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– I’m thinking let’s thank everybody for taking the time to join our National COVID Town Hall. You’re gonna have an exciting event tonight. We have fantastic speakers, it’s gonna be great, well worth your time. As background, I’m the author of the book “Vaccines Are Dangerous”. I think some of you know me because of the book, the first edition of which came out in 1992. So I’ve been at this for 30 years, warning people about the dangers of vaccines and ineffectiveness and now it’s the biggest issue in the world. I also work with Children’s Health Defense, who also is a sponsor for this event. I encourage everybody to become a member of Children’s Health Defense, that way you can stay up to date on the information. A lot of people have been involved in making this happen. I can’t name everybody, but I do wanna point out two people, Danielle Gail, and her team. They were very aggressive handing out flyers in the communities, and they always do a really good job, whether it’s cold and snowing or hot whatever, they’re out there putting flyers on car windshields and talking to people and putting them up on billboards and other things. I also wanna give a special thanks to Raquel Martinez. She’s a new member of our New York group and she’s been doing an outstanding job of reaching the Spanish community. She’s posted several videos and she’s actually able to get people involved in conversations and they’re telling you all kinds of stories and their reservations. And yeah, she’s been doing interviews on Spanish radio and speaking at Spanish churches, all for this event. So she’s really spearheading, and her team spearheading the effort in the Spanish community. And big thanks to everybody else, you know who you are for making this happen. Before I get started, I just wanna say that Children’s Health Defense is the one responsible for all this and please do sign up. It’s only $10 to become a member and then you get emails and updates on events and all kinds of things. The last thing I need you to say, the speakers are gonna be sharing a lot of really dynamic information, but again the speakers views are their own, it’s not necessarily views of the organization so just keep that in mind. It’s up to you, the audience, to draw your own conclusion and do your own research. And with that said, all I can tell you now is to make sure you grab a notebook and pen because you’re about to hear some dynamic information from an incredible panel of speakers. First up is Mary Holland. Mary Holland is an attorney, graduated Harvard Law School. She’s been a professor. She’s the President of Children’s Health Defense. She’s a brilliant sweet person and a phenomenal researcher. And I’ll let you take it from there, Mary Holland.

– Curtis, thank you so much. I have to correct, I didn’t go to Harvard Law School, I went to Columbia Law School-

– [Curtis] Oh, sorry. No, it’s okay but I wanna thank everybody for coming here and I just wanna say that as Curtis mentioned, we really want you to understand that Children’s Health Defense is a resource for you and for your families. It’s a resource about the news, it’s a resource about advocacy and it’s a resource for litigation in the public interest. We believe that it’s essential for you to defend your rights and your children’s rights to health freedom. So I wanna talk specifically about COVID and about the laws around COVID as Curtis suggested. So in the end of January, January 30th, 2020, a year ago, over a year ago, the World Health Organization declared a public health emergency of international concern. And in early February, February 4th, the then Secretary of Health and Human Services in the United States declared a public health emergency in the United States, which then triggered certain laws, including the PREP Act, which deals with health emergencies. And we know from countries around the world that states of emergency are dangerous times for civil rights and for human rights. So without much ado, products were granted, what’s called Emergency Use Authorization for many things related to COVID. For tests for COVID, for masks for COVID and vaccines for COVID. And we have legal resources that we have posted on the “Defender” website, our daily newspaper, there’s a tab at the top called legal and under that the first tab is legal resources. And we’ve given notices that you can study and you can even give to institutions like colleges or employers that relate to your rights under Emergency Use Authorization law regarding these products. So under the law related to Emergency Use Authorization, this is under Food and Drug Administration law, federal statutes, individuals who are administered EUA, I’ll say products, must be informed that they are for emergency use. They must be informed of the significant benefits and risks and most importantly, they must be informed of the option to accept or refuse administration of the product and of the consequences, if any, of refusing administration of the product. So there’s been some debate and some confusion about what does it mean if there can be consequences of refusal to take an EUA product. But that’s been clarified by the courts. So over 10 years ago, soldiers in the US military who were being forced to take EUA anthrax vaccines sued because many soldiers were actually being permanently injured by these vaccines. They were developing lots of very difficult and strange disorders and a federal court in Washington DC in a case called Doe #1 v. Rumsfeld held that the soldiers could not be subjected to an EUA vaccine mandate and the judge concluded his decision by saying “The United States cannot demand that members of the armed forces also serve as guinea pigs for experimental drugs.” No court has ever upheld an EUA vaccine mandate. Now there’s been a great deal of coercion around tests, particularly polymerase chain reaction tests for COVID and also around masks. But the reality is is that under federal law masks and tests for COVID infection, or for COVID I should say, are also Emergency Use Authorization. And our legal view is that people must have the right to accept or refuse, under federal law, the administration of these products that have only EUA status. And it’s notable, I would just point out on masks, in a letter from April, 2020, the FDA clarified that face masks have to be labeled accurately and they cannot be misrepresenting their use, and it says specifically, the label may not state or imply that the product is intended for anti-microbial or antiviral protection or related uses or is for use such as infection prevention or reduction. At least making me think, well then what are they for if they can’t be labeled as being for use of any of those things, anti-microbial, antiviral or preventing infection. So Children’s Health Defense last week filed a petition with the FDA, signed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., our Chairman, and also by Dr. Meryl Nass, who’s on our Scientific Advisory Board. And we asked the FDA based on the evidence before us that’s accumulated over the last five months, to withdraw the emergency use authorizations and to refrain from licensing or approving the existing COVID vaccines. And we did that because there are alternatives that we believe are effective and safe and available. And one of the most important criteria for EUA vaccines was that there no available alternative. And we asked them to refrain from licensing these vaccines because the death rate and the injury rates that have been reported to the vaccine adverse event reporting system have been staggering. Way higher than the last time that a major national effort back in the 1970s was made in that case when there were 40 deaths, it stopped the program and right now we’re already over 4,000. So one of the vaccine manufacturers has already asked the FDA to license it and to approve it, the Pfizer vaccine, and that would sort of make the mandates from a legal standpoint, less controversial. It would make them more likely to be acceptable. However, it is not a blank check. There still are criteria for any mandate of vaccines and under the landmark Supreme Court decision, Jacobson v. Massachusetts, a mandate must adhere to these five characteristics. It must be necessary, it must be proportionate, it must be reasonable, it must be harm avoidant, and it must be non-discriminatory. I believe that there would be significant problems for any mandate for an approved COVID vaccine in meeting those criteria. It’s questionable, whether it’s necessary if there are other therapeutic and prophylactic interventions as there are. It’s questionable whether it’s proportionate when this disease actually ends in mortality in under 1% overall. It’s questionable whether it’s reasonable given the injury rate and the death rate after vaccination. It’s questionable whether it can be sufficiently harm avoidant given the short period of clinical trials and use and the lack of real knowledge about who should be excluded from being compelled to take these vaccines. And it’s questionable, whether it’d be non-discriminatory because many of the institutions that are talking about mandating this, universities and and workplaces, are not mandating it to all of the people there. For instance, Rutgers University in New Jersey, the first one to really declare that it intended to mandate this for all 71,000 students in the fall is not mandating the vaccines for its staff or its faculty, raising questions of equal protection and equity. So I would just tell people to stand up for your rights. You do have rights to refuse. You can’t be forced to participate in a medical experiment. And I’d like to mention one case that we’re bringing in the District of Columbia, there the District has passed a law that would give children as young as age 11, the right to accept vaccination without parental knowledge or consent and actually would conceal that information from parents. We’re soliciting, we’re asking for families that might be interested in having their children be plaintiffs in that case because we think it sets a very dangerous precedent that a child as young as 11 or 12 could be considered to be able to consent to these medical interventions that could result in severe injury or death. So that’s it for me. Thank you so much. I’m so delighted that we’re able to be part of this Town Hall.

– Thank you very much, Mary and thorough as always, very detailed. Excellent. The next speaker, I wanna give a little background first. We have black ministers, Christian ministers and others out there, telling our people to go and get vaccinated. And it’s like a blind faith type of thing. They’re not really talking about the potential danger, the history of medical experimentation on African people. And we have sports figures in the black community and politicians, I just wanna say to everyone that all black leaders don’t think the same on this issue of COVID and this whole situation. And among those who have a different point of view is Minister Tony Mohammad. He’s the Regional Director for the Nation of Islam on the West Coast. He’s one of the producers of the film, “Medical Racism” and he’s a black leader who stands for what he really believes in. He’s one of the good guys and who we can look up to. So without further ado, Minster Tony Mohammad.

– Yes, thank you, Curtis. Thank you so very much. What an honor it is to be a part of this, what I believe is the most important National Town Hall meeting of our time. First, let me just say in the name of Allah, the beneficence, the merciful, I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and I bear witness to all the Abrahamic prophets who’ve come in a line of divine. And I’m so thankful to the eternal leader of the Nation of Islam, the Honorable Elijah Mohammad and to his national representative, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. I really really have to thank him for guiding me, leading me on this journey as it relates to my student ministry and certainly this most important time of dealing with vaccines. I wanna thank all who have come to be a part of this platform, which represents such a beautiful diverse group of people, to speak on an issue that’s very, very serious. So we are taught in the Nation of Islam that history is most attractive and best rewarding in any research that we should do. And when you look at the history of any people, any group, any nation, any organization, that history will give you the character and the tendencies of how that group, that nation or that people would interact with others. And so looking at that history and getting with Mr. Kennedy of whom I really think Bobby Kennedy and the Children’s Health Defense, what a wonderful organization, that have so much vital information and all of us should subscribe to the Children’s Health Defense. It was really an honor for me to connect with him five years ago when the vaccine matter came up with black boys and the MMR vaccine and I connected with Robert Kennedy and we saw where Dr. William Thompson, who still works for the CDC. He admitted that the MMR vaccine was giving black boys autism at a rate 340% greater than their white counterpart. And when Minister Farrakhan put me on this issue, I started looking at the history. And I just wanna quote something that Minister Farrakhan said. This time last year on July, the fourth he talked to the world and this is what he said, and I quote, “Don’t let them vaccinate you with their history of treachery through vaccines, through medications. I say to the African presidents, do not take that medication. I say to those of us in America, we need to call a meeting with our skilled virologists, epidemiologists, students of biology and chemistry and we need to look at not only what they give us, we need to give ourselves something better.” And when people asked me about why shouldn’t we take the vaccine? And I just say, look at the history, because it’s written in the book of Jeremiah in the 11 chapter 19 verse, it says, “My people is like a lamb on arcs that is brought to slaughter and they know not the devices that they are about to use on them saying, come on let us cut them off from the land of the living.” And so I try to make sure I educate our people on the history, going all the way back to the native Americans in 1760 when General Amherst gave blankets to native Americans. And he said, “We must extirpate this group, totally get rid of them.” And so they gave them blankets with small pox. This was in 1760s. Then we go to Dr. J Marion Sims, who’s known as the father of gynecology, where he experimented on black slave women without using anesthesia. Then we come up of course to the infamous Tuskegee experiment, from 1932 to 1942. You know what happened because that one, most of us know about but many have slipped. When Margaret Sanger came up with her protocols in 1939, when she was forcing sterilization on black women and native Americans. And then she had a group called The Negro Project. Then she changed the name of her organization to Planned Parenthood and her protocols are still being used today. She said these words, and I quote, “We must not let the negro population know that we intend to exterminate them. And in order for us to get this over on them, let’s choose some of their most prominent pastors and let us give it over on them and they would handle their population without us even intervening.” Now that’s 1939. In 1946 in Guatemala, the United States carried out an experiment on 700 men and women giving them at that time syphilis without their knowledge. In 1950 Dr. Bailey, Dr. Harry Bailey and Dr.Robert Heath, they performed experiments on African prisoners in the state of Louisiana, giving them psycho surgeries without their consent. And the CIA paid Dr. Bailey and Dr. Heath to find a drug that would cause black men to do four things. Lose their ability to speak, a loss of memory. a loss of willpower, and a loss of sensitivity to pain. That’s in the 1950s. Then we get up to 1951 where in Pennsylvania, an experiment was done on black men for dermalogical reasons and also biological weaponry. So there’s a history here. And so this is what the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was talking about. And this is why I delighted in doing the film that all of you should go out and look at this documentary called “Medical Racism”. We did this documentary, not to tell you whether they take the vaccine or not, but to give you enough information to prick your consciousness to let you know you cannot trust this system. It is rooted in racism, it is rooted in systemic white supremacy and we have to be very, very careful in trusting anyone, particularly when it comes to our health. And we know that with this kind of history and we get to this moment in time, when COVID has entered the scene, and with this kind of history, now all of a sudden you wanna make us first. You want us to get in the front of the line to take these vaccines as if we should forget this history. This is why I have a high respect for my Jewish brotheren because of what happened to them in the Holocaust, they’ve paid very close attention with whoever want to do anything with them when it comes to their health. And I say to black people, and I say to people of color, we too have to do the same thing. We have to be watchmen on the watch and we cannot trust this system of medical racism. And that’s what we did in the film. So please go see that film, “Medical Racism: The New Apartheid” And I wanna thank David Canter. I wanna thank Robert Kennedy, I wanna thank Kevin Jenkins, and of course I wanna thank David Massey, who was the documentarist who put this film together. So I’m excited. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this most important subject matter dealing with this National vaccine Town Hall meeting and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Thank you very much, Minister Mohammad. Very powerful words and things need to be thinking about. Let’s move on to the next speaker, John Gilmore. John Gilmore is a real warrior. He founded the Autism Action Network and he’s also one of the leaders of the Children’s Health Defense New York chapter. And he’s always going to Albany, setting up rallies and challenging some of the laws that they’re trying to put into place that have a really harmful potential impact on us. So without further ado John Gilmore.

– Thank you, Curtis. Originally, this forum was going to focus on issues in the state of New York, which with Andrew Cuomo at the helm is a state extraordinarily rich in incompetence and criminality, regarding our response to the COVID-19 event. But since the scope tonight was expanded to include the rest of the United States, that provides an opportunity to look at the systemic failures and successes, different states and Governors have produced and provides a guide how not to respond to a public health crisis. Public health bureaucrats like to present themselves as warriors against disease but as many stages have said in various ways over the millennia, “Truth is the first casualty of war”. And if you’re talking about war, we must ask war against what and war against whom. And with COVID it seems to be a war against almost everybody. COVID has brought us a new type of politics. We knew we were off to a bad start when Anthony Fauci, the Director for Life of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, blatantly told people they did not need to wear masks because he did not want ordinary people competing with medical professional for scarce supplies. And then he did a complete 180 degree turn in the opposite direction. That set off a never ending series of flip-flops from Fauci. A few days ago, he finally admitted that he is, “Not convinced the SARS‑CoV‑2 spread naturally from bats to human beings and could have escaped the Wuhan virology lab.” An idea that was forbidden from social media just a couple of days ago. Now, interestingly, this isn’t the first time Fauci has been involved in explaining how a major microorganism jumped from original species to humans. Back in the eighties, he was the federal point man for the official explanation that the Simian immunodeficiency virus or SIV, which jumped species most likely they said by hunters consuming infected chimpanzee meat and then became HIV and AIDS. Why that never happened in the prior hundreds of thousands of years of chimpanzees and human beings living in close proximity to one another isn’t quite clear. Some of our Governors seem to take their cues from Fauci or seem to take their cues from Fauci by immediately dispensing with the truth and showing a preference for draconian methods, excuse me, based on feeble data or facts. school, business closures, mass mandates, social distancing, shutting down houses of worship, parks, recreational facilities, all was done with no solid information that such measures had any positive outcome. Here in New York and many other states, as soon as it became clear that we were heading for a very serious event, our legislature gave our Governor, Andrew Cuomo, the power to rule by decree and then they just lifted off to the dark places where they customarily dwell. Now with Cuomo, this is like leaving a not especially mature teenager home alone for a weekend, with the keys to the car and a full liquor cabinet. A small group of Governors in other large states like Cuomo, Phil Murphy in New Jersey, Gavin Newsom in California, Gretchen Whitmer Michigan and Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania in particular, quickly modeled themselves more closely on what I would say is Mussolini on how to deal with this crisis and they all seem to make the same mistakes. They also, in my opinion, seemed to enjoy exercising power over people who have no recourse and I truly believe they enjoy inflicting pain on others. And the more arbitrary and ridiculous rules they impose are, it seems the more excitement they derived from enforcing them. Now here in New York, the first over catastrophe happened related to COVID with the subways. Now Cuomo runs the New York City subway system, a lot of people don’t know that. One of his first decisions was to keep the system open but to drastically limit the number of trains, assuring that all of them were extremely crowded. It did nor take long for the consequence of that decision to be obvious. The zip codes with the highest death and infection rates were those that are located at the end of the subway lines near the city limits, where the people have the longest subway rides to go to work and so on. But the most glaring and delicate task obviously was with the nursing homes. Now all these Governors allowed people with active COVID-19 cases to be placed in nursing homes and they disregarded CDCs guidelines that required sufficient personal protective gear for workers, sufficient space to physically isolate infected patients and adequate staff so that workers serve the affected patients would not come in contact with the unaffected. The excuse for all this was to prevent hospitals from becoming overwhelmed. Yet when Cuomo made this move, the 1,100 bed US Comfort hospital ship sat nearly empty in New York Harbor, an emergency 3000 bed field hospital built at the Jacob Javits Center remained empty and there was a variety of emergency field hospitals were essentially empty all over New York City. And also let’s not mention that Cuomo had spent much of the prior 10 years closing hospitals all across the state in New York. Now the toll has been enormous. The New York times estimates that 182,000 deaths since last year in American nursing homes have been COVID related and more than 50,000 of those deaths occurred in the states which I was talking about, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, Michigan, and New York. Now states that simply kept people with COVID out of nursing homes had a fraction of the deaths of the states with aggressive, but stupid Governors. Now, Cuomo also infamously refused to let anyone know how many people caught COVID in a nursing home, but died in a hospital. And he made policy decisions based on the much lower number of people who died in nursing homes and just pretended the other people didn’t exist. It wasn’t until earlier this year, the investigation by the New York Attorney General confirmed that Cuomo has understated the deaths by more than 50%. And Cuomo isn’t the only Governor who covered up death tolls in the nursing homes. Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Wolf, and his Secretary of Health, Rachel Levine, consistently did not report death counts at hundreds of nursing homes in Pennsylvania. In some months they only collected mortality reports, which are required by law for 300 of the 700 nursing homes in Pennsylvania. Now, Levine did such a good job that Biden appointed Levine Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services. Likewise, Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer, simply refuse to provide an accurate total of how many people died in her state’s nursing homes and she continues to do so. Now Cuomo, also recently revealed that he received a $5.1 billion contract for writing his, or he says he wrote, his self congratulatory autobiography, praising his own handling of the response to COVID. And what we’ve also learned is that most of the book was actually written by his staff on taxpayers’ time. Now the book was released prior to the publication of report by the Attorney General, and it’s basically completely ignored the facts that would make any kind of accurate assessment of his performance possible. And on top of that Cuomo obtained COVID-19 tests for his entire family, including his brother, CNN host Chris Cuomo, way back in March of 2020, when they were almost impossible to get. California Governor, Gavin Newsome, was spotted last November dining with a massless group of lobbyists from the California Medical Association in a restaurant called The French Laundry, which is one of the most expensive restaurants in north America. All of those activities were forbidden by his own rules that he was imposing on the rest of the state of California. Michigan’s Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, was also just busted dining with a group of massless people not social distancing, in violation of her own orders. And that’s an addition to her traveling on a private jet to Florida and a separate time to her vacation home in Northern Michigan, all in violation of her own lockdown orders. Now, to add insult to injury, Whitmer refused to say who paid for the private jet she flew to Florida and she claims executive privilege when she is faced with questions she simply doesn’t want to answer. Now, of course not all Governors have conducted themselves so horribly. Now after additionally taking his cues from Fauci and the federal government, Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis quickly determined that the experts had no idea what they were doing and were making disastrous politics decisions based on nothing but conjecture, and other Governors have followed suit. Now it seems that the karmic wheel is turning on some of these Governors. Cuomo is under investigation right now by the Federal Department of Justice, the New York Attorney General and an impeachment committee of our own legislature, but he will probably be driven out of office, not by these charges, but for the bevy of sexual harassment charges filed against him by former staffers. And California’s Gavin Newsome is looking at a recall election. More than 2 million registered Californian’s signed a petition to remove him from office. And he recently resorted to simply issuing checks to all Californian’s in a blatant attempt to carry favor. Now, if we believe Bill Gates and others, we know that COVID will just be the first of more public health threats to come. The debacle of 2020 and 2021 should be the textbook of how not to respond to a public health threat. If we are ever faced with a public health emergency in the future, whether real or contrived, we must not make the same mistakes. We cannot blindly trust career bureaucrats like Fauci as if they are magic savers. We cannot allow our communication to be controlled by a handful of self interested high-tech firms. We cannot accept the suspension of basic human rights to education, employment, movement, association, communication, religion, and commerce, just because some small group of credential people claim some sort of false expertise. And lastly, we cannot give dictatorial power to any elected official who cannot be questioned or overridden. Thank you very much.

– Thank you, John, for your very thorough presentation. Before I continue, I just wanna remind everyone that the speakers here are saying a lot of controversial things but everything they’re saying can be well-documented but they’re not speaking on behalf of Children’s Health Defense or any of the other organizations behind this event. So I just felt the need to say that, but again, everybody needs to do their own research and draw their own conclusions. Next speaker is really phenomenal. Everyone is phenomenal, but Dr. Carrie Madej I had the honor of speaking with on the phone for about an hour. The woman had my head spinning. I mean, I was just like, I thought I knew a few things but she convinced me there was a whole lot more information out there. She’s a specialist in internal medicine and I’ll just go right to it, Dr.Madej.

– Hi, thank you for having me, everybody. I think this topic that I’m presenting is incredibly important so please listen and question everybody, question everything. I began to learn about this subject called transhumanism as well as gene modification and nanotechnology, not just researching, but also in meetings that I attended here in Georgia, in the United States. And when I saw these ingredients they were using and these injections that they’re calling vaccines, I was horrified. I know what the potential implications are for us humanity and this is my warning to everybody. So let’s learn a little bit about transhumanism. Next slide. Let’s see, next slide, please. Okay, transhumanism, the definition is a philosophy favoring the use of science and technology, especially neuro-technology, like your brain, memory, mood, behavior, biotechnology functions of the body and nanotechnology. This is minuscule tiny tinier than your red blood cell, it’s technology like artificial intelligence that they can use. It sounds sci-fi but we have it here already, to overcome human limitations and their opinion and improve the human condition. Next slide. So Human 2.0 is another way, it’s another phrase, instead of transhumanism, you may hear of that. And it’s talking about upgrading yourself and they say scientists propose putting nanobots in our bodies to create a global super brain. And I’m sure you’re thinking nanobots, please really. Honestly, we have them right now. We’ve had them for decades and you can fit 1 million of them in one syringe. So this is not too far fetched at all. Next slide, please. So this is a special project called it’s a 2045 avatar project. And I just wanted to explain how these groups think. And they think that by 2045, that we can all live eternally, we’ll be immortal, but this is the way they’ll do it. They think that our memories and our dreams make us us. So right now they’ve been busy uploading certain people’s memories and dreams, putting it in the cloud. And the idea is when they die, they’ll just download them into another body or ultimately just a digital form, almost like a computer video game player of yourself. So it’s pretty extreme, isn’t it? So next slide. This is a very important group that you should know, you should read up on it and look at everything you can on the website because this group is the World Economic Forum. Davos is another subgroup of this, and they have a plan for all of us, all of us around the world. So when you’re looking at the chaos going on, the cognitive dissonance, why is this happening but they say the opposite, nothing makes sense. Perhaps there’s another thing happening while we’re all busy and we’re all distracted. There’s a bigger plan going on for all of humanity around the world and its agenda 2030, that’s the deadline. And they describe a normal human, they’d say in 2030, you own nothing, you have no privacy and life has never been better. Next slide, please. The very bottom paragraph, it says that this person who’s a human in 2030 says that, everywhere they go and everything they think and everything they dream of is recorded and they just hope that nobody will use it against them. So they’re talking about thought police in 2030. This is their best idea for how it will be for us. Next slide. And this is DARPA, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. They’re pretty much behind a lot of the transhumanism. They have for decades now had an injectable substance called hydrogel, which once it’s in the person there’s actually a two way communication. It’s almost like intendant in the body, so it could, messages go in and messages go out. Next slide. This also just tells what I said before that you can put 1 million nanobots or microrobots into one syringe. Next slide. So how does this fit into what we’re talking about right now? These injections that they’re calling vaccines? Well, just recently the military, our military, funded a biosensor that could detect new cases of COVID-19. So here they’re going to try to make this kind of substance, it’s called a hydrogel, that actually has a two way communication. That’s almost a liquified version of let’s say a smart device. They’re going to try to sell it to you as something really nice, okay. And then here they’re saying that the biosensor would be inside of you, injected or placed under your skin. You can’t feel or see it. It’s analogous to your body’s tissues and it’s always continuously monitoring all the time and transmitting, wirelessly transmitting information. So in essence, you don’t have any control over that. This is a plan for everybody soon. Next slide. This slide’s really hard to see but it’s a company called Profusa, P R O F U S A. They’re a subset of DARPA and they are talking about how their hydrogel goes under the skin. Again, they can monitor all these biometrics. your breathing, your blood sugar. These are good things, but they can also measure even your emotions and your thoughts. They know when you’re lying from a polygraph test, they can use it for other things. There’s a whole drop down in all of our health apps. You look at it you’ll know everything they can monitor from this substance. And it shows how it goes under the skin. It’s actually accepted by the body as normal tissue, you can’t see or feel it and it’s also wirelessly transmitting to your smartphone all the time, everything that’s going on in your body. Well, who gets that data? Where’s it going? That’s a very important question. Next slide. So this is talking about now they are talking about taking this technology and it’s hydrogel again, and now they’re using it for these injections right now that we’re calling vaccines and they are using it in Moderna and Pfizer, for sure. They’re using it for what they say is on-demand drug delivery. But I want you to know there are other things they can use it for once it’s in your body. Next slide. Skip that one, please. The one that I just skipped just showed you that when you’re getting this inside your body with Moderna and Pfizer, they’re using it to wrap around called a nano lipid particle. Just know that that is another term for hydrogel. They use many different words for the same substance but they are using it in those two. This slide that you’re seeing right here is showing you… Okay, so let’s say they can use it inside these injections but they’re just gonna use it for on-demand drug delivery. They certainly wouldn’t use it for anything else but I want you to be aware of what’s happening. Microsoft, which is Bill Gates, actually put out a patent in 2020 of March of this diagram. In this diagram, it shows the person there with a sensor. That’s actually a biosensor if you read the patent. So again, that’s hydrogel, hydrogel in a person would then connect to your smart device. Again, just like that Profusa development I showed you. So your smartphone would always be able to get all the information of your body, all these things, your thoughts, everything. That would go to the 5G cloud. That’s why we need a big bandwidth. Then it would go to a supercomputer, which analyzed it and then in this diagram, you get cryptocurrency. So who profits off that, Microsoft, they make more money. Next slide, please. And this one, it just wants you to know that this is still Microsoft, in this they say that once this technology is in everybody, that what they’re saying is you would actually get your cryptocurrency based on tasks given to you. The task may not be readily apparent. It might be just looking at an ad. It might be flipping through social media. It might be doing something when you’re sleeping. Literally they’re almost hijacking your body, while you’re sleeping to use the computing power. I don’t want you to believe me. I want you to do your own research because these articles are real, these patents are real and I’m telling you about what these things are and I hope you do your own research. Next slide. This slide was to remind me, this is a social credit system. So the social credit system, I’m sure you’ve heard of China, where if you do something good, you get some benefits or maybe more money. If you do something bad, maybe speak out against the government, you have to act a certain way, think a certain way, then you’ll lose credits or you’ll lose cryptocurrency. Well, this was to remind me to say that I’ve been to business owners meetings here in the United States, where they talked about applying the social credit system to us, to the people here in the US, very soon. And how would they do that? Well, they were talking about using the same algorithm, the same patents that you saw with Microsoft, I just showed you, about using the substance inside the people’s bodies. They would be able to be always monitoring thoughts and actions and in this instance, they wanted to know how many times somebody lied and if you lied too much, then you had the social credit system and negatively affecting you. Maybe you didn’t get a good enough mortgage on your home loan, you couldn’t get to a good school, et cetera. This was talked about in an actual business owners meeting, talked about using the technology that we just showed you. And it’s something that we need to know that people are talking about this. Next slide. So you think what I’m saying is too fantastical, it’s never gonna happen. This is just sci-fi, wrong! Right now, July of 2020, Microsoft, I’m sorry, Bill gates has different hats, and GAVI is his company with this, MasterCard and Trust Stamp, which is an artificial intelligence program. All three of them are experimenting as we speak to the poor people in west Africa. They’re using this technology, they’re using these COVID vaccines, giving them a digital ID, like a barcode. All of their information is being linked to that. All their vaccination record, their medical history records. And if you read this protocol what they’re doing they’re using this hydrogel and they’re actually saying that they are thinking about using it for surveillance, meaning spying on them, using all that data. And also they thought of using it for predictive policing. This is about like the “Minority Report”, Tom cruise. They admit they’re using that technology, that hydrogel, for these things called predictive policing and surveillance. In this program, in this experiment, they said once it is perfected, they plan to unveil it to all the developed countries, which is us. So I want you to see that the people that are pushing this agenda, they have another motive. They have another motivation. And please look these things up. These are real studies that are happening. Next slide. This is just another diagram. Here’s Bill Gates and everything that they’re showing there. But MasterCard, they’re actually calling it a war on cash, meaning they want to get rid of any other way you could get your money. They also said, if you refused to vaccine in this area, this region that they’re testing, you would be locked out of the system. So they are already looking at things like that, where perhaps you couldn’t get your money any other way. So this is really analogous to this vaccine passport that they’re trying to pass everywhere. This is the first step that you’re going under. Then what they want to do is unveil it, just like they’re doing an Africa and it’s not from my words. This is from this report’s explanation of what they’re using it for. So I know this is scary stuff and I know it’s extreme, but please do your due diligence. Please look these things up. I’ve got lots of references, over 200 I can give. So I’m happy to assist with that. Thank you.

– Thank you very much and as I said, she had my head spinning the first time I spoke with her about these issues. Next speaker is Dr. Lawrence Palevsky. He’s a pediatric doctor. He also works in Natural Approach To Health. He gives lectures around the country. He gives testimony to various government officials. And on a personal note, we both went to Vassar College and yes, he’s brilliant and his heart is in the right place. He’s tries to help people. So I’ll turn it over to you, Dr.Palevsky.

– Thank you, Curtis. And thank you, Mary and Children’s Health Defense for inviting me to participate and I’m honored to be amongst such esteem, colleagues and friends. Number one, I’d like to say that the COVID injection is not, cannot and will not be a vaccine. It does not fit any of the criteria of what makes an injection a vaccine. This injection does not give you antibody immunity to the specific virus called SSARS‑CoV‑2. It doesn’t give you protection, specifically to a SARS‑CoV‑2 viral infection. It does not show any reduction in hospitalizations or deaths or severe symptoms of COVID-19. It does not stop you from carrying the virus in your body. And there’s no evidence to show that it will stop you from transmitting the virus from one person to the next. These are all statements made by the companies that make the injections and these are all statements made by the expert health authorities who are at the top of the pyramid in our country. This is a technology that has never been shown to be effective in reducing infectious diseases ever. We have never seen any of the technologies used in these injections to reduce the incidents of infectious diseases. But did you know that they say that this injection is safe and it’s effective? Well, what does safety mean to you? Does safety mean that the ingredients have been thoroughly evaluated way upon injection into the body? Well, if it does, you will find that not one of the ingredients in any of these injections has been studied for safety upon injection into humans. Not the messenger RNA, not the polyethylene glycol, not the lipid nanoparticle, also known as the hydrogel, also known as SM-102, a known carcinogen and a known chemical to cause infertility. They say that there’s no shedding, that there’s no worry about this injection, but what do the people say? The women who have been exposed to those who’ve been injected with this material have been expressing in the tens of thousands, story upon story, affecting their menstrual cycles. Women in menopause who were not injected were exposed to others who were, and they started bleeding as if they were getting their periods again. Pre-pubertal girls, 22 months, three years old, were bleeding through their vaginal canals never having had periods when they were exposed to grandparents and family members who had gotten the injection. Women who have regular cycles of their periods monthly, were reporting increased bleeding, increased cramping, cramping to the point of feeling as if they were having another baby and throwing out large blood clots from their vaginal canals, all having been exposed to people who had gotten the injection. There’s almost a 400% increase in the reporting of miscarriages in women who have been exposed to others who’ve gotten the injection. And there are fertility clinics around the country that are reporting that men and women who are going for fertility testing, who had viable eggs and sperm, got the injection, and then had their sperm in their eggs harvested and their eggs and their sperm were dead, ineffective and unable to be utilized. There are women who are not only increasing in their reporting of miscarriages but they are also getting their miscarriages in the third trimester, in the second trimester. These are not times of the pregnancy when women commonly will have a miscarriage. Something is going on. A large signal is being raised. And the authorities around us are denying access to this information and they are wiping out the groups that are trying to report their symptoms. We are trying to accumulate their stories at and I promise you that this website, your information will be kept confidential and it will not be used in any negative way as some people have accused us of doing. So the ingredients in the injection are not safe. They’ve never been tested for safety and the companies that are making these ingredients in the injection have no oversight by any regulatory agency, to evaluate whether or not the companies are using proper manufacturing procedures and whether these ingredients are actually being monitored for safety or whether the injections are being monitored or standardization. Not only is there no oversight, but the companies have complete indemnity to any liability, if anything should go wrong if you get a reaction to these injections. What’s interesting is that the literature shows that the technologies in some of these injections have been used in insect populations and in animal populations as self spreading vaccines, to cause de-population in those populations. So one has to ask the question, if there’s almost a 400% increase in miscarriages for those women who are exposed to others who’ve gotten the injection, shouldn’t we try to understand whether there is an issue with fertility when people either get this injection or are exposed to those who get the injection. We are now advocating to give these injections to 12 to 15 year old boys and girls who have a 99.997 recovery rate from COVID-19 and who in the literature you can see that no asymptomatic carrier or no groups of asymptomatic carriers have ever been responsible for causing an outbreak and certainly not responsible for causing an outbreak of COVID-19. The un vaccinated are often accused of being the dangerous ones, as if the un vaccinated ones are the only ones who will carry a germ in their body and spread it to others. But in fact, that’s never been proven to be true in any scientific study that un vaccinated children are specifically responsible for spreading disease because of the fact that they’re un-vaccinated. In fact, there’s no proof that vaccinated people are not responsible for spreading disease. And this injection is being hailed as a vaccine when the population at large automatically accepts that they said this is a vaccine and therefore it is. When in fact, all of the literature inside the package inserts and the patents of these injections indicate that these injections are for gene therapy, transgene insertion and alteration of your genetics. And so what are the authorities say? They say that this information will not alter your genetic codes. Have you ever seen a study that tests for whether these injections are going to temporarily or permanently alter your genetic information? The answer is no. Have you ever seen a study that shows that again, any of these ingredients have been evaluated when injected and where they go once they get into the body and do they stay, or do they impart any damaging effect? But what’s most interesting is that authorities and scientists and government officials have told us that the spike protein is the part of the virus that is most contributory to the damage that we see in people who get COVID-19. It causes brain damage. It crosses the blood-brain barrier. It causes heart disease. It causes blood clotting, hypoxia, liver damage, lung disease, and male and female infertility. So why, if we know that the spike protein is responsible for causing the damage done in the disease we know is COVID-19, why would you allow the authorities to put injections into your body that cause your body to make spike protein? And so people are getting sick after getting the injection and the authorities say, this is not from the injection, this is from COVID. A nurse recently told me that three to five people are dying in the hospital where she works every day in New York and they are dying within a week or two of having had one of the injections and the doctors are reporting that these people are dying from the COVID illness and not inquiring or making any association into the possibility that these deaths could be related to the shots. If any of you are familiar with VAERS, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, it is a passive reporting system, it is not the best form of reporting but it is a good enough reporting system. Over 4,200 people have submitted reports that they have died in association with the injection. In 1976, when the swine flu injection was given, up to 53 people were reported to have died and the authorities immediately stopped the swine flu. Harvard Pilgrim study reports that less than 1% of all adverse events are reported to the authorities, which means that if three to five people are dying per day in this woman’s hospital and they are dying in association somewhat near the time they got the injection and less than 1% of people are actually reporting adverse events and 4,200 have so far been reported, we can estimate that a hundred times 4,200 have already died from this injection. And the same goes for over 200,000 reports of adverse events that the authorities will tell you are completely unrelated and the irony is that people who have family members who die immediately or soon after getting the injection are still willing to line up, to get the injection. In summary, this information that’s in these injections is not meant for health. It’s not meant to protect you against a viral infection. It’s not meant to stop you from transmitting any kind of virus to anyone and even the authorities tell you that this is to alter your genetic codes permanently and potentially depopulate you. I feel very, very strongly and my heart sinks for any of the 12 to 15 year old boys and girls who receive this injection. It is our estimation, for many of us in the field who’ve been studying this injection for months, that the parents of these children may not become grandparents. Please do your research. This is not a vaccine. Thank you.

– Thank you very much, Dr. Palevsky and I encourage everyone to again do your own research. No one here wants you to blindly believe anything but we do want to point the way to things that you need to look up and do your own research and draw your own conclusion. This is the exact opposite message that we’re getting in the media, where they want you to operate on blind faith because some guy can hit a baseball, you should trust their advice on getting the vaccine. We don’t believe in that. We want you to do your own research and we’re giving you food for thought and directions you need to go in. Next we’ll be hearing from Dr. Alim Mohammad MD. He was the Minister of Health for the Nation of Islam. And he and I, we crossed paths years ago, a lot of years ago in Baltimore, where it just turned out we were both speaking on the same night and that was our first paths crossing. He’s brilliant and I just rediscovered him just recently because so many people are sending me his videos to watch. Okay, yeah, yeah, he’s brilliant but who is he? And it took a little digging, but then we found out, I said, “That’s Dr. Alim Oh my God.” And so, yeah, we’re honored to have you here Dr. Alim and the floor is yours.

– Well, thank you very much, brother Curtis. I’m very, very happy and honored to be a part of this excellent panel. I’ve been taking notes since the beginning. And I’m so glad to be a part of it, not just to impart what I know, the little bit that I do know, but to learn so much from such an esteem group of courageous people. And I wanna give a shout out to the Your Immunity Project. I’m here representing the Your Immunity Project, which is a community-based effort, a response to the COVID-19 pandemic epidemic, whatever you wanna call it. And we in fact, are conducting our own clinical trial. And so if you’re interested in that, then you could enroll in that clinical trial, the and the enrollment process is self-explanatory. And I wanna thank the Children’s Health Defense for hosting this event and for all the work that you have done to protect our children, who are literally, I believe, the number one intended victims of what we see taking place. Now, I was asked to speak on why the mRNA vaccine, so-called, is not really a vaccine and I’m gonna do my best to do that in the 10 minutes that I have. And I’m gonna just start in a very simple way. I was taught that if it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. Now, if it doesn’t look like a duck, doesn’t waddle like a duck and doesn’t quack like a duck, it’s not a duck. Now you might not know what it is, but you know for sure that it’s not a duck. So now Dr. Palevsky he actually did part of my work here. He said that a true vaccine is supposed to produce an antibody response. It’s supposed to protect you from infection. It’s supposed to make the death rate go down. It’s supposed to make hospitalizations go down. It’s supposed to reduce the spread of the disease and transmission. Well, when we actually look at what takes place with the so-called mRNA vaccine campaign, the Morderna, the Pfizer, the Johnson and Johnson, the AstraZeneca, they do none of what Dr. Palevsky said that a vaccine is supposed to do. So if it’s not a vaccine, then what is it? And we have to ask the same thing about the test, the so-called PCR test, because a court in Portugal found in favor of some stranded tourists from Germany who were quarantined because they had tested positive on a PCR test. The Portuguese court found that since the PCR test, the COVID 19 test has a 75% false positive rate and a 40% false negative rate that that’s an overall unreliability index of 94%. And they let the tourists out of quarantine because the test was so unreliable. So now, if you have a test that is not a test and a vaccine that is not a vaccine, then what are they? And then there’s evidence to show that the nasal swab, I don’t know if it’s named after the head of the World Economic Forum, Mr. Schwab, but the nasal swab, some alleged, has components in it that are similar to the components that are in the vaccine. Now the exact ingredients in the vaccines so-called and I’m using the word that I shouldn’t use. You see part of the confusion with COVID-19 is the confusion in the language. Calling tests that aren’t tests, tests, calling vaccines that aren’t vaccines, vaccines. So what is it then? Well, let’s go to the source. The CEO of Moderna, now I don’t mean the original CEO, the original CEO of Moderna was Anthony Fauci. He’s no longer the original CEO, there’s a new guy there. And according to him, he didn’t call it a vaccine. He said mRNA technology is an operating system, such as you would place in a computer. That’s what he said. And then the Chief Medical Officer for Pfizer, Dr. Tal Zaks, and you can find his video on YouTube. What did he say it was? He said, we have learned to hack the software of life. So now, if the people who are making this mRNA device are calling it an operating system, why are you calling it a vaccine? And if the same components that are in an unreliable test, that are in an injected form of whatever’s being injected and why are you calling it a test? It’s neither a test nor a vaccine, but what is it? It’s an operating system and from those who have studied the components of it, it is composed of the nanobots, the darker hydrogel, magnetic proteins perhaps. Why are human embryonic cells included in the ingredients in what is being injected? Now, the other ingredient that I’m about to mention horseshoe crabs blood, is blue in color. I know why that’s in there, you can look that up yourself. It contains a substance that causes blood to coagulate. So you would put that in an injection if you wanted someone’s blood to coagulate or clot for those… And then of course you have the mRNA technology itself, which is electronic and seems to respond to 5G radiation. Look what happened in Wuhan city. The minute they turn the switch for the 5G network in Wuhan city, there was an outbreak of what they called the 5G syndrome, which is indistinguishable from the symptoms of COVID 19. And so we’re not dealing with a vaccine. We’re dealing with an operating system that fits into the transhumanist agenda that Dr. Madej, I hope I’m pronouncing your name correctly mentioned earlier. Now we have to fit it in its proper context. What we’re dealing with is not, John Wayne never got in a gun fight with a single shotgun. He had a six shooter. So what we’re dealing with here is what is considered to be a quaternary weapon, has four components to it. Chemtrails, the vaccine, the virus, and of course the 5G component, the 5G is the energy component. The chemtrails are the chemical component. The vaccine is the immune component and the virus itself carries the S protein, which causes all of the damage to the endothelium, which is the lining of the blood vessels throughout the body. And there’s blood vessels everywhere, isn’t it? So you get brain damage, you get heart damage, kidney damage, liver damage. Every system in the body is damaged by the S protein. Now I’m gonna refer to and I know my time is short here, Dr. Luc Montagnier, the Nobel Laureate the cold discoverer of HIV. He’s very angry against this campaign to vaccinate everybody in the middle of a pandemic. He says, that’s bad science, but really what has the mad is that he discovered that there is a DNA sequence in the COVID 19 virus that comes from HIV. Well, he should know, since he put that DNA sequence in HIV in the beginning. So we talk about the spike protein and here you have a mRNA, the codes for a protein, that’s called the spike protein. And the spike protein is the protein that Luc Montagnier says came from HIV. And that’s why people who get the vaccine sometimes they test positive for HIV. And so what they’re Luc Montagnier just prove? He proved that COVID-19 is a laboratory creation. They just pulled the S protein down off the shelf that had been previously developed by Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier, 30 years ago. And that also proves that HIV was a laboratory creation. And so it’s not a vaccine. It’s an operating system to control human behavior, to create disease and unwanted populations. It can be targeted. It can be dialed up and controlled remotely by 5G. There’s a man who got a vaccine. He connects to bluetooth devices. His name comes up in a coded fashion with a number and it says AstraZeneca, which is the vaccine that he received. So is this electronic branding, when Monsanto inserted their genetics into plants they could claim ownership of plants that were planted by farmers who never bought their product originally. What does it mean? That if you have the AstraZeneca or the Johnson and Johnson brand electronically in your body, does that mean they own you? They have patent rights on you? Intellectual property rights on you? Do they have ownership of you? Is that what the real competition is for? Moderna against Pfizer, against Johnson and Johnson to see how many people they can brand and claim and own and control. So I rest my case. That’s not a vaccine, but we have an alternative and you see it behind me, the Paximmune, the interferon, it does what a vaccine is allegedly supposed to do. It does stop the spread of COVID-19 and that was proven in Wuhan city about a year ago, when almost 5,000 doctors and nurses, frontline people taking care of the really sick people in Wuhan city, they were given nasal interferon and not a single one of them came down with COVID-19, even though they were on the front lines. And so you can visit my website,, find out about the Paximmune, find out about Shungite, find out about Green Cake, find out about the protocols that I think will help us to survive the very diabolical schemes that we’re confronted with. So I thank you once again for the opportunity to share a little bit of what I have found out.

– Thank you very much, Dr.Alim and I think it is important to point out that CHD and many other groups, we don’t really advocate specific protocols for health. We provide information, but Dr.Alim is entitled to his opinion and research analysis, draw your conclusion but we don’t really advocate any specific protocols for treating these types of things. Thank you very much again, Dr. Alim. Let’s move on to the next speaker, Alix Mayer. Alix is a brilliant researcher, brilliant when it comes to statistics, just brilliant, all around. She’s taken on many great projects and shown what she’s capable of. She’s President of CHD, California, and just so happened she and I both went to the same school, went to Northwestern, and both got our MBAs of the Kellogg School of Management. So strap yourself in, this is Alix Mayer.

– Thank you so much, Curtis. That was really wild when we found out we both went to Kellogg when we met a couple of years ago. So I’m Alix Mayer, I’m an MBA, as Curtis said, and I’m a data pervert and a compulsive researcher. So my presentation is all about the data about COVID shots and I’m gonna talk about whether or not the benefits of the COVID shots outweigh the risks. So next slide. So in the next slide, we can see that all the deaths attributed to COVID in 2021 add up to about 190,000 deaths. And next slide, please. I calculated the risk of dying from COVID in the adult population. And I did that because most of the shots have been given to adults and this’ll play into my presentation later. So the slide says a fatality rate but that’s actually incorrect. A mortality rate is a population rate. The risk that you might die from COVID, whether or not you protect yourself, whether or not you get a shot, no matter what you do, it’s the overall risk of mortality given a COVID is going around, whether or not you get COVID. So the death rate among adults in the US, the risk of death that is, is about one in 1 in 1100. So that’s scary enough. Let’s go to the next slide. So that’s scary enough for people to want to get vaccinated. And so, as you can see here, almost half of the adult population has had two COVID shots or one, if you’re talking about Johnson and Johnson, next slide. So I’m gonna talk about the deadly temporal effects of the COVID shots now. So first we’re gonna jump into VAERS and do a little bit of VAERS analysis. VAERS stands for Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. And you can see over time since the inception of VAERS in 1990, on the far left, those little orange lines, those are all the deaths recorded after vaccines that are non COVID vaccines, okay. Then when you get to 2020, you see a little blue line and then in 2021, you see a really big blue line. Those are the deaths reported after COVID shots and you can see how far out of range this is. We’ve had about 200 deaths reported per year for years after all other non COVID shots and now we’ve skyrocketed up to 3,600 deaths recorded after COVID shots in 2021 and about 200 last year, just in the two weeks. Remember I said, every year, there’s about 200 deaths, just two weeks of COVID shots last year, led to 200 deaths recorded after COVID shots. It’s pretty crazy. Okay, next slide, please. So VAERS, it’s a surveillance system and so the data needs to be adjusted. It’s not designed to capture every adverse event. And normally about 80% of VAERS reports are received within a year of someone getting a shot. And there’s some notable issues during COVID with the VAERS reporting. One is doctors are required to report deaths after COVID shots or any adverse event, according to the PREP Act, but they’re not necessarily doing it. And we’ve got some data showing that they’re not. The CDC has also admitted to holding back 1600 death reports, which is almost half of what’s been recorded so far. So that’s really concerning. They’ve determined somehow in a matter of weeks that these deaths after COVID shots that had been reported and not due to the COVID shots. So that means the ones left in the database are more likely to be related to the COVID shots. And reportedly there’s also a two month backlog of deaths reported after COVID shots that are not in the VAERS system yet. The other thing about VAERS it’s an obscure and passive reporting system and it’s time-consuming for a doctor to make a report and so they typically don’t do it. So fewer than 1% of adverse events after vaccines are reported to VAERS and that’s in this Lazarus study, I’m about to show you and then 1 to 13% of serious adverse events after all medications are ever reported. Could we go to the next slide. So, because people cite the Lazarus study a lot but they’d never seemed to show it, I’m showing you an image of the study and you can see the principal investigator is Lazarus and this is published in 2009 or 2010. Next slide, please. I’m just gonna summarize on the far right hand side, this is a pre-COVID study, obviously, and what the Lazarus study found and this was a study that was funded by CDC, conducted at Harvard Pilgrim. So very high profile institutions, right? And what they found is one in 38 vaccines results in an adverse event. Think about that. Children get 72 vaccines before they’re 18 and one in 38 will result in an adverse event that should be reported. Although, they also found that fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. And then because the CDC didn’t like these results they stopped communicating with Lazarus and his team. And so this is really, this is a summary of what they found but it was not the full analysis. So next slide, please. So there are three types of adverse events. There’s the, just a general adverse event which might be a sore arm, or in the case of COVID, usually it’s the inability to go to work or do the activities of daily living, usually you have to call the doctor for some help. There’s also a serious adverse event, which is something life-threatening, like anaphylaxis that’s happening after a lot of these shots or a visit to the emergency room. And the third type of adverse event of course, is a death. So looking at the adjusted adverse events, serious adverse events and deaths, I’m just gonna read you the odds. So if we actually grossed these up to account for 1% reporting, there could have been 22 million adverse events after COVID shots already. And that would be a risk of 1 in 12 of getting any adverse event. And remember the general risk of mortality from COVID is 1 in 1100. So let’s compare that as we go through this list. So then we’ve got serious adverse events. And if only 1% of those are reported, it’s one in 143 people will have a serious adverse event. Again, like being hospitalized or anaphylaxis, which is life-threatening. And then if 13% of serious events are reported then the risk could be about one and 1800 of having a serious adverse event. Again, the risk of mortality in the general adult population is one in 1100. Now, if you look at deaths, if 1% of the deaths are recorded your risk of dying after COVID shot is one in 740. And if 13% of deaths are recorded to VAERS, your risk of dying after COVID shot is one in 10,000. Next slide, please. So if we project these numbers into 2021, we’ve only been through about 36% of 2021, we’re in week 19. So if you project that forward through the rest of the year, we’re gonna have about 10,000 reports of deaths in the VAERS system after COVID shots. And if 1% is the true VAERS reporting rate, we could have almost a million deaths reported after COVID shots and that should be a shocking figure for most people. And if 13% of the deaths are reported to VAERS and that’s the true reporting rate, we could have 76,000 deaths. And again, because the CDC doesn’t wanna know this information, we don’t actually know the true numbers. So let’s talk about COVID shot efficacy, that is how effective it is. And first I wanna say how the efficacy was calculated in the trials. And what’s really weird to me is that we talk a lot about the antibodies generated by the COVID shots and how long those antibodies are gonna last, but guess what? That’s not how they got these shots approved. They got the shots approved based on somebody testing positive or not for COVID based on an RT-PCR test. It’s not an antibody test. They’re very different. So the RT-PCR test it tests for viruses and test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It’s not a so-called COVID test. And this is a really important point that you’re gonna need to remember as I go through the rest of this. COVID-19 is a set of symptoms like acute respiratory distress syndrome, headache, cough or fever, maybe loss of taste and smell. COVID symptoms are not specific to COVID-19 because everybody knows you can get a cough from a lot of other things as well. In the vaccine trials, cases counted as COVID-19 if a trial participant had one or two of those COVID like symptoms, and they also tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 and unfortunately, other acute infections that cause the same symptoms were not ruled out. And guess what? There’s 1400 other human pathogens out there and they tested for absolutely none of them and so what that led to is confirmation bias. Like if you called the study operators and said, hey, you know, I have a cough can I get tested for SARS-CoV-2? They say, sure, you know, go to your local lab or come in. And they were tested, but they were never tested for other pathogens to see if those were causing the cough. So the question is, did the trial results prove that the shots cause symptom reduction or that people were just testing negative to SARS-CoV-2. Next slide, please. So let’s look at the second question first. So let’s look at the PCR test efficacy. So this chart shows on top in the red bars, the numbers we’ve all heard of. the Pfizer shot is 95% effective, the Moderna shot is 94% effective, the Johnson and Johnson shot is 67% effective. And that’s based on something called relative risks. So the average relative risk reduction, that’s the RRR, is 83%. Now, if you look at that a different way, and you look at something called absolute risk, you can actually calculate something called the NNV or a number needed to vaccinate. And the NNV is actually 94. And to interpret that, that means that you have to vaccinate 94 people before one can be safe from testing positive for SARS‑CoV‑2. But what does it mean to not test positive for SARS-CoV-2? Well, it turns out not that much. Let’s go to the next slide. So Peter Doshi is the Senior Editor of the “British Medical Journal”, and he wrote an article about interpreting the data from the COVID shot studies. And he noted that there are 20 times more suspected cases than confirmed cases in the studies, within the challenge portion of the trial status. And so if you look at the relative risk reduction in that group, if you add in the suspected cases, the only risk reduction is 19%, it’s not 95%. He’s looking at the Pfizer shot. Then even after removing cases that occurred within seven days of vaccination, allowing the antibodies to develop, still the efficacy remained low at 29%. So what he’s saying is that for symptom reduction, which is a really the thing you care about, I mean who cares if you test positive or negative for SARS-CoV-2? What people are looking for is to avoid getting COVID, which the shots don’t do, but the shots are only providing symptom reduction at a rate of 19 to 29%. Next slide, please. So I just spoke about kind of the immediate effects that are reported to VAERS but VAERS doesn’t capture what we call latent effects. And so let’s jump into that for a little bit. So one of the predictions from the Sage Group in the United Kingdom is there’s gonna be a third wave of COVID in August. I don’t know how they’re so good at these predictions but I just don’t have any idea how, but what they said is that 60 to 70% of the hospitalizations and deaths in the third wave will be among the fully vaccinated and that’s just to me, that’s just mind blowing. So let’s, so here they say let’s discussed further in paragraphs 55 and 56. Well, let’s go to paragraph 55. So 60 to 70% of the fully vaccinated will be hospitalized or die in the third wave, even without vaccine protection waning or a variant emerging that escapes vaccines. Even without vaccine protection waning or a variant emerging that escapes vaccines. That is mind blowing. And then at the end they say, this is not the result of vaccines being ineffective, merely the uptake being so high. And now if you think back what the studies actually proved, they actually only proved that people wouldn’t test positive for SARS-CoV-2, but that doesn’t correlate to symptoms at all. If you look at the symptoms numbers, the shots are 19 to 29% effective. So maybe that’s why 60 to 70% of the vaccinated are gonna be caught up in this third wave in the hospital, or possibly dying. Next slide, please. So there’s other latent effects that are also predicted. There’s a study in mice by Bart Klassen and he found that 95% of the mice got prion disease. There are other concerns that have to do with being re-exposed to the Corona virus, like in that third wave. And one of them was called antibody dependent enhancement and all the trials of SARS and MERS viruses in animals prior to COVID proved that those vaccines were deadly to the animals. All the animals developed lung infiltrates like pus and blood and liver disease with really elevated ALT levels. So if they hadn’t been sacrificed for the studies, they would have definitely died. The second part of antibody dependent enhancement, there’s a study of infants in 1969, where 80% of them who were vaccinated for RSV were hospitalized and 10% of the infants died upon re-exposure. The other re-exposure concern is pathogenic priming, which is basically another word for auto-immune disease. And Dr. James Lyons Wyler did a great study on that. He talks about the homology of the human proteins so that you make antibodies to some of the proteins in the shots and they’re so similar to human proteins that they can attack yourself. Next slide, please. So in summary, the adult mortality rate from COVID is one in 1100. The projected shot fatality rate is one in 740 to one in 10,000. So you got to really take that into account. The mortality rate from just existing is kind of the same, it’s in that range of the shot mortality rate. There’ll be 76,000 to almost a million post COVID shot deaths projected in 2021. An average of 94 people have to be vaccinated to prevent one from testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 and symptom prevention is only 19 to 29% in the Pfizer vaccine. The latent effects include 60 to 70% of hospitalizations and deaths from the third wave being among the fully vaccinated. Prion disease and re-exposure to a Corona virus will cause antibody dependent enhancement and pathogenic priming. Thank you.

– Thank you very much, Alix and as I told everybody, she’s very thorough. And so I know a lot of people are gonna have to watch this tape again to keep up with all the information but that’s fine. Moving right along, we’re almost ready to wrap up. We have our next speaker is Dr. Dave Rasnick PhD in chemistry. He’s worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. He’s also an author and he’s now out there doing the right thing, using this knowledge to help people understand some of the things that really going on. And he’s always a great guy, whenever I need somebody to speak or do a program, he always makes himself available if he can. And so he’s really a nice guy. He does care about people, Dr. Dave Rasnick.

– Thanks, Curtis, I appreciate it and it’s an honor to be part of this panel. And I just want to tell Alix what a great job I think she did. That was a lot of hard work there but it’s important to get that out. Well, I was asked to talk about the PCR test. In 1978, I was one of two PhDs hired to set up the chemistry group in the diagnostics division of Abbott Laboratories in north Chicago, Illinois. During my nearly two decades in the pharmaceutical biotech industry, I learned a lot about clinical diagnostics. Cases of cancer, flu, measles, alcoholism, et cetera used to be based on clinical symptoms that were consistent and recognized for centuries. However, technology is in the process of destroying the very meaning of disease and how it is diagnosed. Today I want to talk about how the PCR test is being used to create cases of flu in people without any symptoms of disease. By January 3, 2020, the China office of the World Health Organization recorded 44 patients with pneumonia of unknown cause. Just four days later, Phan Wu and colleagues in China claim they discovered a coronavirus, a type of cold virus in a 41 year old man. It wasn’t long before that virus was officially declared the cause of those pneumonias. But here’s the question. What was so important about those 44 cases in a country that has over a million pneumonias every year? It was common knowledge that pneumonia can be caused by lots of things. Simply being older, medically compromised, a patient in a hospital puts one at risk of developing pneumonia. Chemicals can do it. Drugs can do it, all sorts of things. Going from a handful of pneumonias to identifying a new virus from a single individual in a matter of days, does not even come close to satisfying minimal scientific standards. It is very difficult and time consuming to prove the existence of a new virus. It’s even more difficult to prove that it causes pneumonia or anything else, but it’s not possible to do any of that, if you don’t have authentic virus to begin with. When virologists Charles Kalscheur at Colorado State University was asked May of last year if he knew even one paper in which SARS-CoV-2 has been isolated and purified, finely purified. His short email answer was, “I know of no such public publication, I’ve kept an eye out for one.” Even the Centers for Disease Control admitted in it’s December 1st, 2020 update that no quantified virus isolates were available to validate the PCR testing. That’s right. The CDC does not have even a trace of actual virus to study and no one else does either. So what’s going on ? From the beginning, Wu and colleagues made the assumption that the man’s symptoms were caused by an infectious agent. When tests were negative for two viruses and the bacterium, they were committed to finding a virus that caused this symptoms. They conducted a high-tech Dragnet for all the RNA present in the man’s lung sample. But at no point did they work with actual infectious agents, including viruses. Nowadays it’s all technology and no biology. Wu and company used an extremely expensive and complicated new method called medic transcriptomics to pluck millions of RNA fragments from a sample taken from the lungs of that sick man. Then using a different array of very expensive high tech machines, they determine the specific sequence of building blocks called nucleotides for each and every fragment of RNA in the sample. From the trillions of viruses that inhabit every one of us, including that sick man, the computer algorithm stitched together the nucleotide sequences into a string of RNA characteristic of the family of cold viruses called coronavirus. Within days, China shared the computer generated RNA sequence with other countries. Once the army of technologists around the world knew what to look for, almost overnight the Wu sequence was merged with other constructed coronavirus sequences to come up with what is called a consensus sequence, which was eventually christened SARS-CoV-2. Ultimately, this consensus sequence was used to develop PCR test for a virus that the CDC doesn’t have. It is important to understand how the PCR test works because it is the only thing that keeps the phony Corona virus pandemic going. In 1983 Kary Mullis invented PCR, which stands for polymerase chain reaction. In 1993, he got the Nobel prize for PCR. PCR is like a photocopier that can make billions of copies of a single fragment of DNA. Kary and I met through our mutual friend, Peter Duesberg, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley. In 1997, Peter, Kary and I were invited to a meeting on AIDS in Columbia, South America. Kary explained why his truly amazing invention, PCR, cannot detect viruses in people or diagnose infections. Sadly, Kary Mullis died in August, 2019, that’s why I’m here today instead of my friend. The genetic sequences of viruses, especially the RNA viruses, are very unstable. So unstable in fact, there is no such thing as an un mutated RNA virus. Viruses are like snowflakes, no two are identical. That’s why as of yesterday, the National library of Medicine listed 498,920 different sequences of SARS-CoV-2. Every time somebody sequences SARS, they get a different sequence. That’s true of HIV. That’s true of all of these viruses. Since SARS-CoV-2 exists only in computers and there is no real virus for comparison, how does one go about making a PCR test to be used on human samples? It turns out that the most stable sequences of RNA viruses are approximately the same at all members of the viral family, including the family of Corona viruses. The 1% or less of viral RNA that is amplified by the PCR test is chosen from these relatively stable sequences. So at best the PCR test is a family of RNA viruses and not a specific the virus. Before PCR can be done on the RNA of a coronavirus, a process that is error prone must first convert the RNA into DNA. By their very nature, the short synthetic sequences of DNA used to initiate each cycle of the PCR test cannot be guaranteed to distinguish between virus and non virus. This alone makes PCR test highly suspect. However, these practical limitations were not the reason Kary opposed the PCR test. He simply could not accept equating a string of RNA or DNA with actual virus. Kary was not alone. Charles Kalscheur who works with real viruses said that just studying genetic sequences is like trying to say whether somebody has bad breath by looking at his fingerprint. When asked I tell people that using PCR to identify a virus is like conjuring up from a pile of bricks how a building looked before it was demolished. Technologists have a bad habit of reading too much into genetic sequences. In the early days of genomics researchers were shocked to discover that mice and humans both have virtually the same number of genes of which 99% are identical. Lisa Steps of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory said she knows of only a few cases in which no mouse counterpart can be found for a particular human gene and for the most part we see essentially a one-to-one correspondence between genes in the two species. Obviously what makes a mouse a mouse and a human human is not in the genes. The hole is not only more than but decidedly different from the sum of its parts. In spite of this obvious fact, many cell biologists and virtually all cancer researchers, diagnostics manufacturers, and drug developers, believe they can understand, detect, control living things one gene at a time. I and many other scientists are outraged by public officials using PCR testing to put the public into a panic over COVID. With complete disregard for their oath of office to uphold the constitution and protect our liberties, politicians and public health authorities are using meaningless PCR testing results to justify lockdowns, which are destroying lives, liberties, businesses, society in general. There are two things that keep the phony PCR pandemic going. The first is PCR testing. The second you may have already guessed is the endless flood of official propaganda and lies coming from government departments of public health and mainstream media. Public discussion criticism and debate are not permitted and in some places considered criminal. I want to stress that PCR tests do not and cannot detect viruses, which means all PCR test results are meaningless. People should refuse PCR testing. If diagnostic PCR testing was stopped immediately, COVID would vanish into thin air and the highly dangerous vaccines can be incinerated. I would be honored to strike the match. Thank you.

– Thank you very much Dr. Rasnick and as you can see that Dr. Rasnick knows his stuff. I mean, guy’s been out like 40 years. Very good and I, again, no one is being asked to believe anything. He’s laid out the groundwork so you could do your own research. And so we’re just planting the seed so you can do your research because you’re not gonna get this information on mainstream news and social media will sensor this. We’re coming into the home stretch. Next speaker is Kristina Kristen. She’s one of the co-founders of Children’s Health Defense in California. She’s an author, professor, health advocate and she’s gonna talk about what is one of the hottest topics I think on most people’s minds and that’s what are these face masks and do they work? Are they safe? So, Kristina you have the floor. Thank you.

– Thank you, thank you so much, Curtis. It’s such an honor to be on this panel and I have a lot of territory to cover. So I apologize in advance. I’m gonna speak a little bit fast, put on your seat belts, I’ll try and get through the slides. Okay, so I am here to speak about mask and mask facts and what do you need to know. Next slide, please. So I’ll start with this slide. I’m sure you’ve all seen this. It’s a picture of surgical masks and if you’ve seen them in the stores, you look at the back of the box and guess what it says? If you haven’t read it already, the statement on the back of the box literally says, “This product is an ear loop mask. This product is not a respirator and will not provide any protection against COVID-19 Corona viruses or other viruses or contaminants.” Okay, let’s take a pause. I’m done, that’s it. That’s all we need to know. So I mean, you know, I’m joking here, but for a moment let’s imagine if you had a contraceptive, some sort of contraceptive pill and on the back of the box, it said this pill will not provide any protection against becoming pregnant. It’s a very strong language. So I would like to think about this and come back to this slide once we’re done with the rest of the presentation. Next slide, please. So Mary Holland did an excellent job to go over the laws as they relate to masks and specifically surgical masks and cloth masks and just to reiterate, they are not FDA approved. They are only for Emergency Use Authorization, which essentially means they cannot be mandated without choice. So you should be able to accept or refuse to basically wear masks. So I will go to the next slide, please. All right, so let’s get to the basics here. I mean, I feel like common sense has sort of evaporated and I really wanted to stress and underline the essential, the significance of the breath and breathing. So it’s a sad day when we have to actually go back to the basics, but here we are. So let’s think about it as the rule of the threes, the essentials to life. We all know that we need food, water and air for survival, right? So the average survival time for an average human without food is three weeks. The average survival time for a human without water is about three days and without air it’s three minutes. So I think that gives you a very strong reminder of how incredibly important breathing is and so breathing is living literally, right? So, and the oxygen component of the breath that you take is your greatest and first source of energy. It’s the fuel required for the proper operation of all body systems. Oxygen gives our body the ability to rebuild itself, oxygen detoxifies the blood and strengthens the new system. Oxygen displaces deadly free radicals, neutralizes environmental toxins and destroys anaerobic bacteria, parasites, microbes and viruses. Oxygen enhances the body’s absorption of important nutrients. It enhances brain power, memory, concentration and learning. It calms the mind and stabilizes the nervous system. Without oxygen brain cells die and deteriorate very quickly. And as we age an oxygen deficiency increases. It takes longer to learn and retain new material. Oxygen lowers resting heart rate, and strengthens the heart and the contraction of the cardiac muscle. So listen to this. Virtually all of the 1.5 million annual heart attacks are attributed to hypoxia and the failure to deliver oxygen to the heart muscle. So the effects are cumulative. Oxygen balance helps reverse the physical and psychological effects from poor health, from pollution and from aging. So maintaining proper oxygen level in the body is vital to overall health and vitality. This is what I wanna say. This is the emphasis. This is the essence of this particular presentation. So any intervention that compromises, obstructs, interferes with, jeopardizes or otherwise gets in the way of optimal breathing, especially for prolonged periods, should be questioned and frankly, shunned. Obstructing breathing chronically for periods of time is never a prescription for health and can only lead to systemic disease. Next slide, please. So wearing cloth or surgical masks, contrary to what you are told, does obstruct proper oxygen carbon dioxide exchange, otherwise known as breathing. We are designed to breathe in oxygen rich air and we exhale carbon dioxide, which is a metabolic waste product. Meanwhile, our brain is dependent on an adequate and continuous supply of oxygen in order to optimally produce cellular energy to support life. So then central nervous system is thereby extremely vulnerable to inadequate O2 supply. Normal atmospheric oxygen level is 20.9% but when we wear a mask, a portion of the carbon dioxide waste that you exhale displaces the O2 in the dead space of your mask and thereby we’re re-inhaling our own CO2. So clearly when we re-inhale a portion of our exhale, we are obstructing optimal O2 CO2 gas exchanges, which is breathing. Next slide, please. So oxygen deficit, which is called hypoxia, and carbon dioxide excess, which is called hypercapnia, during mask wearing is thoroughly established in peer reviewed clinical data. Masks cause widely demonstrated and clinically confirmed hypoxic lack of oxygen, injuries to the brain, heart to musculoskeletal system, as demonstrated in numerous peer reviewed published study. So excess carbon dioxide, as it accumulates inside a mask is an excipient and in excess is a mild poison to the entire body. This is also widely established in clinical data. So therefore demanding any human, a child, a teacher, a worker, an athlete, a traveler, a consumer, anyone else to wear mask is demanding they mildly poison themselves. Next slide, please. So this is a diagram for just immediate health, the adverse effects from carbon dioxide toxicity. Basically when it’s a mild amount in the volume of the air, when it’s a smaller amount, you’re drowsy, you’re nauseous, you’re a little bit out of it. When it reaches 3%, then you have reduced hearing, increased heart rate and blood pressure and you have mild narcosis. When it reaches 5% you have dizziness, confusion, headache, shortness of breath. And at 8%, basically you can be unconscious and die with tremors and seizures. Next slide, please. So if there’s one study out of the multitude of studies and I’ve all these references in the back of this presentation, if there’s one study that I would highly encourage every single one of you actually take a note here and read at some point in your leisure time, It’s this study from 2021, which was published in the “International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health”. It’s titled “Is a mask that covers the mouth and nose free from undesirable side effects and everyday use and free of potential hazards.” It basically went over 65 scientific papers that within those had 14 reviews and two meta analysis. So it covers 200 studies. And if you don’t have the time or inclination to read 25 pages of this dense informative data, I basically took what I thought were some of the most important three paragraphs. There are many of them, but that I just want to… Please just bear with me. I just wanna read it for you because this is so incredibly important. So according to the scientific data, a long-term disease relevant consequences of masks are to be expected. They give an indication that with correspondingly repeated and prolonged exposure, clinical pictures can develop such as high blood pressure, arterial sclerosis, including coronary heart disease, metabolic syndrome, as well as neurological diseases. For small increases in carbon dioxide in the inhaled air, this disease promoting effect has been proven with the creation of headaches, irritation of the respiratory tract up to asthma, as well as an increase in blood pressure and heart rate with vascular damage and finally neuropathological and cardiovascular consequences. Are you hearing this, are you listening to this? This is shocking. This should be shocking to each and every one of us. What are we doing here? Even slightly, but persistently increased heart rates, encourage oxidative stress with endothelial dysfunction via increased inflammatory messengers and finally, the stimulation of arterial sclerosis of the blood vessels has been proven. A similar effect with the stimulation of high blood pressure, cardiac dysfunction, and damage to blood vessels supplying the brain is suggested for slightly increased breathing rates over long periods. Masks are responsible for the aforementioned physiological changes with rises in inhaled carbon dioxide. Are we trading getting a virus that has a 99.98% survivability rate for most of the population? Are we trading that for heart disease and neuropathological diseases and asthma and all these chronic illnesses that are basically the leading cause of death? Okay, next slide, please. Okay, so I’m gonna go very quickly. OSHA, basically, as we know, is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and they’ve determined what is a safe amount of oxygen in the air in the workplaces, and what is a safe amount of carbon dioxide. They’ve determined that 19 and a half percent is the absolute low range of oxygen in the air. And so with their own devices that are OSHA qualified, within 30 seconds within the dead space of the mask it’s 17 to 18% oxygen levels. And conversely with the carbon dioxide levels it surpasses 10,000 PPM level of carbon dioxide, and both of those instances, both of those what happens under the mask and what you’re breathing in and out is incredibly detrimental to your health. Next next slide. So, according to OSHA short-term effects of elevated CO2 levels at 600 to a thousand PPM, you have stiffness, general drowsiness from a thousand to 2,500 PPM and adverse health effects may be expected between 2,500 to 5,000 PPM. I just mentioned to you that within 30 to 50 seconds, 30 to sorry, 30 to 60 seconds, you have 10,000 parts per million within that mask. Next slide, please. Okay, so here’s where it gets wild also and very, very interesting. So we’ve just talked about the health adverse effects of wearing masks but do they even work? Are we wearing them for any reason, specific reason that’s actually advantageous? I’m sure we’ve all heard, “But surgeons wear them, but surgeons wear wear them.” That’s what at least what I hear often. Surgical masks do they even work? So surgical masks were developed to be used in surgery to improve infection rates. That was the original reason that they were taken on in the surgery room in around the 19 hundreds, the early 1900s. There are a multitude of studies, this is what’s shocking, not just one isolated one but 50 years worth of data and studies that have demonstrated that in fact they do not improve infection rates. So for example, 2016 meta analysis and cochrane systemic review found when physicians wore masks or did not wear masks, there was no statistically significant difference in infection rates between the mask and the unmasked rates in any of the trials. Does that shock you? And so even after a hundred years of usage the study concluded, it is unclear whether wearing surgical masks result in any harm or benefit to the patient undergoing clinic surgery. Next slide, please. Conversely, there have been so many studies, numerous studies that show actually hand-washing does work to reduce infection rates. And this is a very, very fascinating story, if you’re not familiar with Semmelweis, he’s a doctor around 1850 in Vienna and he was basically working in a hospital that had a morgue as well as a delivery room in it. And through his powers of observation, he noticed that those doctors that did not wash their hands between working on cadavers, or doing autopsy autopsies, and went from there to delivery rooms without washing their hands, they were killing either the mother or the child. And so when he brought this to the surgeons, the other surgeons or doctors attention, and said, listen I’m having tremendous benefit when I wash my hands, I’m not killing the mothers or the children. They laughed him out of the hospital and basically said, you’re insane, this is not true. He actually ended up dying in an asylum and was vindicated of course, 50 years later. Anyway, so the bottom line is though that, sorry. Yeah, so, and the meta analysis of 1981 studies, which is titled “Surgeons medical mask study” concluded it would appear that minimum contamination can best be achieved by not wearing a mask at all. And that wearing a mask during surgery is a standard practice that could be abandoned. And they continue in that study to say despite these findings, it has been difficult for surgeons to give up this long standing practice. I find this to be absolutely fascinating. So it’s become a ritual that has no benefit even in the surgery room to improve infection rates. Next slide, please. So outside of the surgery room, do the masks, the cloth masks and the surgical masks, do they reduce viral infection spread in the general population? How do masks perform in reducing the spread of viruses and pathogens in the population? So again, another fascinating, tons of studies that will corroborate what you will see here. The kinetics of microscopic pathogens do not follow expected paths. They defy surface level logic. If we take the diameter of a single strand of human hair, it’s about 80 micrometers in thickness. A single bacteria cell is about two micrometers. A virus particle is not even measured in micrometers. It’s measured in nanometers and the average size is between 17 to 140 nanometers. Next slide, please. So if you see that blue dot on the left-hand side of that diagram, that’s the equivalent size of a Corona virus, for example, and the filtering pore size of a cloth mask is bigger than the big black blob that you see on the right-hand side. So it defies logic to think that somehow the pore sizes that are thousands at least hundreds, if not thousands of times larger than the particulate size, how they would be expected to filter Corona viruses. Next slide, please. Okay, so the proportional pore size of surgical and cloth masks are enormous compared to the virus particles. So virus particles can slip through these mask pores as easily as throwing sand against a chain link fence. What we know is cloth and surgical masks can filter some bacteria and contaminants such as tuberculosis but they are virtually incapable of blocking aerosolized viral transmission. So numerous randomized controlled studies not only demonstrate they’re woefully ineffective at stopping transmission but some have even shown masks to increase infection due to repeated touching and trapping of germs and humidity. Next slide, please. So this is just a ridiculous diagram but I just thought it’s worthwhile seeing. This is based on CDCs own data. So you have on the left column, you have the woman wearing the red cloth mask and the middle one is the surgical and the right one is the N95. And in their own data, basically it says that the surgical masks do not provide the wearer with reliable level of protection. So none of these masks that we are being mandated to wear are doing the job that they’re supposed to be doing. Next slide, please. So the last, among the many, many studies, I just wanted to bring this to your attention. A study published in the “British Medical Journal”, which is called “A cluster of randomized trial of cloth masks compared with medical masks in healthcare workers.” This study said the rates of all infection outcomes were highest in the cloth mask arm with a rate of ILI, which has influenced like illnesses, statistically significantly higher in the cloth mask arm up to 13 times higher compared with a medical mask arm. Cloth mask also had significantly higher rates of ILI compared with a control arm, which had no masks. Essentially what this study found is that if you’re wearing cloth masks, it’s actually a danger. You’re actually increasing your infection rate. Next slide, please. So back to the first slide I wanted to bring this back. So I think in fact, we really need to pay attention to the statement that’s written on the back of the box, because it’s absolutely accurate. It does not provide any protection against COVID-19 Corona viruses or other viruses or contaminants. Next slide, please. Lastly, does anyone have the right to demand you, obstruct your breathing? We are mandating children and workers to wear masks for hours every day, knowing they are breathing suboptimal air and likely creating imbalances and stress in their bodies. Where are the safety studies performed to show wearing masks for extended periods does not create illnesses, especially in children who have virtually zero risk for the virus itself. Mandating millions of healthy people, young and old to wear cloth mask is perhaps the most troublesome “solution” that as it turns out also delivers little benefit with a suffocating cost. Thank you.

– Absolutely brilliant. Thank you very much, Kristina. Those of us who’ve been doing this research, ever since this mask madness has come out. We’re pulling our hair out of our heads over the idea of people actually thinking the masks will protect them and that the mask is safe when it’s an exact opposite. So I encourage all those who are friends who are in love with their mask and double masking, let them see this presentation by Kristina. And she touched on something that leads right into our next speaker. It’s one more then we’re finished, Raquel Martinez. She’s a teacher physical therapy, and she works with with small kids and she has some amazing stories. Also she’s put out several videos of her experiences, talking with people, Latino community that everybody should watch. We’re gonna see if we can formalize this in some kind of way, but yeah what these mask mandates and lockdowns are doing to our kids is something that we need to start studying because our kids are suffering but she’ll give you a more accurate description, Raquel.

– Thank you, Curtis and thank you to all the panelists. I’m privileged and honored to be a part of this and correction Curtis, I’m an occupational therapist.

– [Curtis] What did I say?

– You said physical therapist and teacher.

– [Curtis] Sorry about that.

– No worries, no worries. It happens all the time. So I’m a pediatric occupational therapist in New York City and I serve under served communities. I work with children from zero to 10 years of age. And before I go into what I observed, since the lockdown, I wanna share something that’s very, very important. Now from zero to seven years of age, that is the foundation. It is pivotal for child development. It is the bedrock. So whatever happens from zero to seven years of age will affect a child for the rest of their life. Right now they’re living under extreme fear and anxiety. What they’re being told is not to trust others, not to trust their friends because they could make them sick. And to trust an authority outside of themselves. So how will this manifest when they’re older? That’s disturbing because then they’re going to trust an outside authority, they’re not gonna critically think for themselves. That’s the foundation that’s currently being laid. That’s the foundation we must stop. So I wanna address the masks and you heard an incredible presentation on masks and how it affects us, biologically, physically and emotionally. Now children, they need to see faces. They need to see expressions. It helps with their cognitive, emotional and social and linguistic development. So I’ve seen children getting confused on a regular basis when they’re looking at someone with a mask, especially when they’re below three years of age. So I work with very young children and I’m going to give you an example. So I currently work with a three-year-old and I’ve been working with her for two years. So I had a solid rapport before the lockdown. Once I started wearing the mask, her demeanor changed. Before she was extremely playful. She would respond to me really well and she didn’t seem as anxious. After I’ve started wearing the mask, she was less playful. She was less responsive and she would just stare at me, confused a lot of the time. Then during one session, she became so frustrated. She looked at me intensely, swiftly grabbed my mask and pulled it down from my face. As soon as she saw my face, she had the biggest smile. She started laughing. She was more playful. She was more responsive like that immediately. So that just shows how resilient our kids are. But if we continue on this path, I don’t know how children are gonna be able to respond. Are they going to be able to undo the damage from masks? Now let’s move on to social distancing. Now, recently I learned that social distancing is actually social isolation. It’s a CIA technique used to break down the enemy. When you’re socially isolated, when you cannot communicate with others, your wellbeing, your overall wellbeing goes down. It is a form of torture. And what are we doing day by day? Telling children, you can’t be around your friends. You can’t hug them. You can’t high-five them. This is anti-human. Children need to be able to touch. That is part of their learning. Now, since I work with so many children, I go into day cares and I’ve seen young children who don’t really have the verbal skills yet, communicate through touch, through hugging. And I’ve heard teachers say in a very stern voice, “You can’t hug you, you can’t high five. You can only wave to your friends.” Now I’ve seen children start hugging each other and they’re so happy. They are so excited to be with their friends and then once they hear that voice, you cannot hug, you must only wave to your friends, their face, there’s no emotion. It’s very strange. They don’t know what to do. They’re very confused. And they automatically just walk away from each other. It’s very, it’s sad to see. It’s frustrating to see, it makes me so angry. And then recently, I work with a seven year old who I’ve been working with him for years and he’s a very tactile learner. He needs a lot of hugs. He needs that affection. So he’s been restraining himself very well in this last year, but I can see how difficult it is for him. And one day he went to hug me and he stopped himself. And then I asked him, I said, “Do you need a hug? Do you want a hug?” He had tears in his eyes and he nodded. “Mh mh.” So then I said, “Okay, I have to see if there’s anyone around. Go to the back of the room, go to the back of the room.” I go to the hallway. I checked to see if there’s any adults, any children, no one, coast is clear. I run to the back of the room and I hug him. But as I’m hugging him, I have to keep my eye on the door, to make sure no one walks in and sees me hugging him. So here I am doing my best support love to this child that he so desperately needs it in this moment and I’m in fear at the same time, I’m in fear that I could lose my job. What are we doing? You know, I talk to parents since I’ve been an occupational therapist for almost 12 years now. I’ve spoken with parents of children I worked with years ago. So now they’re in their preteens or they’re teenagers. And they’ve told me, I don’t recognize my child. This past year has done something detrimental to them. I don’t know who they are. They cared about school. They cared about being with their friends. They just cared about life and now they don’t. I’m hearing from nurses that work with teens that suicidal ideation is up. What are we doing? We are destroying our children. So now we have these potential force vaccines. When I speak to families, and I’m talking to a lot of families on the street, since I’m constantly outside working with families, I speak to random strangers and I asked them how they feel about forced vaccinations. And they’re frightened, they’re frightened. They’re scared that their children can not return to school unless they have the vaccine. That’s disturbing that should not be the case for going to school. Education and vaccination should not go hand in hand. So I ask parents, I urge parents to do their research, to ask questions, to challenge every entity, to challenge the Board of Education, to challenge the State Government, to challenge the Federal Government, to challenge the CDC the WHO and to band together to organize. This is the fight of your lives, of our lives for your child’s future. We can all do this together. We must do this together. What you don’t do now will hurt your children for the rest of their lives. What you do do now will benefit them for the rest of their lives. So let’s do the work, let’s organize, let’s fight, let’s stand shoulder to shoulder and show them that we are a formidable force and do this. Thank you very much.

– Round of applause. Very good and you can tell that is from the heart. And I saw that in Raquel first time we met and she’s really sincere, and she has, it’s amazing. I know a lot of us try to talk to people about these issues. We try to raise issues, try and give them a flyer. A lot of times they don’t wanna hear it. She has an amazing knack for talking to people. You can see ordinary people on the street talking and sharing their stories, and that’s what we need. And her team is helping make big inroads into the Hispanic community, so I’m really glad she joined our New York group. Last speaker, moving to Rita Palma and just give me a second here. Okay, Rita she’s one of the founders of the Children’s Health Defense, New York. She’s a parent activist. And a lot of people know her, because she’s not afraid to go to rallies upstate in Albany and other places. She’s a ferocious fighter for children and our rights. And she’s a real hero in the movement. So Ms. Palma, she’s gonna be talking about suggestions, what can we do? Thank you.

– Well, I wanna talk specifically about one action we can take. What I’m noticing and thank you very much, Curtis, and thank you so much everybody else for the sobering and chilling information and inspiring as well. So what I’ve been seeing as a national trend is coercion by colleges and also by employers to get their students and their employees vaccinated. So the colleges are saying, if you are not vaccinated by September, you cannot come back to school. The employers are saying, if you are not vaccinated don’t bother coming back to work. Or if you do, then we will cut your hours or we will not afford you as much opportunity. We will limit what you do as an employee. So there is something that almost everybody in the country can do. If I could take the college issue first. 46 out of 50 states in the United States do offer a religious exemption to immunizations. New York isolates it to anybody over 18. The only four states do not offer anything for college students is Connecticut, Maine, West Virginia and Mississippi. All the other states have a religious exemption available for college students. So what is a religious exemption? Okay, that’s kind of a complicated question. And to answer that I would advise anybody who’s interested in looking into this to go to my website. I have on the home page links to an exemption booklet that I wrote many years ago for New York, because New York had a tendency to evaluate religious exemptions for certain students in certain school districts. So I have a booklet that’s available that explains what a religious exemption is, describes how broad the law is, how pretty any religion can fit because government cannot prefer one religion over another. That is a violation of the Establishment Clause of the constitution of the United States. So the book goes into descriptions of personal religious beliefs and what is permissible by law. I also include really just ideas and things that I’ve heard throughout the years. What’s also included on the homepage of my website, which is, is a link to all the other states’ laws, their actual statutes that outlined the religious exemption laws and the medical exemption laws. So the home page of my website, mykidsmychoice, has all the information you need and with that package, a parent or anybody over 18 should be able to compose a religious exemption letter that satisfies the college or the employer, whatever the case may be. Now jumping, okay let me stay on the colleges for a minute. We don’t, this is uncharted territory. So we’re not really sure what’s gonna happen when students start submitting the religious exemptions to the colleges, we’re finding already that the religious colleges are actually taking a more draconian approach than others. Catholic schools in particular are evaluating these exemptions with a fine-tooth comb. And they will likely have a tendency to deny them and put up a brick wall more so than other non-religious types of institutions. So we’re not really sure what the future holds with the whole issue. However we do know that almost every student is entitled to file over a religious exemption, hand in a satisfactory letter, outlining their personal religious beliefs and their personal interpretation of how the vaccine translates to religiously objectionable, whether it be the fact that mRNA technology alters God’s creation, corrupts the holy nature of blood, betrays a faith in God, uses aborted fetal tissue and on and on and on. So I’m encouraging people who do use the book, use the materials that I have to keep in touch with me and let me know what’s going on out there. So please let people know, let friends and family know, who have children going to college that they can visit the website, get all the materials that they need in order to compose the letter. Now the same principle holds true for employers. I’m hearing every day, employers are saying don’t come back to work unless you’re vaccinated. Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, we are protected from religious discrimination in the workplace. So an individual can have a religious exemption to vaccines and still hold onto their job even if their employer is mandating it. Mary spoke about the Emergency Use Authorization earlier. Technically that is true. They are not permitted to mandate it. However, they’re doing it anyway. And unless you can hire an attorney that will fight it, I think a practical solution that fits in with people’s lives is to file a religious exemption, submit it, get it approved and then move on with your life. What’s happening out there is there’s a plateau that’s being reached with these vaccines. It was probably reached about a month ago. And they’re figuring out new ways to incentivize, bribe, push, coerces into getting these vaccines. And they’re going through private industry and they’re going through the colleges. And I, of course, wouldn’t be surprised if pharma was incentivizing the companies and institutions to roll out these mandates to their students. So this is, let’s see, I’m I missing anything. Just a couple of details about the religious exemption. You do not have to be a member of any organized faith. You do not have to get a letter from a religious figure, though of course the college or the employer would tell you that you do, you do not because that would it prefer one religion over another. Some people’s faiths don’t have a religious figure or religious leader so how could you possibly get a letter? And the United States government is not allowed or any governmental institution is not permitted to favor one religion over another. So you do not have to, you don’t need that letter. So we’re hearing, you know, Rutgers is mandating at St. John’s, Cornell, a lot of the bigger institutions, we’ll see how things roll out. There’s been a tremendous amount of perspective on the issue. I have added thousands of people onto my Facebook following. I’ve sent out thousands of copies of my handbook. I’ve had dozens of conversations. I have an attorney that I work with that I legal work too. If the parent feels they’re in over their head and they can’t handle filing the exemption themselves or if they just wanna take care of it with an attorney. So a very special area of the law. So I don’t really know all that many attorneys that deal with it. The one that I refer to I’ve worked with her in New York city in the past, when they had the religious exemption for under 18. and we worked very well together and she’s had great success. So that’s, can we, I’m just looking in the chat over here. Can we get information from private colleges on money taken from pharma? Well, you can try. You could certainly try. I don’t know if they have to give it to you, but you can certainly try. So that’s basically what I have to offer to you tonight. Again, please go to the website, mykidsmychoice, right on the homepage is all of the information, all of the links, all the helpful tools, where you can ensure that any of the knowledge that you gained tonight you can actually employ it and use it to refuse the vaccine, for your children or for yourself and still get on with your life. Thank you.

– Thank you very much. That’s gonna be very practical information because everybody can’t afford a lawyer to represent them in these cases, but that’s a practical alternative. Everybody goes to her website and get the book and that just about does it. Few closing remarks. I encourage everyone to go to the Children’s Health Defense website because this video will be available soon. I don’t know the exact timeframe, but soon and there’ll be subtitles in several different languages. I’m being asked also to see if we can maybe have at least dubbed in Spanish because it’s Spanish speaking people who understand verbal but their English is not as good. So I don’t know, we’ll see if that’s possible. Also, I encourage everyone, please join Children’s Health Defense. If you were impressed by this information, the Children’s Health Defense website is an excellent source for doing research. I know I’ve had a few articles published and I have to have lawyers go through every single thing that I write, every word and make sure it’s plenty of references. So it’s a great place for research and it keeps you up to date when we having a rallies and other events and the latest updates on the death count and injury count. You’d get all that information by joining a Children’s Health Defense and getting on the mailing list for our publication the “Defender”. Also, I would encourage people who, I know some people wanna contact me. You can reach me through my website, which is There, you can reach me, a lot of information there. And if anybody wants to order a copy of my book, you can do so on my website. I autograph and date all copies of my book from there. I think we’re about ready to wrap up. Lynn, is there anything else we need to cover or Mary? Okay, then, thank you everybody for taking the time to join us. I hope you found this information valuable and please share it with your networks and friends. Thank you very much and have a good evening.

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