‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: Vaccine Passports, ‘Trusted Voices,’ Vaccinating Teens + More

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– Great to be here. Okay let’s talk about vaccine passports because there’s a lot going on. So The Telegraph, “Germany plans vaccine passports “as Angela Merkel pushes for stricter lockdown.” Germany announces plans to allow people vaccinated against COVID-19 certain privileges over their unvaccinated peers in a step towards introducing so-called vaccine passports. That’s Germany, and that’s their words, not mine. And then the next headline, “Resistance from health experts and business owners “could doom vaccine passports even before they launch.” Business owners fear customer backlash, and the hassle danger of enforcing the policy and even prominent public health advocates too speaking out about it. Then we got The Defender which is Children’s Health Defense news with the headline, “Feds won’t mandate vaxing passports “but will help states businesses and schools “developed standards.” States are split on vaccine passport mandates and with some vowing to resist and others embracing the idea as necessary for return to normalicy. But feds insist their role will be limited to ensuring equity and privacy. So the US government won’t mandate vaccine passports according to Fauci. That was yesterday’s media, I think but it doesn’t mean that state schools and private entities can’t or won’t. Then breaking news right now, today here in Texas, our governor, Governor Abbott, I love this, “Don’t tread on our personal freedoms.” That’s his words. And he’s right, please don’t and he’s banning vaccine passports here in Texas. Meanwhile, at the same time, the headline just breaking over in the UK is that they will, it says they will possibly need to have their vaccine passports ready even if they want to buy clothes. So it’s all over the place with these vaccine passports, Mary, and it’s happening fast, each day we have something else. But Fauci definitely coming out saying the federal government won’t require COVID vaccine passports. Fauci says he can foresee how an independent entity might enforce a vaccine approved to enter a building but it’s not, he says going to be mandated from the federal government. Well, he kind of has to say that ’cause Florida are leading the way in saying they’re not. Governor DeSantis was swinging on his own for a bit. Abbott left it a little late, but he came in in the end.

– So a lot going on in this space, Polly. I think the focus of our debate has now moved towards this and that’s very important. So I take the view as I think you do that this is a huge infringement on individual rights that it will lead to a kind of two-tiered society and discrimination against those who aren’t vaccinated. Really the debate globally is not even so much an immunity passport where you could prove your immunity based on antibodies or T-cell immunity. It’s saying you have to be vaccinated which is gonna, it may be meaningless. Many of these vaccines aren’t effective or not fully effective. And it certainly infringes on people’s privacy, on their medical decision-making. And let’s not forget that this is an experimental injection. This is not a well-studied vaccine. I think we have to bear in mind that the United Nations has set by 2030 has a sustainable development goal a digital identity for every person on the planet. So all of this is not sort of out of the blue. This is a part of a bigger blueprint. And as Naomi Wolf, who runs a daily website called the Daily Cloud says this is not about vaccines. This is about your data. This is about being able to reduce your identity to a digital identity and track you essentially. So I think these are very problematic. I think the federal government doesn’t have the authority to impose something like this. This is a country, the United States, that has never had a national identity card unlike France and many other countries. So for them to say we’re not gonna do it is kind of meaningless ’cause they don’t have the right to do it anyway. But they also are taking a very wait and see approach just as they are with vaccines. They want states to take the first move, they want private sector to be the first mover, and then they’re going to evaluate what works and what doesn’t work. I’m happy to see that governors like Governor DeSantis, Governor Abbott, Governor Noem in South Carolina have come out and said no way, we’re not going there. I’m disappointed in my Governor Cuomo who’s pushing this and we already have this thing called the Excelsior pass. And also California and Nevada they’re pushing these things. But I’m very happy to see that organizations on the left and right of the US political spectrum who care about legal rights are opposing this. So the ACLU is saying what’s being on offer is not okay. The Federalist society on the right is taking an even stronger position saying this is un-American. So I don’t think it’s an easy slog in the United States. But in Europe we have a Children’s Health Defense Europe. We did a letter campaign for the first vote in the European parliament which was about 428 to 200 in favor of the green passport. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done right now in Europe to switch some of those votes on the final vote which will be in the week of April 26. I don’t think it’s a done deal in Europe, Polly. I really don’t because I think this is gonna have a huge negative economic consequence for lots of countries and businesses. So I think Europe is where the focus is right now that covers 600 million people. If it could be really hobbled in Europe or if it could be not voted for in Europe it would make a big difference going forward in the world.

– Okay, well, we’ll keep our eyes on that as things are changing so fast. So people sign up to The Defender if you want the latest on what’s going on. I wanna move actually, I’ve just moved this up. I want to talk about this following the vaccine and the track and trace to the site. A lot of people don’t know what HHS says. It’s the United States Department of Health and Human Services. Now I find this extremely disturbing and really I urge you all to go and read up on this in depth. They’ve launched a nationwide network of trusted voices to encourage vaccination in the next phase of COVID-19 public education campaign. So the HHS is also launching television ads encouraging vaccinations with the message, “We can do this.” So this message we can do this, you’re going to see a lot of this. It’s just being launched on the 1st of April. And there’s little sort of round signs where you insert yourself in with we can do this going round in a circle. So that’s their slogan. It’s led by Vice President, Kamala Harris. It’s $10 billion have been put into this to increase vaccine access and confidence. And they set up something. And this is the bit that I find disturbing of all of it but this bit called the community corporation, so anyone can be a member of this community corporation. You just sign up and you get emails from Fauci and all sorts of people telling you about the latest science. And they send you emails and they keep you going. But if you keep reading and look into it you’re encouraged to really find out who’s not vaccinated and maybe give them a ride to the vaccination center or be part of a campaign for America. We can do this. We can vaccinate America. And I have to tell you, I have a story. Somebody called me who did not want the vaccine and was hassled and hassled by a well-meaning person who eventually picked this person up and took this person to the center and waited while this person was vaccinated. And this person was so petrified, quite old, that ended up having this vaccine. So this is the kind of thing that I think that they’re trying to do, Mary. And I think please, everybody go to and look this up for yourself and be very aware of a lot of people reporting, Mary as well that everybody’s told me very interested. Have you had the vaccine? Have you had the vaccine? And I don’t know how we answer. We don’t want lie but they could be part of the community core. You have to be careful.

– Yeah, we knew this was coming, Polly so it’s 3 billion specifically on local outreach. And the co-chairs are Kamala Harris and Vivek Murthy, the Surgeon General, but also people like Francis Collins, the head of the NIH, Tony Fauci, Will Lensky, the head of the CDC not exactly community people but then they have a list of organizations. And so they’re churches, they’re entertainers they are public health organizations. They want to be part of this core and this is what they’re gonna do. To me when people have asked me are you vaccinated? I mean, my answer is that’s really my business. Thanks for your concern. I think it’s outrageous that this isn’t a topic of public concern. I really do. It’s like my health information is my personal information and it’s none of people’s business.

– Yeah.

– Certainly than trying to have it be sort of like a badge of honor. I got vaccinated and they want you to post your picture with your vaccine.

– Yeah, so heads up on that and look out for that and everyone go and do your research on that. Okay, so let’s go into The Daily Mail. Headline here, “Regulator we’ll consider today,” which was yesterday, “Whether to stop using AstraZeneca jab in the under 30s “amid fears of fatal blood clots.” So Britain’s vaccine regulator could stop younger people from having AstraZeneca COVID 19 jab. As soon as yesterday. This was over concerns about these rare cases of blood clots. They say this jab is more complicated in the young ones but they urge the people over 65, you must still go and get that. And then on the other hand they have a headline that coincidentally comes out straight after. “Young Britons to be offered one shot Johnson & Johnson jab “to jet away in time for the summer.” So in other words, if you have this one shot jab, you will be able to go on no summer vacations. People in their 20s will be offered the one shot coronavirus to enable them to quickly get away for summer holiday. It’s called, Jab and Go. That’s the name of their campaign. Now I just want to say before we discuss this, Mary, is that I then went to the website, which you can all do. Everybody can do this. And there’s a form on there for healthcare people that are administrating the vaccine and in that, and literally, it’s like they’re in your face. It has some very interesting things that I think everybody should know. First of all, the FDA in big letters authorizes for emergency use only for individuals 18 years and above. And we keep saying that every week ’cause people really need to know this is not approved. And they then go on to say that this vaccine is called the Janssen vaccine, the Johnson & Johnson, the one dose must not be administered to individuals with any known history of a severe allergic reaction to any of the components of this vaccine. Well, how do you know? They don’t test you beforehand. And then it’s very detailed on how to administer this vaccine. Very detailed. So if you think about those dry foods where you’re getting a jab and you’re going off it even goes down to saying, before withdrawing each dose of the vaccine carefully mix the contents of the multidose vile by swirling gently in an upright position for 10 seconds. Do not shake, in capital letters. So all of you really, if you’re going to go for this vaccine, if you see someone shaking it up you’re not to take that vaccine. And my point of telling you this is you do need to do our own research because when you see all of these things the vaccine manufacturers are actually warning you they’re warning the healthcare professionals and they are warning you about some of the valid dangers of their vaccines. Sorry, Mary, I really just had to get that out.

– No, I think you’re absolutely right. So yes they’re weighing not making the AstraZeneca available to people under 30 in the UK. The scientists who are against these vaccines, Polly, they don’t really see a distinction between AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer and Moderna. They all are causing blood clots. Only AstraZeneca has been fingered. And so the minister of MHRA in the UK is still saying the benefits outweigh the rare incidents. Well, it’s not rare if it happens to you and to your family. And they’re quoting Niall Ferguson who they call professor lockdown. This guy who was totally discredited for violating his own lockdown recommendations. I don’t know why anyone in the world would care what Dr. Ferguson has to say. So, I mean, this is strange. And the other thing is that this Johnson & Johnson vaccine explicitly according to the manufacturers is 66% effective. Polly, that means one in three people undergo all of the risks of the vaccine and they’re not protected and they could get COVID and they could transmit COVID. So I think it helps to understand this is not about the virus. This is not about the vaccine. This is about getting people vaccinated and getting them involved in this whole new process of data collection. It’s clearly not about the vaccine or the virus if they’re not testing people for immunity and giving serological exemptions and if the vaccine is only 66% effective. It doesn’t make sense otherwise.

– And also people, I mean, it wasn’t that long ago that we’ve been told, or are we still being told that this virus does not really affect the young people. So from my point of view, you have more danger if you’re a young person if it doesn’t affect you from getting COVID of the adverse effects from the vaccine. I feel like you’re putting your child in more danger.

– Polly, children and young people are at virtually no risk of dying. Their risk of survival, their likely survival is 99% plus. And we just don’t know what the longterm effects of these vaccines are. The manufacturers don’t know. And I’m particularly concerned about what are the effects on fertility, both for men and women. For people under 30 who still wanna have children we don’t know what these vaccines are gonna do in two years, in five years, in 10 years. We just don’t know. So as a young person, I would be very, very skeptical about taking this vaccine. I mean especially skeptical.

– Well, I think that’s what we do every week is try and warn people about the real dangers. I’m actually then now gonna jump since we’ve just talked about that to The Defender article from Children’s Health Defense. The number of, I think, weak people Children’s Health Defense in The Defender put out the number of COVID vaccine injuries. I’ve been seeing that every week. Is that correct, Mary?

– Every Friday, yeah. The VAERS, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System comes out every Friday and we do a quick analysis. And usually the article goes out on Friday at the latest on Saturday about the latest numbers.

– And I have to tell you I’ve been posting that on my Instagram, my final thing where I can go out with anything, and I’m amazed at how many, that really helps with your family members to see the headline of The Defender with the number of acting injuries ’cause it shocks them.

– It’s shocking. Mainstream media is never gonna tell you.

– So it’s a good one to share every week on a Friday from The Defender. So this one, number of COVID vaccine injuries surpasses 50,000. The CDC data shows, this is the 2nd of April, 2021 the VAERS data shows 50,861 reports of adverse events following the COVID vaccines, including 2,249 deaths. And again, I think this is a good time to also mention, so you can look at that article yourself people and get up to date and everything. We were sent a graph, were we not which is I think quite a good time to bring this in.

– If you can see that at the end of this graph, the line just goes straight up. So this graph is showing you that from the time that they started the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System in 1990, the number of deaths reported every year hovers somewhere around 200. And then literally at the beginning of 2021 it’s now shot up to 2000. So it’s a tenfold increase in the first two months of 2021. Now I think part of that, Polly can be explained that there is more reporting even though there’s not complete reporting. I think there is more reporting now than in the past but we know that there is under reporting then. We know they’re still under reporting now. I mean, it’s a tenfold increase for deaths reported after COVID vaccines. And it’s not a shocker, Polly. These are not properly investigated. They investigated them for three months. I mean, it’s just so shocking. And one of the things that was noticeable in the articles we read is whereas for the adults for the Pfizer and Moderna, there was over 40,000 people in the clinical trials. For these children aged 12 to 15, it’s 2000 people. A few over 2000. That’s not very many when you’re looking for side effects. So these products are just not ready for prime time in my opinion. I mean, I think they are dangerous. They’re dangerous product.

– Yeah, actually let’s go on to Israel with their headline, “Why is all-cause mortality increasing?” By early March Israel had vaccinated about 90% of its 65 plus population and about 50% of its entire population and concerningly Israel has seen a renewed and continued increase in all cause mortality since mid February. In fact, by March the 21st Israel reported the highest excess mortality of all. And they say, the course is clear.

– So this is from the Swiss Policy Research which is a very credible data analytic outfit that’s been following COVID. And they look at international data. It’s something called a Euro MoMA which is the European mortality data. And what they’re saying in Israel is quote, “There’s a murky wave of heart attacks.” I mean, I think what we know, Polly is the people who are most likely to die, this is true in the US data are people in their 70s, it’s people with comorbid conditions from the COVID vaccines and it’s true in Israel. I mean, elderly, frail people seem to be at highest risk just as they are of COVID. But it’s different at least to me when you die because you contract a natural infection and there are good treatments. We’ve talked a lot about that and it’s different if you die from a vaccine that you didn’t have to take. It’s the difference between omission and commission and it’s a big difference.

– Okay, so now onto new news here, it’s very predictable news. We knew this was happening. Just from RT News “Russia registers world’s first COVID 19 vaccine “for cats and dogs.” They’re coming for your animals people. They’re the makers of the Sputnik B. They warn pets and farm animals could spread the virus, of course. Clinical trials began in October last year on dogs, cats, optic foxes, minks, and other animals. The results of these studies, they say allow us to conclude that the vaccine is safe since all vaccinated animals developed antibodies to the coronavirus, say they. Now I posted this, Mary. I mean, people love their animals maybe even a little more than they love humans. I don’t know, they seem to. They are furious, they’re up in arms, over my dead body will you touch my dog or my cat. Vaccinating themselves is one thing, they say but do not touch. They’re really interesting to watch. But they’re coming for you. It’s coming, I’m afraid people.

– Well, I mean that’s a real risk. So it’s a moneymaker, right? So lots and lots and lots of people have pets. So it’s certainly a moneymaker. Will they try to make that mandatory for pets? I mean, the argument would be we wanna make sure there’s no reservoir for these infected COVID animals. And that article points out that in Denmark they called 15 million minks because they alleged that they had COVID. I mean, I think we have to watch this story because it’s an interesting one.

– Yes, it is. Now we’re gonna go to The Jerusalem Post. We’re gonna talk about this article by Alan Dershowitz and YouTube took down a debate between Bobby Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Dershowitz and it was on the Children’s Health Defense YouTube site. You’d probably be better at talking about it. It said it violates medical misinformation. YouTube didn’t actually specify what–

– It didn’t specify, yeah. And Dershowitz definitely says he didn’t provide any medical information. So he could not have provided misinformation, I suppose quite funny, really. He’s right. And he called for YouTube to specify precisely what the misinformation is so that Bobby Kennedy can actually address it. But that’s where we are with that. And do you want to know more about that?

– Yeah, a little bit. So Alan Dershowitz is a famous lawyer who teaches at Harvard Law School and he’s been a very visible criminal defense lawyer. And basically no doctor will debate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about vaccines. And Alan Dershowitz to his credit graciously as a good lawyer entered into a debate which got millions of views, and it was posted on YouTube, which is owned by Google. And in this latest round of censorship on Facebook and Twitter and Google, YouTube took it down. And so Alan Dershowitz who’s very identified with Israel to his credit, ran this op-ed this weekend in The Jerusalem Post and said I don’t favor censorship. This should not have been taken down. And he says, YouTube conveys the impression that something is somehow valid if they don’t take it down. Somehow truthful if they don’t sensor it, which is clearly not true. But he goes on to say that anybody who analogizes vaccine passwords to the yellow star as the star that the Nazis used to designate Jews he calls them, he says, this is a bizarre, bigoted and a historical comparison. And he says, there’s no analogy that can be made. And he says, but I still wouldn’t favor censorship. And Vierra Sherov, who has done a great deal of work with Children’s Health Defense and who run something called the Alliance for Human Research Protection, she is a Holocaust survivor. And she wrote a response to Alan Dershowitz which is published on the American Frontline’s Doctors website. And she says, I had a yellow star sewn onto my garment as a three-year-old and my family and I were sent to a concentration camp to starve based on the idea that we were spreaders of disease as Jews. And they were keeping track of us with the state of the art IBM technology at the time. And she says, this is absolutely ushering in a two class society. And she says, if she were in Israel, as a Holocaust survivor, she would be barred from participating in the Yom Hashoah, the Holocaust memorial ceremonies because she’s not vaccinated. And she says she completely disagrees with Alan Dershowitz and agrees with Primo Levi, a scientist, an Auschwitz survivor who said it happened, therefore it can happen. It can happen everywhere. So I think those are really important words of caution that she’s given us.

– Yeah, I agree. Well, keep us updated on what happens there.

– Well, I’m hoping we’ll see what happens. I will.

– Okay, well Defender will, I presume.

– I hope, I hope, fingers crossed. I’m not the editor in chief.

– Okay, so the headline here in People, slightly changing the subject. Now the sharp decline in flu and colds has experts wondering if masks will stick around after the pandemic ends. So a recent study found respiratory illness in children down 62%. The article says masks are key to reducing the virus spread. The CDC says between 100 and 200 hundred children die a year from the flu anyway, but in 2019, 2020 so far this season one child died. Is that correct?

– So I don’t know if that’s correct. I mean, that’s interesting, Polly. It is interesting information. I think the idea that masks might continue is part of this idea that we discussed last week of the permanent pandemic, right? We’re just gonna keep doing all of this because we’re so fearful of viruses, they could kill us. There’s also new information coming out about masks about many of the ingredients in the mask including a chemical called graphene is very dangerous. They have fibers that can get in your lungs. So there’s still a lot of controversy about masks. But from my perspective, the idea of keeping children in masks indefinitely is just a horrifying idea. Children need to learn social communication which is all about your facial expressions. And so literally you’re impeding children from understanding other people by putting them in masks all the time.

– And Vicky just makes a very good comment because they were locked in their homes. I mean, it is a good comment because children go to school and that’s how you catch all the little germy things and you get your cold, your common cold as it’s called and all those things, and they were locked in. So, good point then.

– Well, for sure. And you know, when you catch a cold, you’re developing immunity, right? You’re teaching your immune system how to fight against these things. Not all illness is bad. I mean, this is also part of this idea. Illness is a part of the human condition. People are gonna get sick occasionally and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Your body is trained to overcome the illness. So anyway.

– Okay, so let’s go to The Daily Expose in England. Now I like this and this possibly should have been saved for the good news section. But anyway, “Hospital medical director “says level of sickness in the national health service staff “after COVID vaccination is unprecedented.” Dr. Polyakova, which Mary says much better than I do, a medical director of a hospital in Kent in England says the whole team are being taken out as they all go together to get this vaccine. So she was saying, they’re been taken out, as in they all get sick together. When asked if the COVID-19 vaccine should be compulsory for national health staff, she says, mandatory vaccination this instance is stupid, unethical and irresponsible. Those are her words. She says, it’s unlicensed. And she says, I have direct experience of staff contracting COVID after vaccines. And I find that really fascinating. How brave of her.

– She’s very outspoken and I think she’s terrific. She asked the question, why are we doing this? And she says, if I don’t prescribe an antibiotic to someone who doesn’t need it am I anti antibiotic or am I an antibiotic denier? And she calls on people to think, and she says, what happened to my body, my c?hoice What happened to scientific and open debate. She’s really calling the whole process out and calling them on the carpet. And she’s one of thousands of doctors, Polly. I think it’s easy for us to feel like we’re alone or we don’t have the backing of people with medical credentials. That’s not the case. We have the backing of thousands of scientists and doctors who say this is just unethical and irresponsible. These are experimental medical products. These are not proven to be safe and effective and you can’t be forced to participate in an experiment. Full stop.

– And these doctors when they speak out, as we know get taken straight down from all social media platforms. I mean, they’re barred–

– That’s cause they’re threatening, right? The doctors are very threatening to the powers that be.

– Can you imagine if we didn’t have that censorship the whole of social media would be alight with these warnings

– Oh, absolutely, absolutely. There would be a very different picture if the social media were not censoring us, it would be very different.

– And life would be safe. I really do believe that.

– I believe that too.

– Okay, so this is an annoying headline and a dangerous headline. Pfizer says the COVID vaccine is 100% effective in children aged 12 to 15. Dr. Buddy Creech, a pediatric infectious disease expert, they always are, says, this is exactly the news that we hope to hear. The Pfizer COVID 19 vaccine is cleared for emergency use in people 16 years and up and they say they’re getting ready for the school year.

– Well I don’t think that these vaccines are gonna be approved and licensed for children by September. I don’t. But what Dr. Fauci has said in the past is that they may be ready for mandates by January of 2022, which is very concerning. Children are at virtually no risk of death from COVID. And so to mass vaccinate these children with a poorly studied vaccine that they don’t need just seems ridiculous to me and tragic, genuinely tragic. ‘Cause we don’t know what the long-term effects are gonna be.

– No, we don’t. And by the way, just moving a little bit to the side but staying with younger people, we were given information and we’ll put the slide up again when this has been interviewed, going back to the Krispy Kreme donuts and all the other incentives that young people’s, college students are going to get their vaccine so they can get their records because there’s a campaign in a lot of the bars that’s a shot for a shot, where the vaccine cards give spring breakers or young people a shot on proof of vaccination and these kids don’t budge–

– A shot of whiskey. So the sad reality is, Polly, that teenagers, young adults they don’t have a lot of money and they’re more likely to do things that are reckless and they’re easy to induce. And so offering something as simple as headphones or a free ticket to a stadium or a shot of vodka, it may change the mind of a young person who otherwise said I don’t really want it but then they get something they want. It’s essentially bribery and it’s disturbing that the public health authorities wanna do that. They’re so confident that this is gonna work. And yet based on what Polly? Based on what?

– Yeah. I know shot for shot. Please teach your children about it. And then also the other line that I’m hearing a lot from the young people is, well, Sarah had it and she’s fine. Peter had it, he’s fine, so I know I’ll be fine too. And please tell your children we do not know the long-term effects of the vaccine.

– And this idea is part of this idea of industrial medicine. One size fits all, Polly. It’s just not accurate. Every human being is different, just like our fingerprints are different, just like our looks are different, our innards are different too. And just because it is apparently safe for two weeks for Sarah doesn’t mean it’s gonna be safe for two hours for Johnny. And yet this whole idea of like, everybody has to take it and do your part for society, it just completely dismisses the differences, the real biological differences between us which is it’s not medicine. This is not medicine. This is not a healing art. This is not caring for each individual. This is industrial scale production. And it’s gonna be very lucrative, but people are gonna die. I mean, people are dying as we’ve been discussing.

– Yeah, it’s very sad. Reuters headline, “T-cells induced by COVID 19 infection “respond to new virus variants.” This is a US study. A critical component of the immune system known as T-cells, they fight infection, appear to protect against three of the most concerning new virus variants, the UK variant, the South African variant and the Brazil variant.

– So that article is so interesting, Polly because the researchers that they’re discussing are the National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious Diseases. The co-producer of the Moderna vaccine. T-cells are part of the innate immune system. So they’re not quite spelling it out. But what they’re saying is somebody who has mounted an immune response with their innate immune system is not just immune from the COVID-19 variant, they’re immune from several variants of it. So that frankly is from my perspective, that’s an advertisement for not getting the vaccine because the T-cells are doing the job.

– Interesting. Right, so now I’ve got ABC news here and I’ve put at the top good and bad news and let’s see why. Okay, so a man suffers a rare severe reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine. I mean, these images you will see come up on the screen are severe skin reaction and leg flare ups. I mean, it’s really, really ghastly, ghastly images. The good news of this is that the press are reporting these injuries stories. I mean, I have never, when we went out on the bus, we never could get an injury story in the past. This was properly reported.

– It was properly reported. And there are images that if you have friends who are going to get the vaccine I think these are images you wanna show people. This man’s, his legs are completely swollen, his hands are swollen, his back has completely broken out in rash and hives and his skin is falling off. So I think this man is very lucky to have survived. He says that he’s still grateful to have gotten the vaccine that at least he won’t get COVID, so that’s of course the happy ending of the segment. But if you look at these side-effects, they are extraordinary. I mean, this guy was clearly out of commission and he says, he’s still fatigued. I mean, he was out of commission for weeks and weeks.

– I mean, okay, you’ll see the images people and you’ll just be horrified, but it’s beyond belief at the end that he says–

– Well, Polly, that’s the narrative. He has to do that or that story wouldn’t have run. I mean, this is like in the Soviet Union you can criticize everything up the wazoo but you have to end by saying and long live a Premiere Brezhnev. I mean, that’s just what has to be said at the end. But I think I want people to be aware that that is the propaganda that is required in order to have a story like this about injuries actually go into the mainstream.

– Well, I think this is all helping to wake people up. So they see this ghastly images and they think, Oh my gosh, you’re so lucky to be alive. Thank God. I will never take that vaccine. Then at the end he says, I encourage you to get the vaccine and you can’t make it up.

– You can’t make it up.

– Doctors for COVID ethics. This is sort of good news. Yes? This is a good rebuttal letter to the European Medicines Agency from Doctors for COVID Ethics on April, 1 2021. it’s a strong letter demanding crucially important information in a scientific manner. They said the evidence is clear that there were some serious adverse event risks and that a number of people not at risk from the virus, what we’re talking about before have died following vaccinations. Do you want to talk about that?

– Just a little. This is a rebuttal to a response to a letter that these scientists and physicians wrote on March 1st, and they’re saying that the rebuttal is nonsense and it’s a very long list of prominent, well credentialed scientists and doctors. So again, don’t for a second think that you don’t have people standing beside you. You have really well credentialed scientists and doctors saying that this is crazy.

– All right. So I think people can look up doctors for COVID Ethics and follow them up.

– It’s on medium, but we’re gonna post this, Polly. We’re now making a commitment that we will post these videos. We hope by Wednesday on The Defender and we’ll have links to the articles that we’re discussing. So that’ll be there.

– Okay. I just wanna zip over to Malaysia, a little bit disturbing for the Malaysians at the moment. Their headline, “Interstate travel is likely for vaxxed Malaysians.” The government is considering allowing interstate travel for Malaysians who have completed their COVID 19 vaccines, says their prime minister. The prime minister says if you have not been vaccinated and do not have the digital certificate, then you cannot go. So in the future, if you have two doses you may be given certain allowances. So the wording in that whole article I find very disturbing. So I’m so grateful–

– Well, and we’ve heard this, even from Tony Blair in the UK, you have to earn your freedom. Not that you as a human are born in freedom from the divine but that you need to earn this from your local government. And if you’re a good Doobie, you get to get on a plane. I mean, people need to speak out. This is insane. I don’t know why England keep wheeling out these old people like Tony Blair’s. Nothing to do with you, Tony Blair. You’re not even the prime minister anymore. Go away. Right, onto Fox Business. I’ve got good news here, which is a bit cheeky, I suppose but it is good news if you’re, what I think is good news. “15 million Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccines “are thrown away,” that’s the good news, “After an ingredient mix up.” Dosage mix up at a Baltimore production facility ruined 15 million Johnson & Johnson vaccines, and it’s prompted the FDA, more good news, to delay shipments of the vaccine. But Johnson & Johnson say, please, don’t worry. We plan to deliver more than 1 billion doses by the end of 2021. I think that should make people think twice about the manufacturing process. So this was in a factory in Baltimore owned by this company named Emergent that’s been in this business a long time and they mixed up the ingredients. They put in Johnson & Johnson ingredients to the AstraZeneca. So people need to be concerned about the manufacturing of these products.

– Yes, they do. And it’s all there in the headlines. Right, this is really good news. The Brussels Times. This is the headline. “Belgium must lift all COVID-19 measures within 30 days.” This is the Brussels court rules. The league for human rights filed the lawsuit. Belgium States have 30 days to provide a sound legal basis. And the current coronavirus measures are based on the Civil Safety Act of 2007. And this enables the state to react in exceptional circumstances, which is why it’s there, but I love that that they’re doing something about it and we’re in this situation.

– Yeah, it’s a great decision. It says that they have to lift it in 30 days or they’re gonna pay a fine of 5,000 pounds a day. The government may just pay the fine, Polly. We don’t know. But basically they’re saying that what the government is doing is illegal because if it’s gone on for a year it’s not exceptional circumstances. So it’s good news that people are challenging it. It’s good news that the court is backing them up. We’ll see what happens.

– And more good news from Children’s Health Defense, please. What can you tell us–

– We’ve got some very good news of work that we’ve done in the last week. So we filed an appeal, an emergency appeal in the second circuit court of appeals related to the compulsory Polymerase Chain Reaction, PCR testing in New York City schools. Basically you’re throwing children out of school if their parents don’t submit their children to this experimental testing regime where they stick something up your nose and they take your genetic data. So we’ll see what happens. But we filed that this week. I’m also very excited that we filed a response. We filed a brief in the Children’s Health Defense versus Facebook case. And that case will go to a hearing in early May. And it’s very exciting that in a case that’s now, that the Supreme Court just dismissed as moot, in other words, it’s not really relevant anymore, the case is called Biden versus the Knight First Amendment Institute. And the case was filed by Trump against the Knight Institute. Going to the Supreme court people at The Knight Institute had alleged when Trump took people off his Twitter feed that he was violating the first amendment. But then Twitter took Trump off of Twitter. And so the Supreme Court says the case is moot. But Justice Thomas wrote what’s called a concurrence. He agreed with that result. And he says, we really have to look at this issue of government collaboration with social media, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, and Google. And so he says that in other words, at the end of his concurrence, he’s basically saying, we’re looking for a case that would give us the opportunity to look at these issues. And certainly the Children’s Health Defense case is exactly on that issue saying that if social media has protection from the government through immunity protection and the government threatens that if they don’t cooperate that they will take action against them, our theory is that that is actually state action. We also reported in The Defender this last week about our case from one of our allies, The Health Freedom Defense Fund. It’s a case on behalf of teachers at the Los Angeles Unified School District who were being told that they must get COVID vaccines. So we’re excited about that. So what’s going on? And finally, in The Defender, which you can sign up for for free starting this week, we’re going to have what we’re gonna call the community corner. And that’s gonna be really about advocacy and how everybody can become an advocate. And it’s gonna give information about things coming up, rallies and meetings, and profiling advocates who are making a difference in the community.

– And we have, I mean, The Defender views are going up and up and up and we’re all joined together as one big family around the world. And it’s really heartwarming, I think to see us all in one place, I love it.

– It’s great. I mean, we know that we’re reaching people and it does make us feel we’re not alone. And there’s a way that you can put comments up on the articles and there’s dialogues that are happening. So you’re not alone. And we’re gonna keep at this.

– We are. Now, we’ve had people listening, if you can hear us, I’m sorry about the noise issue there. We have had a couple of warnings on PCB Facebook. So we all likely to be taken down. So we have literally just a few minutes to go. Toby has set up another Facebook page called This Week with Mary & Polly. We have two followers, that’s me and Toby at the moment. So that’s on you, it is. So get over there because if we do get taken down, that’s where we’ll go out on this. But even if you miss it and we end up coming out of Facebook because our days are probably numbered anyway, you can watch this show. It comes out every Wednesday on The Defender and it’s edited. See, this is the live bit and then the boys edit it and it goes out on The Defender and they include the links. So we don’t want you to take our word for it. We want you to look at the articles. And then I think there’s the discuss section underneath. So you can say, no, Mary, I totally disagree with you. Here’s what I think. And we’ll read that. I mean, that’s gonna be really fun.

– So there’s that, and Bobby Kennedy is still doing his truth episodes. We don’t have a regular day for that. That just happens when that happens. And again, that will be as soon as they’re out and edited they go straight into The Defender. And as always, if you have Roku everything is backed up on there. So if you think all your vax stories have got taken, a lot of people contacting us that We Are Vaxxed is down. Yes, it is down, our YouTube and our Facebook but all the stories are on Roku. So go over there and have a look at those. And I think that’s it for this week. That’s it for this week, Polly. Keep praying, it’s working, it’s working, we’re doing okay. And it’s falling apart. I can sit crumbling. Even if it’s gonna be a bit dire in some states.

– It will be. I mean, I can tell people I lived through the end of the Soviet Union. I was a bystander. I was an American, but I lived through the end of the Soviet Union and this feels a lot the same way. It really does. It looks big and scary but actually it’s on very, very shaky ground. It’s a big bureaucracy that people don’t really believe in. It’s making a lot of money, people are powerful, but it really doesn’t stand on anything. It doesn’t work. So it’s gonna fall apart and we’re gonna help it.

– Exactly, okay. And we will post the link. People saying they can’t find our new little Facebook page. We will post the link and you’ll be able to find it. And thank you everybody for being there and all your comments. We’ll go back and read them. And big love to everybody. And we’ll see you next week. Thanks, Mary.

– Thanks, Polly.

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