Science Library Abstract
Published: 2009

Swedish researchers found that children who had natural measles infection had much lower rates of allergy than children vaccinated against measles.


Allergic Disease and Atopic Sensitization in Children in Relation to Measles Vaccination and Measles Infection


Rosenlund H1, Bergstrom A, Alm JS, Swartz J, Scheynius A, van Hage M, Johansen K, Brunekreef B, von Mutius E, Ege MJ, Riedler J, Braun-Fahrlander C, Waser M, Pershagen G, PARSIFAL Study Group. Pediatrics, 2009.


“However, in these analyses, measles infection [natural measles] was inversely associated with any allergic symptom or physician’s diagnosis of allergy.”

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