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Children’s Health Defense (CHD) Europe and the Swedish medical freedom advocacy group Doctors’ Appeal will convene Sept. 30 in Stockholm for a medical freedom symposium.

The symposium, “On Guard for the Liberty of Mankind,” is part of a broader three-day event that will feature more than 25 speakers — prominent figures in the worldwide health freedom movement. The event also will be livestreamed.

Key symposium topic areas include:

  • Preserving freedom of thought, speech and deed.
  • Escaping the digital dungeon of the globalist agenda.
  • Repelling the latest siege of totalitarianism.
  • Safeguarding hard-won freedoms for future generations.

“So much is happening right now — developments in the European Union, the European Parliament, the World Health Organization (WHO) and throughout Europe,” said CHD President Mary Holland. “I’m so glad that a key group of health freedom leaders is convening to analyze developments and chart future solutions.”

Dr. Michael Palmer, a Canadian microbiologist who is one of the founding signatories of Doctors for COVID Ethics, will be one of the speakers at the symposium. He told The Defender, “The Doctors’ Appeal has put on a great symposium on COVID-19 in January. It is great to see them partnering with CHD on this symposium with its broader agenda.”

Doctors’ Appeal, launched in March 2021, opposes COVID-19-related restrictions and vaccine passports. The group calls for increased protection of risk groups. Recently, it launched an initiative for countries to exit the WHO.

Catherine Austin Fitts, former federal housing commissioner at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and publisher of the “Solari Report,” also will speak at the symposium. She said that Doctors’ Appeal previously “led a conference focused on medicine and health in Sweden with CHD Europe,” which “was very successful.”

“We wanted to extend that success by gathering leaders in the key areas where control is being implemented … to discuss opportunities to alter the course of events and to discuss and share tactics that can turn the tide toward freedom,” Fitts said.

Other speakers in the symposium’s lineup include:

‘First-class lineup’ of participants to develop strategies opposing ‘Great Reset’

The Defender spoke with several of the speakers, who shared their views regarding topics they believe are of global concern and which will be discussed at the symposium.

Fitts, who will moderate the economic presentations and panels, said the symposium will include four thematic areas: economy and finance, media, health and law/governance.

Nass said these four areas are among the levers used “by elites to usher in the Great Reset.” Participants will work on Identifying what they are doing and strategizing on “what we can do to stop them and create a better world,” Nass said.

“It is important to create an awareness that all of these are interconnected and come from the same place,” Palmer said. “This meeting will help to bring this about.”

Bell, who will speak on the use of public health to impose a “fascist-like model” on society,” said:

“The gathering brings together people with a range of views for open discussion on topics that should be of prime importance to society, but on which rational discussion is now almost impossible in the mainstream media.

“We are rapidly losing the human rights and democratic principles that we thought a few years ago were essentially inviolable. If we are going to save them, we all need to speak clearly and listen to each other. This cannot become a lost art.”

Bell said there will be a focus “on the increase in authoritarianism in society and the drivers of this, particularly in the field of health and science, and on increasing censorship in the media and the political drivers of this.”

Palmer, who will speak about the dangers of mRNA vaccine technology, said the symposium features “a first-class lineup” of speakers, adding that he is “very impressed with their caliber, insights and knowledge.”

“What is exciting about this group is that it is bringing together some of the most capable leaders in each area in a smaller gathering where relationships and new integrative insights are possible,” Fitts said.

‘An opportunity to alter the course of events’

According to Fitts, increased surveillance enabled by digital technologies is “the biggest cause for concern” worldwide at the moment and will be addressed by the participants.

“Such control will be the end of human liberty in the West,” Fitts said. “If it is allowed to prevail it will achieve central control of people and assets — of our health, our travel, our labor, our property, our assets and, yes, even our children. This must not happen.”

Similarly, Bell said, “The biggest concern appears to be the encroachment of central control on people’s lives and the suppression of contrary opinion. We used to take for granted that free speech was essential to democracy. Now we are expected to believe incoherent statements such as ‘free speech is a threat to democracy.’”

But people are pushing back, Fitts said. “Around the world, we are seeing significant pushback as a growing number of people realize the unnecessary death and damage done during the pandemic and the effort to extend such measures. This is an opportunity to alter the course of events.”

She added:

“If and when the effort to implement complete financial control through central banks fails, it is essential that we lead towards real solutions for a peaceful and prosperous world. We need to create better reset alternatives now, so that options are available.”

‘More and more people are waking up’

Symposium participants told The Defender that while many health freedom activists often feel hopeless in the face of policies being implemented at a global scale and by multiple governments, they should not be discouraged or give up their efforts.

“Each time someone stands up and fights for facts, for truth and for the liberty of mankind, something happens. It inspires another, then another,” Fitts said.

Nass said nothing is a done deal. “The elites have succeeded thus far because they controlled the flow of information. When people understand what is happening, they will not get on the trains.”

“The ‘other side’ is very opaque,” Palmer said. “It maintains control in large part by secrecy and through a comprehensive web of lies, which are drummed into the head of the populace through media propaganda and the subversion of ‘education.’”

In spite of those efforts, Palmer said, many of those lies are failing before our eyes. “More and more people are waking up to them. With this awakening comes the realization that our governments are mere puppets of the ‘deep state,’ or, more accurately, of the international financial ‘elite.’”

“Human history Is a story of a constant fight to maintain the rights of individuals over the desire of a few for control. This is not new,” Bell said. “This is not a lost cause — it is a continual struggle that people with integrity have always undergone.”

“In the end, truth tends to defeat models that are based on lies, but it can take time. The more people who stand against what is wrong, the better off all will be,” he added.

Similarly, Fitts said “If you look at the history of the fight for freedom, things often look hopeless. Yet, freedom continually prevails. People are smart. Over time, they shun that which is not healthy. The pathway forward is one that builds wealth — real wealth.”

“The current assault facilitated by digital technology and invisible weaponry represent the most powerful forces gathered for tyranny that we have ever seen. Yet, ultimately, they will fail. Their goals and culture depend on violence, force and fear. They offer nothing that gives meaning or attracts talent and intelligence in the long run,” she said.

“Can we prevail in the fight against the other side? History has many examples of unexpected reversals of fortune. The one thing we do know is that there is no alternative — we have nothing to gain by not trying to press our luck,” Palmer said.

‘Choose freedom’

In their remarks, symposium speakers credited the role played by CHD in informing and mobilizing the public — not just in the U.S. but in Europe and worldwide.

“CHD has a key role in the U.S., Europe and other countries in providing accurate information, exposing health frauds and risks, and introducing its health freedom community to the most up-to-date analysis, to help navigate the dangerous waters we are traveling through and identify actions that can make a difference,” Nass said.

“CHD is also critical in bringing legal cases that expose the crimes of government, Big Pharma, Big Tech and other polluting industries. Kennedy et al v. Biden et al. was consolidated with Missouri et al v. Biden et al., perhaps the most important First Amendment case in generations. So, CHD is doing critically important work,” she added.

“It’s wonderful that the event will be available online as well as in person,” Holland said. “It’s also wonderful that the speakers span many areas of expertise — from medicine to finance, law, science and politics. I wholeheartedly recommend it.”

“The reason to come to this gathering is to share in-depth discussions with some of the most extraordinary people working and fighting for your freedom today,” Fitts said. “Hold in your hearts the possibility that you never know what is possible until we each try.”

“Control and freedom happen one person at a time,” she said. “You must choose, and when you choose, you do so for all of us and for future generations. Choose freedom.”

Registration for the online stream of the symposium is available via CHD Europe.