July 31, 2020

CHD Holds Press Conference on Evidentiary Brief Submission in CHD V. FCC Lawsuit

Children’s Health Defense (CHD)’s commitment to stopping the harmful exposure of our children to 5G and wireless radiation continues with unprecedented litigation against the FCC. On 7/29/20, CHD filed its Principal (or Evidentiary) Brief in its landmark case. The illuminating press conference regarding the submission of this action was held the day after CHD filed its evidentiary brief in its landmark case. Read the Full Press Release.

CHD’s lawsuit asserts that the FCC’s refusal to update these guidelines despite the submission of overwhelming evidence of harm from wireless technology radiation, is capricious, arbitrary, not evidence-based, and an abuse of its discretion. If our case succeeds, it will have a significant impact–a game-changer in the battle to stop Big Tech from further damaging children and all life and in forcing our government to do its job and protect the interest of the people, not the industry.

This principal evidentiary brief is the main submission in our case and provides the evidence upon which the petitioners rely. It cites thousands of studies, including those conducted by U.S. government agencies, and numerous reports that show clear evidence of harm. It also outlines scientifically the established mechanisms of harm from wireless radiation. Most importantly, the brief shines a light on the human evidence of widespread sickness and death, which the FCC ignored when it egregiously closed its docket on the issue on Dec. 4 2019 and published its decision not to review the 1996 guidelines.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., CHD’s Chairman; Dafna Tachover, Esq. MBA,  CHD’s Director of 5G & Wireless Harms Project; Scott McCollough, Esq., CHD’s attorney; and David Carpenter, M.D. where the main speakers. However the most impactful was the testimony of some petitioners and affiants (those who submitted affidavits in support of the case). These included: Dr. Toril Jelter, a Petitioner in the case a pediatrician who sees the sickness of children from wireless in her clinic every day.  Virginia Farver, is also a Petitioner in CHD’s case who lost her son to Glioblastoma a cell phone brain tumor, when he was 29. Ysobel Gallo, CHD’s Child Ambassador outreach director developed Radiation Sickness from the Wi-Fi in her school when she was 16. This brilliant girl bravely shared how this sickness has devastated her life and robbed her future from her.

The FCC’s response is due on September 22 2020 and the CHD’s reply brief (response to the FCC response) is due on Oct. 16, 2020.

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