suffer. There will be people who won’t go.

– True. Right. “Scientific American,” this is an opinion by Lawrence O. Gostin, he says, “Vaccine Mandates Are Lawful, “They’re Effective and Based on Rock-Solid Science.” “The U.S. has reached a worrying plateau,” he says, “in it’s COVID-19 vaccination coverage, “with just half of the population fully vaccinated. “So are these mandates lawful and ethical? “The short answer,” he says, “it’s emphatically yes. “And there is strong behavioral science evidence “that mandates will be highly effective. “This includes both hard mandates, these are people “that require vaccinations for schools or workplace “and soft mandates the choice to vaccinate “or undergo regular testing or indoor masking. “Many businesses and educational mandates “fall into the hard category. “Soft mandates just nudge people to get vaccinated. “No one,” he says. “has the right to go “into a crowded classroom or workplace “unmarked and unvaccinated.”

– I find this an important opinion piece, Polly. Probably it’s fair to say that no individual bears more responsibility for the current paradigm of the PREP Act and of these health emergency laws than Lawrence Gostin, who teaches health law at Georgetown and has been an advisor to all kinds of organizations relating to vaccines and health policy. It’s a very, you know, basically he doesn’t touch, he doesn’t use the word informed consent once, he doesn’t mention the coercion that’s being placed on people, and in his view these vaccines are harmless. He never mentions injury or death. And he makes the argument that, you know, you don’t have a right to refuse because you have a duty to everybody else. “Mandates,” he says, “don’t discriminate, “they’re just a tool, they apply to everyone.” As if the risks were identical, which is ridiculous. It’s a medical falsity. He says, “They don’t impute blame “or seek to shame the unvaccinated.” He says, “You don’t have to show your proof of vaccination, “but if you don’t, there will be consequences.” And then he goes on to say, and he’s correct, he’s correct in this, he says, that, you know, “Requiring vaccination is a part of the fabric “of American history,” he calls it “an ethical responsibility.” I think what he is completely failing to acknowledge, Polly, is the lethal consequences for some people, the risks of vaccination are not equally spread. And as you and I know it’s a game of roulette and there’s no acknowledgement of that. We have learned a lot since 1905, about what vaccines do and can do and there’s zero acknowledgement of that. So I find it so disturbing, but I think the best way for us to do that is to look at alternatives like Dr. Marty Makary we’ll come to an article about that. You know, a physician who’s saying, “This is fanaticism. “This is fanaticism.” That’s not my words, that’s Dr. Makary words.

– And talking about, but we’re going on to it now. So people, this is in “The Defender” on Children’s Health Defense, and the headline is, “Physician Speaks Out Against ‘Vaccine Mandates for All.’ “Especially Children and Those With Natural Immunity.” This is Dr. Marty Makary, a professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. And he said, “Mandating vaccines for every living, “walking American is not well supported by science. “He also expressed concern “about the two-dose vaccine for adolescents. “He doesn’t believe the unvaccinated pose “a public health threat “to those who are already immune to the virus.” He says, “Vaccinating everyone in order to control “the pandemic is based on the false assumption “that the risk of dying from COVID is equally distributed “among the population, but it’s not.” That’s a great article. Everybody needs-

– I do, I agree with you. I urge people to read it. And what’s so striking to me, Polly, is that physician is on the faculty at Johns Hopkins University, which also has sort of been a huge proponent of this whole paradigm. But what I found most striking, I’m just gonna quote people. So he says, you know, he’s an author, he’s a physician. you know, he’s the editor in chief of “MedPage Today.” This is an article that’s being cited from “U.S. News and World Report,” so he’s really quite mainstream. He calls this “Public health fervor.” He says, “This is the most slow reactionary political CDC “in American history.” And what I found really remarkable is he says, “I never thought I’d say this, but ignore the CDC, ‘what you’re seeing is a movement that has morphed “from being pro-vaccine to vaccine fanaticism at all costs.” And that’s exactly what it is. And that’s what the Lawrence Gostin opinion really serves to buttress, is this vaccine fanaticism, vaccinate everybody at all costs. And like all orthodoxies they’re cruel and ultimately they will fail, Polly. It’s not gonna work, people won’t stand for it.

– No, and the division that we’re seeing and hearing is unbelievable, the ones that are vaccinated, many of them really, truly believing that the unvaccinated are gonna kill them. It’s quite unbelievable. I mean, just go on social media and see it, many people contacting us about that. So anyway, we’ll talk about that at the end. But okay, let’s move on “New York Times” opinion by the editorial board, which is a group of journalists all chiming in there. The headline, “Get vaccinated. “Get Masked. “It’s the Only Way Out of This.” They go on to say, “We know masks work. “That vaccines work. “That mandates work.” Notice how they’re all reading slightly the same script. Did we not just hear Joe Biden doing that amongst other people. “To bring Delta to heal, communities we’ll need to use “all of these tools together. “The surest way to avoid the dreaded outcome “is to get as many people vaccinated “as quickly as humanly possible with vaccine mandates. “Some 93 million people who are eligible for the shots “have yet to receive any.” Well, 93 million people who haven’t had the shots, I’m sure it’s more, but that’s good. “But 1905 Supreme court decision made it clear “that individual states can indeed require people “to get vaccinated. The editorial board said they should use this power now to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Do you know anything about this 1905?

– Yeah, well, I know I’ve talked a lot about it. So this is Jacobson versus Massachusetts, which is really the only substantive decision the Supreme Court has ever issued about vaccine mandates. It’s 115 years ago, and Polly it’s being challenged right and left around the country. We’ll come to some of that in the good news section. You know, it’s not an irrational decision, but it is one that is in an extremely different context than the one that we’re in today. But what I want to say, I do look at the “New York Times” now as sort of our “Pravda.” This is sort of the narrative from this administration. They are in close contact. It’s sort of the liberal democratic perspective. And they acknowledged that it would be unlawful for the federal government to issue any kind of mandate. But they say that every officials in every state should be putting in place vaccine requirements to exclude people from any kind of indoor entertainment, theater going, gym use. So what New York City and Los Angeles have done, they are advocating this. Of course, there are lots of states and lots of cities that will not do this, but it is extraordinary that this kind of coercion, which explicitly violates the Nuremberg Code would be the direction and guidance from the “New York Times.” I mean, it just tells you where we are. It tells you where we are. This is a mouthpiece for the government at this point.

– All right, let’s go onto “Daily Mail.” A headline here, “Now Dr.Fauci says he fears “vaccine resistant COVID variant could emerge this fall “and warns America it is in trouble, “a day after saying the nation is on the same trajectory “as the U.K. where cases have declined. “Just one day after saying he expected COVID cases to fall, “Dr. Fauci now says he fears a new vaccine-resistant “coronavirus variant could emerge again during the fall. “He said a strain more serious than the Delta “could be on the horizon. “He also predicts the nation is in trouble “and if more Americans do not get vaccinated, “almost all recorded cases in the U.S. are, he says, “among unvaccinated people.”

– We discussed how they count last week, you know. It’s a very kind of deceptive form of counting that only people who’ve been vaccinated with two doses after 14 days are counted as vaccinated in their calculation. But this sort of what some people would call preemptive programming, they’re telling us that it will be 200,000 cases a day. It will be terrible. It will be, you know, the only way out is the vaccines. There will be new variants. You know, they’ve been telling us this for a long time. Polly people have more respiratory illnesses in the fall and the winter than they do in the spring and the summer, that’s just the way, you know, the curve works. So I don’t really think he’s telling us anything that they haven’t been trying to tell us for almost a year and a half now.

– I agree. Let’s go on to boosters. CNBC here, “Moderna says its COVID vaccine booster “produce robust immune responses against Delta “according to details of a study released recently “in phase two trial. “Madonna is testing a 50-microgram dose of three vaccine booster candidates in previously vaccinated individuals. Moderna’s second quarter financial results beat “Wall Street’s expectations on earnings and revenue. “Earnings per share $6.46 versus $5.96. Moderna says, “We believe dose three booster “will like keeping necessary “prior to the winter season.” I see a lot wrong with that article going on about the trials and going straight into the money quarter. I don’t know, what do you say?

– Money, money, money. Money, money, money makes the world go round right out of cabaret. I mean, these are huge moneymakers. Yes, they’re seeing that there’s more antibody response, but they wanna give these boosters to the people for whom the first two doses, Polly, were ineffective. You know, they’re talking about the boosters being, especially for people who are immunocompromised or elderly. Well, that means that the first two didn’t really work so why do you imagine that the third dose is somehow going to be better? We know that people who are getting the third boosters are still getting sick. In fact, you know, every time you get another one, the side effects are gonna get worse. So, you know, we’ll see what happens. One of the dimensions of licensure Polly, the FDA licensure is that will enable doctors to prescribe or to offer third doses more easily. So that’s one of the factors that’s at play.

– Well, going on nicely to the “Times of Israel,” “14 Israelis have caught COVID-19, “despite receiving the booster shot. “11 of those infected are over the age of 60, “2 of whom have now been hospitalized, “the other three got that third dose “because they were immunocompromised. “It confirmed in larger samples, the figures “could cast doubt on the effectiveness of the booster shot, “which Israel has now started administering “before major health bodies around the world “have even approved it.”

– So in fact-

– So not going well. Not good.

– It’s not going well, and I think it’s so important for us in the United States, Polly, to be looking at Israel, look at Gibraltar, look at the U.K. they have very high uptakes, and what we’re seeing is, you know, these vaccines are not effective. They’re just, you know, forget about what Biden and, you know, Austin and Fauci are saying, look at the data, they’re not effective.

– No, right, “The Hill.” This is fear mongering, of course. “Evidence mounts that Delta variant is dangerous for kids. “The number of sick children in Louisiana and Florida “has drastically increased in the past couple of weeks. “It’s unclear why, but medical experts believe “the surges are because of how easy it is for the virus “to circulate in an unvaccinated population.” I find it a little coincidentally, as they’re trying to start pushing the children’s vaccines on this, but you know, fear mongering, again. And it’s just one of many.

– Very coincidental. And some scientists have long, Polly, sort of, segregated, put the United States into areas and the South simply was behind the North in having the circulation of the virus. So I’m not sure it’s so, I’m not sure it’s as concerning as they make it out to be.

– I agree. And, by the way, that was one article I picked up, a great money saying the same thing on the children and the fear mongering there. Right let’s go to “The Spectator” because I find this a little bit interesting. So “Robert Dingwall is now,” the headline is, “axed as government advisor.” So, “This week the Joint Committee “on Vaccination and Immunization, “it’s called the JCVI, which sets the U.K. vaccine policies, “recommended that 16 and 17 year olds “be offered the Pfizer vaccine. “The JCVI a fortnight ago, “recommended against vaccinating over 12s “unless they were particularly vulnerable to the disease.” “Now, Professor Robert Dingwall has been outspoken “on this issue. “In June he stated, “‘Given the low risk of COVID for most teenagers, “‘it is not immoral to think that they may be better “‘protected by natural immunity generated through infection “‘then by asking them to take “‘the possible risk of a vaccine.’ “Since Professor Robert Dingwall has been asked “to leave his role advising the government “on the JCVI COVID-19 subcommittee,” says the article here, in the “Spectator.”

– Well, the most important thing to me about that article, Polly, was they recognized at the end that with Dr. Dingwall off of the committee, they’re all just rah, rah vaccinators, and, you know, will push it down to the lowest possible age group. So, you know, we’ve seen this in the U.S. too. The dissenters get knocked off essentially which gives one a lot of skepticism about whether this is really based on science or whether more there’s a commercial and other kinds of agendas at play.

– All right, let’s go on to pregnancy. This is now, last week we reported on the British papers saying, now, what America is now picking up on. So CBS Boston, two leading organizations that represent the obstetricians and gynecologists recommended that anyone who is pregnant should be vaccinated against COVID-19. “They said their recommendation is based on evidence “from thousands of people who were pregnant “that the vaccines are safe to be used during pregnancy. “The associations are also strongly recommended “their members enthusiastically recommend vaccination “to their patients. “A strong recommendation,” they say, “from their obstetrician and gynecologist “could make a meaningful difference “for many pregnant women, said Dr. J Martin Tucker.” I find that extremely disturbing.

– One other things that I think the readers have to, the viewers have to understand is, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, one of those two organizations that are endorsing vaccination with COVID shots for all pregnant people, they call them, not women, people, is that they have been in favor of Gardasil shots during pregnancy with no screening, knowingly putting some women at higher risk for cervical cancer, you know, and for miscarriages, that is knowing. So I, unfortunately, think that this organization has absolutely betrayed the interests of their patients just really clearly. So before they had said that the vaccination shouldn’t be withheld. Now they’re actually recommending them. They say that there’s evidence from thousands of people. There have not been good controlled clinical trials that they’re saying is necessary for everything else. This is very, very thin evidence on which to support recommending this to all pregnant women.

– And we’re also hearing from women who have lost their babies after these COVID shots and they were there because they’re obviously pro-vaccine people they took a shot, they believed in the system and horrified how they’re treating, having lost that baby and how they’re being treated. “It’s not shot. “It’s not the shot.” So please know that, people it’s real.

– Polly, you’re interviewing these people, but it’s the same story that, you know, those of us faced 20 years ago, these people get the shots and then they suddenly understand, “Oh, nobody cares. “All they really wanted was for you to get the shot. “They don’t care if you’re injured. “They don’t care if your fetus died or your infant died. “That’s your problem. “We just wanted to make sure that you took the shot “and we, sort of, our trajectory continues on.”

– Yeah. And very important. So if you’re a pregnant person and thinking of getting the shot please speak to some of these that have taken the shot and their experiences. Right this is a brilliant, very, very important article from Children’s Health Defense, “The Defender” by Brian Hooker. And it’s one that I highly recommend you read and share to every new parent. Headline here from him. “58% of infant deaths reported to VAERS “occurred within three days of vaccination.” This is research. “A new research paper published in the journal “‘Toxicology Reports,’ author Neil Z. Miller “found that out of a total of 2,605 infant deaths “reported to VAERS between 1919 and 2019, “58% occurred within three days of vaccination “and 78% occurred within seven days of vaccination. “Then national immunization campaigns were initiated “in the U.S. in the 1960s for the first time in history; “DTP, polio, measles, mumps and rubella vaccines. “Shortly after in 1969, a new medical term “sudden infant death syndrome appeared. “By 1980, SIDS as it’s known as, “had become the leading cause of post neonatal mortality, “deaths of infants from 28 days “to one years old in the U.S..” You must read the article, that one is vitally important. It matches wholly with what we saw when we interviewed the parents who had suffered SIDS.

– Yeah, it’s terrible. I wanna just give a shout out to Neil Miller who’s been doing this very important vaccine-related research for many, many years. And, you know, I would just point out from that article, they talk about how the definition of SIDS was put in place in 1973. That’s incredibly recent, you know, healthy babies don’t just die.

– No, they don’t, and we have a lot of evidence to back that up from the people. Okay. Let’s move on to “FierceBiotech” their headline here, “Moderna’s RSV vaccine catches the fast track “on heels of Pfizer’s leapfrog into the queue. “Moderna has its next act lined up, an mRNA “respiratory syncytial virus vaccine, “which the FDA has put on the fast-track. “It’s under investigation as a single-dose vaccine “for RSV in both young children and older adults.” You really need to be heads up on that because we’re seeing this RSP really starting to creep into the media. We know that’s something coming.

– So a couple of things I’d point out on this, Polly. So they say, “Ah, this is so exciting it raises neutralizing antibodies “by 11-fold, 1100% over baseline.” What would be sort of the normal level of antibodies. Who’s to say that’s good? These notions of, you know, sort of what is effective are just so warped. They’re wanting to give this vaccine to young children and to older adults. It’s interesting and notable that GlaxoSmithKline had just pulled out of its RSV vaccine research. We do know that RSV vaccines in the past did suffer from this antibody dependent enhancement effect. In other words, when people got the vaccine and then they’re later exposed to a wild type, they actually got very severely ill. So we’ll have to follow what’s gonna happen on this.

– Yeah, we will keep your eyes on “The Defender,” everyone. Okay. So still with children and they’re really pushing this as well. Again, I just picked one of many. Headline here from WBTW News 13. “Children, not up to date on many vaccines, “which can cause viral outbreaks. This is Horry County. “Officials urge parents to stay up to date “with their children’s routine vaccines. “It can protect people and children for many different “diseases and certain types of cancer.” So my question to you, Mary, is there concrete evidence that any vaccine protects or prevents any type of cancer? Anything?

– Our view is the only vaccine that I’m aware of, Polly, that allegedly protects against cancer is the human papilloma virus vaccine, which was designed to prevent cervical cancer and the evidence, the empirical epidemiological evidence is exactly the opposite. That, in fact, in the countries with widespread uptake of Gardasil it actually increases the rates of cervical cancer. There’re probably multiple reasons for that. It’s partly because the women don’t go for testing. They don’t go for screening. People get fewer screens, but also there is evidence from the clinical trials of Gardasil that if you have one of the viral infections, or if you have the antibodies and you get the vaccine, it spurs the development of abnormal growth and cancer.

– So the answer is no.

– So it’s a fraud. And, Children’s Health Defense is involved in 10 lawsuits I’m very proud to say against Merck for its Gardasil fraud about cancer.

– 10 Lawsuits. Brilliant. Okay, good work. So, okay, this headline here, this is a new variant alert, “Epsilon and Lambda “may be resistant to vaccines early lab studies show.” So Peru is where the Lambda was discovered, Epsilon, the new one that I haven’t heard of is initially discovered in California, so it’s an American variant. “Medical experts believe that the vaccine-resistant strain “is putting vaccinated people as well as unvaccinated people at risk. So that’s just an alert there for you. And then we’re gonna move on to “Feuer calls on LA county to acquire proof of COVID vaccines “for certain indoor public activities. “This is City Attorney Mike Feuer issued a letter “to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, “urging them to require proof of vaccination “for certain indoor activities, “including dining in restaurants, exercising in gyms “and attending public performances and events. “He said, ‘Principally because many county residents “‘refuse to act responsibility and get vaccinated. “‘I urge the county to take this common sense “‘public health and safety action immediately “‘allowing for a brief period.’ “‘The interim period would allow unvaccinated residents “‘to get the shots, businesses to become educated “‘on the new rules and the county to develop “‘protocol for enforcement.'”

– So this is virtually identical, Polly, to what New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has put out that, sort of, starting mid August people won’t be able to go into restaurants and theatrical entertainment venues and gyms without a vaccine proof, and that mid-September there will be enforcement of that by public health authorities, not by the police. And they haven’t figured out yet, whether it’s fines, I promise you, there’s gonna be so many lawsuits, both in California and in New York related to this. And as one of the articles we read points out, this really is a challenge to this landmark case of who can put in place a vaccine mandate and on what conditions? And in my view, Polly, the conditions surely have not been met for COVID vaccinations for these kinds of venues.

– No, and that was sent by a viewer who is extremely concerned because she’s upset. Okay, “Penn Live,” “Hundreds of colleges are requiring COVID-19 vaccines, “but many more are holding off on mandates. “The quickly approaching fall semester “has America’s colleges under pressure “to decide how far they should go to guard “their campuses against COVID-19 while navigating legal “and political questions and rising infection rates. “Hundreds of colleges have told students “they must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 “before classes begin. “Yet many more colleges have held off on vaccine mandates. “Opponents say the requirement treads on personal freedoms.” Yes, it does.

– We certainly agree. Yeah, it’s very interesting that, you know, still the majority of colleges don’t mandate vaccines, many prominent, especially private ones have, and some public ones have. And, again, several litigations have been filed, many more will be filed. This is gonna be litigated and that’s good news Polly. For 20 years we didn’t really have the opportunities to litigate these questions, and now we do. And even if, you know, 10 courts in a row say, “Oh, it’s all fine, there’s no problem, let it go.” It may be the 11th court, but once this starts to open up, it will be like the tobacco litigation that for a very long time cases were unsuccessful, then they broke through the dam. So people don’t lose hope. The fact that there is now enormous legal pressure all over the world on these policies is great news.

– Okay, and also, “The Defender” also keeping us completely up to date on this college situation as well. Okay, let’s go up to “Forbes.” “Coming soon for the unvaccinated, “a $50 monthly paycheck deduction from your employer. “Employers are starting to tack on a special surcharge “of 20 to $50 a month to the unvaccinated workers, “according to one of the nation’s largest “health benefits consultancies.” What is going on there? Is that a punishment?

– Yeah, so they explicitly say in the article, you know, “We’re done with the carrots, now for the sticks.” I think what’s gonna be interesting, Polly, though, is if we start to see as may well be the case that insurers are going to be paying more in the health costs of the people who’ve been vaccinated than the people who are not vaccinated. I’m wondering what that will do to these policies that are trying to penalize people who are unvaccinated. What we know is that it may be actually exactly the reverse within a very short time, that they’re gonna be paying out a lot more for people who’ve been vaccinated.

– Exactly. All right, we’ll keep our eye on that. Right, we’re gonna go over to Australia, from the “National Times Australia” and the “Australian National Review.” The headlines here on both of those, “Australians who post independent media content online “could face $11,000 fines under the new proposed law “designed to permanently ban independent media online. “Australian few post anti lockdown information “will be given crippling fines. “Protest organizers will face even bigger fines “of up to $20,000. “And people attending protests would be fined 5,500. “The Shadow Police Minister Walt Secord said, “the fines were needed to throw the book “at those idiots who spread misinformation and lies “along with the Delta variant. “Fines for not wearing masks are set to rise to $500.” Many reports from Australians that they’re in big trouble over there, they’re suffering.

– This is terrible Polly. Let’s recognize that this is a proposed law, this is not actually the law. Obviously this violates the most fundamental right of speech. What I can say that I’m happy about, and I invite people to write to us about is that Children’s Health Defense is in the process of setting up an Australian chapter. It’s absolutely essential in Australia. And so write to us at [email protected] if you want to be a part of that, or if you know people in Australia who might wanna be a part of it. You know, this can’t stand.

– No, and we wanna to hear from you in Australia, we’re seeing lots of videos being sent to us, all for what you’re going through, but will you contact us because we are setting up a new show that we’ll be reporting on countries around the world and from news people. We want the truth and we know the truth comes from you. So please contact us if you live in any country and you wanna be a host for your country to give us the real news. Very, very excited to hear from you.

– I’m just gonna remind people that Polly, you are now the head of Children’s Health Defense TV, and setting up these new shows, including this international one, letting people know what’s happening around the world. It’s so important.

– Yeah, do contact me and let me know. And we’ve lots of exciting shows, we’ll talk about that at the end, but let’s just finish off here, we’re going over to the BBC, we’re going over to England. “Jobs for 16 and 17 year olds to start within weeks.” We talked about that earlier. But here’s the thing, “They will not need parental consent “and will receive the Pfizer-BioNTech jab. “1.4 million teenagers will be eligible for this. “Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, “England’s deputy chief medical officer said “‘We have the supply, there is no time to waste “in getting on with this. “‘I want us to proceed as fast as is practically possible.’ “Last month the JCVI,” we talked about that, “said it wanted more time to examine the risk “between the inflammation of heart muscles. “But now they say, these events were extremely rare “and usually occurred within a few days of the second dose, “typically more in young men.” So basically that’s okay then, they’re safe, of you go 16 and 17 year olds, and you don’t need to ask your parents permission.

– That can’t happen in quite the same way in the United States, but this is this whole notion of minor consent, which is being pushed very hard around the world. And it’s interesting to me that the Prime Minister Boris Johnson says, “Just listen to the JCVI, “they know what’s safe.” You know, they just kicked off the guy who was saying that it wasn’t safe.

– Yeah, it was a mess. Okay. “Reuters” we’re going to France now. “A top French court approves law “requiring COVID health pass for bars and restaurants. “France’s constitutional court ruled “that a new law requiring the public to hold a health pass “to access bars, restaurants and health workers “to be vaccinated by mid-September “largely complied with the republic’s founding charter.”

– Well, you know, Polly, I don’t know how that happened from the French Constitutional Court, but remember that in Europe, France, like every country in Western Europe is a part of the Council of Europe and things can go to the European Court of Human Rights. I don’t know that I hold out great hope there either, but, you know, what’s happening in France, I’ve received some Twitter messages. People are just setting up their own tables, bringing their own bottles of wine onto the street, and they’re just saying, “Okay, you’re not gonna let us into your restaurant, “we’re gonna set up our own restaurant.” So there’s really great civil disobedience happening in that space. It’s not the end of the story, Polly.

– No, it’s not. Let’s go to Canada because they’re announcing that, “Despite Delta, Canada, we are welcome. “We welcome back fully vaxxed U.S citizens “and permanent residents. “Eligible travelers must’ve allowed 14 days to pass. “since their last dose of a Health Canada approved vaccine. “They also need to show proof of a negative molecular tests “that no more than 72 hours old.” These are the vaccines, kind of approved, if you wanna go you’ve got to be fully vaccinated with Pfizer BioNTech or Moderna or AstraZeneca, which is now known as Covishield and the Johnson and Johnson. So Canada welcoming fully vaccinated people.

– It’s very interesting. You know, the Canadian American border has been very open historically, and it’s basically been closed for a year and a half. They’re also telling people that they need Canada’s ArriveCAN app, that’s interesting, it’s moving people onto this platform. Unvaccinated people can still travel to Canada and back as I understand it, Polly, if they quarantine for 14 days, So it’s not absolutely, but now they’re letting people in a little bit more easily apparently.

– And the article does, if you read it, you’ll see the link here in this show, they do also talk about discussing possible vax and unvax lines in the future. So that’s the weird thing coming. Okay. This is interesting. “Bild,” Germany’s largest newspaper “Bild,” apologized for harming society over its coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic during the past 18 months, It’s regarded as Germany’s the largest newspaper with a circulation of currently about 1.37 million copies daily. So it’s a five minute video and the editor-in-chief said this. I’m just gonna read a little bit of it. “To the millions of children in this country “I want to express here what neither our government “nor our chancellor dares to tell you. “We ask you to forgive us, forgive us for this policy “which for a year and a half has made you victims “of violence, neglect, isolation, and loneliness. “We’ve persuaded our children, “that they were going to murder their grandma “and if they dare to be what they are, children, “or if they met their friends “and none of this has been scientifically proven.” This is extraordinary. Of course it didn’t get main stream media cover.

– It’s terrific, he goes on to say, “We have to protect you, not you us.” I mean, it’s a great admission that the press has been a propaganda organ.

– And may many more follow in that footsteps because I just thought it was extraordinarily, I was sad to see, of course, that it wasn’t picked up by every news outlet, but we picked it up and that’s why we’re bringing it. So read that through and watch the video. All right, well, so here we go with WDUN. “Parents file lawsuits.” “Parents file lawsuits “over the Gwinnett school mask requirements. “A group of parents say they have filed a lawsuit “against Gwinnett County Public Schools “over its decision to require masks “for the upcoming school year. “One parent said she chose to pull her kids “out of the school system because of the mandate. “She said, ‘I do not co-parent with my school board, “I do not co-parent with the CDC “‘and I certainly do not co-parent with this administration. “‘No more,’ she said.” I find that brilliant, thank you for standing up-

– It is fantastic, and just people know, people are filing lawsuits about all of these things all over the country. Now we’re gathering strength and I’m very proud to say, I should save it for the good news, but Children’s Health Defense just supported and filed a lawsuit last Thursday against a mask mandate in New York State. So I think things are moving. You know, it may look bleak, but there’s lots of opportunities to bring lawsuits and to say, “You don’t have the authority to do this.” And that’s what’s happening around the country.

– Millions of brilliant, brilliant people around the world standing up and we’re getting to see them. I’m seeing them on YouTube, I know they got taken down like that, but we’re seeing them and we’re capturing them. And because of you, that’s how we’re gonna win this. So here we go. “Hundreds of UConn students ask for vaccine exemptions, “more than 800 students attending “the University of Connecticut this fall “want exceptions from the institution’s coronavirus mandate. “Documents reviewed by “Connecticut Public Radio Accountability Project “showed at least 771 students “requested exemptions for non-medical reasons, “such as religious beliefs or personal discomfort “with the vaccine and additional 55 students “requested medical exemptions. “A judge will decide this month “whether the temporary block on UConn “from enforcing the vaccine mandate.” So that’s encouraging as well. A lot of people standing firm there.

– Well in another another aspect of that article that’s so exciting is that a lawsuit was filed in early July, on behalf of People Against University of Connecticut. So I actually was not even aware of that case against a mandate. So things are moving, don’t think that things are static and glacial, they’re not.

– No, and with some brilliant parents in there, for sure. We do, I see them, they’re out there fighting. “New York times,” “New data shows a mass exodus from the U.S. public schools, “especially kindergarten. “More than 1 million children who had been expected “to enroll in public schools did not show up, “either in person or online. “The missing students were concentrated “in the younger grade, “with the steepest drop in kindergarten, “more than 340,000 students, “according to the government data.” Well, I know they’re trying to say people are afraid of the virus, but doesn’t make sense for the online people sitting at home. No, I don’t think that’s what it’s about.

– I mean to me it’s tragic that the schools are so unacceptable now that people won’t send their children. And I think it has a lot more to do with the masks and the distancing and the fear mongering and some of the things that they’re teaching. It’s very sad to me because I actually do believe that early childhood education is very valuable and important, but I also think in these circumstances it is a very, very viable and good strategy for parents not to send their kids to school.

– And on that note, just so you know, people, if you are a long time, a lot of homeschooling, now, if you’re a time experienced homeschooler, also please do contact me because I think it’s really important that we share those tips for these new parents. So that’s another show in the making so please contact [email protected] and let me know if you are that person or people. Okay, let’s go on here, “Law Officer.” “San Francisco Deputy Sheriff’s Association “warns deputies will quit or retire “if forced to receive COVID vaccine. “Roughly 35,000 city employees were directed “to get the COVID-19 vaccine by, again, September 15th, “or face the possibility of termination. “Approximately 160 of those 700 deputy sheriffs “that are not vaccinated, “prefer to mask and test weekly instead, “mainly due to religious and other beliefs.” And this is all in the Facebook post by the SFDSA.

– So what’s encouraging to me here, Polly, is that the unions are opposing this, right. So their law enforcement union is opposing the mandate and they say they can’t afford to lose more people. So, you know, cities and towns are gonna be put in a very tough spot, and if the population says, “No, we want more police. “We want people who are unvaccinated, we don’t care.” You know, that is gonna make a difference. It is gonna carry water.

– All these articles, now, have you noticed are getting stronger, stronger, and stronger. So it should be giving you lots of hope, people. Right, let’s go to Spain. “Court rules against Andalusia’s COVID pass “for nightlife venues. “The judges ruled that the measure requiring patrons “to show proof of being free from the virus “affected the right to privacy and the principle “of non-discrimination.” Andalusia is the southern most autonomous community in Peninsular Spain, for those that don’t know, I had to look it up myself.

– This is fantastic news. And this is being reported in the most important newspaper in Spain. This is in El País. And this is saying that, you know, these health passes, which are being put out in New York and California violate privacy and discrimination laws. So, you know, courts are not standing still, they’re not all gonna decide in our favor, but some are, and we can use those as precedents. And we can use that reasoning with other courts to encourage them to look at this very seriously and see that these things violate fundamental rights.

– Okay, so now let’s go on here. “Acting Boston mayor compares vaccine passports “to documentation required during the slavery. “Kim Janey is acting Boston mayor said, “‘There’s a long history in this country “of people needing to show their papers, during slavery, “post-slavery what the immigrant population “has had to go through again.” What do you say about that?

– I think this is really remarkable Polly. So this woman is sort of comparing this to slavery and she’s saying that these, if you force people to carry papers, it’s going to have disparate impact on black, indigenous and people of color. And her challengers to be mayor are criticizing her, Democrats, and they’re saying that what she’s saying is dangerous and we can’t compare this to slavery or to birtherism. They’re trying to paint her as a far right, sort of, extremist. And her critics are saying, “Oh, your job is as acting mayor “is to build trust in vaccines.” I say brava to this Mayor Kim Janey for talking about what the real impact of these health passes are gonna be. They’re gonna be used in a discriminatory manner, like everything else, and it is going to harm people of color most. I mean, that’s the reality of what is likely to happen if they move forward with this. So brava to Mayor Janey.

– Yep, exactly. Okay. Let’s do this. KTVO: “After legal threat, 2 Kirksville dental students “don’t have to get the mandatory COVID vaccine. “It took the threat of a lawsuit. “Ashley and Sharon are Christians who attended “A.T. Still University’s Missouri School of Dentistry “and Oral Health in Kirksville. “Ashley and Sharon did not want the shot “for religious reasons. “They believed it would be a sinful disobedience to God, “and at first they were denied “due to unsubstantiated evidence. “The students asked the university to clarify “what evidence the school was seeking, “in the response denied and no appeal process. “The women’s attorney told the school, “it is a violation of both state and federal law “and threatened legal action. “The university then changed its decision and approved “the religious exemption.” Well done to those two.

– Well done to those students and a shout out to their counsel, Liberty Counsel, an organization that has been bringing cases to protect people’s religious freedom for a very long time. This is what we can do, right. This was a letter. It turned things around with a letter. It’s doable, you know. Don’t, sort of, give up, you know, fight back and things can happen. To these Kirksville students.

– And you can do it one at a time, as well, some woman contacted us that she went into her work place with her lawyer and said, “You’ve got to sign this, if I die, “you pay for my children,” and everybody you’ve got to cover everything, and they were just, “Okay, just take, “it’s fine we’ll give you an exemption. “Just be quite and go away.” You know, it can be done.

– It can be done. None of these institutions can afford to fight every battle all at the same time, they can’t, and so they will make accommodations if they have to, they will. Look at University of Connecticut, 800 exemption requests. They will make the accommodations they have to.

– Right, now this is something we want you to go and check out. Again, go to Children’s Health Defense “Defender.” So the headline on there is “RFK Jr. Addresses the Amish community “and Shares Views on Vaccine Safety and More. “So Robert F. Kennedy Jr, “Chairman of Children’s Health Defense “spoke on July 31st to a packed audience “at an Amish country fair in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.” And you would there naturally.

– I was there.

– It was really fun, I do encourage people if you wanna, sort of, get unfiltered Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on vaccines and on life and the environment and on, sort of, you know, the beauty of the Amish community, watch those two videos. The first one is sort of his stump speech, if you will. The second one are really interesting questions from a mixed audience of Amish and non Amish and it was really a heartwarming event. And I have to say most of the Amish there in Pennsylvania are not vaccinated. They have their own schools. Pennsylvania has not been as harsh as New York they do have religious exemptions and philosophical exemptions. And so, you know, Polly, you just see healthy people. You know, the Amish people are just very healthy. They’re thin the children were just a delight to watch, there’s lots of kids in they’re playing and running around, and it was really a happy event. And one of the especially happy things is we got to meet with many of the people forming a Children’s Health Defense chapter in Pennsylvania. So it was a really good weekend and I encourage people to watch the videos, they’re very uplifting.

– Yeah, and that’s really just out, I think today or yesterday on “The Defender.” So go and research and find that. Okay, I wanna thank the nurse in Austin who called me yesterday. The headlines in Austin, Texas are the ICUs are full of, they’re completely backed up, and stage five in Austin, we’re in big trouble. And she made the point of calling me and she said, “No, just so you know, that’s not the situation. “They are very busy there “because there is a massive staff shortage, “for number of reasons; vaccine being one, “not been paid very well, “paying people from out of state to come in “on huge salaries, not paying them.” So there’s a real problem there with staff, this is a staff shortage problem, not the ICUs packed with patients. And she really wanted me to tell you that. So that’s very brave of her.

– Yeah, it’s very, very sweet of her to do that.

– And I want to thank you to the viewers that are sending links to your protests around the world. People supposedly burning their green passes and all sorts. Please keep those coming because our girls of running Community Corner, they are going to be really compiling all of your videos of everything that’s going on around the world. And also with our new program for “Around the World” as well. So contact us if you have that footage or you want to be a host. And then, of course, I’m doing all the talking, Mary butt in if you want to. Children’s Health Defense, Europe, They’re thrilled to announce that Children’s Health Defense will now publish “The Defender” weekly newspaper in four additional languages. This is huge people; in Spanish, in French, in German and Italian. And it says here on “The Defender,” this will nearly double its reach to about, they say 2 billion people. That’s huge Mary. Oh, I actually have to give credit to our translations coordinator, Karrie Bundy. She’s actually the one who’s made this possible and it’s five languages, Polly, is the Italian, German, French, Spanish, and now adding Portuguese. So we are really trying to reach the world with our top stories that are of great interest to people. We know we’re all in this, we are in this together. I don’t mean that in a trite way, I mean that these policies of, you know, you must be vaccinated or excluded from society are being pushed around the world. And so it’s so important that we inform one another, number one step is truthful information. And we at Children’s Health Defense are trying to put out truthful, well sourced information on a regular basis, so I’m just so excited about that newsletter. But I should say, as you know, I was in Europe meeting with our Children’s Health Defense Europe team about a month ago and they are a fantastic team. And because things are really harsher in Europe than they are here, I think you can sign up for the Children’s Health Defense, Europe newsletter. We have an independent website for Europe, and I really encourage people to be supporting their efforts, they’re doing a fantastic job.

– Yeah and too all those people, so what we do see is the desperation. Many, many people that we know personally with either their husbands or whoever losing their jobs or potentially about to lose their job because of this mandated vaccine, they are coming down extremely hard on everybody at the moment. So stand firm, don’t settle because if you settle now, it’s never going to end. So don’t feel, “I can’t put food on the table.” We will somehow figure this out, we’re gonna–

– We’re gonna figure it out. And there will be, remember, that we are a huge forest, whether we’re 20% or 50% of the American population or the global population, we are millions of people and we can serve ourselves. We can create our own restaurants. We can create our own gyms. We can create our own healthcare facilities. We can create our own newspapers and TV shows, which is what we’re doing now. We don’t have to participate and give up our most fundamental rights and values. It’s not worth it. It’s not worth it.

– And remember this. If you do take that shot because you feel you have to, you may not actually make it into work the next day. And that’s the reality of it because we are seeing deaths following these shots, and that’s a fact, So lean on us and know this, we’re working really hard. We are going to have some really exciting shows coming up for you that are going to keep you fully entertained, make you feel totally included in the family. We’ve got lots happening. So please stay tuned to Children’s Health Defense. And also, please, also keep your eyes on the 19th of August. We’re gonna be premiering “Vaxxed II,” it’s going to run, you’re gonna be able to come over and chat with everybody. It’s like gonna be a movie night party, and then we’re gonna have a Q&A afterwards. We have Dr. Paul Thomas, we have Brian Hooker, Nico LaHood, Kari Bundy, and myself will be answering all of your questions. But for that whole 90 minutes while the film is playing, you can chat and be

– That’s fantastic.

– together as a group, like we used to on Periscope. We’re bringing that all back so that we’re gonna be including you, you’re not gonna be feeling so alone. So pray big everybody ’cause prayer’s the he biggest thing we can do against evil, and stand firm and know that you’re very much loved and Children Health Defense has got your back. We’ve got your back.

– We do have you back.

– We do. Thank you Polly.

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