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On the premier episode of CHD.TV’s “The Jerusalem Report,” host Ilana Rachel Daniel explained how her country led the world in time spent in coronavirus lockdowns, describing in detail what it’s been like this past year.

Daniel described how the people of Israel responded to the back-door deal between Pfizer and the Health Ministry that traded a discount on COVID vaccines in exchange for Israeli citizens’ private health and personal data, making Israel the first country to become a massive vaccine experiment.

Daniel said policy decisions were made absent of informed consent, were steeped in coercion and dishonest in intent.

“We are and were the lab rats of the world,” Daniel said. “To date, Israeli citizens have only ever seen a media-released, heavily redacted version of that contract,” between Pfizer and the Israeli government.

Daniel said:

“We’ve heard rumors of an alleged penalty clause if quotas are not reached. We’ve also heard Israeli vaccine developers being pushed out of the running by the government. It would appear we are beholden to Pfizer to the suppression of other treatments.”

She described outdoor mask mandates, citizens on house arrest and vaccine mandates, as well as Isreali passengers being removed from international flights.

“In a final blow to our claims of democracy,” Daniel said, “we are kept from disclosure of Corona [virus] Cabinet and similar session meeting minutes, as they have been put under a 30-year confidentiality act.”

Daniel quoted the State of Israel as saying, “The public’s right to know isn’t absolute.”

Also in this episode:

  • Government-issued tracking devices on travelers to impose quarantine.
  • The refusal of Israel to release COVID fatality data, despite all citizen’s medical records being property of the government.
  • Israeli doctors are not admitting to vaccine injury. Daniel said trust in the medical establishment is waning among citizens.
  • Citizens are afraid to speak out on vaccine injuries and deaths.
  • Media propaganda campaigns for COVID vaccines targeted children and pregnant women and hid vaccine injury from citizens.
  • Updates on Green Pass, boosters and censorship.

Daniel said the truth will come out. She said The Isreaeli People’s Committee, an independent investigative group reporting adverse events in Israel, and The Testimonies Project are documenting the truth of vaccine injury, government coercion and totalitarian-like conditions in Israel.

“It is clear to many here in Israel and abroad that we fight not only for ourselves, but intentionally for you as well,” Daniel said, reminding viewers that the citizens of Israel are watching the rest of the world fight for medical freedom.

She said, “Your wins, wherever they are found, are ours.”

Watch this week’s episode here:

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The Jerusalem Report” is hosted by Ilana Rachel Daniel. Each week Daniel invites listeners to hear the story of an unprecedented COVID response, a mass human experiment thrust upon the entire nation of Israel. Daniel is a health advisor, health and safety researcher, activist and writer.