November 21, 2017

Campaign to Restore Child Health: PANDAS, Autism and Vaccine Injury

PANDAS and PANS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neurodegenerative Disease Associated with Strep and/or other pathogens) are autoimmune conditions caused by bacteria or viruses and result in symptoms that are mainly behavioral in nature. Parents report overnight changes in their children’s aggression, tic patterns, and skill levels. Many doctors do not recognize these conditions and often their children are left struggling in medical crisis.  Left untreated, the disease can become very difficult to treat and may result in permanent injury. This is Tiffany and Josh’s story.

As these issues become more common, it is imperative that we bring awareness to the plight of our families and advocate for appropriate medical care for our children. Do you have a story similar to Tiffany and Josh. Make your own video and use #restorechildhealth and #childrenshealthdefense.

Also watch Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. launch the Campaign to Restore Child Health

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