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Ray Flores

Senior Counsel, Children's Health Defense

Ray Flores is a California native. His natural roots can be traced back to annual summer trips to Yosemite. But that only tells part of the story. Ray experienced life growing up in different neighborhoods of Los Angeles — graduating from Beverly Hills High School in 1976. That September, he enrolled at UCLA — eventually receiving his bachelor of arts degree in geography.

Natural science, philosophy, languages and dance — his fields of study — are still actively present in his approach to life and lifestyle. Joining the natural foods industry in the 1980s was his first big step to making a difference in the world. He owned and operated a natural foods business for 25 successful years.

No stranger to a dedication to constant and never-ending improvement, he enrolled in law school at age 40. The first 15 years of his law practice primarily focused on contract law for natural foods companies. In 2015, he represented a mother whose child was wrongfully taken away by Child Protective Services in Orange, Co., California. It was obvious to him that the cause of the infant’s injury was Prevnar 13. Convincing the Court was a different story. But he was able to reunite the mother and child without further incident. It was then that he began to speak out about the upcoming mandates and the dangers of vaccines to health and liberty.

Ray has worked on several Children’s Health Defense (CHD) cases over the last few years, the UC flu shot mandate, N.Y. Schools PCR mandate, CHD v. FDA ‘bait and switch’ and is involved in countless other CHD cases behind the scenes. He proudly serves as senior counsel, reporting directly to Mary Holland. He is honored to work for her, Mr. Kennedy and CHD.

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