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The Wuhan Cover-Up: And the Terrifying Bioweapons Arms Race

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


“Gain-of-function” experiments are often conducted to deliberately develop highly virulent, easily transmissible pathogens for the stated purpose of developing preemptive vaccines for animal viruses before they jump to humans. More insidious is the “dual use” nature of this research, specifically directed toward bioweapons development.

“The Wuhan Cover-Up” pulls back the curtain on how the US government’s increase in biosecurity spending after the 2001 terror attacks set in motion a plan to transform the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), under the direction of Dr. Anthony Fauci, into a de facto Defense Department agency.

While Fauci zealously funded and pursued gain-of-function research, concern grew among some scientists and government officials about the potential for accidental or deliberate release of weaponized viruses from labs that might trigger worldwide pandemics. A moratorium was placed on this research, but true to form, Fauci found ways to continue unperturbed — outsourcing some of the most controversial experiments offshore to China and providing federal funding to Wuhan Institute of Virology’s (WIV’s) leading researchers for gain-of-function studies in partnership with the Chinese military and the Chinese Communist Party.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whose meticulously researched and rigorously sourced analysis, leads readers on a staggering journey to learn about the:

  • Key enablers and henchmen pushing for gain-of-function research
  • Economic motives behind gain-of-function research.
  • Successfully engineered “chimeric viruses” that can infect and kill humans.
  • Coordinated effort to silence speculation of COVID-19’s laboratory genesis.
  • Complicity of scientific journals to hide the origins of COVID-19.
  • Role of the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China’s biowarfare/biodefense program.
  • Relationships between U.S. health, military and intelligence bureaucracies and scientists and their Chinese counterparts.
  • Roles of Bill Gates and Sir Jeremy Farrar in helping to orchestrate China’s global cover-up.

“The Wuhan Cover-Up” unveils a global conspiracy of epic proportion and lethal consequence.

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