‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: ‘Not Even a Handful’ of Children Should Get This Vaccine

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– Hi, great to be here.

– Hello, everybody, welcome to This Week. Health Defense Defender put an article out earlier in the week that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine site shut down after 11 people suffered reactions, two hospitalized. A mass vaccination site in Colorado was shut down and 600 people with appointments turned away. So that’s the good news, but 11 people experiencing reactions. But they say it’s consistent with what’s expected, that’s state officials. But then we have breaking news today. The CDC and FDA recommend a pause in Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine, as over six rare blood-clotting cases. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Food and Drug Administration released a joint statement that authorities would recommend a pause in administrating, administering, sorry, the J & J COVID-19 vaccine. Wow, Mary.

– Yeah, this is big news, Polly. So up until now, we’ve seen pauses before. You’ll remember that we saw a pause with the Moderna vaccine in California. They stopped for a few days. They said, “Everything’s good. We’ll just keep going.” And we’ve seen other states pause, Colorado, Georgia, but now we’re seeing both the FDA and the CDC this morning saying we’ve gotta take a pause in the United States against an American vaccine while we figure out this quote, unquote extremely rare blood disorder, blood-clotting disorder. They’re gonna have a meeting tomorrow of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, sort of the national brain trust for vaccines at the CDC. But the problem that they are gonna face, Polly, is that they’re seeing these blood-clotting issues with all of the COVID vaccines. They’re seeing what they call CVS, cerebral venous sinus thrombosis. They’re seeing brain blood clots, heart blood clots, and other blood clots. And we know we’ve seen this with AstraZeneca. Countries have been suspending it in different age groups and for different periods there. And what I’ve learned from scientists is this is also the case with Moderna and Pfizer. They’re all. And many scientists, and we’ve published this on The Defender, an article by our past president, Lyn Redwood, yes, that there’s something about the spike protein itself. It’s very biologically active. All four of these vaccines that we’re talking about, they all either include the spike protein or the whole coronavirus. And so they are potentially the cause of this blood clotting. So this is a story we have to watch. This is unprecedented. You and I know, Polly, what they usually do is they take a pause, and then they say, “Oh, we looked at this really carefully, and everything’s jake, everything’s A-OK.” I don’t know how easy that’s gonna be. So this is definitely a story we have to watch.

– Yeah, we do, and actually, I’m just gonna, this morning a friend sent me, and I forwarded it on to you, that their work sent, that emergency sick pay is now available for time missed due to receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. So they are normalizing these vaccine reactions.

– Polly, I think they can normalize headaches and fatigues and low-grade fever. And they’ve been doing that, we know, for a long time with childhood vaccines. But now, they’re still trying to say that this Pfizer or the J & J, all these vaccines, the benefits outweigh the risks. It’s extremely rare, but people are dying, Polly. I mean, you and I know that children died from these vaccines, but these deaths keep coming in people who were not gonna die from COVID, right? And these are adults, and this is not gonna go over big for a long time if this information keeps getting out. So, this is a real problem for them. If people keep dying, and the stories keep getting out about these deaths from blood clots in people who would be, they would just be extremely unlikely to die from the vaccine, that’s a big problem.

– Yeah, right, let’s go over to England. The Guardian, this is. The headline is “A&E,” which stands for accidents and emergency, “is swamped.” This is their words: “Swamped with patients seeking help for mild,” they say, “COVID jab side-effects.” The emergency departments report surges in cases of headaches linked to AstraZeneca jab amid concerns of the blood clots. The MHRA, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, said, “79 People have developed blood clots after this vaccine, and 19 have died, including three under 30.” But the NHS, the National Health Service spokesman says, “But we will continue to offer this jab.” So, again, papers and media reporting. They are actually reporting.

– Polly, they are reporting it, and they’re trying to figure out how to deal with this. And one of the saddest things to me is because for all of these, the messenger RNA and the adenoviruses, these are not vaccines. It’s not a technology we’ve seen before in wide use for everybody. And so these poor physicians, these hospitals, these A&E clinics, they don’t know what to do with these people, Polly. They’re basically clueless. I mean, they can do certain scans and certain tests, but they’ve never seen these side-effects before. They don’t have good remedies for these side-effects. Nobody really knows what the best thing to do is. These are gonna be very hard problems.

– Right, AstraZeneca, let’s talk about AstraZeneca for a bit. I’ll just read a couple of these things out. So AstraZeneca trial for children suspended. Thank you, God. The University of Oxford has paused its small clinical trial of the AstraZeneca vaccine in children over concerns about the blood clotting. An Oxford spokesperson did actually say there are no safety concerns in the pediatric clinical trial, but they’re pausing it anyway. Then the Metro in the UK headline: “Risks of blood clots from contraceptive pill is far greater than the Oxford vaccine.”

– That’s clearly one of the stories that’s going out to try to put this in context and say, oh, not to worry. It’s nothing.

– Yeah, so, and also actually woke a lot of people up to the fact that you could actually possibly get blood clots-

– You can get blood clots for sure from contraceptives, sure.

– Some people did not know that before, I can tell you. So, there’s that. And then we go over to Australia, who says that the Australians under 50 should not get the AstraZeneca vaccine. New advice is issued for younger Australians over rare but serious blood-clotting side-effects. But the country is told the jab is perfectly safe for older people. Then the Daily Mail in the UK, I found this really disturbing. The family of a solicitor, the solicitor’s 59, and he died from a blood clot to the brain after taking AstraZeneca. So there’s no debate about that.

– [Mary] No debate.

– [Polly] The family comes out urging people to keep saving lives by having the jab.

– Yeah, we saw a lot of this, Polly, with the HPV vaccine where it would kill a teenage girl, and the family being so overwhelmed by the public response and the media response that they might be vilified, they come out to say, “Keep saving lives and shoring up support.” And you’ll remember a week or so ago, we saw this with a widow of a man who appeared to have died after vaccines. And she said, “No, no, no, it couldn’t, It was definitely not the vaccine.” So we know that it’s a very tough spot for people to be in as the survivors to say it was the vaccine because it’s not the narrative that the government and the corporations and the media want people to have. So I’m not so surprised by this, actually. Although it’s very sad. I mean, how can you be in favor of a product that just killed your loved one? I don’t know.

– And very, very, very confusing around the different countries with the AstraZeneca. So you’ve got Australia saying under 50 should not get the AstraZeneca. Then you’ve got Ireland, the Irish Times saying the AstraZeneca should not be given to patients under 60. And then you’ve got the doctors in the UK telling the teenagers that have had the AstraZeneca, oh, you’re fine. Keep going. It’s so

– And you have to ask yourself if they say don’t use it in people under 50, well, why would it be safer in people over 50? It’s not, it’s just that they basically think, well, these people are older, and maybe they’re at higher risk. But the real deal is, Polly, all of these COVID vaccines have a risk of causing blood clots. And the FDA knew this before they licensed anything. Dr. Whelan, W-H-E-L-A-N, we published this on The Defender. We published his letter to the FDA. These were well understood, or at least there were scientists who were quite aware of this possibility.

– Right, Texas Medical Association put out a statement or headline that is “Medicare to Double Payment to Administer Vaccines.” Medicare will pay physicians and practices that administer the COVID-19 vaccines $40 per dose, nearly double the current payment. Now, that was interesting because I actually put that out on my Instagram, and the amount of people that had absolutely no idea that money was exchanged and the amount of people saying conflict of interest big time. Well, this has been going on for some time, hasn’t it, Mary?

– Absolutely, I mean, we’ve seen not only that vaccination volume increases a practice’s revenue, but then what we see are sort of, in the pediatric area, if a doctor doesn’t get to 95% compliance or 98% compliance, then he doesn’t get, or she doesn’t get the bonus. And the bonus for the vaccination of your whole practice group is high. It’s tens of thousands of dollars. That may be going on too, Polly. We just don’t know. It may be that practices are getting bonuses if they have very high coverage rates. But yes, there’s definite conflicts of interest here, and it incentivizes industrial medicine. It incentivizes quick, get the jab out. Don’t ask questions. Don’t find about family history. Don’t find out about allergies. I mean, it’s exactly what is reckless and not good medicine.

– And we were hearing from the doctors that came to the bus that they have to meet a quota. So if they got a certain amount of their clinic vaccinated, then they get an even bigger bonus, or they get a prize or something. That’s why some of these doctors get cross with you when you say you don’t want a vaccine ’cause you’re actually messing up their,

– You are definitely meshing up their metrics, yeah, their revenue.

– Right, back to the Children’s Health Defense Defender, and while I’m on that, I just wanna say I was just telling Mary I’ve been up this morning. I’m actually gonna make some cards up with The Defender information on there because when people start asking you questions or even they say to you, “Have you been vaccinated?”

– That’s a great idea.

– You can give them a card and say, look up Children’s Health Defense. Sign up, it’s free. And do your own research, and you’ll see why I’m not taking the vaccine or whatever it is you’re in. And then you don’t have to get into an argument. I gave it out to four people today who were extremely grateful that there was somewhere with this kind of advice and science. So that’s what I’m going to do. So I highly recommend you all do it. And if you haven’t signed up, it’s very easy, Put your email address in. That’s it. Nothing else needs to be done. Right, now this, I know a lot of you have seen this. This was shocking news this week. Vaccinated only allowed to evacuate from the island where a volcano erupted. 4,000-foot-high volcano erupted on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent, and the prime minister there said people have to be vaccinated before they can board the cruise ship. Shocking, shocking. I think everybody just couldn’t believe it. People thought-

– This was reported by Norah O’Donnell on CBS. So this is not from a sort of a disreputable site. And this is what the program is calling for, Polly. What the powers that be are calling for is discrimination between vaxxed and unvaxxed people. And the only people that win in this are the people who are making money on it. Real people are not. If you’re vaccinated, you’re protected. If you’re unvaccinated, you’ve accepted the risks that you have. There’s zero benefit to the population to segregate between vaxxed and unvaxxed. But it definitely is, there’s a benefit to the people who are pushing vaccination and who are pushing passports, which we’ll come to.

– Well, one thing I thought was hopefully that volcano’s calmed down and everything’s okay, but that is now an unvaccinated island, is it not? Just saying. Just saying, if we wanna go somewhere, right. Sorry. Daily Mail Australia, now I brought this up for a reason. The headline: “Woman dies in nursing home just three hours after receiving her first vaccine in Queensland.” It was the Pfizer vaccine. We don’t hear much about this because everything’s on AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson at the moment. And they say it’s not clear whether this woman died from the jab or another health complication. I just wanna say quickly, I was telling Mary earlier the reason why I brought this up is there are so many deaths out there that are being reported by mainstream news at the moment. And it reminded me when I was on the bus, and we did our first dead-baby story, and it shocked the bus. It shocked us all. We had no idea SIDS could be possibly related to this. And after a bit, as the bus went on, it got to the stage where I called Berla, who was doing our schedule, and I’d say, “How many dead babies have we got today?” And she’d say, “Well, you’ve got one today, two tomorrow.” So the point is, I don’t want us to get complacent. Okay, do you not think this is normal that people die following vaccines.

– Polly, Polly, it’s horrible, but I wanna point out that they did report in this story in the Daily Mail that she was elderly. She was in a care home, and she had underlying lung disease. People have to understand that they are vaccinating the most fragile people first. And then they’re able to say, well, we don’t know if it was her underlying health condition or it was the vaccine. That’s really pretty awful, right, that they’re targeting people where they have greater plausible deniability that it was the vaccine. They can say, well, it was her lung condition, and it was just a coincidence, which you and I have been hearing for 20 years. And they say in that article, the official says, well, you know, the problems are overstated, and there’s coincidences. So they want us to believe that a woman who dies three hours after the vaccine had a coincidental death. I mean, that makes no sense. And, of course, there should be an autopsy right away, but it’s certainly not mentioned in the article. And I would bet my bottom dollar that they’re not doing an autopsy. So this is very disturbing, this kind of complacency about deaths.

– Yeah, and I mean, I showed you a text that a family member of mine got that said it was from the National Health Service in England. It said, “You must come in and have your COVID-19 vaccine because you have an underlying health condition. So you are first to go.” And then if that person had taken it, and if that person had died, he died from the underlying health condition.

– That’s exactly, that’s it, Polly. That’s it.

– Okay, right, let’s move on to The Hill. Pfizer and BioNTech request emergency authorization to vaccinate 12- to 15-year-olds. At the moment, these vaccines are authorized for 16 years and above, authorized for emergency use only. So Pfizer and BioNTech both say its vaccine is 100% effective in children between 12 and 15. Well, I’m sorry, that’s not true. I’m gonna say that. That’s not true.

– Well, so here’s the problem, Polly. So this was an interesting article, and yes, they’re saying that they just finished their phase-three trial in 2,560 children aged 12 to 15 and that there were zero cases of COVID in the vaccinated group and 18 in the placebo group. Kids don’t get COVID. So the idea that this is, I mean, it may well be that in the vaccinated group, they didn’t get COVID, but none of these trials are actually getting really hard scientific evidence that people get COVID. They’re talking about positive PCR tests, polymerase chain reaction tests. They’re not doing real thorough science here. So it’s very suspect. And we’re gonna about other doctors who say children are not at risk from COVID. Children are absolutely not gonna die. And if, as we’ve just been discussing, there are risks of death, it is a complete violation of medical ethics to be vaccinating children because the premise of medicine is first do no harm. If you don’t know what the side-effects are gonna be, you do a trial in 2,000 children, a few more. And then you roll this out to 12 to 15 year olds around the world. I mean, this is not medicine, Polly. It’s not medicine.

– No, and I think the problem is is when I say this is not true, and you put me right, and it possibly is true in that little,

– In the small trial, I would believe that, yeah, that there were no positive PCR tests in the vaccinated group. I’m prepared to believe that. That surely doesn’t mean that it’s 100% effective.

– I think the problem is is it’s a misleading statement. So people saying that Pfizer say its vaccines are 100% effective in children, that’s misleading because people are gonna rush out and say it’s 100% effective. Anyway, misleading headlines are a thing that-

– But, Polly, I think what people really need to see is most children never get COVID. They probably just develop the antibodies. They don’t get sick with COVID. They don’t die from COVID. It’s very, very rare. These children don’t need these vaccines, and there are risks with these vaccines, primarily unknown risks, so.

– Yeah, I mean, I can see people are very upset about that.

– It’s very upsetting.

– Very upset. Right, Independent puts out a headline that says: “246 fully vaccinated Michigan residents test positive for COVID and three die.” They say those who caught COVID after both jabs may have caught COVID prior to the vaccination or in the gap between the two shots. They’re panicking, Mary. That’s not good.

– Yeah, I mean, yeah, it’s not good. It’s not good, and that story got out there. That that story was printed in a mainstream publication. So this is evidence that the vaccines don’t work the way they say they do and that people can die from them.

– Right, Epoch Times, this is their headline: “The CCP Virus Variant Affects Vaccinated People More Than Unvaccinated People.” A study from Tel Aviv University found that a South African variant of the CCP, in brackets, Chinese Communist Party virus, affects people vaccinated with the Pfizer shot more than the unvaccinated. This study has not yet been peer reviewed, they say, and they say this means the South African variant is able to some extent to break through the vaccine’s protection. And I don’t know if you want me to continue on to the Telegraph with why the models are warning of a third UK COVID wave. After all, don’t you want to stop and talk about this one?

– I would like to just mention on that one, to me, it’s very important. So we’ve been warned from coronavirus research, vaccine research 10 years ago, and we know from other similar kinds of vaccines against dengue fever and SARS, we know that there’s this issue called ADE or antibody dependent enhancement where there’s this paradoxical effect that people who are vaccinated, if they then confront the wild virus, they actually get a more severe case of the illness. And what this suggests, this early data suggests, is that the vaccinated were eight times more likely to get COVID, 800% more than the unvaccinated, against this variant. That’s very disturbing, Polly, and it does suggest that in these next waves of these different variants, which we’ll talk about more, it may well be the vaccinated who are at much higher risk than the unvaccinated.

– I mean, it’s hard. When I saw this next piece, and I wrote to you, and I was like, “I can’t actually believe I’m reading this.” So it was in the Telegraph, and the headline was “Why the models are warning of a third UK COVID wave,” and they’re flawed. And much of the data suggesting a surge in hospital admissions and deaths this summer is needlessly negative and often out of date. And then there’s a bit within that article that’s headed “the risk among the vaccinated,” and it says there is an extraordinary paragraph buried in the summary of modeling submitted to SAGE by the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modeling, which discusses who will die in a third wave. It says, “The resurgence in both hospitalizations and deaths is dominated by those that have received two doses of the vaccine.” What? Wow.

– Polly, this is the basis now for the next money-making wave, which is that the people who’ve been vaccinated will be told you’re at higher risk. You better go back and get your booster. That’s where this leads to, right? And in the UK, I think they call them top-up vaccines. But where this leads to is, okay, you may be at higher risk because we were fighting Coronavirus-19, but now we’re dealing with the Brazil strain. You better come back and get your jab so that you’re protected. More money, more risk.

– And someone was saying, I noticed when the article went out is that, again, they vaccinated the people with the underlying health conditions. So think about that going, It’s worrying going forward, and I know people have a lot of loved ones that have had both sets of vaccines. But anyway, Defender will keep you updated on what’s going. So, sign up for that. BBC, the headline here is “Brazil has more than 4,000 deaths in 24 hours for the first time.” It goes on to say that Brazil is now a threat to the entire efforts of the international community to control the pandemic. Dr. Miguel Nicolelis says if Brazil is not under control, then the planet is not going to be safe. 92 variants of coronavirus, they say, have been detected. Then they show a graph of coronavirus deaths in Brazil, and there’s a sharp rise between December and April. My question to you, Mary, is when did Brazil stop vaccinating?

– I’m not sure when they started vaccinating, Polly. I mean, you know, Brazil has been, a lot’s been happening at the provincial level. Like the United States, it’s a federation, so they’re not all the same, and they’ve had different policies. But overall the president, Bolsonaro, he’s not been in the bandwagon, on the bandwagon for lockdowns and so on. So there’s been a lot of pressure, and it’s tragic that there are a lot of deaths from COVID. I don’t know a lot about what they’re doing in Brazil.

– Okay, all right, well, we’ll keep our eyes on that. Sticking with the BBC headline, “European rights court backs mandatory pre-school jabs.” The case was brought by families who were fined or whose children were refused entry to preschool because they had not been vaccinated. Anyway, so can you talk-

– So Children’s Health Defense, we submitted what’s called a friend of the court brief on that case. So this was about, this is children in the Czech Republic, and there were five families, and they didn’t want to have to give their children jabs to go to preschool. And so the question was can the country have no exemptions, no religious exemptions, only medical for these preschoolers? And the European Court of Human Rights in a 16-to-one decision said, yes, it does not violate human rights. The public health comes first, but there were qualifications which are important. They said it can’t be forced. In other words, you can’t strap a child down. And then, and this was interesting to me, Polly, they said that unvaccinated children can’t be excluded from primary school. So this only applies to preschool, but it’s not a good, for us, for sort of the people who want to have vaccine choice and informed consent and the right to refuse, that decision is not good news. I think you sent another article. There are those who’ve raised questions about the impartiality of the judges. Many of them have worked for organizations in the past, for nonprofit organizations that have received funding from George-Soros-funded organizations, Open Society, or the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, both of whom have a very strong pro-vaccination position. And so questions at least have been asked whether that in any way prejudiced the judges. I’m not prepared to speak on that, but I think it’s an important question.

– Always follow the money, the funders, the sponsors, and it leads you down that path. Back into Children’s Health Defense Defender, okay, this is, lot of people talking about this actually right now, headline, “Pentagon reveals microchip that senses COVID in the body.” So this microchip will detect COVID infection in an individual before it can become an outbreak or that you know you have it. I’ve made that bit up. That wasn’t in The Defender. It says a tissue-like gel is engineered to continually test your blood. So what could go wrong there, Mary? I can’t believe I’m reading these things.

– And I think six months ago, Polly, anybody who said this, they would have said, oh my God, you’re a psychopathic anti-vaxxer. How dare you say anything so sci-fi. And yet this was on 60 Minutes, and these are Pentagon scientists. And these are people from DARPA. And this is gonna sort of be what, they like to analogize it. It’s like an engine light. It’s a check-your-engine light. They’re seeking emergency-use authorization for these chips. You know, what could possibly go wrong, right? I think your line is exactly right.

– Well, we’ll keep our eye on that, and I’m sure you’ll keep us updated on where that’s going. I’ve already been noticing that a lot of people who have faith, Christian people particularly, are contacting or writing underneath this article that actually biblically it says that foreign objects are not to be put into the body. So I know there’s gonna be a big situation there with people who don’t believe in that, for their faith. So we’ll watch that and see what happens. Okay, ABC News, this is a weird one. The headline is “A next-gen army COVID vaccine you’ve never heard of has just begun human trials.” So it says scientists believe it might combat deadly variants and even future pandemics. And their words are, not ours. Their words: “A scrappy team of scientists in an army lab quietly continued manipulating proteins, testing monkeys, and working to conceive a vaccine of the future.” That’s extraordinary language, isn’t it? It doesn’t give confidence.

– They’re trying to suggest that this is gonna be this super-duper vaccine against all future coronaviruses. You know, we’ll see.

– One to watch. Now we’ve gotta mention, we’ve gotta mention that video that I sent you. It’s a ghastly superhero video. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, people. I mean, you don’t need to see it. The mother and father vaccinate their child, and it turns the mother and father into superheroes with the line, normal is coming. It’s extraordinary. It’s really odd.

– It’s not odd, unfortunately. It’s an advertisement for the American Academy of Pediatrics. It’s a black family, who they need to encourage, and what they’re trying to do, I think they’re feeling like they’re being, the AAP and the childhood schedule is being sidelined for all the focus on COVID. And they wanna remind parents, you have to go back and protect your child against all of these childhood illnesses. So this is a straight-up advertisement to come into your pediatrician’s office. And I think that the hashtag, Polly, was something like go to your pediatrician. I have to find it here, but it’s just commercial.

– That’s a terrible hashtag.

– Call your pediatrician was the hashtag, call your pediatrician. Get your kids updated on all their vaccines. Be a superhero.

– Well, most people don’t know how to spell pediatrician so that’s not gonna do very well, that hashtag. Right, New York Times, vaccine passports. Let’s talk about vaccine passports. The idea of vaccine passports is raising charged legal and ethical questions. Can business require employees or customers to provide proof, digital or otherwise, that they’d been vaccinated when the coronavirus is voluntary. So what say you on that ’cause you’re the lawyer.

– Well, Polly, so they’re sort of trying to encourage you to understand that, they’re saying in their headline that this likely legal. And they quote a Harvard law professor, whom I’ve met, who says, “Well, this is analogous to no shoes, no shirt, no service.” It’s like, no, this is definitely not analogous to no shoes, no shirt. This is a medical intervention, which must be voluntary, which can cause death. This is not analogous to no shoes, no shirt, which is not gonna kill you ever. So, they’re trying to minimize what this means. The reality, as far as I understand it, Polly, is if these vaccines are so effective, an unvaccinated person poses no risk to the vaccinated. And if an unvaccinated person has chosen not to be vaccinated, they have assumed the risk. This is a legal doctrine. So it is not benefiting me, the unvaccinated, or the vaccinated to have this passport, but it is definitely benefiting the platform. It is benefiting whoever wants to have control and a digital identity for people. And this article doesn’t go into it, but people who are looking at this question in a deeper way, it’s not far off before these identities are used for other purposes, like credit scores, your employment record, your property record, your health records, everything about you.

– And which leads us on to the article, the headline, “Your Face Will Be Your Credential.” UK government is funding companies that are producing technology which will utilize digital face scans to check people’s vaccination status and allow or block them from entering pubs, stadiums, and other venues. It’s made by iProov. They’re working to create a future in which facial scans could dictate our access to many parts of society. I do not like that article.

– No, that is a very troubling thing, and it’s very real. And I actually wanna read you what the President Biden spokesperson said about the passports that was quoted in the New York Times. She said, “The U.S. system, there will not be a system that will require Americans to carry a credential,” is her word, “and there will be no federal vaccine database and no federal mandate requiring everyone to obtain a single vaccine credential.” Those are very carefully chosen words, which suggests that there could be facial recognition on a federal level, and there could be an international digital passport, and there could be several different international ones. None of that would be excluded by that very careful language from President Biden’s spokesperson, Jen Psaki. So the passports are coming fast and furious, and many would argue, myself included, that the passport could have been based on anything to get people onto this digital platform. It just happens to be the pandemic and the vaccine, but the notion is to force people, to coerce people to get on the digital platform at which time, there will be a level of control over humans that was unthinkable in the past.

– All right, well, I’m assuming Children’s Health Defense are fighting that for us.

– We are. That’s why we’ve got to join Children’s Health Defense. Come on. Right, now I wanna talk about this horrific attack on Bobby Kennedy. Actually, I’m just gonna mention this, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. I mean, it’s just pretty much everywhere.

– Polly, it’s not just Bobby. So this is Senator Brad Hoylman, who’s a senator from New York City. He’s been sort of the Richard Pan of New York. He’s been pharma’s prodigy, and he’s attacking both RFK Jr. and Children’s Health Defense. And he’s saying that we should both be de-platformed, and that we are a public health menace and that we, both Bobby and CHD, have repeatedly been spreading misinformation about efficacy and safety of COVID-19. I think we are gonna look at that very carefully. And he’s saying that we’re putting out bunk science to spread lies about COVID-19 vaccines. That is defamation. We do not put out inaccurate information. We do not lie. And so, we are gonna look at this carefully. And they allege that we’re seeking to dissuade people. No, we’re not. We’re seeking to give people truthful information and let people make their own decisions. We think that’s an ethical obligation, and so that’s what we’re doing.

– Well, history has a funny way of showing that censorship and things like this backfire, think “Vaxxed.” And also my message personally to Senator Hoylman is that Children’s Health Defense and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. represent a lot of us parents, and we are millions.

– We’re millions.

– So when you take or try and take them down or say things, there’s a lot of us out there, and it’s not gonna go well. It’s not.

– It’s not gonna go well. This isn’t the first time that Brad Hoylman has done things that were very provocative on pharma’s behalf. But we’ll see what happens. We’ll keep you updated on that one too, Polly.

– And ,of course, Bloomberg, “A Look Into the Anti-vaxx Playbook, How the Anti-vax Establishment is Waging War Against COVID-19,” again talking about Bobby Kennedy throughout that.

– Photo of Bobby, and they mentioned here this really, really, a place in the UK that’s very troubling called the Center for Countering Digital Hate. And it’s actually a hate group against people who question or don’t choose to take vaccines. So it’s the group that came out with the disinformation dozen last week.

– And now I’ve got here, Justice Clarence Thomas roasts big tech protections in scathing letter.

– Yeah, this was very exciting. It wasn’t exactly a letter. So the Supreme Court dismissed the case that was brought by a Columbia University institute against president Trump, against Twitter. Sorry, it was against President Trump because he had de-platformed people from his Twitter account, but then Twitter de-platformed President Trump. And so they dismissed the case saying it was moot because Trump is no longer president. However, Justice Thomas took the time and trouble to write what’s called a concurrence. He sort of agreed with the result, but he wanted to explain his reasoning. And he suggests that big tech is a big problem and that there has to be better regulation. And in this NPR story about it, it said this is really an invitation to plaintiff’s lawyers to bring cases challenging section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. We brought a challenge like that back in August, Polly, and our case against Facebook for censorship, we believe in the name of the federal government, is going to be heard in early May in a federal court in California. So we have already taken that challenge up. And we think that what Justice Thomas said, that this is a big problem, that essentially this is now the public square, and the government is colluding with social media to censor people. This threatens democracy. So stay tuned on that one.

– Yeah, we will stay tuned. I think we’ve got time to just bring up this very dark news. And I think it’s important to mention this because I didn’t know about this, from MIT Technology Review. And I don’t know why I didn’t know about it, but the whole point of this show and Children’s Health Defense and all the things they do is to educate. We’ve got to educate ourselves. So the headline here is “Scientists plan to drop the 14-day embryo rule, a key limit on stem cell research. As technology for manipulating embryonic life accelerates, researchers want to get rid of their biggest stop sign.” Let’s talk about this a little bit because I just was shocked that this even happened. I didn’t even know it had happened.

– I had not. This is very troubling. So this is talking about research that’s being done in the United States and elsewhere around the world right now. And there have been rules in place since 2016 from the International Society for Stem Cell Research to limit research on human embryos for stem cells until 14 days. And they’re saying here now, and it’s a 40-year-old rule. It started in the ’70s. And they’re now saying that they want to throw that rule aside. They acknowledged that this is the platform for genetic engineering of humans. And they say that they want to, they don’t wanna put in place a black-letter rule of 28 days or 45 days. And they really say, well, this is sort of more for curiosity in science than it is, right now, any kind of commercial competition. But this blurs the line, Polly, between life. I mean this absolutely, like these are real human embryos that if left alone would grow into infants and children. I mean, this is very troubling. It’s a kind of mechanistic view of human life that is deeply disturbing.

– Deeply disturbing. So there, if you didn’t know that, then I’m sure you’re sitting, watching this absolutely shocked as I was when I first saw that. So I don’t know what we do about it, but again, we’ll keep-

– We’ll follow it.

– We’ll keep following it, yeah. Okay, so I’m going into the good news now. The headline here is from Israel National News, 93, 93 Israeli doctors say do not use this COVID-19 vaccine on children. These 93 doctors have signed a joint letter of protest calling to refrain from administering COVID-19 vaccines to children In quotes, they say, “It is from the devil.” “Haste is from the devil,” sorry.

– Haste is from the devil, yeah.

– Haste is from the devil. The recognition that we do not understand everything about the virus and the vaccine against it. Wow.

– Polly, I love this letter. This is a beautiful letter, and we’re publishing it today in The Defender. So check out The Defender to read the original letter. And we know in Israel, over 50% of people have been vaccinated, probably much more than 50. I don’t know, 80 or 90. It’s the most vaccinated country in the world. And yet these doctors are coming out and saying don’t do this to children. And I’m gonna quote. They say, “Not even a handful of children should be endangered through the mass vaccination against a disease that is not dangerous to them.” And they say that the cornerstone of medical ethics is first do no harm. And you can’t possibly do no harm when you don’t fully understand the disease, and you don’t fully understand the vaccine. And they’re saying we don’t know what the long-term effects are gonna be on growth or on the reproductive system or on fertility. And they also go farther to say there should be no segregation and no discrimination against people based on a vaccine passport. They say do not rush to vaccinate children until the bigger picture is clear. It’s gonna take time before we fully understand what the risks of these vaccines are. There’s no good reason to give them to children. And, in fact, they’re essentially saying it’s unethical, and it’s against medicine.

– And they’re right, and thank God for these 93 Israeli doctors. Thank you. Thank you from all of us.

– Thank you to these doctors. And, Polly, we know that that’s especially difficult to do in Israel.

– Yeah.

– They are in a real, It’s a pressure cooker on vaccination. So, really, praise to those doctors who stood up.

– Yeah, thank you. Well, yeah, agreed. Okay, more good news, and I love this ’cause you know I have a son-in-law in the military, but almost 40% of U.S. Marines have refused the COVID jab. As of last Thursday, 48,000 U.S. soldiers declined the COVID vaccine. Good for them ’cause it’s so much pressure. I know there’s so much. I hear from the military the whole time, so much pressure for them. It goes on to say Democratic lawmakers want to make vaccination mandatory for the Marines. And the U.S. military cannot currently mandate the vaccines for soldiers, as the jabs have only been approved, again, for emergency use from the FDA, not full authorization. So, well done to those people standing up.

– And we know, Polly, people in the military are hyper vaccinated against everything and anything when they go abroad. So these people understand what the risks of vaccination are much better than the general public, and they are refusing them.

– Yeah, so well done to them, and you know what? As we all, more doctors speak out like the Israeli doctors, more people just stand firm and say no, we will get there on this.

– That’s right, that’s right. I mean, if enough people say, no, it can’t go forward, right? There’s not enough police people. There’s not enough troops. There’s not enough track and trace. If people just get together with others who feel the same way and say, no, we’re not doing this, we’re not getting the passport, we’re not getting the vaccines, thank you very much, the program can’t go forward.

– Right, exactly. Any other news from Children’s Health Defense before we close up?

– It was a good week. I don’t have anything specific to say you.

– You did a lovely talk, though, with 300 people.

– I did. Well, I went to a wonderful conference. Thank you, Polly, I did. I went to a wonderful outdoor conference of several hundred people in Winchester, Virginia with the Weston A. Price Foundation, which focuses on good nutrition. And there was a very attentive audience and really responsive people. And it was very heartwarming to be with people and to be with children and just to see people having fun and acting in a normal way. It was very inspiring, and it was a good break.

– Wonderful, good, and to everybody out there, I know we’re still getting contacted by many of you saying that you feel very low and depressed. Keep remembering this. We will win this. We have told you this before, spoiler alert, God wins, which means good wins, and we are going to be okay. And it is getting dark, the headlines that Mary and I read out, but there’s hope. And Children’s Health Defense are fighting with everything that they’ve got. So please join. Please join up. And we’re gonna get those cards made up, are we, Mary?

– Yes, I already made a note of it. I love that idea. We’re gonna have cards that have The Defender on it, and we’ll set it up so that you can buy those. People were saying to me we need bumper stickers. We’re gonna go old school. We need to do real reach.

– Old school, yeah.

– Getting the word out, it’s not social media anymore. We’re going bumper stickers, door to door, cards.

– Yeah, so then we just hand them out to people. You don’t even need to have that conversation of all those people asking you very private information, like have you had your vaccine? So remember to pray big everybody. Remember how much you’re loved. Mary and I will be back next week. All week, you’ll be able to find out what’s going on through The Defender. So we’ll see, And this program will be edited with all the links in The Defender tomorrow. The boy’s already working on it as we speak.

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