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This week, Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense (CHD) president, and Polly Tommey, CHD.TV programming manager, covered the latest headlines on COVID-19, Big Pharma and other issues, including news that a former equity portfolio manager for BlackRock believes it’s a“mathematical certainty” the global financial system will collapse within the next six to 24 months.

Polly and Mary also discussed that an analysis by two German university professors of government data implicates COVID-19 vaccination as a factor in excess deaths in Germany, however, public health officials across the world continue to ignore safety signals.

Plus, Pfizer predicted a record-breaking $32 billion in profits from its COVID-19 shots and another $22 billion from Paxlovid for a total of $54 billion.

Also on tap this week: During a White House briefing on the new COVID-19 bivalent booster shots, Dr. Ashish Jha, Biden’s COVID-19 response coordinator, urged Americans to get a flu shot and a COVID-19 shot at the same time, claiming that’s why “God gave us two arms.”

More of this week’s highlights:

  • In the U.K., the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation updated its vaccination program to reduce the number of children who are offered COVID-19 vaccines. This has prompted an outcry from parent groups and academics.
  • Pediatricians urge parents to give their children the flu and COVID-19 vaccines, which can be delivered during the same visit. “This is simply reckless,” said Mary. “There is no science behind this.”
  • NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital shared a pediatric patient story documenting a child with inflammation of the heart. “They are normalizing and trivializing myocarditis,” said Mary.
  • A Craiglist ad was posted encouraging parents to sign up their 6- to 11-year-olds for COVID-19 vaccine research in exchange for $2,000.
  • The fastest rollout of a new vaccine in world history occurred the only way it could possibly occur — by bending the rules, creating a new regulatory playbook and failing to obtain any human data for the new vaccines. “This is simply pseudoscience,” said Mary.
  • A new California Assembly Bill would subject doctors and others to disciplinary action — including having their licenses to practice medicine in California suspended or revoked — for spreading COVID-19 “misinformation.” “I shouldn’t be shocked by this, but I am shocked,” said Mary.
  • We might gain a clearer look into the mysterious works of Dr. Anthony Fauci as a judge gave him 21 days to turn over emails he exchanged with social media giants. The ruling stems from a lawsuit alleging Fauci and other government officials colluded to censor COVID-19-related information that contradicted the government narrative.
  • Scientists in the U.S. and Canada resurrected the Spanish flu virus through reverse genetics, arguing we need to make a more dangerous version of the virus to be able to make better vaccines for it — even though the Spanish flu no longer exists in nature. “This is mad science, and we have to stop it,” said Mary.
  • New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has declared a state of emergency to boost polio vaccination rates amid more evidence the virus is spreading in communities.
  • A Wisconsin hospital is withdrawing medical and religious exemptions for some employees from the hospital’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, giving those employees until Sept. 21 to get the Novavax vaccine. “This is not a traditional vaccine,” said Mary.
  • Bird flu is back, leading an Ohio egg farm to euthanize 3 million chickens.
  • The data from smart meters reveal far more than you might think — and could even be used against you to control your individual energy use or, one day, to help ensure “net zero” compliance.
  • “It’s hard to tell yourself you’ve been taken for a fool but open your eyes.” Neil Oliver shares powerful words in a monologue on “well-meaning benevolent authority.”
  • Learn about how you can limit electromagnetic radiation exposure from wireless technology at home, school, work and in public.
  • CHD wants to stop the uncontrolled rollout of 5G and cell tower equipment near schools and residential neighborhoods. We need your help to force legislative action to stop the ever-increasing risk to our children caused by dangerous radiofrequency radiation emitted by this equipment.
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