‘TRUTH’ with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Featuring Robyn Openshaw—Season 3 Episode 22

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– This is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who has done more good, in my opinion, for medical freedom, for the environment, and so many other causes, but near and dear to my heart is medical freedom. What we’re talking about today that I’m really excited about, everybody here needs to be part of putting this book on “The New York Times” bestseller list by ordering yours today. When we’re talking about this, it hasn’t even launched yet. You wrote a book called “The Real Anthony Fauci”. And what’s your subtitle?

– It’s “Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Public Health and Democracy.”

– Okay, so I heard you talk about this-

– The title is, if you want to order it, is “The Real Anthony Fauci”. And I want to say this at the beginning, Robyn, I would urge people to order it. A hundred percent of my profits are going back to Children’s Health Defense. But the objective of getting this onto the bestseller list is really a movement-wide objective. It’s something that will help all of us. If this happens, we can force this book, this very, very provocative exposé of who Tony Fauci really is onto the Amazon bestseller list. So, a lot of people don’t like to use Amazon, but I would urge you to make an exception now. We need to get about 10,000 pre-orders in order to get it number one on the Amazon list, and I think we have maybe 5,000 at this time. So the more people who can go there, order these for your Christmas present, order them for your friends. If you’re holding them when I meet you at a rally, I’m happy to sign as many as you want. Like I said, it’s two ways to support the movement. One is the profits are all going to CHD, to Children’s Health Defense. Plus, just getting this onto the bestseller list is a way to break the censorship. A way to tell people we are out there. We have something important to say. We have a narrative that is true, that is substantial, that is sourced. And that people are taking this seriously, that they need to take seriously. So, please order the book, “The Real Tony Fauci”. Do your part for the movement. And Robyn, thank you for having me.

– Yeah, it’s my pleasure. I donate a couple hundred bucks a month to Children’s Health Defense Fund. And you guys, if you can afford to and you’re not donating on a monthly basis, that and the ICAN Network, they’re out there fighting this battle for us so that our children have their choice of what gets injected into their body. I mean, when we lose our medical freedom, we lose our freedom altogether. And I think a great way to launch you talking about “The Real Anthony Fauci”, your new book, is I want to read something that I have as a screenshot, and I posted on Facebook today to mention that I’m going to be interviewing you today. And it is a quote by you. And it says, “We are in the last battle. This is the apocalypse. We are fighting for the salvation of humanity. We all knew this was coming at some point. I never believed it would come in my lifetime, but here it is. We are the happy few, the band of brothers and sisters. We know what our job is in this life. We know that we’re part of this battle. We have to fight and we have to die with our boots on, if necessary. Everybody here I’m confident knows what their duty is and is going to do that duty, and I’m going to be beside you when you do it. I know all of you are going to be beside me.”

– Robert F. Kennedy Jr. So as… As somebody who will have my boots on beside you, can you tell us a little bit about the role of Anthony Fauci? My guess is that you’ve personally known him for a really long time. I think you kind of know everybody. But you’re running this across the finish line when even Rand Paul wouldn’t. He had a run at him in front of a Senate Committee, and he asked a lot of good questions. And he wouldn’t run it across the finish line that this man is literally part of probably the biggest genocide in history, but for sure of our lifetime. So, talk to us about this book and what it means to you.

– Tony Fauci has played a key role in the pharmaceutical, what we call agency capture, which is the pharmaceutical industry’s coup d’état against democracy. His agency is one of several agencies, 24 agencies at HHS that have been subject to what we call industry capture. That is, you know, that the agency becomes the sock puppet for the industry that it’s supposed to regulate. It’s a dynamic that happens with almost every regulatory agency, but with the public health agencies we see agency capture on steroids. And that’s because the agency is really part of the industry. About 45% of CDC’s budget comes from buying and selling, or distributing, vaccines. So, it is the biggest vaccine distributor in the country. CDC owns at least 58 patents on vaccines, and it makes royalties from the vaccines that it recommends, which means mandates. NIH and NIAID, which is Tony Fauci’s agency, also own royalties on pharmaceutical products, including vaccines. And they own patent rights, merchant rights on those, and they make royalties. FDA gets half of its budget from the pharmaceutical industry. And so, these are no longer regulators. It’s really a polite fiction to say that NIH does public health. It does not do public health. It does pharmaceutical promotion. And Tony Fauci has turned his agency into the leading incubator of pharmaceutical products. Tony Fauci has a $6.1 billion budget in NIAID. He gets another 1.6 billion from the military, basically because he was able to co-opt it around 2000/2002, or 2002 after the anthrax attacks. There was huge amounts of money, started pouring into the biosecurity agenda. And he was able to capture a large part of those sums by representing NIAID as a bioweapons, as what they call dual-use, which is where we are… We are saying that we are making these products, these gain of function studies, in order to find new vaccines and new defenses to biological attacks; but they are also, by the way, very useful if we want to turn around and use them as bioweapons. So, the intelligence agencies are DARPA, BARDA, the Pentagon funding agencies, and the intelligence agencies which really are represented here by USAID, which is a CIA front. And if you look at where Peter Daszak was getting his money, he was the British bioweapons expert and zoologist, and grifter, I would say, who Tony Fauci was laundering the money to. The $7 million that Tony Fauci used to end-run, to subvert the Obama moratorium on gain of function studies, which Obama put a moratorium, told Tony Fauci to stop doing those studies in 2014. 300 scientists wrote Obama and told him you got to stop Tony Fauci from doing these studies. And he ordered Fauci to stop. Fauci defied that order, he closed down some of his studies. He continued doing the most dangerous ones here in the United States with Ralph Baric at UNC. He moved the bulk of his research offshore. Where? To China. Where President Obama and the nosy White House busybodies could not keep an eye on what he was doing. And in order to conceal what he was doing, he laundered the money through Peter Daszak. Well, Peter Daszak was also getting around $50 million a year from USAID to do bioweapons research, which they called again vaccine research. But it was actually… He was collecting animals from all over the world that had viruses, that hosted viruses that could potentially be manipulated to infect human beings and be transformed into bioweapons. And so, that’s part of this story. That’s where the reason that Tony Fauci gets this $1.6 billion a year, and one of the reasons that he is obsessed with gain of function, because his budget, all that money he’s getting from the military that’s how he’s justifying it. But it gives him a total of $7.6 billion budget. And Congress created that agency to study the etiology of infectious and allergic diseases and autoimmune diseases. Does Tony Fauci do any of that? No, the answer is he does not. In fact, he blocks people, blocks scientists all over the world from investigating the etiology of infectious disease. He came to that agency in 1968. That year the rate of infectious disease among Americans was 6%… Of chronic disease among Americans was 6%. By chronic disease I mean three categories of disease: neurodevelopmental disease, ADHD, speech delay, tics, Tourette’s syndrome, narcolepsy, ASD, autism. Secondly, autoimmune diseases, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile diabetes, and a hundred others. And three allergic diseases: peanut allergies, eczema, anaphylaxis, asthma. When I was a boy, with the exception of asthma, I knew no child who had any of those diseases. Tony Fauci came in, only 6% of Americans suffered those kind of diseases. Today it’s 54% so he has failed upward. His job was to make sure that we didn’t get those diseases but, of course, people, the reason he’s lasted 50 years in that agency, he’s the J. Edgar Hoover of public health. How did J. Edgar Hoover last at that agency? By having sweetheart relationships with mobsters, organized crime people, and political connections. It was not by doing his job. Tony Fauci has done an absolutely miserable job. He’s an utter failure at protecting Americans against chronic disease and infectious disease, by the way. I mean, you look at what the United States record was during Covid, we had 1,600 people dead per million. Do you know what Finland had? About 44. Cuba had about 14. We had a thousand times the rate of death as Cuba. We had more than that. The African countries average about 1 to 10 people per million. And so, you know, he gave us one of the worst possible outcomes from Covid of any country in the world. Today, the Fauci generation of children are the sickest generation in American history. Our nation is the sickest nation in the world from chronic disease. Thanks to him, largely, we use more pharmaceutical drugs than any other nation. We take about three times what other nations take. We pay the highest prices for them. Pharmaceutical drugs are now the third largest cause of death in our country after heart attack and cancer. He has not made America healthier. He has failed upward. What he’s done is he’s turned that agency, instead of doing research and saying, “Why did autism drop from 1 in 10,000 people in my generation?” which is what it is today. You don’t find people my age with autism. I’ve never seen one with full-blown autism. I’ve never seen a man 66 years old wearing diapers, wearing a football helmet, non-toilet trained, non-verbal, screaming, headbanging, stimming, toe-walking. Never seen it; and I have been, you know. My family started Special Olympics. I worked in it from when I was eight years old. I worked in high school, ’cause the DNA in my family was about intellectual disabilities and caring for people who had them. And I worked in high school for 200 hours in Wa-sake-oh Home of the Retarded. We never saw anybody with autism. Nobody even knew what autism was in this country until 1988, ’til “Rain Man” came along, and it was still an oddity. And there are people my age who have Asperger’s, and there’s the kind of quirky uncle that people have. But in terms of full-blown, non-verbal, non-toilet trained autism, I’ve never seen it. You don’t see people walking around the mall like that. Why has that gone from 1 in 10,000 in my generation to 1 in every 22 boys today? That’s Tony Fauci’s job to answer that question. Has he answered it? No. Has he told us why peanut allergies suddenly appeared in 1989? No. Why eczema suddenly appeared, why juvenile diabetes suddenly appeared, why rheumatoid arthritis went epidemic: all of these epidemics, where are they coming from? There’s no answer. And we know it’s an envir… They have to be from environmental exposures, because genes do not cause epidemics. They may provide a vulnerability, but you need an environmental toxin. And it’s a pretty easy thing, pretty easy science to find out what that environmental toxin is, because you need a toxin that became ubiquitous in 1989. That there was now suddenly exposures to every demographic from Cubans in Miami to Inuit in Homer, Alaska, that affects boys disproportionally to girls and that began in 1989.

– Okay, so let’s reset for a quick second, because a lot of people who didn’t know anything at all about the things that you’ve been studying and exposing for a couple decades now, or at least a decade I believe, or that were affecting my life 25 years ago when my son was injured in and out of hospitals after the MMR vaccine. You’re talking about 1989 now. There are people who watch my show. Most people watching my show, we’re kind of preaching to the choir to a certain extent, but sometimes we get six figures in downloads. And half the people who listen are people that we’re able to actually make aware. So, they’re upset about the fact that the media looks like it’s just pharmaceutical marketing, and just about anybody can see that and wake up to it. But they only know that the Covid vaccine looks like a bad vaccine. You’re actually talking about that we should reference this. And even though I have interviewed you before, and we’ve talked about the 1986 National Vaccine Injury and Compensation Act, you are now talking about a few years after that when the pharmaceutical industry no longer had any legal liability whatsoever for its products in the category of vaccines. So what happened from 1986 to, you’re saying, 1989 was that turning point where now we have gone so downhill that more than half of us have chronic disease.

– Well, chronic disease is probably coming from the exploding vaccine schedule, which times perfectly in 1989. The reason I use 1989 is ’cause Congress ordered the EPA to study what year did the autism epidemic begin. And the EPA scientists came back and they said it’s a red line, 1989. That was the change point. And it happens that because the act was passed giving immunity from liability to vaccine companies in 1986, they started gearing up and all these new vaccines were added around 1989. So, there was three added in ’86, actually. These trivalent vaccines like MMR and the DTP, and the Hib vaccines, the hepatitis vaccines. Extra doses were added all around 1989; you had this huge explosion. We went ultimately from the three vaccines I had as a kid to 72 doses that our children now get, and the big bulk of those began in ’89. So, you see a lot of these chronic diseases and, also, as you know, all of these chronic diseases, diabetes, arthritis, food allergies are all listed as side effects on virtually all the vaccines, on their manufacturers inserts. So, we know that vaccines can cause them. But it’s not just the vaccines…

– Robyn: our children are swimming around in a toxic soup, and there’s a lot of other exposures that began around that same time. We had glyphosate which became ubiquitous. We have the neonicotinoid pesticides, PFOAs which are flame retardants. We had cell phones that began around the same time. And a lot of Wi-Fi radiation, which we know is disruptive to the biome. We also had ultrasound, which happened around the exact same time. So, there’s a number of exposures. There’s a famous toxicologist called Phil Landrigan who did a paper on it and looked at the potential exposures. I think he came up with 11. 11 things that could have been… Well, it’s pretty easy to figure that out if you got those of that list of 11, you just go through them. There’s a million ways to do the science to figure out which one of those are the culprits with each of those diseases. Has that science ever been done? No. Why? Tony Fauci. How can he stop all the scientists in the world from doing those studies? Well, here’s how. He controls the funding. Not only he controls that $7.6 billion, which he gives away every year to develop drugs with. He’s not doing science with it. He’s doing drug development. Congress told him to do the science. The way that he does that is… This is typical. It’s not always the way it happens, but he has labs at NIH and he develops the molecules. So, his people will put molecules into a petri dish of coronavirus, or hepatitis B or whatever, and they’ll figure out what kills it. And he farms the molecule out to the ecologists, the university, what they call PIs, principal investigators. These are powerhouse doctors at the leading medical universities in the country. And those guys are the deans of the university, they’re the chairmen of the department, and they’re the ones who do clinical trials. They’re very, very lucrative for the pharmaceutical industry. But they get it first, usually. Tony Fauci gives it to them, and he’ll give them 2 or $300 million. Typically, the deal is we’ll give you $15,000 per patient. You do the animal studies, and then you do the human studies: phase one, phase two studies. And those studies we’ll give you $15,000 a patient that you recruit to do your study, both groups. Well, the university then skims off half of that. So, now the university is dependent on Tony Fauci. And then, at the end of the process, Tony Fauci, his agency and some of his favorite minions will all get patent rights to that molecule. The PI, the researcher at the university will get patent rights, and the university itself will get patent rights. And then, when they get to phase three trial, they sell it to a pharmaceutical company, to Gilead, to Johnson & Johnson, to Merck, to Glaxo or Pfizer, whatever. And then, the company also gets their royalties, their patent rights. And so, everybody is now tied into this system. So what happens now if some junior professor at that university says, “Hey, I’m really interested in why we’re having an autism epidemic or peanut allergy epidemic. I’m going to look at exposures, including vaccines. I’m going to go to the big databases and see if there’s a correlation between the people who got the vaccines and the people who got the disease.” As soon as he announces that research, that university president is gonna get a call from one of Tony Fauci’s minions. And that guy is going to say, “If you allow this dunderhead to go ahead with this crazy research, you will no longer get a penny. We are gonna bankrupt your university.” And that’s how he shuts everybody up. And Nicholas Wade who did this article about the Wuhan Lab, Nicholas Wade was the editor I think of “Science” and “Nature” magazine. He was the editor of The New York Times Science section for many, many years. And he did this really wonderful article about the Wuhan Lab, and that basically if you read that article, you come out of it and you say… It was the first mainstream press article that said this happened from the Wuhan Lab. And he doesn’t say that exactly, but he leads you through the steps showing you all the places that it could have come from and why it couldn’t have come from any place. He eliminates everything but the Wuhan Lab, and then he shows all the evidence that it did come from the Wuhan Lab. It is a devastating article. And he says in that article how is it possible that all the virologists in the world who knew that the defense of… These early defenses in “The Lancet” and “Nature” that were published that said this didn’t come from Wuhan, and all the mainstream press quoted those two articles. One of them was signed by 28 virologists, leading people in the field. Nicholas Wade goes through those two articles and said these are absolute bullshit. This science is not even science. It’s just like sophomoric baloney. And how could these 28 greatest virologists in the world sign on to this? You look at them, they’re all PIs who work for Tony Fauci and Bill Gates. And what Wade says at the end, he doesn’t connect it to Tony Fauci’s PIs, but he says all of the virologists are dependent on NIH for their money. He’s buttering their bread. And so, there was an omertà, there was a code of silence that went through all of virology in which everybody knew, everybody knew, and none of them spoke up. He said this is the end of virology as a profession, because they’re not gonna be able… When people realize how this happened that the guy who was put in charge by two presidents of managing the pandemic was the guy who started the pandemic. When people realize that, and that all the people in his field kept their mouth shut. When people realize that, it’s not just gonna be the end of Tony Fauci and the end of any respect that people have for public health authorities, but the entire profession of virology is through, because they all lied to protect their paycheck.

– Yeah, what’s really interesting is seeing virologists and immunologists from around the world step up. And I could sit here and list them off. And what they seem to all have in common is that they’re retired, they’re retired, and/or some of them have sold biotech companies to giant companies like Pfizer, and they’re speaking up. Mike Yeadon, Dolores Cahill come to mind. Knut Wittkowski. Those are just the ones that are coming to the top of my mind, but they’re all retired which makes perfect sense. But does it stop at Anthony Fauci, because your research is so deep, and yet I have to ask, who’s at the top of this? You mentioned Peter Daszak as the guy who… I’ve never heard anybody say a number as high as $100 million that he’s been paid. But the really bad guys: Peter Daszak, Ralph Baric, I know you’ve talked. I know you talk in your book.

– And Daszak was paid $7 million by Fauci, but he was getting his real money from the military, ’cause they were the ones who really wanted to do gain of function studies. And they were laundering the money through him to keep their fingerprints off it, ’cause they’re doing it in foreign labs, ’cause they knew they couldn’t do it at Fort Detrick anymore. They couldn’t do it at Galveston. I think there’s six of those labs in our country, maybe 10 of those labs now, those BSL-4 labs in our country. There’s one in China. And they couldn’t do it at those labs anymore because of the moratorium. So, they were all sneaking around the White House and they were laundering the money through this really sinister guy. And like many see, he’s like Tony Soprano. If you see Peter Daszak, he looks like a mild-mannered, very sweet, very reasonable guy, but it’s like ebbity, ebbity, ebbity… What? I don’t know anything. He’s like Porky Pig when they catch him with his pants down. If you watch him, if you watch him, even the “60 Minutes” where they got him, you know he’s lying and he’s a liar. And he was doing something that was utterly reckless. And he has lied repeatedly again and again and again about what he knew and what he was up to. And not only that, but he orchestrated the lies by all of those virologists who signed on to them, who all ought to be in jail for what they did. If you really looked at the harm that they’ve done to humanity, every one of those guys should not just be drummed out of science permanently, they should be playing rock hockey at Spandau with the other war criminals and… I don’t know.

– Okay, so does the buck stop there? Is Anthony Fauci as high as it goes? Because a lot of us, we just want to know where this ends. Like a lot of us wonder if there’s a handful of billionaire and trillionaire white guys who want the whole New World Order, who are telling Tony Fauci what to do. And it was very strange to watch both Trump and Biden. The man transcends presidencies. So, I’m totally with you on all of it, but does the buck really stop with Anthony Fauci.

– No, I don’t think. No, but I think that there is clear evidence, and I have this in my book, of deep involvement by the intelligence agencies and by the military, and by other people. And the big financial institutions, et cetera. And if you look at these war games that they were doing, I think there’s nine of them that they did going back to like 1998. And all of those war games they began with the intelligence community doing them, and they all would model a pandemic. They did an anthrax pandemic. They did a smallpox pandemic. They did one flu pandemic. And they did these war games. They were very highly organized, million dollar productions where they would bring in people who were powerful people, basically government in waiting. And they would have them playact a pandemic. In every case, the endpoint of the pandemic is totalitarian control of the society. So, in every one of them they do censorship. This is going back to ’98. They do mass propaganda. They model masking. They model lockdown. They model economic collapse. They model social distancing to push people apart. And in the end, kind of a centralized government and a very, very rigorous police state, surveillance state, military control. And the people who are involved are consistent throughout. It’s the same group of people. Even the last one that Gates did in 201, he had intelligence people, including former deputy director of the CIA; and then, if you watch what happened to those people in Event 201. Event 201 where they model the coronavirus epidemic that killed 65 million people, and how to do censorship of the social media, mainstream media, mass propaganda, economic shutdown, et cetera. They modeled all that. Who were the people who were involved in it? They were the deputy director of the CIA and all of these other people who… And by that time in October, the coronavirus was already circulating in Wuhan, so they did this at the very beginning of the pandemic. And the people in that room, or almost all of them in one way or another was moved immediately into positions of power to manage the pandemic. The CIA Chief Admiral Haines is now the head of the NSA in charge of coronavirus. A highest level official in the country took part in Gates’s war game. So, from the beginning for 22 years, 23 years, they’ve been modeling how to turn a pandemic into totalitarian control. They’ve been doing that for 23 years. And the people who are involved in it, a lot of times they have Congress people, senators. And if you look at them, they are the people who have oversight authority over intelligence. They have oversight authority over public health. And they have been involved in these, they have participated as willing participants. And then, they have key press figures from “Bloomberg”, from “Forbes”, from “The New York Times”, from “The Washington Post”, which is owned by Jeff Bezos, who’s all involved in this. And of course, Gates owns a big chunk of Amazon, a big chunk of Apple, a big chunk of Facebook, a big chunk of Google. And all of them also own vaccine companies. Google owns a vaccine company. Zuckerberg has a billion dollars in the vaccine space. And so, they’re all part of this. I would call it a coterie or a cabal of very, very powerful people. And there’s a lot of invisible people who are people from the military. And I go into a lot of that in my book, and talk about the strong presence of military and intelligence involvement in what they call the biosecurity agenda. I’ll tell you what happened, the rough chronology of it. The Soviet Union collapses in 1988. And for 50 years… On my birthday in 1960 just before my uncle took office, but on my birthday, January 17, Eisenhower gives this famous speech where he says the biggest threat to America is not the Soviets. It’s the military industrial complex. That is what is going to overwhelm our democracy and our culture and our values, et cetera. And my uncle spent three years fighting his own military and intelligence apparatus, and keeping combat troops out of Vietnam. As soon as he was killed, they got their way, and they created the Vietnam War. It became an American war. My father then ran against the war, was killed in that process. And in ’88, the Soviet Union collapses. And when the Soviet Union collapses, what did they tell us? They told us the Cold War is over. You guys are going to get a peace dividend: all that money that we were spending on stealth bombers and B-17s, a billion dollar plane, billion dollar planes that cannot fly in the rain, the stealth bomber. Now that’s gonna be spent on schools and education and healthcare, infrastructure, roads, police, all of the things that are gonna enrich America and enrich the American middle-class. And did the peace dividend ever materialize? No, ’cause there was a group of people, they’re called the military industrial complex, who heard that word peace dividend and they said, “Holy cow, that’s coming out of our pockets. That’s our money that they’re talking about spending on schools now.” And so, they needed another enemy. And in 1995, or 1993, five years later, the first World Trade Center bombing happens. And from then on, the peace dividend money that was headed our way stopped dead in its tracks. And they said, “Well, now we’ve got an even worse enemy: terrorism.” And then, seven years after that we had the second World Trade Center bombing, and then we become a national security state overnight. And Dick Cheney promises a long war that will last generations. Well, this is the perfect enemy. Terrorism is the perfect enemy. Why? Because it’s not gonna let us down the way that the Soviet Union did by folding its tent, giving up, because it’s not a nation, it’s a strategy. And it’s a strategy that will be here forever, so it had all these advantages. The problem with Islamic terrorism is that really it’s hard to persuade people. You can do it for a couple of years, and then people start yawning and saying, is a jihadist actually coming to my home in Dubuque? I feel like that’s not going to happen. Maybe they’ll attack New York. And if you live in Dubuque, maybe you don’t care what happens in New York or LA. So, the rest of the country was getting bored with Islamic terrorism. And so, then they figured out what can we really scare the hell out of people with? Something that will get into your house and kill you and your whole family instead of Islamic terrorists? Which there are fewer people in the United States on average that die from lightning strikes than die from Islamic terrorism. That’s just a fact. Since 9/11, on average, year by year, more Americans are killed by lightning than Islamic… It’s not a really good bugaboo to scare the hell out of people and get them to hand over the money and stop everything, and just be filled with fear. But what can do that? Germs! And they knew that from the beginning. And that’s why a week after 9/11, or two weeks, 10/4, there was an anthrax attack. And the anthrax attack was mailed. I think 17 people, 7 people died. It was mailed to the US Capitol so it looked like they’re really threatening. And it was blamed on Saddam Hussein. And it was one of the reasons that we all got to go to war in Iraq against a guy who had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks, because he was a bioweapons czar, and he probably sent this too. Well, it turned out when they completed the analysis, it was undeniable that the anthrax that was used in that attack came from the US military. It came from an army laboratory. We know that for a fact. The FBI had a suspect that almost certainly had nothing to do with it, a scientist at Fort Detrick named Ivins. They ruined his life and destroyed him, and he killed himself. And they closed the investigation after that. But it’s clear that it was a cover-up, and that the person or people who actually sent that who were associated with the US military were never caught, and that the FBI did not do their own investigation. So from the beginning of 2001, the military and the intelligence apparatus already recognized that the real enemy was gonna be biosecurity. That was the agenda that was gonna keep them in the gravy, that was gonna feed all the hogs at the trough, the military contractors, for generations. And they started really aggressively modeling it at that time, and they started building the infrastructure for the biosecurity agenda. Then, in 2009, President Obama declared that biosecurity was now the spear tip of American foreign policy. So, here’s another advantage of biosecurity. During World War II, we signed the Atlantic Charter. People should understand what that is. The Atlantic Charter was one of the greatest accomplishments of American idealism. Franklin Roosevelt said to Winston Churchill, “We are not gonna support England in the war, and we are not gonna come in the war unless you sign this document.” And what this document does is it describes what the world will look like after World War II when the Allies win. And the number one item on it is that all the European nations that had colonies in Africa and elsewhere have to get rid of them and let those people determine their own fates. Well, that was the biggest source of wealth for Europe. Churchill didn’t want to do it, but he had to do it because it was the only way we would go into the war. And he signed the Atlantic Charter, and all the European nations agreed to give back their colonies after the war. That and the nationalist movements that began in the ’50s and ’60s after World War II succeeded in disenfranchising all of those colonies. Well, the colonies, when you have military presidents in those colonies, it allows your homegrown corporations to go into that country and exploit the natural resources, the people, free cheap labor, the agricultural products, the mineral products, the oil, the lumber. You now had that it. It became the wealth of your country. So, the colonialism and formal colonialism, but we had a new kind of neocolonialism where we went in and said, “We’re going to go be in your country to help you fight communists.” So, we put military, US replaced Europe as a colonial power. By the time the Berlin Wall fell, we had 655 military bases in 100 nations around the world. And we said what we’re really doing there, we were supporting any guy, any dictator who said he was anticommunist, who could prove his anticommunist bona fides by inviting in US corporations. And so, our presence there, our military presence was the key to our multinationals, to Pepsi, to Coke, to AT&T, to ExxonMobil, Texaco, all those companies to come in and exploit their resources. And so, the anti-communism fight which most of the time we weren’t fighting Soviet-inspired communists, we were fighting national liberation movements who just wanted a fair shake. And we were supporting the worst dictators in the world, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. And the deal was if we kept them in power, they’d let our corporations exploit their resources. So when the Soviet Union is over, now we have to say, we still need to be there to fight Islamic terrorism. But Islamic terrorism really is not a big issue in many countries, but disease is. And we could go in there to every country now in Africa and say, like we did with the communists, we need to fight it there so we don’t have to fight it here. We need to kill Ebola in Nigeria so it doesn’t come to Los Angeles. We need to kill Zika in Brazil so it doesn’t come to New York or Florida. And it gives us an excuse for our intelligence agencies and our military agencies to keep those markets open for our big corporations. And so, when you ask who is behind this? It’s the same dynamic that’s always been behind it. Allen Dulles, before he became the head of the CIA was the lawyer for United Fruit and for the oil industry. And what are the first two things he did when he became CIA chief? He engineered a coup in Guatemala at United Fruit, his former client, told them that they were getting nationalized down there and that we need to overthrow the government, who was a democratic government. Jacobo Arbenz, probably the greatest leader in Latin American history after Bolivar, we need to get rid of him. United Fruit owned 80% of the arable land in Guatemala and kept the land, most of it fallow, to keep the price of labor low and the prices of bananas high, and to keep Guatemala poor. And Arbenz said, “We’re not gonna do that anymore.” And his client, Dulles’s client was United Fruit, so we overthrew them. And then, the next year or the year before, we installed the shah of Iran. When Prime Minister Mossadegh, one of the most greatest democracies and the first democracy in the 4,000 year history of Iran, came in and thought America was his friend. He expelled the British, ’cause they tried to overthrow him. And then we overthrew him, because he was trying to nationalize. He’s trying to get a better deal from the oil companies. So that it’s the same impulse that has dictated American, you know. People can call it the deep state, you can call it whatever you want. It’s this alliance between the intelligence agencies, the military and big corporations. And ultimately, they call the shots. Listen, these public health agencies, they’re all a part of the military. The NIH was part of the US Navy. The CIA was part of the army. It was the public health service, that’s why they wear, you know. They have military ranks: surgeon general, admiral. They wear uniform. And this is true. And the NIH came from, ultimately, the Navy; and NIAID. And they’re still quasi-military agencies, and they still have strong relationships with the military, because the biggest killer of the army and the Navy is disease even during wartime. And so, historically public health of the soldiers was regarded, whether it was the battle against malaria or yellow fever, or gangrene or whatever, that was what these agencies were created to do. And they still have these strong military relationships, and so it’s kind of a natural affiliation between them and all of these power brokers. And of course, Gates is right in the middle of all that. Gates and Wellcome Trust, which is Jeremy Farrar, which is a name that everybody in America ought to know, because he’s one of the guys who engineered this whole catastrophe.

– Yeah, so you’ve given us so much to think about. And I’m going to ask you one more question. And everybody should remember to go sign up to be a monthly donor for Children’s Health Defense. There aren’t very many organizations that have the ability, and like they’ll stay with it, and they’ll keep going out there and fighting the legal battles. But there’s just really two organizations that I know of are constantly fighting these battles. And it’s Children’s Health Defense Fund, which our own RFK Jr. is the head of, and then also the ICAN Network, and so stretch and give those two as much money as you can. And for sure, order the book “The Real Anthony Fauci”. For sure, order some for your friends and neighbors, so you can give those out. I would love to ask you one more question now that I’ve pitched to everybody that they should get your book. Let’s see if we can get it on the bestseller list. He’s already said that all the proceeds go to Children’s Health Defense. And that is my last question. And I think that your uncle and your father, it must be not just nurture that you were raised being so cause-oriented, it must also be in your DNA. I think that your father and your uncle would be so proud of you in the work that you’ve carried forward. It’s not really all that fun to stand in front of the lightening bolt all the time, and to say things that aren’t popular and aren’t what people want to believe, and are completely counter to it. So, I just want to thank you again. Because I have the opportunity to thank you, I want to thank you on behalf of me and my audience. Even my husband said, “Please tell him I share his work constantly.” But I just want to ask you, do we win this? Do we have a shot at winning this? Is there a way? The reason it’s ironic is that your uncle, the investigation into his slaughter is how the whole word conspiracy theory came to be, or at least was popularized. And so, here you are debunking… You’re debunking all these conspiracy theories. He died because he was trying to take down the military industrial complex. Here we are half of a century-plus later, we’re still fighting it. And it’s bigger and it’s more corrupt. And I’m glad that you’re exposing Anthony Fauci, because there are people who ask him questions, but nobody’s willing to stand out there yet, and say, this man is a homicidal maniac who for personal gain will watch lots and lots and lots of innocent people die. And so, do we win this? And if so, I mean, awareness is great, but what do we need to do? What do we need to do to win this?

– Well, you know, I’m not going to predict whether we win it or not. And to me, it’s kind of irrelevant. I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that we win it, but like you said in the beginning, our job is to fight it, and to get up every morning and say, reporting for duty, sir. And I’m going to spend my day figuring out everything that I can do to take these people down. And ultimately, Robyn, it’s in God’s hands whether we prevail today, tomorrow, in my lifetime or your lifetime. The only thing I have control over in my life is this little tiny piece of real estate inside my own shoes. And I don’t have any control over anything else. But I know what I’m going to do with that, and like you said, I’m going to die with my boots on fighting these people. And I get up every day and think about what I’m supposed to be doing today to push the rock up the hill. And whether I get there or not, whether my children get there or their children get there, or somebody’s going to do it, but our job is to carry the baton for that little piece of track and hand it to the next person. And that’s also our consolation, which oftentimes the only consolation we have and the only victory is a clean conscience and our personal integrity. That’s a big deal. That’s really the only thing that’s persistent or permanent in life, anyway.

– I completely agree. I’ve been asked many times, do we win this? And my answer is very similar to yours. I’ve said many times on this show I don’t know if we win it, I just know that God expects me to be on this side of this fight. So, thank you so much for everything that you do for us, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

– Thank you very much, Robyn. Thanks for what you do, too.

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