‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: Beware of the ‘Vaccine Hunters’

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– Oh, great to be here.

– Alive! Hello, everybody. We’ve got lots to talk about today on the show. So we’ll get through it nice and slow. Let’s start though with something that I find extremely upsetting. It’s from the Guardian.. Pregnant women in the UK given the green light to have the COVID jab. Bereaved families welcome this decision to offer the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, which are the MRNA vaccines. They say this is real world data from the US, it showed 90,000 pregnant women had been vaccinated without any safety concerns. This is them speaking, not us. This vaccine can be given at any stage of pregnancy. And then another statement from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists say, we welcome the decision from the joint committee for vaccination, immunization to offer pregnant women in the UK, the COVID-19 vaccine. It enables every pregnant women to make an individual decision that is right for them. And then I saw, Oh, underneath it, I saw someone asked a very sensible comment which is a comment I would like to also ask them, which is please provide the evidence upon which this decision has been based. A simple question and the right question. So I find it extremely disturbing Mary, because they say that 90,000 pregnant women have been vaccinated without any safety concerns. That’s simply not true.

– No, it’s not true. We know that there’ve been many miscarriages but how can you possibly say what’s happening to the fetus? You and I both know of the many stories of women who got flu shots or they got detached boosters in pregnancy. And then the kid has very serious neurological and other health issues for the rest of their lives. How could they possibly make a judgment today about what’s happening to the fetus? They can’t. And so this is very disturbing that they should say that these women have been vaccinated without safety concerns. They can’t possibly know that. So it’s very disturbing. It’s very disturbing.

– And very misleading because it is misleading…

– And the other thing that’s troubling about it, sorry, is that the joint committee in the UK is even acknowledging that pregnant women have a higher rate of blood clots. So this can’t be good when we have acknowledged risks of blood clots from these vaccines that these women are adding that to already existing blood clot risks in pregnancy. So it’s very troubling, Polly. It’s very troubling. And I agree with your commenters. What’s the data on which this was based?

– I know, very unsettling. And I can tell you this, as I’ve told you before on these Facebook groups for pregnant women, they’re lining up for it. Thinking, being told that they’re gonna pass the antibodies onto their baby, their baby’s are gonna be… I mean, all this crazy stuff that we hear before. So if you’re listening and you know someone that’s pregnant, please try and help advise them because it’s just too sad. Okay, let’s move on to Children’s Health Defense, The Defender. First thing I wanna say to everybody if you don’t know Children’s Health Defense, look it up and sign up for The Defender. It’s free. It will come straight to your email address. And today I was telling Mary, I gave this address to somebody last week and she came bounding up to me today and told me that her grandmother had gone on to Children’s Health Defense sites, looked at everything that you do and then canceled her appointment for the COVID vaccine. So for me, saving one is saving everything. So there’s a COVID news watch on The Defender, Mary and this is always up there with the latest information.

– Yes. So at the top of The Defender, there are columns. And one of them, if you press it, it’s called COVID. And right there at the top is how to report an injury. And we give instructions how to do that to the adverse event reporting system and for us to give us your symptoms so that people can see that and understand better what injuries are taking place. But the next box under the COVID heading is COVID watch. And it’s an update on news about COVID from all kinds of journalistic sources and it’s kept up to date all the time.

– Yeah. And I want thank The Defender team, they’re just amazing. And Carrie Bundy searching for the headlines for Children’s Health Defense does a great job too. So the headline that I’m particularly wants to talk about is from The Defender, COVID booster shot could be needed after nine to 12 months, says the White House. And again, CNBC reporting that Moderna hopes to have a COVID booster shot for its vaccine ready by the fall. The CEO says, CEO is Stephane Bancel and he says, that they expect booster shot data to be submitted to the US regulators within a few months. Bancel also said we need to protect people in the fall and winter season in the US. I just find… And my question really is, is that they set the first and the second Moderna shot would do the job. And now suddenly it’s not. I mean, we saw this coming didn’t we. I mean,–

– Listen, Polly for the people that are making money on this the money is in the constant boosters, right? And we know that some of the companies are already manufacturing the boosters and we know that they’ve been hiding the ball as we go along. Let’s not forget that we started all of this with a two week flatten the curve and here we are over a year later, still dealing with lockdowns, still dealing with masks and with testing and with vaccines. And now with passport. So hiding the ball has been a big part of the narrative so far, but what’s interesting is not only are they talking about COVID boosters and they’re saying that the variants will play a big role in that but they’re now talking about the combination flu and COVID annual booster that you’ll be able to get in one shot at your local pharmacy. So this is really… And we know that those flu vaccines Polly are largely ineffective. They’re often as low efficacy as under 10%. And people are always gonna be undergoing risks, right? These are not risk-free medical interventions. And so this is very troubling. They’re now saying Dr. Kessler, used to be the head of the FDA Now working in the Biden administration says, people quote unquote, should expect boosters. And Peter Marks, a high level position at FDA is saying that the efficacy for these vaccines is gonna last nine months. Probably nine months. They never said that at the outset, nine months. That’s ridiculous. I mean, why would you go sign up for a vaccine that’s gonna last for nine months? I mean, it’s bizarre actually.

– Again, misleading. I mean, we had one person report to us that they had the vaccine ’cause they thought they’d never see their grandchild, so they went ahead and had it, never had any vaccines before. And is now being told by her doctor, if you don’t have the shots, the booster shots that are coming out you will be classed as unvaccinated. You will not–

– That’s right. And we know that Polly from the whole childhood vaccine story of, you have to get five doses of the DTaP, the DPT and then the DTaPs. And if you don’t have all five you’re gonna be considered un-vaccinated. Even if you have four. This is this is the craziness in the article in The Defenders called vaccine treadmill. And I think that’s exactly right. But another dimension to this that’s very important is that very serious scientists like, then in Bosch but others are talking about, this is going to put pressure on the virus. We’re going to see type replacement. We are going to see variants. As you extinguish the prevalence of a particular strain usually the less virulent one, you’re creating a vacuum and nature abhors a vacuum and you’re gonna get more virulent types. So we’re setting ourselves up to always now have more and more what they’re calling immune escape variants. So it’s depressing, frankly.

– It is depressing. And I mentioned the Morderna. I don’t think Pfizer’s not jumping in… Listen ,Alberta Bula chimed in he’s the CEO then and he says again, a third dose is gonna be needed for the Pfizer vaccine, between six to 12 months after they vaccinate. He predicts based on current data and likely scenario it’ll be a yearly COVID. So everything you just talked about, but Pfizer is bad as Moderna.. Okay, so I’m gonna move on to what I call horrific news. I’ve actually labeled it horrific news. This disturbs me deeply. Pfizer vaccine trial begins at Stanford for two to five-year olds. Then they go on to show a story of a beautiful three year old girl called Eloise. And the parents say in preparation for today, we told her about the vaccine and wanted to make sure she was part of the decision. She’s three. She has no idea what she’s signing up for. She’s three. Then Dr. Maldonado says, we are focusing on the two to five year olds and the six months to two years. So in other words, the six months to five year olds are being tested on right now. And I can’t find the right word other than Bob Barrett criminal. These are people who do not… These are children, Mary.

– So Polly what’s really troubling about this is just explicitly, these children, young children are at virtually no risk. There have been virtually no deaths. There have been virtually no serious cases of COVID. There’s the occasional case Polly, but you’re looking at really, really, really low numbers. And so what they’re explicitly saying is they want to vaccinate children to have broad immunity. So they are literally telling us we’re going to vaccinate these children to protect the herd which is really what the rationale has been for the flu vaccine in young children as well. And that has been upheld, but this is… And the youngest children, these are now in phase one trial. So they’re looking at the dosing. Some kids are gonna get very high doses and they’re gonna be more exposed to risks, there’s no question. But clearly the powers that they’re looking towards literally on these COVID vaccines, they are looking for cradle to grave COVID vaccination, from pregnant women to elderly people on their death bed. They are looking for pre-cradle to grave. Maybe even post-grave Polly. I don’t know, they may be vaccinating people who’ve already died for all we know. It’s extraordinary. We’ve never seen anything quite like this before ever that I’m aware of. Even in smallpox, Polly, even in smallpox times when there was a 30% fatality rate something completely different from what we’re seeing with COVID, they had exclusions for children. And in the UK, conscientious objection comes from parents saying, no, we won’t vaccinate our kids because the kids are more vulnerable. So this is very troubling.

– Which leads is on staying on the same subject. Fox 11 News reported, vaccinating children will be critical to fighting COVID-19. Currently only the Pfizer and Biotech vaccine is authorized in America for children, age 16 and 17. When the time is right it will be vital to vaccinate children. if we hope to provide broad immunity for Americans against this dangerous virus. That’s Dr. Jim Conway, a professor of pediatrics. Health officials are encouraging parents in America who have children aged 16 and 17 year old to get the Pfizer shot. So again, heavy pressure there.

– Heavy pressure and Polly, I’ve discussed we have no idea what that’s gonna do to the reproductive capacity of 16 and 17 year olds. We have no idea. These things have been studied for under a year. I’m looking at a healthy population.

– We’re always getting some crazy reports back of–

– Yes. I’ve certainly been hearing that as well.

– And Dr. up doing a great job on addressing that because that’s her expertise. So I encourage you all to follow Dr.

– Absolutely.

– Yeah. Okay. So this headline, Denmark drops the AstraZeneca vaccine citing rare side effects. Epidemic is under control, they say. Soeren Brostroem, director of general of the Danish health authority says, based on scientific findings our overall assessment is there is a real risk of severe side effects associated with using the COVID 19 vaccine from AstraZeneca. We have therefore decided to remove the vaccine from our vaccination program. That’s big news, Mary

– It is big news. It’s the first country in Europe, or is the first country in the world that has said, it’s a complete halt. They’re not saying it’s a pause. They’re saying it’s a halt. One woman in Denmark died. A 60 year old woman died of the blood clots after AstraZeneca. It’s a small country. Remember also Polly, that there were big problems with Gardasil vaccines and they took it out entirely for a period of time. It’s now back available, but the uptake has been low. So Denmark is sort of seen this movie before. So I think it’s impressive news. And they’re saying that we have other vaccines, clearly the pressure and we’ll come to this is on the J and J and the AstraZeneca, the adeno virus type of these COVID vaccines.

– For sure there’s a pharmaceutical war between these vaccines. I mean, anyone would just sit back and watch the headlines–

– Oh, we getting the news and eating popcorn out.

– So Johnson and Johnson on this headline privately asked rival COVID-19 vaccine makers to probe the clotting risks. AstraZeneca was interested in joining forces to investigate the safety issue and communicate vaccine benefits and risks but Pfizer and Moderna didn’t see the need for this. Didn’t see the need for group action. They said the safety of the Pfizer and Moderna shots could be tarnished by association. Children’s Health Defense said, that scientists warn that Pfizer, Moderna vaccines may cause blood clots too. A study by Oxford University found the number of people who developed CBST blood clots after COVID vaccines was about the same for Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca. Johnson and Johnson is not authorized for use in America. In the EU. So I’d apologize, in the EU. And it goes on, CNN, J and J say blood clots have been reported with all the COVID 19 vaccines. The author of the study, they cited says, they’re wrong. We didn’t find anyone with blood clots. We didn’t find any of those scary things. This is the quote that are happening with Johnson and Johnson says, doctor UN Hugh Lee and assistant professor of medicine. Johnson and Johnson is coming under fire for stoking fear about Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Wow, wow!. What do you say about all of that.

– Yeah, it’s very interesting. So the scientists that I’m listening to Polly are saying that there’s a blood clot issue with all of the vaccines. And what they’re saying is that this really stems from issues around the spike protein which they’re manufacturing through all of these vaccines. COVID itself, the illness COVID is associated with these blood clots. And one of the things that these people in the media are saying as well, the risks are greater with COVID than the vaccine, maybe, but these are healthy people who are getting these vaccines and they’re dying from blood clots. I don’t think you have to look further than theirs to see that people were dying from these vaccines before J and J ever came on the market. They were dying when Moderna and Pfizer were just on the market. So Safe Money says there is an issue with all four of these vaccines related to this cerebral venous sinus thrombosis to these blood clot issues. But it’s interesting to see this war. And it’s interesting to see the Pfizer and Moderna trying to create distance. We know that there’s going to be a meeting on Friday and we’re fully, I at least Polly, I’m anticipating that the US government officials will say, well, out of an abundance of caution, we paused J and J. But now that we understand that these six women were very unusual who had the blood clot and the one in the US who died back to business. I think it’s very unlikely from my experience that actually this pause with J and J is gonna continue. Possibly they’ll put on a warning that says if you have a history of blood clots.. I mean, who knows they have a history of blood clots? Don’t take J and J. But I think it’s very unlikely. This is the sort of the problem of too big to fail. Millions and millions of dollars have been put into this, millions of dollars into the PR campaign. It seems unlikely to me that the US government is gonna stand in the way.

– I think it was changed the name that’s what they do sometimes, isn’t it?

– We saw that with AstraZeneca, right? They’ve changed that one.

– Okay, and also just people remember, you can look up inside sensitive warnings on the websites. And they do say on every single vaccine, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients that we recommend, you don’t. That’s from the makers themselves. So remember you can do your own research on these vaccines. And also Catherine Austin Fitts has an amazing checklist before you take COVID–

– So we’ve published that. So Catherine Austin Fitts is the founder of the Solari Report. And you can find on The Defender website her 15 page sort of, it’s something to share with your family so that if you decide to take the vaccine, you need to know what the risks are, and you need to tell your family what the risks are and what are you gonna do in terms of your finances? And it’s a very, very good aggregation of all the risks.

– It is ’cause it makes you think, ’cause when people say to you, it’s my choice Polly, it’s not your choice. We feel my mother, or your part of my family, Catherine Austin Fitts points out that actually if she gets injured, who’s going to look after her, who’s gonna pay the medical bills. Who’s going to give up their life to care for her. I’m just using her as an example.

– No, no, I mean, families are families and so decisions of one member absolutely does impact the other.

– Right. Okay. So go and see that. You’ve got it on The Defender. So that’s great. The Los Angeles Times, the headline. Dragging the family to get the COVID-19 vaccine, one arm at a time. That’s the headline. It’s a terrible article in my opinion. It’s about one woman’s mission to book vaccine appointments for literally everyone she comes in contact with. So the reason I wanted to draw your attention to this article is the new term that’s being touted out there. And they’re called vaccine hunters, are hailed as heroes as they go out and they book these appointments and they even take them to their appointments, make sure that they’ve got them and then make it their mission. And they feel really good about themselves afterwards. And they are hailed as heroes. And the article at the end says that many families need a vaccine hunter. So beware of the vaccine hunters.

– So just to mention on that, the Los Angeles Times has a reputation of being really awful on the vaccine issue generally. But I thought what’s notable about that is, there’s a very big Spanish speaking population in California. And that article was about a Hispanic woman and her rallying her family. And I think as we all know, there’s a huge PR effort right now to reach out to underserved communities and to minority groups. And that article is a part of that process.

– Okay, well, so heads up on that everyone. New York Times. This is the opinion section. And the headline is these people should be required to get vaccinated. It’s written by Dr. Emmanuelle, professor of medical ethics and health policy at the University of Pennsylvania. And also Mr. Glickman and Ms. Diana they’re researchers. The next coronavirus surge is on the way, they say. How come we increase vaccinations? They say mandates for healthcare workers, all students attending in-person courses, younger children, once vaccines are authorized for them, prison guards, MTS, police, firefighters, and teachers. They say the workers should be reminded that these vaccines have been proven to be safe.

– So I think this is an important article too for people to know about because Zeke Emanuel is influential in this administration. He was Obama’s architect of Obamacare and he has a very explicitly eugenic approach to healthcare that doctors really shouldn’t be caring about individual patients as much as they should be caring about the greater good. And so he’s very clear that there should be no religious exemptions. There should be no philosophical exemptions. And for those few people who have pre-existing conditions and can’t get these vaccines, they should wear a tightly fitting, a 95 mask at all times in their work. And he’s talking about our hitting the vaccine wall. And even though he says, well, we don’t really wanna go to mandates, there’s not gonna be an alternative to get to the mythical herd immunity of 70 to 85% of the population. And so he’s saying it’s time to move to force. It’s time to move to coercion. And this is not just some guy off the street. This is a very influential person I am sure in the Biden administration on this issue. So what they’re acknowledging is there is resistance and they are already signaling that they are going to use coercion. And so we need to know that. And as they use more coerce and Polly, there is going to be a lot more pushback and it is gonna be interesting.

– Well, actually, I’m just gonna go straight to this one now, just getting this on me. The Spokesman put out an article, and I you want to discuss this a little bit because I find this disturbing and also a little weirdly not. Here’s why. Vaccine passports aren’t really a thing. So this is an opinion piece. But here’s an alternative. It’s written by Jim Camden in the opinion column. And he says, governments shouldn’t be telling people what medical decisions to make. Passports will be faked, so they won’t work. Vaccine certificates will fall apart because of limbs and you can’t laminate them ’cause they’ll need to be updated to propose those boost shots. And he suggests this this world has vacs and non-vacs sections. So separate rooms and space to prevent cross contamination. Separate entrances. People should be paid more to serve or work for the unvaccinated as the risk is higher. I mean, it’s disturbing ’cause it reminds you of history and gospel, things like that.

– Polly, this is all, even whether they use mandates or not, this is the world that they’re trying to usher in. That that certainly many people and that is separate entrances, separate facilities. And they’re using the analogy, not of racial discrimination that would be in politically incorrect. They’re using the analogy of smoking sections and non-smoking sections. And they’re trying to suggest that passports recording vaccination are nothing new. This has been used for yellow fever. It’s been used for other, Ebola and things that are infectious in other parts of the world. This is not gonna go over well. I mean the passports issue we will keep talking about that as this heats up. It’s really heating up right now in Europe, Polly. The European parliament is gonna vote on this next week, the week of April 26th. Right now this is a hot issue in States in the United States. So we will definitely continue to follow the passport issue.

– Yeah. But the reason why, and this is just my opinion everybody, and I know it’s gonna sound a bit odd but right now I don’t really wanna be around vacced people because we don’t know what’s happening. So I want to sit in the young vaccinated section.

– No, I think that’s, I’ve heard way too many stories of people who are unvaccinated being around people who are vaccinated and then getting sick. And I have to say, it’s strange because these people are not being injected with live viruses. We know there’s viral shedding from measles or mumps or rubella. So it’s unclear to me why are these unvaccinated people getting sick when they’re around these people who’ve recently been vaccinated. I don’t think we have the full story, but it’s troubling. I don’t think you can say it’s shedding per se but there’s something that, well, maybe it is shedding that their immune system is suppressed and therefore they’re getting influenza A and then they’re transmitting influence A, I don’t know. But it I’ve definitely heard stories now, not one, about people getting sick being around people who are recently vaccinated.

– That’s definitely emitting something and stories are the same. People are getting horrific headaches, lethargic aching limbs, and maybe like sort of having a bit of flu or something. But that all seems to be the same symptoms. So as always, I believe the parents, I believe the people, they are telling us things are happening all their menstrual cycles are going crazy. All these things that we’re hearing, listen to them, please, people listen to that. We’ve been shouting out about what’s been going on in our lives for years. And I dunno, as I said before. I wanna go onto the BBC. We got to keep talking about this because what happens in England tends to come over here eventually. Mix and match, this whole mix and matching things. UK COVID vaccine trial has expanded in England and the UK is looking at whether COVID vaccines can be mixed with different types of jabs used for the first and second. Those health experts generally agree that the mixing and matching of vaccines should be safe. They say it should be safe, I don’t know, but they should be safe. And then we have a quote here from professor Snape. But it didn’t say in the article where professor Snape from. So I Googled him and it did actually come up straight away. He’s an exceptionally skilled wizard at Holbrook School of which problem which is it. That is not him I’m sure. He needs sort his Google out because that’s what comes up when you Google professors Snape. Anyway, that’s enough about Professor Snape. He said the option to mix vaccines would massively increase the flexibility and resilience of the immunization program not just in the UK, here we go, but internationally. So that’s why we got to keep our eye on that for everybody.

– So what professor Snape is suggesting is that there’d be more flexibility. And what I’ve heard from some of the scientists who are concerned about these issues is that perhaps mixing and matching will diminish the phenomenon of pathogenic priming. That if you get a different second dose, you get the Moderna, if you got the Pfizer first you’re less likely to have a severe adverse reaction after the second dose, if it’s a different formulation. I mean, that helps to explain it because otherwise, Polly, we’ve never heard of such a thing. And you and I have been in the vaccine world a long time. I mean, this is just bizarre, frankly. It’s just bizarre.

– It is bizarre. But so is it the headlines every day we wake up Mary.

– But I’m just saying that this has no medical rationale whatsoever unless it is to avert sort of the worst picture which is that it’s more obvious that it’s causing injury. I mean, that does seem like a plausible explanation because the flexibility argument doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

– No, be careful people. Alright, CNBC, here we go with our Fauci. He says, it’s disturbing that some people won’t take COVID vaccines because of politics. Fauci says, we have to try and convince them. The easiest way to get out of the pandemic is to get a vaccine. Fauci says he deployed athletes and thousands of clergies and other respected members of local communities to persuade people to get vaccinated. He says, there really is going to be full court press on getting people vaccinated, no matter who they are. But is not working Fauci. That’s very silly because what he doesn’t understand, he’s underestimating the intelligence of the people.

– Well, it’s the constant narrative that there are no injuries, there are no deaths, don’t look behind the curtain. I mean, it’s a false narrative.

– Yeah. And if someone says, please look out Fauci, yes, I agree. It’s really not hard to go back on the history Fauci, so you can do your own research on that.

– Absolutely. Absolutely.

– And those are probably some logic truth episodes on Fauci.

– Polly, and people should know I just did fit in here, Robert F. Kennedy coming out with a book about Dr. Fauci that will come out in June. So it’s already on Amazon and pre-orders and it will be interesting I’m sure.

– I didn’t know if we are allowed to say that, but yes–

– It’s on Amazon, so yeah. Free to read the real Dr. Fauci.

– Yeah, very important. ‘Cause the reason why it’s important is because everybody on the other side is just literally worshiping and listening to every word Dr. Fauci says. So it is important that you know the history behind.

– Well, it is important and he is the chief medical advisor to this president. So his words absolutely do matter to the leadership of this country. So it’s important. And he does have a long history and people need to understand what that history is. Is if somebody sat in on a program yesterday he’s not working for us, he’s not, he’s working for Pharma. He’s working for Pharma and he’s been tried and true in working for Pharma for many decades.

– Best buddies with okays. Anyway, moving on. The Epoch Times, now the reason I’m gonna tell you about this headline is because you’re going to see a lot more of this. Fully vaccinated person dies of COVID-19 in Texas. This is officials to tell us about this. A person who was fully vaccinated against the virus that causes COVID-19 died of the disease, this is theirs words not mine, in Texas, say’s those officials on Friday. We are going to hear a lot more about people who are fully vaccinated and then died of COVID.

– What I would point out about that article Polly is that the CDC says about that death, that it’s not unexpected, that the vaccine is only 95% effective. And the head of the CDC, Dr. Willinsky says, the breakthroughs are caused by failure of an immune response in the host. I find that extraordinary. It’s not a failure of the vaccine if somebody dies, it’s their failure of their immune system. And that’s the mentality. And that’s extraordinary. The mentality is there’s something wrong with you if you get sick after our life-saving vaccine. And if you die, well, you had a bad immune system. We’ve heard this narrative before. This is not new, but it’s extraordinary. It’s just–

– Underlying health condition, that faith of a word. If you die from a vaccine, you had an underlying health condition. So we were not joking, but talking about that line being used every single time anyway, right? Writers, rollouts of eye-scan test for coronavirus being targeted by German firm. Munich based company says it takes just three minutes to identify carriers of the disease and has hit a rate of 95%. They are hoping to roll it out by the end of next month says managing director Wolfgang Gruber. It uses a photo of the eye taken with a smartphone and identifies the virus by means of a symptomatic inflammation called pink eye. We’ve managed to isolate COVID-19 from over 2 million different shades of pink, Gruber says. My goodness, you don’t wanna have a bit of pink eye. I’ve seen some young lads with a bit of pink eye for all sorts of reasons. You don’t want me to go into one of those. You don’t want to be going to one of those scans, do you off a bit of that.

– But to me, this is interesting Polly. It’s just the whole new world of biometric identification. That we’re entering the world of facial recognition, iris recognition. It’s this notion of your body is now really to be commercialized. Not only vaccines, but things inside your body or testing your saliva, testing your nasal swabs. It’s the new frontier.

– It is. I mean, as you say, face recognition, everything. They’re moving towards, you can’t go anywhere unless you’re id eing yourself in some kind of way. And I don’t like that.

– The fingerprint, all of that is this biometric ID is absolutely, what is being pushed on us left and center.

– Okay, let’s go international. Let’s go to Sydney Morning Herald. And the headline there is international borders might not open even if the whole country is vaccinated, says, Greg Hunt. Greg Hunt is the health minister for Australia. Australia’s borders have been shut since March, 2020 and will remain closed until at least the middle of June. He says, vaccination alone is no guarantee that you can open up. We still have to look at a series of different factors, transmission of the vaccine, protection and the global impact. So I think that’s moving onto the booster shot. I wanna say Greg Hunt is, that he’s the man who personally had me thrown out of Australia. Personally came from him. And I did win in the end, thanks to vaccine the big AVN in Australia who fought that case for me. And they saw in the disclosure thinks that was definitely great. Greg Hunt said that I was a danger to the good order of Australia for recording parents stories. So I wanna say that is who Greg Hunt is.

– Well, I’m glad you told us that Polly and kudos to you. I just wanna say that another part of that article to me that’s extraordinary is that 36,000 Australian citizens are stranded abroad. 36,000 people can’t go home. That’s a big deal, right? I don’t know what that means in terms of people’s homes, in terms of people’s families, but 36,000 people… Apparently they have limits on the quarantine that people go through. That’s a big deal.

– Yeah, little disturbing what’s going on.

– I think the idea that it’s now acceptable for countries in the name of COVID to close their borders indefinitely is a very troubling new development. The world that we lived in up until a year ago was one that really prided itself on freedom of travel. And it was seen as a hallmark of democratic governments that people could travel. And now when you see what are allegedly democratic governments saying, no, no, no, we’re not gonna keep our borders open, that the virus is too scary. That’s significant.

– It is more, we’re keeping an eye on New Orleans in Australia. We do hear from you in Australia a lot, you do contact us. You join in on our discussions and we’re with you. Okay, CNN. Many evangelicals say they won’t be vaccinated against COVID-19. Some experts say distrust and misinformation have played a role. Pastor Tony Spell’s Sunday sermon, he told his people do not trust the COVID-19 vaccines. CNN says that pastor Tony goes on to falsely state, if you have a 99.6 survival rate, why do you want somebody to contaminate your bloodstream with something that may or may not hurt you? Well, pastor Tony I’m with you.

– Now I’m with pastor Tony, but you know they try to make that out as a crazy viewpoint. To me it’s pretty rational.

– Yeah. And there’s lots more people speaking. I’m seeing pastors on podcasts have been taken down from Facebook, not just us. It’s the pastors. And it’s a lot of people coming up that just really saying what I think is truth, discussing it, warning people. And so we’re getting bigger but the problem is we’re being taken down everywhere. So it’s more difficult to find these people to listen to. We were going to talk about censorship in a minute. Now This is me a little bit different but something we wanted to alert you all to. Child Merrick contribution of human, extended plural potent STEM cells to monkey embryos. The results of this may help to better understand early human development and primate evolution and develop strategies to improve human chimerism. I mean, the words are so long for me, Mary. Take over from there. What’s that all about

– So this is an article, a very recent article in a scientific journal called cell. And it’s basically telling us that they are creating human embryos that are mixed with monkey embryos. So this was in the realm of science fiction and movies 10 years ago. But this is clearly very much in the real world that they are working on hybrid human monkey cells. And the rationale for this is that it’s a promising strategy for regeneration. It will have medical applications. They’re going to improve human climber prism. I don’t know about you Polly, but you know, the lines that are being crossed now in science are very, very disturbing, right? I mean, what last week we talked about they’re now doing experiments on human embryos, embryos of human beings, not just up to 14 days but longer with no bright line. And here we’re reading about hybrid human monkey cells. I mean, it brings up lots of ideas that are very troubling. Without really clear guidelines, this is, you know, it’s a Pandora’s box.

– It’s dark. Is what it is.

– It’s dark.

– It’s just really dark.

– ‘Cause I mean, for all these people, like what’s wrong with being human? What’s wrong with living a human life? They really think that they’re gonna do better. They really believe that the human condition is just not good enough. They need to improve it at the cellular level. It’s just such a, it goes back to mythology and religion. It’s it’s crazy.

– And how many people as a child ask the question, well, why are they still eight commander? Why are there still monkeys around if we were from this? Why did they not make it into a human? So many. And then you got told to leave the classroom for being booed, but there’s so many questions… I can’t tell you how many schools I went to, Mary. But that’s another subject. This is gonna have some good news. Good news.

– That’s right.

– And we wanna thank the viewer that sent this into us. And thank you by the way, to all of you that have sent in messages to Mary and I at Children’s Health Defense. We do read them and we’re really grateful for your support. But anyway, of you sent this image, so this is some good news. So Mary’s gonna break this down in a minute. But the headline says that, America is about to hit a vaccine wall as demands drop with or without Johnson and Johnson. It’s written by Andrew Romano. And he says, even before Johnson and Johnson’s news, the United States was already approaching a vaccine wall. The point at which supply outstrips demand. The question is, he says, whether there will be enough Americans willing to get vaccinated not whether there will be enough vaccines for American Americans who are willing.

– I agree. We’re getting close to the wall. Already we’re reading stories that people are not signing up for appointments. There’s extra supply. They don’t know what to do with it. Under 75% of the appointments are being used. So they’re already starting to hit the wall even before the vaccines are available to all adults in the United States. I think based on the piece we read by Zika Manual, they’re gonna hit the wall somewhere around July where they’re only gonna get more uptake through coercion. So that’s gonna get ugly Polly but also it genuinely does open up opportunities for us. More people wake up when that happens. Where will they stop? Will they really persecute people? Will they make people unable to work, unable to shop, unable to live their lives? Are they gonna fire somebody who’s worked in a job for 30 years and done outstanding work because they won’t take a vaccine because it violates their religion. We’re gonna start seeing much more attention to this issue and the press is gonna have to cover it. But I think the wall is gonna be ugly. But I also think it’s genuinely gonna open up opportunities for litigation and for advocacy and for the press that I think will make a difference.

– I don’t dunno if you saw Mary, there was a very disturbing video footage coming out of, I think Los Angeles of children with special needs being, people coming to their homes and you clearly hear particularly one girl screaming, no. And every parent with an injured or disabled child is thinking, please, God, they can’t do this.

– I think I couldn’t watch, Polly, I read about it. I couldn’t watch it. It’s too disturbing for me. But I think in that particular case that the parent or the guardian wanted that. And so that’s what we have to work on. I feel so terrible for parents of disabled children who really believe that this vaccine is necessary for their young adults. And I just think it’s misguided, but yeah.

– Once again Mary, to reassure everybody, these vaccines are authorized for experimental–

– Right now all of the vaccines are only emergency use only. They cannot be mandated. There are lawsuits right now around the country against these compelled use of emergency use only. And my view Polly, is I think it’s likely that the FDA will license and approve these vaccines and that the CDC will recommend them in the next couple months. That’s what I think is likely, I do. Many people disagree with me, the trials are continuing but I believe they will be licensed, but nonetheless they are still experimental. The average amount of time for review of these things was 10 years. So I think that it is going to… I think they’re gonna have a hard time. I really do. And one of the things I do think is remarkable about our country is that we do have life tenure judges who’s salaries can’t be diminished in their lifetimes. They have autonomy, they have independence and it’s not gonna be every federal judge but there is gonna be some federal judge who says, I don’t buy it. These vaccines are not proportionate. They’re not necessary. They are discriminatory. There’s not adequate medical exemptions ‘ cause we don’t even know what their medical technology is. I don’t believe that every judge who gets a case, and there’s gonna be a lot, Polly. I don’t believe that everyone is gonna say, yeah, no problem, keep going. I don’t believe it.

– I fear for the military more than anybody else right now because–

– Military are absolutely under the gun. But Polly again, if they really push this stuff, the injuries become so apparent. They become self-evident. So it’s gonna get… We are gonna hit that wall within the next few months and it is gonna get worse before it gets better

– Well, someone just asking very quickly, how can they do that if the trials haven’t finished the studies? Says—

– Because all of this just sort of falls under this emergency rubric. I mean, we don’t know what’s gonna happen, but we do know that the executives at Pfizer and Moderna have said that they expect these things to be licensed and approved in the second quarter, so.

– Well at the end of the day the power of the people. And do not forget that everybody, each one of us is very powerful in our own and joined together as a tribe we’re very powerful. So we will finish this off. I wanna just quickly say before we go onto John South fence, people contacting us because as you know, we have AXS axed too on Instagram, Facebook, all, we’ve been taken down everywhere. YouTube, AXS TV, everything’s gone, and people are contacting us about where is their story. So if you go to, we have most of them up there. We’re still uploading them. So your stories are on there. And on Roku Peeps TV, your stories are on that as well. But we’re trying as quickly as we can to get everybody’s story up on these sites but that’s where we’ve got them for now. So they haven’t completely gone all of them anyway. And just a quick note on that. Have you noticed people, listen, have you noticed how people who did take the COVID vaccine and then there was a death or an injury are reporting the injury on Facebook or social media and they are saying, why are you taking my story down? Why are you censing us? So these people sadly learning the hard way but waking up, in a horrific way having to wake up to the censorship surrounding it. And I keep saying as I say over and over again, they will try and use Bobby Kennedy and Darryl Victory and Andy Wakefield and all these people as the big buddies. But in fact, the people that they’re really fighting off is us, are the families, the people who have experienced who did vaccinate and then came up with a problem. And so this will censorship is at that level. So keep your eyes open and help support these new people coming into our movement. That’s what I say online. Oh, what’s been happening. I see Bobby has been dragged through the process.

– He’s continued to be dragged through. Sort of they came out a couple of weeks ago from this hateful organization based in the UK called the center for countering digital hate, which is itself absolutely a hate group. And they came out with something called the disinformation dozen. And Bobby was at the head of that. But now that’s been echoed by federal and state legislators around the United States. So in New York, Senator Brad Hoylman has called for Bobby to be de-platformed from Twitter and for CHD to be de-platform. And Senator Amy Klobuchar with 11 other federal senators are calling for people like Bobby and others to be de-platform. This is real censorship Polly, when government is suggesting that politically disfavored speech be censored, in our view this violates the first amendment. And the good news is that we sued Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg and the fact-checkers back in August. And we’ve been going back and forth on amendments and motions to dismiss, but we will be in court with Facebook on May 5th in the federal Northern District of California on their Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg and the fact checkers motion to dismiss. And what that means is, is if they are successful in staying, that there’s no legal issue the case can be dismissed. But we’re arguing that the court can’t do that because are factual issues here. To what extent was Facebook working together with federal officials to censor us and use Facebook as a kind of proxy. So we have to wait and see what happens but we’re pushing back very hard on censorship because truly all of our other rights at some level rest on the right to be able to speak about them. If we can’t speak about vaccine safety well then how could we possibly achieve vaccine safety? So the first amendment is fundamental. And so we’re working hard on the censorship piece. On other good news from CHD, we have a new section in The Defender called community news and that’s really gonna be a calendar of rallies coming up and meetings and campaigns and profiling activists at the grassroots level. Because without the people who are watching here today and without people in their local communities stepping out and taking a risk and handing out flyers or talking about this with strangers or the people that they know and love, the movement doesn’t have legs. So I encourage people to take a look at that community section. And I also really do encourage people now, if they’re not members of local or state health choice groups, please do make that connection. So on our CHD website, we have a section in the left-hand column called chapters. We have chapters in several States, we’re building new chapters in several other States. We have chapters in New York where I am and in California and in Florida and in Hawaii, but we’ve got several State chapters under development. But we’re in a strategic partnership with health choice. Health choices website is hyperlinked on our website, under coalition partners. And they are in over 20 States. So most States now have a state health freedom group. And I really recommend that you connect with people so that you don’t feel alone. One of the things we’re happy to hear from viewers is that when you watch, you don’t feel alone and we know how important it is to feel like we’re connected with other people fighting for freedom. But it’s really important to connect with people in your local community. Because really all politics is local and enforcement of these draconian mandates, if they come, it’s gonna be local enforcement. And so you’re gonna need to have friends and colleagues in your local community that you work with on these issues.

– And we need a group here in Texas, come on, Texas. Where’s our children’s health defense group? So yes. Okay, Mary’s talking about censor and she’s right. So everybody please the biggest weapon against evil is prayer. Trust me on that. So everybody pray big. I’m craving for the May the fifth. Can you imagine if all our prayer warriors out there actually pray for success on May the fifth for Children’s Health Defense? I feel like it’s the best thing we can do. So I encourage you all to do that. I wanna remind you all that you’re very much loved by us all. We are a team. We are a family and we are going to win. As Mary has said before, it’s going to get a little dark for sure. But that’s why you need to get in with your tribe or your group or whatever it is. We’re all under the banner of Children’s Health Defense. What they do to Children’s House Defense, they do to millions and millions of us. So we all stand shoulder to shoulder and with other organizations. We don’t fight with any of the other organizations. We encourage them. Everyone’s there for a reason. And you all have gifts, everybody. You may not think you do. Use your gift even if it’s making a plum pudding and selling it for Children’s Health Defense I don’t know, I’m making it up. But you can all do something. So make sure that we get out there and we fight for the future of our grandchildren, the future generations. So Mary, thank you so much.

– Thank you.

– We’ll be back next week. And meanwhile, everybody, go to Children’s Health Defense, sign up to The Defender. That’s where we all are and you’ll see what’s happening as it happens. It breaks every day, the news at Children’s Health Defense. So we love you guys. We love the team. Children’s Health Defense love everybody. So we’ll see you next week. And this will be edited out in The Defender tomorrow with all the links of everything we’ve been doing.

– And people can comment there and we do read the comments. And we’re very grateful.

– All right, everybody, we will see you next week.

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