‘TRUTH’, with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Season 2 Episode 20 featuring Dr. Judy Mikovits

The following is a transcript of this video.

– Dr. Judy, I have the view. I’m looking at you and you’re just mesmerized. And this is stuff, when Bobby was commenting about these pharmaceutical, Big Pharma companies, they’re felons. And then he talked about anyone who stands in opposition to Fauci gets annihilated or their entire career destroyed. People are gonna dismiss you being here, and they’re gonna label you from whatever the narrative is. But tell the truth, what happened, so that folks know what Bobby was describing that Fauci does. Tell him how he did that to you.

– Well, I mean, all the way back in 1984, when we were looking at the AIDS epidemic and trying to associate it with a virus called HIV, he wanted credit for that. And I worked for the National Cancer Institute, and I was a lab technician, and my boss who had done all the work was out of town. So he called up with one of the heads of the NCI, Robert Gallo. They got on the phone to me, and I’m maybe 20. I’m 25 years old. It’s 1984. And he’s screaming on the phone, “Do you have a paper about the isolation and the confirmation of Luc Montagnier’s study a year or so earlier? It’s that confirmation study that is critical to showing that you could isolate the same virus from a sick person, a person with the same disease. It starts to start satisfying Koch’s postulates.” So I’m a technician. And I said, “Yes, I have the paper.” There’s no such thing as internet, so it’s a paper copy. And he said, “Give us a copy.” And I said, “No, thank you. I can’t do that. It’s unethical.” And he said, “I’ll have your job.” And I probably uttered a few expletives, but I don’t care.

– We’ll forgive you.

– I didn’t care because I just lost earlier a job, a year or so earlier. I was riffed by President Ronald Reagan, who was going to reduce the size of the federal government, and I had spoken out about doing large-scale production of the first disease causing human retrovirus, that caused cancer, and literally manufacturing it in a plant with pregnant women when we didn’t know anything about the safety protocol, the aerosolization, nothing else. I’m using a huge centrifuge called a K centrifuge which aerosolizes things. And I’m like, “No, can’t do that.” We wrote a letter to “The Washington Post,” and Bob Gallo and Tony Fauci are like, “Send us the virus, send us the material.” We’re just kids who are hired guns. And so we said, “No, we can’t do that; that’s unethical.” And I went back, and I lost my job. You know, a year later, I’m working for Dr. Ruscetti. We confirm Luc Montagnier’s work. We isolate this virus from the saliva and blood of men with the disease, the same men that Luc Montagnier had. And Tony Fauci couldn’t do it because they had fired Frank Ruscetti with Bob Gallo for getting too much credit. So he gets on the phone, and he screams at me, and Frankfort said, “He’s out of town.” And I’m not an author on the paper ’cause I don’t have a PhD. I’m a technician. You can’t author a paper then. And I said, “No, it’s unethical.” And so he screamed at me, “Oh, I’ll have your job!” And I literally put it on speakerphone, and all the technicians could hear it in the lunchroom. And Doctor said, he came back to town, and said, “You did that for me?” And I said, “No, I didn’t do it for you. I did it because it was the right thing to do.” So they eventually co-opted the virus and co-opted the paper and learned how to do it and then stole it basically from the National Cancer Institute and started the funding that Bobby just talked about. So now they’ve got a virus. They’ve never made drugs before. We made the drugs in the National Cancer Institute. He did the same thing with AZT, used it at toxic doses. It used to be a cancer drug for leukemias, so it would just break up the DNA so that the virus couldn’t replicate, and the cells would just die. So he used it at high dose. He stopped safety drugs, just like he’s doing now. He started it in 1984. So spin forward 2009, we isolate a new family of disease causing retroviruses strongly associated with autism, with myalgic encephalomyelitis, inflammation of the brain and spinal cord, aggressive cancers in blacks, particular in Hispanics, because they didn’t have the immune system to degrade the viruses. So I was one of those PIs, Bobby, I was one of those PIs, and he simply took away all the funding from my institution, which was a three-person private institution. The people that started it had a sick daughter, and their daughter got sick from the virus, and she’s well because she got the drugs denied these people. Well, they let these… They called these women crazy, said they didn’t have any kinda disease, that they were just, they called it chronic fatigue syndrome. And you know in America the ’80s and ’90s, nothing worse than being tired. We work 24/7. We were athletes. You can’t be tired. Oh, you’re lazy. As you wrote in the forward of “Plague of Corruption,” a brilliant forward Bobby wrote for the forward. It was like, “Oh, women were becoming CEOs of companies. Oh, they just can’t take a man’s world.” I mean, top misogyny, you know? So I’m trying to keep my words clean here.

– I know, Susan, wherever you are, and so, But anyway.

– Tell me what you wanna say, and I’ll say it. Well, and so I’m here. So in 2009, we published the paper to great fanfare. We satisfy Koch’s postulates. We isolate the virus. We show the people who were infected. And in the next year or so, as the study goes on, the National Cancer Institute has a special meeting, invitation-only meeting, four months before the papers published. And they’re not gonna lose another virus. They’re not gonna lose a bunch of money. They’re not gonna lose the credit. So they hold this invitation-only meeting and basically say, “Oh, my God, you mean all those viruses, all those sequences we saw in the ’80s were real, contaminating?” Any time you grow a vaccine, a live viral vaccine, in an animal tail, animal cell, whether it be chicken, monkey, cat, mouse, bird, dog, cow, oh, my God, pig, everything that’s in those shots, they’re the manufacturing plants, the cell lines.

– You forgot bats.

– Yes, and the aborted fetal tissue. Yes, bats. We did the bat’s somatic. Anyway, the aborted fetal tissue. So somehow Francis Collin said, “No, it’s no problem.” Just two weeks ago. “It’s no problem to have the aborted fetal tissue. Those are cell lines we made in the ’60s.” Yeah, ’62, ’63. You know how long they’ve been in our labs contaminated? Do you know how many bat viruses are in the Vero monkey kidney cells that are in your polio vaccines? That’s where you’re manufactured. Why did Tony Fauci get those Vero monkey kidney cells from Fort Detrick and send them over to China? Everybody told me, “Dr. Mikovits, you can just buy those at ATCC ’cause there are repositories of clean cell lines.” Well, he couldn’t do that ’cause you wouldn’t have all those coronaviruses in those. We’d been isolating those things. They were contaminated with XMRVs. They went right to China, and they’ll just keep pulling out the strain du jour until we stop this plague of corruption that is COVID-19. Never another flu shot. Never another shot, not anything, no masks, and you’ll see healthy people walking around just like, and no tests. You know, nobody here is sick. Just like Rob said three weeks ago. Yeah, we might sniffle sniffle, cough, cough, but don’t get a test, and there’s no COVID in this place. And that’s the way, you know- So, yes, he destroyed my career. My employers were embezzling money. They misappropriated those federal funds and put an unvalidated diagnostic test out. So I was fired September 29th, 2011, the day before the end of the fiscal year, and they just rewrote history. They thought they locked down everything in my lab, but they didn’t count on my very sweet, angry postdoc who wasn’t gonna let his work get stolen or the lies, so he really saved the data, and Bobby forgot to mention that who is Tony Fauci’s wife? Oh, she’s the head of the Institutional Review Board, Human Safety. She’s the one decides it’s okay to give these things to little children.

– I thought just the Kennedys kept it all in the family. I’m just kidding. That was a joke. It was funny. Go ahead. I’m sorry.

– So I mean, and, you know, really, thank God. And I talk about the Book of Daniel ’cause that’s where we are right now. We’re in Babylon, and how do we thrive in Babylon? I wish I’d learned to say, “Yes, my Lord,” instead of kiss my whatever, but . But that’s what we don’t… And how did Daniel and Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, when they went through the fire, well, they refused to eat their food. We won’t ingest, and we won’t inject, and we’ll prove to you we’re as healthy as you are, and we won’t wear your mask, and we won’t… We trust our God-given immune system, and we’re wonderfully and fearfully made.

– We’re gonna take questions. We’re gonna take questions now, and I understand we’ve got quite a few of ’em. And as we prepare for that, let me just say this, that you’re canceled by Fauci, as Bobby pointed out, in their attempt. And then here the most iconic, and I made light of it, but really the most iconic family in America, and this family has suffered for the sake of the nation. And regardless of your political beliefs, that’s the reality. And as you see this, and he’s embraced by America when he contends with certain aspects, but the power of going after Big Pharma is probably one of the most iconic names and iconic people in America. They’ll shut the video down, but the power is you’re not just a name. You were an educated attorney, he’s a Pit Bull, and I’m grateful for that because he is taking this fight. And I’m gonna say to Christendom, specifically Protestant Christendom, Catholics have educated their children to put them in the public square, the Ecclesia, law degrees, engaging in the political process. Every member of this iconic family, in some capacity, And I would say for all of us, educate our children so that they can contend for the voiceless. This is a profound man and woman who have used their knowledge to engage the public square, and we’re here tonight because they’re defending this freedom. Thank you.

– [Facilitator] You had some great questions, so I’m gonna lump ’em, paraphrase ’em, and try to throw ’em up their way.

– At an earlier point, there was over 50 questions, so we’ve got 50 minutes and I asked him one question, so you’ll see.

– Yeah, yeah. There’s a question that, “Last couple days ago, they are requiring the vaccine in L.A. school district before they can go back to school. So what is the requirement or how do you address the requirement of required vaccines at the schools, and, secondary, at workplaces that possibly are gonna require a vaccine?”

– I think that’s an attorney question.

– Yes.

– I don’t know, I don’t, I don’t know that they’re requiring it. Yeah, I don’t think they are. I know that under the Emergency Use Authorization that it technically is illegal for them to require it. It’s emergency use. I mean, Ray Flores is here. Is that your understanding too?

– [Ray] That is correct.

– May I publicly apologize to him? Because my job was to protect and know what we’re gonna do. And he came up wanting to talk to him, and I thought he was another person coming to give their dissertation, forgive me.

– He has a thick skin.

– A Pit Bull also.

– He has a thick skin.

– God bless you, man.

– But, yeah, I don’t think they’re legally allowed to require it. Okay.

– Okay, this is more for Judy. “Can you please explain the sinister deception surrounding vaccination, specifically on black American baby boys?”

– That was profoundly said.

– [Facilitator] What?

– Say it again.

– [Facilitator] This is, “Can you please explain the sinister deception surrounding vaccination, specifically on black American baby boys?”

– Well, I’m not sure what that means, but there’s a study that was on a CDC… CDC did a study. In ’95, there was an explosion of autism. Within the CDC, they believe that it was coming from the vaccines or that it could be. And they did an internal study, and they brought in a guy called Thomas Verstraeten who was a Belgian researcher, epidemiologist, and they allowed him access to the Vaccine Safety Datalink, which is the biggest repository for vaccine information in the world, that has all of the… For the top nine HMOs, it has the medical records for 9 million people, including all of their vaccine records, down to batch and lot number and all of their medical claims. And so you can look in that VSD, and you can find the answer to any question you want by doing a cluster analysis. Oh, they have no excuse for not doing these studies ’cause they have all the data they need to tell which of these injuries are being caused by the vaccine, but they won’t let it anybody in there. And they let in this team of epidemiologists, an in-house team of three epidemiologists, including the head of the vaccine branch, Frank DeStefano. ‘Cause they really were curious. They wanted to know if it was the mercury. They thought it was the mercury in the vaccines that was causing autism. And they looked at children who received the hepatitis B vaccine during the first 30 days of life, and they compared it to a couple hundred thousand children who did not receive it, who received it later or not at all. And when they first ran the data, the first number that came back was 1135% greater chance of getting an autism diagnosis if you got that vaccine in the first 30 days of life, They knew right then what was causing the autism epidemic. That’s called a relative risk of 11.35. The relative risk for smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 10, 20 years and getting lung cancer is 10. Our relative risk of two is considered causation as long as there’s biological plausibility. But so they knew at that time beyond any shadow of any doubt that they were causing the autism epidemic, and they had an emergency secret meeting off CDC campus ’cause they didn’t want it to be susceptible, Freedom of Information request. And they got all the vaccine companies, all the big PIs, they got 52 people, and all the people from the agencies, and they hid out for two days in a Methodist retreat center on the wooded banks of the Chattahoochee River in Norcross, Georgia. It’s called Simpsonwood Retreat House. And for the first day they talked about how definitive the study was, and they recognized that they had caused autism epidemic. The second day they talk about how they’re gonna hide it from the American people. What they decided to do was to, they thought they could not look at American data anymore, so they went to Denmark, and there was an anomaly over there that allowed them to cheat. And we’re looking at an aerosol vaccine, the mercury vaccine, but they thought that the MMR vaccine was clean ’cause it didn’t have a mercury in it. And they knew that a lot of mothers believed the MMR vaccine was causing autism. And they believe that by studying the MMR vaccine alone, isolating it from the other vaccines and studying it alone, they could exonerate that vaccine, then they could use that to exonerate all the vaccines. So they did a study where they just isolated the MMR vaccine, and they looked at children in Georgia, which is where CDC’s headquarters was. It had five scientists on it who were their top scientists, and what they found was when the data came back, is they found that children who got the MMR vaccine, black boys who got the MMR vaccine on time, which means under 36 months of age, under three years, had 336% higher chance of getting autism diagnosis than children who did not get it on time. And why do black boys, why are they susceptible? As it turns out, blacks have a much more robust immune system than whites. We now know this because there was a guy called Andrew Pollard who is on their side, and he works for the Mayo Clinic, and he’s done these studies. And what he’s found out is that blacks only need half of the antigen that whites do. So if you’re trying to immunize black for measles, if you’re trying to immunize a white person, you need to give a certain amount of the measles virus to them, the dead virus or the live virus. For a black, they’ll get the same immune response if they get half that now. What does that mean? That means if you double what they need, you’re gonna push their immune system over the cliff, and you’re gonna get an autoimmune reaction because it’s gonna hype it, it’s gonna supercharge it, and the body of those black boys is gonna begin to attack their own body, thinking that it is a foreign invader, and that’s what happened. And now we know that we should not be giving black people the same vaccine schedule that’s given to whites because their immune system is better than ours. And because it’s better, because it’s more robust, it has a much more supercharged response, and the vaccines that we’re giving them are overloading them and causing autoimmunity.

– Did you wanna add to that?

– Yeah, it’s just he got it perfect. It’s a scientific term called pathogenic priming or antibody-dependent enhancement. So who’s gonna get killed with the COVID-19 vaccine and other RNA viruses? So they don’t degrade RNA viruses as quickly. So they make more antibodies because they’re used to more different types of pathogens, not these types of viruses. So they don’t degrade RNA viruses as quickly, so you’re gonna get antibody-dependent enhancement, pathogenic priming, with any RNA viral vaccines. MMR are three RNA viruses. So they’re set up. So their immune system is on fire, and they literally destroy their own tissue. So now the government is saying, “Who’s going to get the vaccines? Oh, we really care about you, the racial minorities, Hispanics, and blacks, because we’re gonna put you in the front of the line for the COVID-19.” And I won’t call it a vaccine. That’s another reason they can’t mandate it. It’s a toxic shot. Doesn’t do anything to enhance immunity and does not prevent transmission. So there is no vaccine available for COVID-19, so there is no mandate. And that’s exactly what’s gonna happen now because we see how history’s playing out. Viruses don’t know you’re a black man, a white man, an IV drug user, prostitute, whatever, you know? Just as we’ve been fed a narrative, it’s the immune system, and that’s all we look at, is the immune system. And they know who’s gonna get more injured, just as Bobby said.

– [Facilitator] Thank you.

– Mike had just reminded me. We have over a thousand people online right now, and he’s really concerned that we’re gonna get pulled soon. So if you’re watching online, he’s posting on Rumble and just search for Godspeak, and you’ll find it there because-

– [Facilitator] And then we’ll rebroadcast it on Vimeo, so don’t worry where we’re going. So with that in mind-

– Then we broadcast on what?

– Can you comment-

– On Vimeo.

– Oh, we’re absolutely getting that?

– It may.

– Oh.

– Oh, sorry. No, go ahead. We’re listening. I can do two things at once.

– [Facilitator] Okay, I know you can. With that in mind, can you comment on censorship and getting your message out in today’s environment? Is this gonna continue to be pulled? How do we get the message out if-

– Is this their question or yours?

– [Facilitator] This is a combination of three questions to go. Okay, so censorship-

– I mean, I think the most alarming thing to me about what’s happening now is censorship. I got removed three weeks ago from Instagram, which was kind of my biggest, you know, my biggest group I had. I was getting between, I was getting 10,000 new followers every one to three days. And even when they were throttling me, and they shut me down now, so, you know, they’re shutting down everybody. And they’re shutting you down. They say it’s for it because of vaccine misinformation. Nobody has ever shown me a single statement that I’ve made that is erroneous. The term vaccine misinformation has nothing to do with truth and/or falsehood. It has to do with, I use that term as a euphemism, is to describe any statement that departs from the official pronouncements. And so it’s really, you know, we’re living in a really Orwellian, kind of Kafkaesque universe now. I’m aware it has nothing to do with truth. It’s just whatever the medical cartel wants. If you disagree with them, you are gonna be silenced. Nobody will debate you. You’ll be put in a box. Our way around this right now is we have a journal, a daily journal called “The Defender” at Children’s Health Defense, where we try to put on all the relevant news that people need to be reading. And we are scrupulously fact checked. We have scientists and doctors who are working for us, who make sure that everything we put on there is true and rigorously, rigorously fact checked. So we’re trying to weaponize information for our followers. You can go there because there’s a lot of rumors, and there’s a lot of conspiracy theorists on our side. And it’s very important that when we talk about issues that we’re accurate and precise because they wanna catch us in a lie. They wanna catch us saying something that we don’t have the facts to support. Oh, we’re trying to really serve at role for the entire community, where people can go and look and say, “This is true,” and that they can count on it. Why are they censoring us? They’re censoring us because censorship… Freedom of speech is the most important right. And, by the way, when our forebearers wrote the Constitution and gave us that right to freedom of speech, they weren’t trying to protect popular speech. They weren’t trying to protect speech that agreed with everybody, that nobody would be in disagreement with. They were specifically trying to protect unpopular speech, and particularly speech that challenged the government.

– [Audience Members] Right.

– Woo!

– That’s what they were after. And in fact, all of the rights are given to us not so that for easy times or times that are not in crisis, they’re rights because they’re rights during a crisis, and that’s when they’re important. We don’t care if there’s no crisis and nobody’s trying to shut you up. The only time you need that right is when it is a crisis, and people are trying to silence you. And the reason freedom of speech is so important is every tyrant knows, and George Orwell said this, and Franz Kafka said this, and Aldous Huxley said this, and all the people who were thinking about tyranny said this, that when a tyrant wants to take away all your rights, the first thing he’s gotta do is take away freedom of speech. You know all the freedoms are under attack right now. The freedom of worship. They’re shutting down churches. They’re taking away exemptions, religious exemptions, which we’ve had for a hundred years. Property rights are under attack for shutting down businesses. They’re telling you the jury trial is under attack. If ban jury trials, if a vaccine company injures you, we have a Seventh Amendment right. It says no person may abridge the right of an American citizen for trial by his peers in case or controversy exceeding $25. That’s the Seventh Amendment of the Constitution, gone. We don’t have a right to a jury trial if a vaccine company injures you. Your property rights are gone. Your due process rights are gone. Listen, if somebody, if Tony Fauci can show that masks prevent transmission, so when you use ’em, your neighbor’s not gonna get sick, then I would say you have a moral obligation to use that mask. Tony Fauci never did that. Tony Fauci said in March, “Masks don’t work,” and in April, he said everybody’s gotta wear ’em. He didn’t cite a scientific study. Now we have a process under the United States Constitution if government wants to pass a law. If there’s an emergency, you can have an emergency proclamation for two weeks. Then you got do due process at some point. What does that look like? It’s called notice and comment rulemaking. Here’s how it works. The government proposes the rule. They publish it. Here’s the rule. And along with it, they publish an environmental impact statement and a regulatory impact statement, and an economic impact statement, saying, “Here’s what the rule is gonna cost. Here’s the cost it’s gonna impose. Here’s the injury it’s gonna cause. Here are the bad things it’s going to avert. And we believe it’s important because it’s going to avert more problems than it’s gonna cause.” But they have to disclose it, and they can’t just recite it. They have to show the scientific studies upon which they based it, a lot of studies. And they have to disclose to you the scientific studies that don’t agree with them. And then there’s a 60-day period called the comment period where anybody can write the government and say, “Wait a minute, you didn’t take into consideration the impact it’s gonna have on my business. I operate a nail parlor,” a restaurant or a bar or whatever, “Here’s what it’s gonna do to me.” And here’s how you could tailor the rules, what doesn’t hurt me, and still achieve what you want.” And those comments have to be responded to, every one of em. Then you get a public hearing. And at the public hearing, Tony Fauci brings all of his scientists who wrote those studies, and they testify under oath, and we get a chance to cross examine them. And we bring our witnesses, and he gets to cross examine them. None of that ever happened. That’s all part of the guarantee of the Constitution. The only thing that happened in this case was Tony Fauci said, “Everybody wear a mask.” And a lot of people from my party, the Democrats, said, “He’s the expert. We gotta trust the experts.” Well, I’ve been suing people for 40 years, big companies, and they always have a lot of experts. And I don’t trust any of ’em. You know, my wife, she’s an actress. And my wife came to one. When we tried the Monsanto case, my wife wanted to see what the jury trial looked like, and she came in, and she sat for the day. And the day that she came there, up to San Francisco, we won $2 billion in that case. She came in and sat in, and that was day that Monsanto brought its witnesses. And it had a witness up there. It was this very attractive, brilliant woman from Harvard University School of Public Health, and she spoke brilliantly. End of the day, my wife said to me, “What are you even doing here? These people, clearly she knows what she’s talking about. You’re wrong.” And I said, “Just wait.” And then she came the next day, which was cross-examination, and she was like, “Those freakin’ liars.” Oh, there’s no such thing as trusting the experts. There’s different experts say different things. And my uncle, President Kennedy, had profound respect for expertise. When the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred, he assembled the 13 smartest people in the administration, and out of it, who were experts on the military, on the intelligence apparatus, on missiles, on foreign policy, in that room, there were only two men who said, we should not bomb Castro and we should not invade Cuba: my father and Robert McNamara, all right? Everybody else in there wanted to invade or bomb. We now know at the Russian missile placements, we’re fully armed with Hopper heads, and at the Russian, gun commanders were running each of those missile placements, adding independent launch authority that they could launch those missiles if they felt themselves under attack without consulting any commander. If we had invaded them, there would have been a full-scale nuclear exchange, and we didn’t know at that time about nuclear winter. The only people that would have survived that would be South Sea Islanders, who could survive on mollusks. The rest of us would all be dead. And the reason that that happened is because my uncle did not trust the experts. He believed them. He listened to them. And then he said, “I wanna see the aerial photos myself.” And he talked to a lot of other people, and he made up his mind about what’s right for our country and right for humanity. And not every… You cannot turn government over to medical experts or war experts or anybody else.

– We’ll get to the next question. I wanna add because I haven’t been a contributor. I’ve just been sitting here. I wanted to add that in regards to censorship, I gave a sermon on Sunday, and I read a text, and somebody told me that one of the reporters, I don’t know who it was this, they said, “Well, Rob did know somebody from the breach of the Capitol, Dr. Simone Gold.” Apparently she was one listed. Well, the text I’m reading was Thursday morning. I’m just reading it. But had they come into the church and did their homework and investigate it, they’d realize that that wasn’t known until later. And I just think about the laziness of reporters and the willingness to just yield to the narrative instead of do your work and protect the American people. You have a question?

– [Facilitator] We’re gonna switch to always what we do with the livestream at this point.

– Real quick, by the way, Simone Gold, there’s no charges brought up or anything like that. She’s just one of the people that was in there. Okay. Where were we?

– [Facilitator] You’ve all dealt with the evils of big pharmaceuticals. Do you see any hope or any chink in the armor that you see going forward that there’s a possibility that we can start making an inroad to some change?

– Listen, we have, there’s a lot… All of the major institutions of our society that are normally supposed to stand between a greedy corporation and vulnerable children have been abolished. The Congress has been completely co-opted by the vaccine companies. They’re the biggest lobbyists on Capitol Hill. In fact, our pharmaceutical company give twice to Congress what the next biggest industry, which is oil and gas. They own Congress. They own both political parties. They have neutralized the press. We changed the law in this country in 1997 to allow to make this country only one, no, one of two countries in the world that allowed direct-to-consumer advertising of pharmaceuticals. And it changed the entire dynamic of the news so that they… The pharmaceutical companies now own the news channels. Anderson Cooper’s sponsored by Pfizer. They brag about it. Lester Holt is sponsored by Merck. Roger Ailes was the head of FOX. Oh, man, I had this weird relationship with Roger Ailes because when I was 18 years old, I spent three months in a tent with him in Africa. And his child was vaccine injured, and he was very sympathetic and wanted to put us on TV, but he didn’t. And he put me on for all the environmental issues and make Hannity and the other people on there put me on and allow me to talk. He said, “I can’t put you on on this issue because,” he said, “70% of my advertising revenues during non-election years or the evening news is coming from pharmaceutical.” He said typically in the evening newscast, there were 22 advertisements slots, and 17 of those were pharma. And he said, “If I let you on any of these.. If any of my hosts let you on, I would have to fire them, and if I didn’t, I would hear from Rupert within 10 minutes.” Oh, all if them have been completely neutralized because we changed that law in ’97. The only other country that allows this to happen is New Zealand, and we have the highest, you know, we take three times more pharmaceuticals than anybody in the world, we pay the highest prices for it, and pharmaceutical drugs are now the third biggest killer of Americans after cancer and heart attacks. It hasn’t made us healthier. It’s made us… We are at the worst health outcomes of the 76 richest countries in the world. We have the worst health outcomes, the highest infant mortality rates, all of our health outcomes, and it’s mainly because we have turned our country over to pharmaceutical advertisers and to Tony Fauci. And the lawyers are mainly also sidelined, and the judge is, because of the Vaccine Act. We have people like Ray Flores. I talk to Ray almost every day about how to figure out ways to sue people. And on the COVID vaccines and on the lockdowns and all this other stuff, and we’re figuring out ways to do it. We have a group of about 25 lawyers from countries all over the world, and we meet together, and we conspire together, and we’re on the phone and on secure lines every single day, looking at the evidence, looking at the science, talking to science, and figuring out how to sue people. So I do think we’re gonna figure out ways to do this. And then we have, you know, I have, myself, an entire team of attorneys at Children’s Health Defense, and we have figured out ways now. We’re suing on Gardasil. We’re suing Merck. The plaintiffs are, the plaintiffs are, lawyers like me have stayed out of this area since 2008, so for 12 years nobody’s touched it, but we now have figured out how to do it. And we’re past motion to dismiss. We’re in discovery. We are in Merck’s today, we are in Merck’s file cabinets, and we’re gonna destroy that company. Oh, yes.

– [Facilitator] Great answer.

– Wait, wait, I wanted to say that we try to figure out ways too to sue people too. We just won with the judge here in Ventura County- A tentative ruling to allow and amend our cross-complaints to add the governor and the state health officer as defendants. So we’re gonna after them too. Go ahead. Sorry.

– [Facilitator] For all the time that you spent suing companies about the vaccines, is there anything unique, like the hydrogel or quantum dot being in this vaccine, is there anything unique about this particular one that you’re gonna see it’s even more problematic than the ones of the past?

– Yeah, and like Judy said, their mRNA vaccine, we don’t have any idea what they’re gonna do, but we do know that they contain, is what they call nanobots, or little nano robots, that are PEGylated. They’re coated with polyethylene glycol, and there’s a certain amount, about 72 Americans, polyethylene glycol was a new chemical, but it’s in a lot of drugs, and now a lot of people have antibodies to it, which is very dangerous. Oh, about 72% of Americans have antibodies because they’ve been exposed. There’s different ways to get exposed. A lot of actors have the antibodies because PEG, polyethylene glycol, what’s also known as PEG, is in the dry ice, the fog that they use on stage at some time.

– We don’t do that in this church.

– You don’t use those chemicals?

– We need to start.

– You use card tricks instead, right?

– No, we just bring in experts. For real.

– Anyway, certain people have high levels, and if you’ve been exposed before through other medications or through industrial exposures, you can have the antibodies, and that means that you’re in danger of having an anaphylactic reaction, and about 7% of Americans have high enough levels that they could go into anaphylaxis, which is life threatening. And we sent a letter to Tony, I sent a letter to Tony Fauci in August, and to Peter Marks who’s the head of FDA, and I said, “You should know that there’s PEGylated antibodies, or PEGylated nanoparticles, in these two vaccines, and the companies have not been disclosing it to people in the clinical trials, and they are gonna end up causing anaphylactic reactions.” And Fauci ignored the letter. Peter Marks wrote me back, and he said, “You should talk to the companies about that, is the regulator.” Ooh, ooh. Fauci paid for these vaccines to be made, $2.6 billion we paid for those vaccines to be made, and I’m telling him there’s a poison in there that’s gonna kill people. And he said, “Talk to the companies.” Oh, when the vaccine came out, people immediately started getting these anaphylactic reactions, and they admitted after two weeks, is that it’s coming from the PEG. So that’s a problem. What we found out, we were wondering, why didn’t they see this in the clinical trials? ‘Cause they gave it to 22,000 people. And as it turns out, the companies knew about it, and they told people in the clinical trials, “If you’ve ever had an allergic reaction to anything, you’re not allowed in the trial,” so they excluded them.

– [Audience Members] Oh, wow.

– They were testing the vaccine on a group of people that didn’t look like the people that they’re gonna give the vaccine to. And when they started giving it indiscriminately to the public, they immediately started dropping people.

– [Audience Member] Wow.

– This was one that was asked earlier. It may be, if it’s… It might be one of the questions that you have, but it was, “Can you comment,” and I’m gonna go to you, Dr. Judy, “Can you comment on Kary Mullis and the PCR test?”

– Yeah, Kary Mullis is the… Late Kary Mullis is the doctor who invented the PCR test. And he said himself, “And we know it’s not a clinical diagnostic.” You’re basically amplifying a fragment of the genomic material, a fragment of the RNA, not at all the entire virus. It doesn’t say anything about clinical disease. It doesn’t say anything about viral load. We have hundreds of family members of coronaviruses we’ve been exposed to throughout the generations, and this is, you know, it’s fraud. It’s not a diagnostic test. They know it’s not a diagnostic test. You’re walking around saying people are cases because you amplified, and everything about it is wrong. So you’ve amplified of a tiny piece of the pathogen, called it the entire virus, and it’s never been sequenced, pulled from a human with the disease. For a virus to be causative for the disease, the person has to be sick, and nobody’s sick, and they just call them “asymptomatic carriers.” So everything about the PCR test is fraud. So I said it at the beginning, nobody in this church is sick, and nobody has COVID, and nobody test positive. There are no cases, why? ‘Cause you’re smart enough not to get that test. Just say no.

– I was in the airport sitting next to my wife, six feet from anyone else except for my wife. I have my mask down. Kid comes by and says, “Don’t you know the rules? Your mask is supposed to be up.” And I’m thinking, “Okay, Carl, COVID Carl.” And I said, “What about the vaccine?” He goes, “Even the vaccine, you still aren’t gonna be…” And I thought, “Young man, what do you wanna do? Walk around with a muzzle all your life?” This is really what they’re scaring people to do, and this poor kid is one of their useful… Let’s go to the next point.

– [Facilitator] There’s a lot of young mothers in the audience, and I’m gonna try to lump all the questions into one. A mother was asking, “During pregnancy, can you pass on the toxins from vaccines that you’ve been taking in the past?” And the follow on question is, “If a child is starting to receive vaccines, say all the ones that are before three years old, should they stop? Or what’s your recommendations going forward on the vaccines that you would agree with?”

– I wouldn’t say “your recommendations” as much as “your thoughts.” What would you do?

– Since we’re not, I’m not a practicing physician, I make the drugs, but, yeah, stop right now. Never get another shot. Every single shot can be the shot that literally ends life as you knew it. So we’ve had a lot of technological advances. We can use a lot of natural healing, energetic healing, all kinds of natural therapies to detox to some level, but, you know, the animal viruses, the first part of the question, the viral contaminants, remember, you’ve got chicken eggs, cow blood, dog blood, aborted fetal tissues. Somebody else’s endogenous virome is not yours. So if they inject somebody else’s viruses, you will cause… And 8% of our body is called a virome that is irregulatory. It’s so important that it regulate and communicate with the microbiome, the microbes, and everybody gets together as designed.

– Is that pathogenic priming, kind of?

– Well, pathogenic priming is some of it because that’s the problem. You’re going to make a response from your own immune system to restore the balance, and you can’t because you keep getting injected with more and more animal viruses of the same family, every chicken egg, every flu shot, every dog cell, every . So, yes, some of those can stay through the generations and that the higher the amount that you get, the more damage you see. And then you can see the kids now. So the only thing I disagree about what Bobby said is he said one generation. Nope, it’s three generations. 15 years is a generation, so we are seeing parents, young parents now who are totally vaccinated, who make no antibodies whatsoever to measles. So who caused the measles outbreak? The vaccinated ’cause they don’t have natural immunity. I got that week off from school, and now we appreciate that if you got natural measles, not only do you have lifelong immunity, but, oh, you don’t get breast cancer. You don’t get ovarian cancer. You don’t get some of the things because your immune system will recognize the viral associations that you never knew about.

– You mean God made it?

– God made it that way. Wonderfully. And so we were born, we were born with these viruses.

– You wanna go next?

– The one called syncytin is a gammaretrovirus, and all, everybody, every primate, every mammal who has a placenta, every animal that has a placenta, has syncytin. So one of the things being expressed in that dangerous COVID vaccine is syncytin, synthetic, and it fuses. The word “syncytia” means to fuse the cells together. So we carry the uterus and the placenta fused together until the baby’s born by the expression of that gene, so it will sterilize people when you inject a synthetic one. You will make an autoimmune response to that, and you will destroy your ability, or could destroy your ability, to have kids, and literally destroy humanity, and they know it.

– [Audience Member] That’s what they want!

– What do we, what, yeah. Let’s do one more, and then I get to end with a question ’cause my .

– Okay.

– This is your show.

– [Facilitator] Let’s see. Real quick, two.

– Too late.

– [Facilitator] Is there a remedy for repairing your cells from childhood vaccines?

– There are lots of remedies for repairing your cells from childhood vaccines, absolutely.

– [Facilitator] Okay, we’ll have you back, and we’ll talk about all this.

– Yeah.

– So you know what? If you’re around tomorrow, we’ll do it.

– I’m driving to Carlsbad tonight.

– No, you’re changing your plans. What time do you leave for Carlsbad?

– After here.

– These are not the drones you’re looking for. You’re staying. No. All right, go ahead. We’ll work it out.

– So the last question, Bobby, how do we support you? How does our-

– That’s my deal.

– [Facilitator] Okay, I’m sorry, you’re closing with that. Go for it. I’m done.

– I’ll tell you how we’re gonna support him, but first, before we do that, I wanna close because I was born in ’64. My mom and dad loved this nation. My dad was a military officer. My wife’s grandfather actually served with your uncle. When you spoke of joint chiefs of staff, he was very high ranking admiral, won the Navy Cross. And your family has been instrumental. And your uncle, when he entered in, he was an outsider. He wasn’t part of the swamp in that sense. And he undertook a great change in the country, and the turmoil ensued, and his assassination in Dallas was devastating. And then as the nation tried to, especially young people, there was an awakening with a hope. And he even said about putting a man on the moon and the inspiration of that. And then I think about 1968, when your dad… You were probably nine when your uncle was killed. You were what? 13 or 14 when your-

– 14.

– 14 when your father was killed. I can’t imagine that. And then the conclusion of 1968, with the devastation of what you face as a family, we have Apollo 8 orbiting the moon and reading out of Genesis 1 as we’re contending with just the nation in turmoil. And you find yourself as an instrument of healing in this country. And so much of that has come from the inspiration to contend for issues that nobody wants anything to do with and that seem beyond our reach. Do you wanna talk on the inspiration of your family? And ’cause we’re just honored to have you. And this family, iconic to our nation- Anything that you’d like to share?

– You know, somebody asked me the other day about how I maintain my, you know, I didn’t suffer from burnout from getting kinda the multiple losses that you heard. I’ve been doing this issue for 15 years, and in many ways, they’ve slowly dismantled my life in terms of losing relationships that were important to me and losing a lot of political power and that, you know, how do you kind of stay upbeat throughout that? An incident that happened with my father a couple of years, a couple of months before he, or weeks, actually, before he died. He died in June of 1968. And a couple of weeks before he died, he handed me a book. He was at our house in Hickory Hill in Virginia, and he handed me a book. And the book, he told me it was some urgency that he wanted me to read it. And he had done that before, but there was something particular about this book that was unusual. And the book was, and I read it, I didn’t read until after he died. And it’s a lot about a lot because I felt like he was trying to tell me something that was important to me. And the book was Camus’ book “The Plague.” It’s a story of a plague, of an epidemic in North Africa, that has affected a city that is quarantined. Nobody can come in or out. The plague is an unnamed plague, and it’s killing people. Nobody’s ever seen it before. And the story is about a doctor who begins the book. He’s in his apartment, and he’s wondering what he should do. And he doesn’t know how to help anybody. Nobody knows how to cure it. And he knows that if he goes out, he’s probably gonna catch it and die. And so he’s struggling with the issue of, well, whether he should go out, and he ends up going out and just comforting people. And the act of doing that, even though he can’t save it, even though what he’s doing is absolutely feudal, is it brings a kind of order to his universe and a meaning to his life.

– [Audience Member] Aww.

– And Camus was an existentialist. And Existentialists were really the inheritors of a Greek tradition of the Stoicism. And the Stoics were people who believe that you should do your duty in an unadorned life, and in doing that, you give yourself meaning and purpose and that all of the pleasures of life, the accumulations, don’t bring you happiness and don’t really do anything for you. What does something for you, what brings you real happiness, enduring meaning, is purpose. The hero, the kind of iconic hero, of the Stoics was Sisyphus. And Sisyphus was a figure who would’ve been cursed by the gods and doomed to constantly roll a boulder up a hill. And he was supposed to roll it over the edge of the hill, but he could never get to the top. And he would get ’em almost to the edge, and then it would roll back down onto him, and then he’d have to start and do it again. And he had to do that for eternity. And the Stoics believe that Sisyphus was a happy man because he put his shoulder to the stone. And even though what he was doing was feudal, and he knew he would never make it to the top, he was doing his duty. And as long as he did that, it brought order, it brought meaning to his life, and therefore happiness, and it brought an order of some kind to the chaos of the universe. And for me, I’ve been involved, before I was doing this, I was doing environmental advocacy for 40 years, which I continue to do. And a lot of that is it’s kind of a hopeless work because we’re seeing so much degradation to the globe and to the kind of world that our children aren’t gonna be living in, which is not gonna provide them with the same opportunities for dignity and enrichment and prosperity and good health as the communities that our parents gave us. And so you could go around with a sense of loss all the time. And my thing that I learned from my dad is that you cannot focus on the results. The only thing any of us have any control over is that little tiny piece of real estate inside of our own shoes and nothing else. And that all we can do is make sure that we are in the right place, doing the right thing at all times, and keep doing the next right thing.

– That was awesome. All right. Here’s what we’re gonna do. First of all, yesterday, my family, we said goodbye to our little grandson who was born still, and we buried him yesterday. But what you just described, this is a world of hurt and pain. And if anyone has the right to say they’re a victim and to quit, it’d be your family. But to the contrary, the generational inspiration and what you just shared, anyone who’s given up on this country, stop it. If this man can rise to this level, and this woman, with what they faced and endured, and they’re contending on behalf of your children and your families, it’s time all of us start doing the same. Thank you. Now you stay put. Now while we’re standing in adoration and gratitude, let’s see how thankful we are. I never ask for a dime. I never have. I don’t ask for money. I don’t pass an offering bag. I’ve never made it about money. Never about this church. But I will say on behalf of these two, we’re gonna give them an honorarium, we always do, but whatever’s in that offering box in the back, it goes to your work. We’re always gonna take care of you, but goes to your work tonight. Oh, now you’re clapping a little softer. I’m thinking let’s- Amen. And then, in addition, how can they support your ongoing work?

– Please go to Children’s Health Defense and join up, and that’s all. And follow us on “The Defender,” which is a magazine, and we will give you assignments, and you can push the rock up the hill.

– Now would you stand so we can bless you guys? Let’s thank Dr. Judy and Bobby Kennedy, Jr. for coming. Thank you so much. It was an honor. Thank you. Thank you. Now they’ve got places to go. She’s gotta go to Carlsbad. He’s busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger. So I’m gonna walk down the center aisle. Don’t grab on ’em. Don’t give ’em hassle. We’re just gonna walk back. You can wave at ’em. But we’ve gotta get back there. And please give generously, and I’m gonna get these guys fed and on their way. So come on, let’s go.

– Thank you!

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