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When true-crime writer John Leake set out to chronicle the suppression of effective COVID-19 treatments, he thought it would be difficult to find a top medical authority who was challenging the official narrative about the pandemic.

Then he discovered that Dr. Peter McCullough lived just a few miles away from him. McCullough is the cardiologist who in August 2020, published a seminal article on early outpatient treatment of COVID-19.

McCullough, who early in the pandemic became a vocal proponent of treating the virus rather than relying solely on vaccination, is now chief medical advisor of the Truth for Health Foundation. He lost his position at Baylor University Medical Center due to his stance on COVID-19 treatments and vaccines.

Leake contacted McCullough and the two collaborated to write “The Courage to Face COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex.”

On a recent episode of “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast,” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. interviewed Leake and McCullough about the book, which Kennedy called a chronicle of the “deliberate, purposeful and lethal suppression of early treatment during COVID.”

“Our theme [of the book] is: It’s a crime,” said Leake. “It’s a deliberate suppression … deliberately preventing [patients] from accessing drugs that could help keep them out of hospital and dying.”

“It’s precisely because [the drugs hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin] worked that they were suppressed,” he added. Leake called this not only “a massive crime” but also a mystery.

“What is it about this … biopharmaceutical complex that becomes so voracious and so ruthless and unmoored from ethical considerations? he asked. “This is one of the mysteries that we grapple with in the book.”

McCullough said the two had “a clear impression” that it was only those therapies that really worked that were being actively suppressed.

He added:

“No matter what we did [or] actually found that worked, we were actively being suppressed at multiple levels: federal agencies, the biopharmaceutical complex, medical systems, hospitals, medical societies, licensing boards [and] pharmacy boards.

“It was a complete and total suppression of our attempts to save lives.”

McCullough called “The Courage to Face COVID-19” “a window to the true narrative — what really can and should be done to treat a deadly illness.”

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