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Children’s Health Defense (CHD) launched its first fellowship program to bring on board students, graduates and professionals whose school or work has been affected by COVID vaccine mandates.

CHD is accepting applications for full-time or part-time fellowships across many of its program areas, including legal, science, 5G, online news, social media, CHD.TV and advocacy. A full list of postings can be found here.

Fellows are paid a monthly stipend and applications are now accepted via CHD’s website. The deadline to apply is Monday, Nov. 15.

Fellows will work closely with senior CHD staff to advance CHD’s mission to end the childhood health epidemic by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposure, hold those responsible accountable and establish safeguards to prevent future harm.

A series of educational and networking seminars will accompany the program. CHD will hire for an initial period of six months, with the possibility of an extension.

CHD aims to recruit a cohort of fellows from a diverse pool of candidates affected by medical mandates, and to staff most of its program areas with fellows by January 2022.

With the recent vaccine mandates sweeping the country, this program developed out of necessity. Too many students, professionals and families are affected by medical mandates that prohibit them from studying, working or participating in social life.

CHD believes these mandates to be both unethical and illegal and asks people affected by them to join the movement and apply to be part of our team. People directly affected by medical mandates, in the U.S. and across the globe, are uniquely positioned to contribute to CHD’s mission and to work with its experienced staff.

For example, fellows will work with the legal team on legal research and litigation to defend the right to health and bodily autonomy. They will work with the CHD-TV team on film, production and editing, and to develop visual media into a tool for activism.

Fellows will work directly with CHD’s chief scientist, assisting with scientific research, study analysis and dissecting large data sets. Fellows with the advocacy team will contribute to organizing and advocating for change through grassroots organizing, communication and the use of digital media.

Journalists will work with the dynamic team at The Defender and contribute to daily news postings, newsletters and social media strategy.

CHD will host a series of webinars centered on professional development of students, professionals and those looking to transition within, or re-enter the professional space. These webinars will include resume and cover letter writing workshops, interview and networking techniques, cultural competence and cross-cultural communication.

Fellows will also meet with staff from different CHD programs to learn about their work and initiatives.

Apply today!