Whistleblowers Welcome

“There’s nothing louder than a baby’s scream and nothing quieter than the wind,” said a boy named Luke, at age four, just one year before he developed uncontrolled seizures from his MMRV and DTaP at his five-year-old well visit. Every parent of a vaccine-injured child knows of the unnatural, high-pitched, inconsolable scream that becomes the last day they trust their pediatrician and the health system meant to protect their baby. If only every doctor and nurse and scientist spoke the truth of what they know. If only they took seriously the fact that practically every child is sick nowadays. Would there no longer be one in six children suffering  from neurological disorders? Senior scientists like the CDC’s William Thompson found the burden to be too much for his conscience. He had committed fraud to hide the data that the MMR causes autism, and he had to come clean. Other scientists, journalists, and doctors have come forward. Many are doing great work exposing the truth. But if you know something and don’t say it – if you found something and don’t report it, the wind will continue to blow and the screams will become louder and louder until this whole generation is lost. We need more than parents speaking out on their injured children. We need those in charge of the real data to come forward and come clean – for the sake of our children’s future and for the sake of humanity. Contact us now.