September 20, 2019

There’s A $500 Billion Tsunami of Childhood Chronic Illnesses

There’s a $500 billion tsunami of childhood chronic illnesses and people aren’t taking it anymore. Parental choice to make certain medical decisions has slid from the free exercise of personal and religious beliefs into total adherence with near-zero exceptions. Thousands have risen up and are speaking out. Our Chairman, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., stood shoulder-to-shoulder with advocates at multiple events to inspire hope and weave together numerous organizations in camaraderie. Now is the time! Come join us on the most important issue of our lifetimes. If you have friends and neighbors who have no idea why you do what you do, then this is the perfect introduction. It’s a little glimpse into our movement—people who continue to fight for the rights of others. They will be on the right side of history. (Turn your volume up!)

JOIN THE MOVEMENT to stop chronic childhood heath conditions. JOIN THE MOVEMENT to stop the government from mandating medical procedures against parents’ consent. Help us in our legal efforts.

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