‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: India’s Health Ambassador Dies One Day After Vaccine + Facing a Vaccine Mandate? Here’s What to Do + More

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– Great to be here. We were really sorry not to go live on Tuesday as we like to do every week. But I was in Connecticut at the Last Stand Rally in front of the State House in Hartford, Connecticut. And we were there to really try to influence the legislators who were deliberating in the Senate on a bill to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination. And Polly, there were over 4,000 people there. It was really a moving experience. The bad news is that we did not achieve our goal, which was to have them back off and not repeal the exemption. They did repeal it. But it’s interesting what the Senate voted on after hours, like after 6:00 PM, when many people had left, but by no means all, they voted in that starting in September 2022, so over a year away, the only religious exemptions that will be valid are those for people who today, between kindergarten and 12th grade, have religious exemptions. So they’re grandfathering in the people who have religious exemptions, but not permitting any new religious exemptions. So that’s not what happened in California or New York or Maine. This is kind of a new repeal of the religious exemption, but it’s one that actually is gonna be very subject to challenge, Polly, because you can’t really say that it’s a medical emergency if you’re gonna let people have those exemptions for 13 years. And you can’t really say that you’re treating people equally, which you have to do, when you have a state program. It’s gonna be challenged by attorneys, and many attorneys spoke who are going to challenge it. But Bobby Kennedy was there. Del Bigtree was there. Kevin Jenkins was there. Dr. Aaron Lewis was there. Allie Chapman from Massachusetts was there. Lots of Connecticut legislators, Polly, mostly Republicans and one Democrat, legislators spoke which was really interesting. And as Del Bigtree pointed out, I mean, we are now a voting block, Polly. We are a voting block. And I think legislators are starting to recognize that we who insist on choice when it comes to vaccination for children, and soon to be for adults, we’re a voting block. We are to some extent a single-issue voter pool. So anyway, it was a thrilling day. It’s very inspiring to be with our people. It’s very lonely to feel like you’re alone in this fight. But it brought people together, and they had a great infrastructure led by LeeAnn Ducat and Matt Paterna and Brian Festa. They were the three key organizers for three different organizations in Connecticut. But they had food, they had bathroom access, they had sort of play space for kids. So there were hundreds of kids, Polly, which was also really wonderful. People had their kids there, and they made a day of it. They brought a blanket, and they had a picnic lunch, and people kind of played, and we had music. And we watched what was going on inside the State House. We lost the battle, but we will win the war, Polly. Nobody’s gonna give up just because a bunch of Connecticut legislators did something that was really stupid.

– And I was amazed at how much press you all got as well. I mean, those Josh Coleman signs, the V for Vaccine signs were in all of the press.

– And Josh Coleman was there, and Josh spoke eloquently. And I mean, we got more favorable press, Polly, than I have ever seen, and you and I’ve been at this a long time. We got really decent press with photos, and real quotes from the people who were there demonstrating, and why they were demonstrating and how they felt about Connecticut. One was a woman I got a chance to speak with. She was quoted in a Stanford paper. She served for 20 years in the US military. And she said, “I fought to preserve these freedoms for the United States overseas. And here, my home state of Connecticut is taking these away from me.” I mean, she was just appalled. And there was a lot of people who were there also, Polly. People came from other states, but there were a lot of people from Connecticut. Some of those people were born in Poland. There was a big Polish community. And people get it, like this is not right. This is not what America stands for. We will not tolerate this. So it was an uplifting day to see all of these people coming together. They were all present.

– You were amazing, all of you. We were watching, lots of people online as well. So as many as were there, way more online.

– Way more watching, and you pointed out, Polly. So this was also an exciting day for us at Children’s Health Defense, because as you all know, we’ve been censored on Facebook and on Instagram and on Twitter, and so we figured out a way to have live video coverage on the Children’s Health Defense website. So if you missed the rally and you want to see it, you can go to, and we will be posting all of our live videos there. So there was really good coverage by our team, by Aimee Villella McBride and Stephanie Locricchio, and we captured the important speeches. And so go there if you need sort of a lift up on these issues.

– And once we get a little tutorial on it, we’re doing our show live on there. So you all need to get over there, sign up for that. And let’s not forget the people behind the scenes like Lynne Arnold who’s worked so hard.

– So the head of our IT team is Lynne Arnold, and she has several people supporting her and they do an extraordinary job. And we have to get around the censorship. As Robert Kennedy said in his speech, if you take away the right to speech, all the rest follows. And the only reason that people cut out a man’s tongue is because he’s saying the truth. They don’t bother to cut out the tongue of somebody who’s lying. But somebody who’s telling the truth that people don’t want you to get out, that’s why people censor people.

– And so I was waiting for all the press on that day, and what was amazing was so many quotes from people in our movement. So well done everybody who managed to get to speak to the press. But from the other side, from what I could see as I was going through it, they said that one of the reasons that they voted this bill the way they did was from Francesca Testa, who was apparently involved in this. She said she was in hospital for days with meningitis, and if she’d gotten the vaccine, it would never have happened. And she said the reason why she felt it was important that this happened was, as someone who had one of these vaccine-preventable diseases, it’s devastating that parents don’t want to prevent their children from having the same thing that happened to myself and my family. What I say to her, and so do many, many other parents, I personally have had measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, actually shingles as well. A bit uncomfortable for a few days, but I’m so glad compared to my son who I gave the vaccine to for measles, and he is now brain damaged for life. So I think honestly they are getting weak. If that’s the best they can come up with on their side, Mary, then they are in trouble.

– Well, they are in trouble, Polly. The reason that they censor us is because it’s so fragile. They don’t really have a leg to stand on. But I have to tell you what I heard from one of the Connecticut organizers was that there was a counter-demonstration planned for the other side of the State House from where our people had gotten a permit, and apparently three people showed up, Polly. That’s the level of popular support for these mandate-pushing legislators. It’s not a popular issue, whereas on our side we have people who are passionate, who stayed 10 hours to try to influence the legislators. And I should mention we did flip one vote. So one Democrat did change the vote on the day based on seeing these people saying, “It should be for the parents to decide.” But we were short three democratic legislator votes. And I think now there will be a concerted effort in Connecticut to do what needs to be done, which is to vote out those people who defied the the will of their constituents on this issue. So I think this is becoming a very political issue. It’s no longer just sort of a cultural issue or even just a legal issue, it is becoming a front and center political issue.

– And for all those that got really upset, really depressed, and why are we even bothering? It may be that this has to happen for it to get to the end of all of this. It may get like that further on or worse.

– And actually, Josh Coleman said that very clearly. He said it is going to get worse bef… It has to get worse before it gets better. I don’t know if it has to, but the reality is it does get worse. You and I are in this, because terrible things happened to our children. People come to this movement, because terrible things happened to them or their loved ones. That’s how it happened. And sad to say that’s now happening on a massive global scale.

– Well, let’s get through some of this. “Nature”, Peter Hotez, can you talk about that, please?

– I wanted to talk about this. So “Nature” is probably the most prestigious, international scientific journal. It is for science. It is a publication that produces peer-reviewed studies by people in physics, biology, chemistry, and so on. So they ran an editorial by Peter Hotez, the physician who’s been outspoken in favor of vaccines, kind of the new Paul Offit. And Peter Hotez is essentially describing anti-vaxxers as domestic terrorists. He’s saying it’s not enough just to sort of demean these people. Much stronger methods have to be employed against their aggression. So he is using a vocabulary about those who oppose vaccines. Of course, he’s calling us anti-science, but more importantly, he’s saying that our techniques, that we have millions of dollars behind us, that we’re all over the Internet. That this is misinformation, that it’s harmful, but that we are aggressive, and that we are destructive. So I see this as a very bad omen that there will be further efforts to censor and potentially to criminalize activity around those who oppose vaccines. And I learned at the rally which I had not known, Polly, actually Josh Coleman mentioned this in his speech, that Senator Richard Pan, who was really the originator of the repeal of the personal belief exemption in California. He has a bill that is expected to pass in California that would in fact criminalize demonstrating against vaccines in about 10,000 locations in California. So we see this as part of a whole to not only censor us through the private sector, but now to use the force of government to silence us and to deprive us of the right of assembly and the right of speech. So it is gonna get worse before it gets better.

– I see fear on their behalf, actually. I see them panicking. If they’re going to go to that extreme, they’re losing.

– And I said that to the crowd. I said, “The reason that they were delaying the vote…” They were supposed to vote, Polly, at 9:00 AM on Tuesday, and I had to leave at 6:30 PM, and they had not yet voted. Why did they wait? Because they were afraid to leave the building and walk into a crowd of 4,000 irate people that their rights were being taken away, their fundamental rights. So they waited until seven, eight o’clock at night so that the crowd would die down, so that they could leave under the cover of darkness. That is how afraid these people are to be doing what they’re doing. And that is a sign that… I mean, there’s no question the truth will win out here, Polly. The truth will win out, and we will win, but they are afraid, and they are using more desperate measures.

– And they’re throwing their last rocks at us. Really, I do think it’s going to… Mary’s right, we are going to win, God’s going to win. Let’s move on to Children’s Health Defense, the Defender. The CDC panel votes to resume the use of the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine without restrictions. A CDC independent advisory panel on Friday voted 10 to 4 to recommend the continued use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after the single dose shot was paused over blood-clotting concerns. The panel did not recommend adding any extra warning about the risk of rare blood-clotting disorders. So that happened.

– We predicted that one, Polly. We knew that they were going to restart it. And the only thing that was interesting to me there is that they didn’t even put a warning on it, but four people objected. And clearly this is gonna diminish the global sales of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. I think that for the United States the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are much more important. The Pfizer is one of the big four vaccine manufacturers. And Moderna remember is a joint venture with the National Institutes of Health, the Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases. So those are the two that they’re protecting here. So the Johnson & Johnson, I think they didn’t put a warning on, but still it’s kind of a protection to deflect attention, because these blood-clotting issues are absolutely the case across the board in all of these Covid vaccines.

– Interesting battle between the big pharma there, but we’ll keep our eye on it. And Children’s Health Defense in the Defender are keeping us up to date. Mary, I cannot tell you how many people say to me, “Thank you for referring me over there,” because it’s just a wealth of information-

– It’s really good information. And as you point out, Polly, every Friday our fabulous journalist Megan Redshaw is analyzing and putting out information about the new Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System data. So every Friday in particular you wanna check it out. But if you sign up, you’ll get an email every day Monday through Friday, and then you’ll get an email over the weekend of the most read articles. So it’s free. It really is a great way to be informed.

– It is, it is. Let’s go to the New York Time Opinion side. The headline is “No, We Don’t Know if Vaccines Change Your Period”. It’s by Alice Lu-Culligan and Randi Hutter Epstein. A spate of reports from women stating their periods changed after they got their Covid-19 vaccine. And they say in there so far there is no data linking the vaccines to changes in menstruation. And even if there is a connection, one unusual period is no cause for alarm. Look at the comments underneath. I have never seen so many reports of unusual periods after the Moderna, Pfizer vaccine. It goes on and on and on. It’s unbelievable how many people.

– What’s unbelievable about that, Polly, is that they published that, write an editorial about menstruation and about the interaction between vaccines and menstruation. I mean, you know this is a widespread issue for them to actually do an editorial on this. That’s sort of a good sign the adverse events are getting out there. And as you know, Polly, there are people in our community now talking about adverse events in women’s periods who haven’t been vaccinated, but they’re coming into proximity with people who have been vaccinated. And so we’ll get to that story, I think, or that is a story that’s out there certainly.

– And also for people who want to know more, Dr. Christi Northrup is doing a great job, and that’s her field anyway-

– Right, she’s a gynecologist.

– You’ve got her on Instagram and stuff like that, so keep up to date on that, and keep reporting in. And Children’s Health Defense also have a way of you reporting anything that you want.

– Exactly. So on our landing page for the Defender, there’s a heading called Covid, and at the bottom of the page also there’s a Covid section. And the very first icon says, “How to report injury.” And we recommend people report in three ways: they report to theirs, they report to a private, expert adverse event reporting system called, and we have access to that data that analyze it, and then the third thing is you can report on our website and you can tell us what happened to you, to your loved one. So that people can start to understand what to expect or just to read about what can happen after these vaccines, uncensored, unfiltered by the pharmaceutical media.

– So everyone get over. So now I’m gonna do two articles in one go. So I think it’s all sort of… Well, let’s start with the CHD Defender. The headline here, “Pfizer Vaccine May Cause Heart Inflammation in People Under 30”. It’s a leaked study suggesting that. Israeli researchers found 62 cases of myocarditis, including two deaths, after recent vaccination with Pfizer. 55 of the cases occurred in men, most between 18 and 30. And then the “New York Post” headline there is herpes infection possibly linked to Covid-19 vaccines. The study says scientists in Israel identified six cases. What is the thing with six? Everything six, everything, six feet apart, six cases. Anyway, in a new study of patients developing a skin rash known as herpes zoster or shingles after receiving the Pfizer vaccine, they say it’s still unclear whether the vaccine caused these cases of herpes. “We should not scare people,” says Dr. Victoria Furer. “The overall message is to get vaccinated.” Well, you can’t put a headline out like that, and then tell everyone to go and get the vaccine. Most people have got a bit more common sense than that. But the interesting thing is it’s being reported, these things.

– I mean, it’s extraordinary, Polly, that it’s being reported. And any person with common sense would say, “Wow, I risk getting heart inflammation. Now I risk getting sort of overall body rashes. Maybe there’s something not so good about these products.”

– And they always end it the same way with-

– The benefits outweigh the risks. I mean, they have to end on the benefits outweigh the risks, but people at least have to start asking the question, “Do they really outweigh the risks? And how do they know that?” These have been tested for a matter of months. And the vaccines that you and I know have caused serious harm to generations of children, they were tested for 10-plus years. So people will come to their own conclusions, but these are not well-tested products. They’re not approved, they’re not licensed, they’re not recommended. They’re just authorized.

– And from experience, ’cause we’ve been doing this a long time, the way it goes if we allow this to continue is you’ll start to hear things like, “Oh, so a bit of heart inflammation, perfectly normal after the Pfizer. Oh, herpes, totally normal. Bit of seizures in babies after their DTaP, totally normal. It’s common, it’s common.”

– Sad to say we already have, Polly, not only do we have the sudden infant death syndrome, we already have the sudden adolescent death syndrome. And for sure, we’re gonna start to see the sudden adult death syndrome. I mean, that’s got to be next, that suddenly people will just die. And it will just turn out that there was a vaccine not in the too distant past, but that will have no bearing whatsoever. It will be the sudden adult death syndrome.

– Yeah. “Daily Mail”. “Infections of South African and Kent coronavirus variants have already been recorded in vaccinated people”. This is the National Health Service. And the experts as always warning. Dr. Susan Hopkins, the chief medical advisor for the National Health Service Test and Trace, reassured that vaccines were a primer for the immune system and would help reduce death. She says, “We know that these vaccines are not 100% protecting you against infection, and that’s why we ask people to take caution.” Sounds like she’s warning you, I would say, there. So there is that, so we’re hearing more and more about the variants coming out, and we’ll talk more about that as we go on. So CNBC. “More than 30 colleges now say Covid vaccines will be mandatory for fall 2021”. The numbers growing of colleges and universities that will require students to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. And they list them all, Yale, Stanford, et cetera. And so a question for Mary is how can they mandate an experimental, an emergency use vaccine? And viewers sending in to us their letters that they’re getting for their children saying that they will need to do it. So lots of people asking for your help on this.

– So let me explain that we’ve just posted on the Defender. There’s a heading at the top called Legal, and under Legal there’s a heading called Resources. And we have three notices about Emergency Use Authorization vaccines, testing and masks. Our legal opinion is that none of these products should be subject to mandate. Why? Because all of them are experimental by definition. They are emergency use only, which means they may be effective, they have not been proven to be effective. And the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration under federal law has said, “These products must be voluntary. They must be subject to the right to refuse.” So our view is that any mandate today that a college or an employer or another institution imposes is against the law. I think what they’re banking on, Polly, what these institutions are banking on is that by the end of June that the FDA will approve and will license, and the CDC will recommend Covid vaccines to all of those 16 and over. I think that’s what they’re banking on. And I think we will cross that bridge when we come to it, Polly. I don’t think that using the criteria that the FDA has used in the past to approve and license vaccines, I don’t think Covid vaccines meet that threshold. And so we will cross that bridge when we come to it whether they can lawfully license these products. But right now, what these colleges are doing is unlawful, and it’s speculative. We don’t know that these vaccines are going to be licensed and approved, so they don’t have a good legal leg to stand on. So we have published a letter in the Defender that Robert Kennedy wrote to Rutgers, and we are sending letters to colleges around the country. What I would urge all of you, take the notice that we’ve put up on the Defender under the heading Legal, and then under Resources, take that notice and send it with your own letter to the president of the university, and say, “I thought universities were supposed to comply with law. I thought universities were supposed to support informed consent, a fundamental human right. How can you do this? This is an emergency product that requires voluntary consent.”

– We’ll keep our eye on that. And I know you guys at Children’s Health Defense are going to fight with everything you’ve got.

– We’re fighting on that one, trust me. We’re fighting on that. But honestly, Polly, people need to make a racket. We can’t do it alone. I urge any of you who have children in college, or if you’re in a university, or if you have an employer who’s saying we’re gonna start mandating this by X period of time, write to them now, get your colleagues to write to them. Consider holding a rally and a demonstration. Alert the media. I mean, it is gonna have to have not just a legal strategy, but also an advocacy strategy for us to win on this.

– “Telegraph”. This is just really just a warning for everyone to do their own research, so I’ll just do this one quickly, and we’ll move on. The, could be available this year. Pfizer in America and Belgium have 60 volunteers, all clean-living adults between the ages of 18 and 60. They’re being given the first pill specifically designed to stop SARS-Covid-2. The molecule being tested is an antiviral. It’s got a name, it’s a long number. It will be administered in combination with low doses of ritonavir, which is the medication that they use to treat HIV and AIDS. So that’s the bit that you’re not gonna be told. What we’re saying to you is please, if they’re hailing something as a single pill, and you’re thinking, “Well, I’m not gonna get the vaccine, but I’ll take the pill,” please do your search on absolutely everything. They’re all authorized for emergency use only. These are not approved, just like the vaccines or jabs, as we’re supposed to be calling them now. So that’s really just to remind you all to do your research, ’cause the ads for these things are already starting to come out on mainstream TV. And here we go, BBC. “The UK orders 60 million extra Pfizer doses for the booster jabs.” So they’re getting ready already to start advertising for the fact that if you’ve already had your Covid jab, you’re going to need another one this fall and the flu vaccine. The total number of Pfizer jabs now ordered by the UK is 100 million. The expectation is that the most vulnerable groups, always the most vulnerable groups, the elderly and the mentally ill will be offered another jab before winter. And another little FYI for the UK. As I was scrolling through that, it says the UK has also done a deal on another vaccine called CureVac. I don’t know anything about it, but you must look that up. It’s specifically aimed at the new variants. So already they’re getting those ready as well for the fall.

– We know and remember we’ve discussed this, Polly, that for everything we know the FDA and the European Medicines Agency, they’ve said that those vaccines against the variants will go through no clinical trials. They will simply change the sequence of the DNA or the messenger RNA in the vaccines, and then it will go straight to market. There will be no clinical testing. So, be very thoughtful about a decision to take one of these boosters that genuinely has never been tested before it goes into widespread use.

– All these poor old people as well, I feel really sorry for them going to the care homes, and it just makes me sick., but this affects us all. It’s a new global partnership that’s launched to fight future pandemics. It’s called Pandemic Preparedness Partnership, PPP, to save lives from future diseases and prevent another global pandemic. The PPP will advise the UK prime minister’s ambition to slash the time to develop and deploy high-quality vaccines for new diseases from 300 to 100 days. And there’s a big list of people and organizations involved, and it is around the world, peeps. All of them have a massive conflict of interest. I was looking, Pfizer is involved, AstraZeneca is involved, Johnson & Johnson is involved, the Gates Foundation is involved. It may be starting in the UK, but it is a global partnership, so it does actually affect us all. So heads up on that.

– Well, we’ve seen that before, Polly, so that sounds a lot like Gavi, the Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunization. It sounds like CEPI, whatever it is, the Council for Emergency Preparedness Initiatives. These are these sort of public/private institutions that are absolutely advancing this pro-pharma agenda. And this is the new model, public/private. We don’t need governments to take care of these issues, we need the private sector at the forefront essentially directing governments.

– And this is an article that we’ve entitled Here We Go. Here we go, we knew this was gonna happen. It’s the start of it all. “New York Times”. “An unvaccinated worker set off an outbreak at a US nursing home where most residents were immunized.” Kentucky nursing home where the vast majority had been vaccinated, and one vaccinated individual died according to the CDC study. It goes on to say that two unvaccinated residents also died. The outcome of the study, they say, “It’s imperative that healthcare workers, providers be vaccinated.” There was no understanding in the article of why the so-called unvaccinated person set off the outbreak. I don’t really understand it, actually.

– In my reading of that article, Polly, there was nothing that would prove that it was the unvaccinated person who started this mini-epidemic rather than one of the vaccinated people who also got sick. This is speculation. And that story would never have made “The New York Times” if there were one of many outbreaks of all vaccinated people in a healthcare. The only thing that was notable about that story is the allegation that it was started by an unvaccinated person. And that’s the story the mainstream wants to tell is that the unvaccinated are the threat to the vaccinated, which makes no sense, but that’s the story they wanna tell.

– And we’re gonna see a lot more of that, sadly, the big divide, so prepare yourselves. CBS News. “Moderna, Pfizer vaccines are safe during pregnancy, a study finds”. There’s no evidence to suggest that the Pfizer, Moderna Covid-19 vaccines pose a risk during pregnancy, and this is a preliminary report from the CDC. They did this study it says in this article between December the 14th, 2020, and February 28, 2021. The study was done from more than 35,000 women, they say. People who were either pregnant or soon to become pregnant, which is weird, soon to become pregnant. I mean, that’s got nothing to do as far as I’m concerned with the testing on pregnant women, so therefore some of these babies are not even born yet, Mary, because most of those babies due in September, and so it doesn’t make any sense to me. Some maybe might’ve been late, but on the whole, hard to understand how you can seal off a study and say there’s no evidence, but then, then a few days later this Yahoo News… It wasn’t covered everywhere, but we found it on Yahoo News. “CDC Walks Back Director’s Comments on the Covid Vaccine for Pregnant Women.” The CDC head Dr. Rochelle Walensky said at the World Health press conference on Friday that the CDC recommends that pregnant women receive the Covid-19 vaccine. So on Tuesday the CDC said that their guidelines for pregnant women who wish to get a Covid vaccine have not changed. And they say, if you are pregnant, you may choose to receive a Covid-19 vaccine, but caution pregnant women to weigh the risks posed by the vaccine and the virus against one another. That was not splashed all over the media as it should have been to warn parents.

– I mean, you and I both know how can you possibly assert that something is safe in pregnancy without seeing how these fetuses develop into young children for several years. This is completely speculative. And I’m glad that they walked back what Walensky said, but I think it shows us something. Dr. Walensky is the head of the CDC. And it shows us their true mission, which is to market for pharma. She’s recommending this to pregnant women. And then somebody said, “We really can’t recommend it, because it’s not even federally recommended.” And they pulled it back and said, “Well, pregnant women may choose,” blah, blah, blah. Well, sure, somebody may choose as an adult to do anything, but there is no safety testing. There were no clinical trials on pregnant women. This is post-marketing information they’ve gotten of women who’ve taken it when they’re pregnant, and there’s no information yet available of what’s gonna happen to those babies. So people beware, buyer beware.

– Please. “New York Times”. “What Do You Do When the Kids Are Still Unvaccinated?” So this is an article that talks about adults who want to get vaccinated, and they all should be able to be vaccinated apparently by July, but yet relatively few children, thank God, will be vaccinated by then. And there’s an article discussing of what should these families do this summer? Then it lists some possible conversations between parents and child. Like, “Darling,” I put the darling word in, “some children have died from Covid-19 and a few thousand others have contracted a rare inflammation condition.” So petrify your child is what they’re advising you to do in the hopes that they will get the vaccine. “And future variants could cause,” they say, “much more severe effects in children.” So they’re building up.

– They’re building up. They’re trying to say right now it’s okay to socialize with your unvaccinated children who lawfully can’t be vaccinated, but just you wait, we will have the vaccine for them soon enough, and then you will all be safe and vaccinated together. I mean, it’s a weird story that they’re trying to say, “It’s okay to socialize with your unvaccinated kids, but don’t you worry, we will have a vaccine for them soon.”

– And then there was another one in “Nature”. “Covid vaccines and kids: five questions as trials begin”. “Parents,” they say, they say, “are clamoring to enroll their children in the first Covid-19 vaccine trials in young children.” And they ask this question, “Do we need to vaccinate children?” So James Conway, a pediatric infectious-disease specialist and vaccine researcher says, “I am tired of seeing sick kids. I want to see them protected.” Well, Dr. James, you’re seeing sick kids. In my opinion, and from what I’ve seen in my world is because they are vaccinated really and truly, because we know that because we look at the health of the unvaccinated. And he then goes on to say… Someone else questions, “How will these trials in kids work?” And he says, “Well, we have to be looking for the sweet spot,” which gives me the absolute chills, and it goes sickeningly on. To me, he sounds like the Child Catcher in “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. It was a horrible, horrible, horrible piece. I did not like it at all. Mary, I have to say, Fox News and various other television stations showing horrific videos of really small babies being vaccinated, and the parents are so excited. I mean, it makes me weep to see what we’re reporting.

– And I think you and I, you did “Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth”, which is so important, and I think more and more is coming out. The real question is not do vaccines work, the real question is how do people stay healthy. Are people healthier if they’re vaccinated 80 times, or are people healthier if they are unvaccinated and occasionally they get some kind of sickness? And we know the answer to that question. We know the answer. The government does not have a counter-answer to that question, “How are people healthier?” 54% of our children have a chronic health condition. They are not healthy. So we know the answer to this, and the answer is getting out there, and that’s the good news. Practically, this is the last hurrah, Polly. This is the last hurrah. This is the old regime in its death throes, frankly, but it’s gonna get worse before it gets better.

– And I have to say, Mary, I think the most precious commodity on earth right now is the unvaccinated child. And hold them close parents, because that is going to be the ultimate truth to the danger of these vaccines. And well done to you parents that are keeping them unvaccinated. I wish I had an unvaccinated child.

– And we know that it’s hard. And we’re so proud and grateful of the parents with unvaccinated young children, because we know it’s hard. And that means homeschooling, that means dealing with coercive doctors. It’s a lot, but God knows it’s worth it.

– The BBC. “The Coronapas: The passport helping Denmark open up after the Covid”. So football fans will be allowed into stadiums, bars, restaurants, and museums. Everything’s opening up, but they need to show that they are infection-free by showing a Coronapas, the corona-passport. It’s a digital app on your phone, which shows whether you have had a negative test result within the last 72 hours, a certificate of vaccination, or proof of a previous infection 2 to 12 weeks earlier. And then the next bit of news is the News. “The World Health Organization rejects Covid passport schemes over fears vaccines don’t stop the virus transmission”. This was right there in the headline. Instead the World Health Organization has recommended that countries impose stricter quarantine measures for international travelers. Then we go on to NBC News. “Americans vaccinated against Covid may be allowed to go to Europe this summer”. Americans who have been fully vaccinated against coronavirus may be able to visit countries in the European Union this summer. Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, says that “Once you are vaccinated, you will be able to come over here.” And it will enable free movement to travel in the European Union, but they will only acknowledge the Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines from America, which is I think what we’ve got anyway, isn’t it?

– Well, AstraZeneca is also in Europe, but not here. This is this mixed message about the passports. So the passports are what really, sort of the big global corporations want, clearly. This is this whole notion of getting people onto this 24/7 surveillance blockchain system. But it’s very interesting that the World Health Organization has taken a step back on that, and they said, “Oh, not yet, not yet.” And the federal government in the US has said, “Oh, not yet, we’ll sort of see how this works out.” So we need to keep following that story, Polly.

– Yeah, we do. “New York Times”. “Millions Are Skipping Their Second Doses of Covid Vaccine”. Nearly 8% of those who got initial Pfizer, Moderna shots… 8%, by the way, is more than 5 million people. State officials want to prevent the numbers from rising. “The reasons vary,” this is what they say, “for why people are missing their second shots.” Number one, they feared side effects. Number two, they feel that they’re sufficiently protected with a single shot. And number three, vaccine providers have run out of the second doses. So then “The New York Times” goes on to say, “The nation faces hand-to-hand combat to get reluctant Americans vaccinated.” Half of American adults have received at least one shot of the coronavirus vaccine. And now comes the hard part, they say, persuading the other half to get it. One idea that they put forward is to have patients vaccinated by their own doctors, because apparently we’re more at ease with our own doctors. The White House are calling this the Ground Game. Remember that word? That’s the White House name for this. “What you must do,” says Michael Connie, the senior vice president of Emerging Issues, “is you must think of this as war. We are about to enter the hand-to-hand combat phase of war,” but then you notice that they changed the headline.

– So Polly, it’s interesting. I get “The New York Times” print edition, and so I had noticed that story online, but when I got the print edition the next day, and this is a cover story, they had taken out the words “hand-to-hand combat.” I think they don’t want to be so explicit that this is a war on people who don’t get vaccinated, which it is, so they soft pedaled that headline. But this is a war on people who aren’t willing to get vaccinated, and it will intensify.

– And there was another one here by AP News that the “US drop in vaccine demand has some places turning down doses”. Louisiana, Kansas counties, Mississippi have all stopped asking the federal government for its full allotment. And they say, “Some people just don’t want it,” says a nurse from the Health Department in rural Kansas. President Biden says he is entering a new phase to bolster outreach and overcome hesitancy. So it’s interesting. Again, it’s a sign that people are waking up and people are just saying no.

– They’re not reporting that, Polly. And I think they’re not… They are reporting it somewhat. But I think actually the so-called hesitancy may be much, much greater than what is being reported.

– So another headline here. “37 people in Denmark seek compensation over the coronavirus vaccination side effects”. So some 37 people are requesting compensation over adverse effects they say they suffered after getting a Covid-19 jab. Most of the cases are related to the AstraZeneca vaccine, which the country has now stopped using. And remember AstraZeneca is now renamed Vaxzevria, or Vaxzevria or whatever it is. The side effects in the applications are so extreme that conditions such as paralysis, blood clots, miscarriage, and even death. So good luck with that, people, is what I say.

– And we know those compensation programs really have a pretty central objective to maintain public confidence in vaccines. So it is very difficult, if not impossible, to get adequate, appropriate compensation for injury. People need to know that.

– And here’s another one of showing that they are panicking on their side. It’s from “The Hill”. And the headline is “West Virginia to give $100 savings bonds to residents under 35 who get the vaccine”. And so Governor Jim Justice says that “Any West Virginian age 16 to 35 will receive the $100 savings bond.” He says, “West Virginian residents are not being vaccinated as fast as we would like them. We have got to get our younger people vaccinated. If we can get to the 70%, then masks will go away, hospitalizations will go away, and deaths will become minimal.” I say he knows not what he says. What do you say?

– We don’t have the data yet, Polly, for the deaths, the all-cause mortality for 2021. We probably will be getting that first quarter death rate, and that’s what we’re gonna have to look at, Polly. Where we’re really gonna get the answer to are these vaccines helping or hurting is when we really look at the all-cause deaths. That’s really gonna tell us what’s really going on, because we know the narrative that the vaccine saved lives, but that may not be what the data actually shows.

– And just a little comment on this. “People fully vaccinated against Covid-19 don’t need to wear masks outdoors now,” says the CDC. If you have two Moderna or Pfizer shots, or a single Johnson & Johnson vaccine, you can conduct a range of activities outside without wearing a mask. Mary, I didn’t know that was even a thing. No-one’s wearing a mask outside here in Texas.

– You don’t have to wear masks outside. It is just so crazy. What would be the point of wearing a mask outdoors in the first place? I just find this bizarre, and yet I do see this. In New York City people wear masks outdoors. It’s like, “Why would you wear a mask outdoors?” I don’t understand it, Polly. I understand in a small, enclosed space without ventilation, I do see some point in wearing a mask. I can understand it. But outdoors where there’s ambient air, I don’t even understand. I don’t remember what the CDC guidance was that would have had people be wearing masks outdoors. I thought the guidance was really about being indoors.

– It breaks my heart to see the little children at the playground with their masks on, and even babies in prams with their masks on.

– I was hearing last night from a mom about teenagers on a track team wearing masks. I mean, this is dangerous stuff. It’s really dangerous stuff to be doing exertion and wearing a mask. It blocks your oxygen supply. It’s pretty clear. It’s dangerous, it’s dangerous.

– The tennis teams are doing circuits with their masks on, otherwise they can’t play. It’s disgusting. There’re so many deaths reported in every single week in press and media everywhere. I’ve just picked one this week, which is “India’s Health Ambassador and Tamil Actor Vivek Dies One Day After Taking the Covid Vaccine”. The 59-year-old was on Thursday on television. He was declared the state’s ambassador for creating public health messages. He took the cov-vaccine and urged others publicly with television cameras and everything to take it as well. In less than 24 hours after the vaccine, he went into cardiac arrest. “Questions,” they say in this article, “are being raised of whether he died due to the side effects of the vaccine.” You think? Come on, Mary. I mean, this was a healthy man before. I mean, come on.

– I mean, well, of course. And I think this is interesting, because they have this policy globally to take these prominent cultural figures, these athletes, these performers, these TV stars, and have them say, “I’m getting my vaccine, you do the same.” And then they die. And so it’s a problem for sort of the pharma narrative that these are safe and effective when they have these prominent spokespeople for the vaccines, and then they keel over dead. And we’re seeing that around the world.

– Now a viewer sent this to us living out somewhere in the Gulf. The “Gulf News” anyway is the paper that this is from. The headline is “What’s in the vaccines?” And they say, “It’s mostly water,” says the global alliance. And then there’s a series of questions. And one of the questions, this is all to reassure the people out there that really it’s just water, don’t worry about it. What do the vaccines contain? And Linda Geddes is from Gavi. And she says, listen, “Sterile water, antiseptic liquids, antiviral agents, but they’re really important ’cause they stimulate the immune reaction to the body. There’s really good preservatives that are really good, and they prevent contamination.” And it goes on, other ingredients-

– It goes on and on and on. What was shocking to me about that article, Polly, is they try to say, “Oh, this stuff is so innocent. There’s nothing wrong.” And then it lists for you, mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, antibiotics, excipients, preservatives. And you’re like, “How could anybody read this article, and think this is just sterile water?” So I don’t know what the author’s intent there was, but certainly that article creates real cognitive dissonance in the reader.

– It does. And I say to homeschooling parents, this is an excellent thing for your children to teach them to question everything, because the way they put is they go, “Thimerosal prevents contamination.” You may think, “Great, move on.” And you teach your children, “No, go back and know what it is.” Don’t accept what these people are telling you, ’cause that’s how you end up with a brain-injured child like mine. Really, seriously, I mean it, it’s a great one for homeschooling. Good news from the “Science Mag”. “Florida private school threatens jobs of teachers who seek the Covid-19 vaccine”. Many universities are moving to require students to receive the Covid-19 vaccines, but one pre-K to eighth grade school in Florida has turned that on its head. The school told its teachers and staff to avoid the Covid-19 injection, because of purported dangers that vaccinated people pose to the students. If they choose to be vaccinated against Covid-19, they will not be welcomed back in the fall. Thank you for people like that.

– So that’s an amazing school, Polly. And that they didn’t do that out of the blue. And this is a “New York Times” article, which is clearly meant to be very pejorative. But the article reports that several teachers were vaccinated and they came to school, and then that caused menstrual disruptions and illness in people who are unvaccinated who are around those teachers. So this was not some etiology. This is what they observed in terms of the health of people at their school. And it’s a private academy, and they call the shots. And thank you for going with what you see on the ground, not some theory that vaccines are safe and effective, but this is what they saw and they took appropriate action.

– And so someone’s just saying, “Can you post a link?” So what happens when we finish this show, the boys Toby and Ali will edit it with all the links in, and then list them on the Defender. So I don’t know when this show ’cause we’re out of sync, so we gotta wait for the next slot in the Defender I presume. Hopefully the boys can work quickly, and we can get it in tomorrow, but I can’t promise that, because I don’t know what their schedule is. When it goes in the Defender, you get all of the links-

– Right, you get the links. And we encourage people go read the articles yourself, see if you think we did it justice or not. But you can go see every article that we’re commenting on. We’re really just commenting on for the most part the mainstream media, and we want you to be able to go and read it yourself.

– And we have another good news here that was sent in by a viewer. Thank you for sending your information. If you have any headlines in your area that you want us to cover, do send us. Go to Children’s Health Defense, and send it to us, and we’ll look at it. So it was good news sent by a viewer. Reuters, “Canadian Police Refuse Provincial Order to Make Random Stops Amid Covid-19 Surge”. Canada’s most popular province, Ottawa, police are refusing to make random stops green-lighted by the provincial government. Toronto as well, Hamilton, Windsor, and at least 19 other police forces say that they would not conduct random vehicles or individual stops. Thank you to the police for that. Thank you to the viewer for sending that in, so there is good news.

– Oh, there’s always good news, Polly. There’s always good news, and all politics is local. The law only really exists if it’s enforced. And when people really have had it, they do practice civil disobedience. That’s what happens.

– And so that’s the end of our headlines. So I just want to say to everybody keep standing firm. And as we’ve talked about in here, there is good news. There are people that are rising up. There are people that are working on our behalf legally as well. But settling in my opinion is not an option. It’s not an option ’cause if we settle, then we’re gonna have a terrible future for our grandchildren. And we have to stand firm, and it’s going to be uncomfortable for you all. Your family and friends shouting and screaming, online trolls abusing you, or people that you love abusing you. But keep with the Defender, keep with the Children’s Health Defense. We’re all together. Find your tribe, grow some fuel.

– We can’t say that enough, Polly. This is hard work. This is very hard work. It’s uncomfortable. We are all going up against the grain. We are dissidents in the world today against the vaccine mania, and so you must find your tribe. It’s imperative. And every state has either a Children’s Health Defense chapter. You can find them on the Children’s Health Defense website, or there is a Health Choice group. And we’re partnered with Health Choice. And there’s National Vaccine Information Center. You can get information about the legislation in your state. There’s a lot of us, so don’t feel alone. You’re not alone. There are people in your community, and there are definitely people in your state who are working with you. And you will feel much better, if you care about these issues, if you’re doing something about them. It’s very uncomfortable to feel as if you’re powerless. But if you are writing to your legislator, if you’re going to a rally, if you’re putting a bumper sticker on your car, if you’re having a gathering to watch “Vaxxed II”, or to watch “Medical Racism”, you’re gonna feel better. You’re gonna not feel alone, and you’re gonna feel like I’m making a difference. You’re gonna change people’s minds. When people see the truth, they change their minds. Most people aren’t seeing and hearing the truth, Polly, that’s what censorship does. They’re seeing and hearing the propaganda. And if they don’t see and hear the truth, well, most people are gonna stay with the propaganda.

– And just one last thing is again, which has been happening for some time now, and I’ve been through it so I totally get it, is the absolute dismay, anger, and all those feelings you feel when your mother, your sister, or whatever it may be, takes the vaccine. You have to move on.

– You have to move on, and you have to pray for those people, and you have to bless those people. And that’s part of informed choice. We believe in and I believe in informed consent. If somebody looks at the data, and they say, “I want that vaccine,” then who am I to decide for them? I don’t want them to decide for me. I don’t believe in mandates. It’s not my job to decide for them, so I have to respect their choice even if it’s not the choice I would make for myself or for my children.

– Also and you can tolerate it.

– It’s very painful, Polly, because we understand the risks far better than most people do.

– Well, so everybody remember you’re loved. Pray big, it’s very important. I think it’s the greatest weapon against evil. And Mary and I will be back next Tuesday at eleven o’clock hopefully live on the CHD site. If not, we’ll be back on here. You will be able to find us, but we’ll figure it out. And stick together, love one another, and we will be back next week. Thank you, Mary.

– Thank you, Polly. Thanks, everybody.

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