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Caitlin Corrigan

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Cait Corrigan is a Gen Z medical and religious rights advocate, writer, political commentator and Christian minister. After successfully overturning her college's COVID-19 vaccine mandate in the Spring of 2021, Cait Corrigan went on to help more than 10,000 Americans in 49 states file successful religious exemptions. During her undergrad, Cait studied religion, communism and politics in Taiwan, India and Spain. She also worked for the World Health Organisation Against Torture in Geneva, Switzerland. As a former Congressional candidate in New York, Cait's leading issue in her campaign was medical freedom. She has been interviewed by numerous magazines and papers including The Washington Times, Reuters, The New York Post and the Boston Globe. She has appeared on Newsmax, NTD News, The Defender Podcast with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., The Sam Sorbo Show and others.

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