Medical Racism Webinar

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– Hi, my name is Curtis Cost. I’m the author of the book “Vaccines Are Dangerous” and I work with Children’s Health Defense. And today we’re gonna be talking about “Medical Racism: The New Apartheid”, the new controversial and very dynamic film. And we have some of the participants in the film, and producers and we’re gonna cover a lot of great information and then open up the lines for you the public to ask questions. I do wanna thank you for tuning in. I think it’s gonna be very worthwhile and you’re gonna want to share with others. And for those family members and friends who aren’t able to watch right now, all of this is going to be archived and saved on Children’s Health Defense website. And it’s gonna also have a text version of it, and they’re gonna have subtitles for English and Spanish. So if some people miss it, you’ll be able to share it, and they’ll get the full impact of everything that takes place today. Real briefly, in terms of my background. I’m the author of the book, “Vaccines Are Dangerous.” I’ve been at this for like 30 years. My first additional book came out in ’92. And I just been out there doing what I can to let people know about the danger of the vaccine. And I’m especially concerned about this COVID vaccine. And I think this movie “Medical Racism” is very timely, because it’ll provide a historical perspective that African-Americans and African people around the world, and people in general need to know, especially as they’re being asked to make the decisions about this upcoming COVID vaccine. So with that, I will just move forward with our guests. I’m gonna ask them so speak, most of whom will speak around seven minutes. And then after that, we’re gonna open up the lines to you to ask your questions. I’m gonna start off with Mr. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. I must say that I first began to appreciate Mr. Kennedy many years ago when I read his reports on autism. Autism and the tobacco industry and others and I was blown away. I was in the process of writing the updated version of my book, “Vaccines Are Dangerous” and his reports were so detailed, so well researched. As a researcher, I can appreciate great researchers, and Mr. Kennedy is a great researcher. He’s a true warrior. He fights for the little guys. I like to take him as the giant killer, ’cause he goes against the real giants out there the most people are afraid of. And so he’s a real hero. He’s continued the great tradition of his family, helping the little guy, black folks, poor people, everybody in between. And so it’s always an honor when I have a chance to be in a venue where Mr. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. So Mr. Kennedy if you could take it from here, share anything you want to say about your background, why you think this film is important and needs to be out right now and what if whatever else you’d like to share.

– Well, thank you Curtis, and thank you for your act of commitment, and you’re really your heroism, your persistence on this action for teaching us all so much about this issue. People have asked me yesterday, a reporter from Vanity Fair asked me, why did you make this film? And I said, what my primary motivation in making that film, was to create an instrument that could be used to pressure the public health agencies and the regulatory agencies, to take into consideration the issue of minority harm. The issue that one size fits all vaccine program affects people differently, and it doesn’t make medical sense. And we’ve known for a long time, there’s been abundant evidence, I’ve written about it, you’ve written about it, all of us have talked about it. That blacks there’s lots and lots of published peer-reviewed literature that documents with beyond any dispute that blacks are disproportionately harmed by vaccine injury. Disproportionally susceptible to vaccine injury. And you know, there’s a lot of different reasons why people have speculated this is so, one is higher testosterone levels that interact with, with some of the metals and vaccines that we know are reactive with those metals. Another issue is chronic vitamin D deficiency, which is another signal for vaccine injury. And then in 2014, Greg Poland on the Mayo Clinic who was a one of the gurus, the panjandrums of vaccination, vaccinology, is one of the great promoters of vaccine developer personally, and one of the great promoters of vaccines in this country, one of the people who’s constantly complaining about anti-vaxxers. So he is one of the dignities of the vaccine industry. And he came out with a study that was unlike his organization, which is the Mayo Clinic, which was an extensive study that shows when blacks were given the MMR vaccine, they had double the antibody production as whites. And this is F con one. This is a five alarm fire. If the vaccine, the active ingredient in vaccines is the antigen that is the protein that is taken from the virus. That is the target of that vaccine. And the amount of that antigen that is put into the vaccines is calculated to not be, you put the antigen on the vaccines to stimulate an immune response, the antibody response from the body, but the vaccinologist who calculate how much of that antigen to put into the vaccine are conscious of the fact that if you put too much you can have a dangerous antibody response. You can provoke immune reactions and allergic reactions. And most of concern auto-immune disease as the body is being taught to attack, not just that virus, but the body itself becomes the target because it’s overstimulated. It’s like putting the antibodies and some of your body on steroids, and it begins to attack not just foreign invaders, but the body itself, different organs of the body. And that’s what autoimmune disease is. So the amount of antigen in a vaccine takes years, that’s why it takes years to develop vaccines, because you have to carefully meticulously calibrate that you don’t put too much in it. And now we know that the amount that is appropriate for whites is double what is appropriate for blacks. The CDC and the agencies have known this since 2014, and what have they done with that information? It’s their big guy, their big shot who told them this is a very dangerous situation. Your blacks are reacting completely differently in an unpredictable way, to the exact same amount of antigens. And what has CDC done? Nothing. And they’ve watched all of these, you know the Thompson Sonny L Thompson was the senior Maxine safety scientist at CDC, who in 2004 accumulated this data, five scientists, five top scientist at CDC who were doing the landmark study that the DeStefano 2004 study, and they confirmed this. That blacks were being disproportionately on the black boys a 350% greater chance of getting autism from the MMR vaccine as whites did. So they knew there were many many other studies like this and they had to destroy that data. And I suppose at the time they were telling themselves, well, it must not be true, or maybe it’s a mistake, or maybe there’s another reason, but they destroyed it. That American blacks could not make an informed choice. That they wouldn’t be misinformed about what the science, that they hid it. And I suppose they can be excused if they were just saying to themselves well there is no reason for this, it couldn’t be true. In 2014, they had from their own scientist the confirmation that yes blacks react completely differently to vaccines. And now we’re six, seven years down the road. And the MMR vaccine has not been changed. The recommendations for blacks have not been changed. And we now know it as one huge experiment on black Americans. And they know, they know what is happening and they are doing nothing. They are willing to do this experiment on people of color. And it is just the confirmation that the Tuskegee experiment has never stopped. They have been experimenting on blacks, they did it in ’86. With souped-up MMR vaccine that they gave to, who do they give that to? When they were doing the experiment, they didn’t tell anybody it was an experiment. They did it in Cameroon, in Africa. They did it in Ghana, in Africa. And guess who that was, it was on black people they were experimenting. In a Haiti, they didn’t do it in Denmark. They didn’t do it in France. They didn’t do it in Minnesota. They did it in Haiti. And when they wanted to find a population to experiment on in the United States where did they find it? Southcentral, Los Angeles. Oh, what we need to do is we need to stop these experiments. And the point of this film from my perspective was not just to inform blacks as the right questions when they go to their doctor, but more important than anything, to pressure these regulatory agencies, to finally acknowledge that they are conducting an experiment on black Americans and it is a failed experiment and they need rethink it.

– Thank you very much Mr. Kennedy. It’s overwhelming, and I’ve been at this so long that I’m still stunned at the things that reveal. And then in this film I have to admit, the information that comes out in this film about what’s being done in Africa this needs to be a part of it. I was blown away at the honesty and the depth of it. So I’ll just leave it at that. And more reason why everybody needs to watch this film black, white, Hispanic, everybody needs to watch this because yes the viewing sites are blocked, but if you watch the film “Vaxxed 2” and other’s and all the, a lot of white folks are having their kids become autistic and many other things as well because of the careless acts of people in some of these institutions. In any event, I’d like to move on to our next guest, Mr. Tony Muhammad a native Islam, he’s a very forceful speaker. His presentation in the film was just right on the money. And he said things that most people are intimidated to say. And him being a minister, I think this is extremely important, because unfortunately we have ministers out there right now who are taking these vaccines, particularly the COVID vaccine on camera and encouraging African people to follow suit, not based on irrational debate of the facts, but because they are these authority figures, they take it, they want everybody else to follow suit. And so I think it’s great to have a minister who can present some of the counter arguments. And if you can express your thoughts about this film, “Medical Racism”, and why it’s important, and why people of color and all races need to watch this film, “Medical racism” Mr. Muhammad.

– Thank you, Curtis. I certainly appreciate it, man I’ll tell you, and it’s an honor to be on a panel with the distinguished guests that you have assembled. These are real freedom fighters that I am so honored to participate in our defense in our love for humanity. I’m telling you, I have to really thank Bobby Kennedy, a man with a strong reputation one who stands up for what is right. and to see people of color coming together like this to fight for all of humanity. But knowing that there’s a direct target on black people and people of color, it’s really really an honor to fight with these freedom fighters that’s on this webinar. Well, you know Curtis, as a spiritual student, and as a student of the honorable minister Louis Farrakhan and the honorable Elijah Muhammad it is written in parts of our writings and teachings, that we knew that scientist was working on weaponizing food and medicine in the early 1960s. And during that time, when polio vaccines was being given, it was Elijah Muhammad who told his followers do not take the polio vaccine. In fact, it was mandated that we should not do it, because those of us who are spiritual teachers, we always know that you have wicked spirit that’s in high places. And so for at that time, we didn’t do it. And then years later it comes out that that was an antigen in the polio vaccine that could cause cancer. So at that time, Elijah Muhammad was spot on, because we are taught that history is most attractive and best rewarding in any research. So when a person is prone to do something, you keep a historical record. So last year, July the fourth, when minister Farrakhan said “why would we trust a medical institution with such a treacherous history?” And if you hit the history, starting with Dr. Marion Sims, look at what he did to black women. He’s called the father of gynecology. If you go and look at what was done in the late 1960s ’70s at the prisons in Pennsylvania, where black men was used in experiments. If you go to Louisiana in 1955, where black men was being experimented on with drugs that would cause them to lose their speech, caused them to be slothful. This was done by the CIA. So we have a calculated history of gathering data. And let me tell you why I love this particular documentary on “Medical Racism”. Number one, what I love about what Bobby Kennedy and others did is that we took out all hyperbole. It is nothing but historical facts. And so we presented the facts to black people, but to all of humanity, look at the treacherous history of the pharmaceutical industry, which is now having an unholy alliance with the CDC, with the FDA. I mean, none of these particular agencies in my humble opinion can be trusted, because each one of them are compromised because many who oversee the advocacy of these new vaccines, some of them have financial interests. Some of them hold patents. Some of them according to the international press from 1995, many of them get grants from the same companies that they’re supposed to be making sure have giving us safe vaccines. So I close with this. There’s a verse in the Bible in the book of Revelation about a dragon. And this dragon was standing before a woman to devour her child before it is born. And we see that the pharmaceutical industry is like this dragon and out of the mouth of the dragon came a flood gate of propaganda. And look at how Big Pharma is trying to block the viewing of this documentary. Look at how Big Pharma and these governmental agencies is taking Bobby Kennedy off of Facebook, off of Instagram. Look at what Bill Gates and his foundation. This was a plan that once they would come out with all of these vaccines, which they cannot be held liable for, which in my humble opinion when black people are told that they cannot sue the pharmaceutical industry, many of them were not aware. So this documentary, this documentary many who I know have seen this documentary have halted and stopped the brakes and said, “wait a minute, I better get educated on what’s in this vaccines. I better take the advice from Bobby Kennedy, and those that were in this documentary.” And we are seeing our people began to push back. So I’m just honored to have been a part of something that I believe is gonna go down in history, as an entity or a group of freedom fighters who was trying to warn not just black people, but all people do not become a part of an experimental vaccine that they do not know work. So I thank you. And it’s an honor to be a part, and to represent the nation of Islam working with other entities. This has been absolutely remarkable and we will not stop. We’re gonna push this fam, we’re going door to door in every major city giving our people brochures on where they can see this documentary, other treatments that are out there. This is what we have to do, and it is our responsibility. And we are willing to confront a gorilla when it comes to what is right for the American people and all of humanity.

– Thank you very much Mr. Muhammed, very powerful and forceful as I said you are in the film. I did want to mention that Mr. Farrakhan also this past summer in his major presentation warned against taking this COVID vaccine. And even the front page of the final call of the summer after his presentation said, “do not take the vaccine.” And I have to commend the nation of Islam because they’ve been very receptive over the years to bring this information to the public. I’ve actually given speeches at some of the mosque in different locations in New York and other places. And they’re willing to listen. I’m hoping you have an influence of more of a Christian ministers and churches. So they start breaking at least both sides of the argument to their congregation. Not just one side, go get the vaccine, but both sides, lets have a debate, let the public decide. And I also wanna commend the nation of Islam because members like Islami been available when we need him to speak at different events. The final call actually did a story last week and interviewed me and others about the film. And they did something in the current issue as well. So I do want to give a big thanks to the nation of Islam, and to yourself for having the courage, to present both sides of the issue, to present the side that the public especially the black is not hearing. We need to get the Christian church and Christian leaders and others to here and share this information. Before I could continue with the next guest, Tony Jenkins. I also wanna emphasize where people can go to watch the film, just go to medical Very simple, And you can also find information on Children’s Health Defense. And other good thing about going to children’s health Defense website is they have massive amounts of information. So you just put information, put a question to the search engine, like adverse reactions to the COVID vaccine or whatever, and you can pull it up, and everything is thoroughly thoroughly researched. And so I just want to throw that out there,, it’ll be up soon. They’ll have a translations in Spanish, and they’ll have a text version of all of this. So next guest is Kevin Jenkins, who I’ve gotten to know over the past year and a half or so. He’s a fierce fighter, leader of the Urban Global Health Alliance. He’s giving lectures around the country on this topic. He is waking up a lot of people. So I’ll turn it over to Kevin Jenkins, to share with us your thoughts about why people need to see this film, “Medical Racism”, and why we need to mobilize a gorilla effort to overcome the censorship that’s going on. The only reason people censor is when they have something they wanna hide. So if you could tell us why they’re so afraid of this film, “Medical Racism”. Why is it they don’t want black folks to see this film?

– Well, first of all, I wanna thank the team at CHD that’s behind the scenes for doing the work that they’d been doing, and pushing the film out. Also want to say to all of the people at Urban Global Health Alliance, thank you for all that you do, because it’s always the people behind the scenes that’s doing all of the work. And I just wanna congratulate them because this has been one tough year, and I hope that we have a brighter future moving forward. I also wanna thank Bobby and all of the people that were a part of this CHD being the driver, and Bobby being a visionary for this. I wanted to thank them because, you know, we don’t always get thanked the work that we do out in the community that we do around the world. And I also want to send greetings to the nation of Islam, as- salamu alaikum, and Reverend Tony Muhammad, Pastor Tony Muhammad. You know, we all think to the nation of Islam if you understand God’s word. So I just want to thank you. And all of the other people that participated including Sheila Ealey, miss Sheila Ealey, that participated in this documentary ’cause we knew when it was done it was going to be attacked. And that was fine because when you’re seeking God’s face and you’re extending God’s courage into your life, these are the things that happen when you’re seeking the truth and trying to send the truth out there to the rest of the world. So I appreciate all of you, and I appreciate all the people behind the scenes. But, you know, I wanna read something to give a better perspective of where I’m going on this issue of medical racism and what it looks like today. And the reason why I was so proud of the documentary is because it was the perfect vehicle to expand the broader narrative, of what the atrocities have happened to black Americans and Africans and black people all around the world. It was a perfect, you know, the perfect vehicle for that. So I appreciate all of the people that’s been sharing it, and all the people that’s been embracing it. And all the people that have been building discussions around the country and around the world about what medical racism was, and what medical racism looks like today. And so I wanted to read something cause Curtis she brought up a question about black ministers around the country, actually working in conjunction with Big Pharma and Big Tech the education cartel, and all of the industries that have now lined up right to what perpetuate what slavery modern day slavery. Perpetuate what the commoditization of the black body looks like. Perpetuate our bodies as a profit centers for their greed and for their wealth. So this is what happened with Margaret Sanger in 1939. And I’ve read this a couple of times, but I didn’t wanna lose the opportunity of reading it, so you can put what medical racism looks like today in perspective. “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social service background, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population. And the minister is the man who can straighten that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” Margaret Sanger to Clarence J Gamble, December 10th, 1939. Now Gamble was from Procter & Gamble’s family. So now think about this in the 21st century right now with all of the forces that have been lined up against us, Big Pharma, Big Tech, the education cartel, the finance industry. Now you have black Americans that look like us that are using the same strategy that Margaret Sanger used, and other groups used in the 1930s. So now let’s look at what medical racism is today. Let’s look at who’s participating in it on my side of the fence. So you have the black bourgeoisie, you have the black entertainment class, you have the pseudo intellectual class, you have the black political class, and the black medical professionals now lined up to dare suggest that black Americans turn their bodies back over to be experimented on by the same industries that have destroyed us, and have controlled us for the last several centuries. Now that is what we need to be dealing with. What does medical racism look like today? And that’s why I admired the documentary. And I love what you said, brother Tony Muhammad that it kept everything factual. So here are the facts today. Right now and on the New York Times, I think Bobby said this to me this morning or yesterday, they’re now using our narrative of race, and all of the horrible things that have happened to black Americans in this country, right to trick us to suggest that white America is getting the vaccines quicker than we do. And we should run the turnout bodies over, to the same conglomerates that have controlled us as slaves prior to this moment in history, this is what they’re saying to us. They’re saying, oh, guess what this is about racial justice. This is about equity. This is about making sure that we protect our bodies. No, this is not, this is just a gateway the pathway to do what, engage us and put us in perpetual poverty, I mean perpetuate slavery. Which actually will lead to perpetuate poverty anyway. But just think about that, we have black Americans that look like us right now engaging with these industries to take out freedoms away from us. They take our body sovereignty away from us. They take our ability to control our lives away from us. They take our ability to earn, think about that. We have black Americans that look like us, and I don’t ever wanna miss the opportunity to tell people when you see Magic Johnson, when you see Queen Latifah, when you see all of these actors and pseudo intellectuals, they don’t work for you. They work for them. They have chosen a side and guess what? They’re never gonna come back, because they made that decision. They don’t have a problem with commoditizing our black bodies for their own personal gain. So Mark was saying this plan is an effect, eugenics 2.0 is in effect. The black final solution is in effect. And I wanted everybody that saw that documentary to say, okay, this is what’s happened in the past. This is what medical racism looks like today. It’s in real time, our black political class our black mayors, our black elected officials all around the country have sided, maybe one or two haven’t, but they have sided with Big Pharma. They are now participating in the further destruction of the black race. And that’s the message that I wanna put out there today. This battle will be a continuous battle, will be a long battle. But if we don’t fight back against the barbarians inside the gate, never worry about the barbarians outside of the gate. We will never win this battle as a unified force meaning black and white Latino with any other tribe that wants to work with us to fight back against this tyranny. We have to bring it up to date. This is what it looks like. This is what the tyranny looks like. Here are all the partners, here are all the contributors. So the reason why Curtis, they don’t want us to be on TV having this conversation, ’cause history is on our side. We have analyzed information. We know what’s getting ready to happen to our children black and white children, because we’re all doing this for our children. So that’s my message for the day, Pay attention find your God courage, do research, but understand that medical racism was not an afterthought. It’s happening in real time today. Thank you very much.

– Thank you, Kevin. I think you hit on a good point. I mean, the fact is they are funding a lot of these leaders in the church, and they’ve talked about this, they’re called influencers. And so we can’t just automatically assume because these leaders are very good on other issues that they have the same level of expertise on this issue. We can’t assume that they have no ulterior, no incentive been given to them. And it’s just based purely out of their heart. I mean, they are human. And so we have every right to question our ministers, to question our political leaders. We have every right to say, “look, let’s have a debate. Let’s have Mr. Kennedy, and the other guests here have a debate on the facts.” And that way your constituents who follow you, and believe in you, will be able to see that you’re being objective. Because I think the other side of it is that right now those, and I won’t name names, those who in the black community in positions of leadership who are pushing for our people to take these this COVID vaccine and the others. I think their credibility is gonna be seriously jeopardized because we seen horrendous numbers already. I think the last number its like 2000 deaths according to various this country. And that’s only estimated to be like 1% of less of the total, which means that potentially 200,000 Americans could have died from this COVID vaccine has even been reported. But any event I think is very important we do need to put our leaders feet to the fire and ask them to watch this film. They have churches. Why can’t they present this film? Or they should present this film in their churches, and then have discussions. We can have doctors and scientists participate. In any event, I just want to tell everybody again you can watch it from later on go to, and the transcripts will be there. It will be it’s English, Spanish, And you can also do a great deal of research, by going to Children’s Health Defense. If you wanna get involved, become a member, its only $10, and you get update information. And Mr. Kennedy offers special events now and then, like right now he’s offering an opportunity to meet him and participate in a falconing event. And so any event, move on to our next guest, Sheila Ealey. Mrs. Ealey, unlike a lot of people she’s experienced the harm of vaccines firsthand with their own children, as she describes a great detail in the film. And I tell you, one of the things that’s been among the hardest things for me is when I come across parents like miss Ealey, where I’ve been at this for 30 years, giving lectures and everything else. And I always think to myself, I wish I worked a little bit harder, ’cause maybe I could’ve gotten to her before she did that. You know, we all do what we can, but it’s heartbreaking, but she’s now taking something that was very difficult and turned it around into something as positive. And maybe her efforts is gonna save lives of other parents and save other parents from having the same thing happened to them. So, Ms. Ealey, if you can share with us your thoughts about the film, why black people should see this film? Why all people should see this film? Why is it important? Why do you think the censoring? Why is it they’re so afraid of the black community watching this film?

– Thank you, Curtis. And thank you to all the distinguished guests on the panel. I’ve been at this for almost 21 years now. And when I started I knew immediately what had happened to my son. The problem that we have going forward is that we are people and indigenous black people in this country, who have forgotten our history, because it wasn’t taught to us. My grandmother did her best to teach me, but my parents coming out of the cotton fields of Northern Louisiana thought they had arrived when they got to the city, and they wanted a better life for their children. They wanted the ability to go to the doctor, and to be a part of the civil rights movement. Once we came through the civil rights movement, we thought we had arrived. It doesn’t matter whether you had the shackles on during slavery, or you had your freedom papers. You’re still black in America. And nothing has changed beyond that. That is why this film is so important, because what it talks about it’s not telling you what decision you need to make. Because there is no such thing as choice, if you have not been given the information. And what it talks about is the information in the history you never heard. The history beyond Tuskegee that happened in this country and it is still happening today. The fact that we have been experimented on from the very beginning, there has been a black Holocaust that now touches everyone, and knows respect of person, but it has seriously jeopardized our community. Once we came out of the civil rights movement, we have not grown at the rate of other minority groups in this country, or the rate we should have grown. We’re still around 13 and 14% in this population. That’s what we were coming out of civil rights movement. Now why is that? We can look at several factors. We can look at the fact that we have more men in prison for minimal type crimes, nonviolent crimes, who shouldn’t be. However, we have to look at what the medical industry has always done and continues to do. I had no idea that the polio sugar cube, they gave me in the ’60s as a young school girl, in a poor school contain the Simian 40 virus, that has caused the cancer I’m suffering from right now. I had no idea that when I took my children to the doctor the vaccines that was given to my son would cause the extensive brain damage, and mitochondrial disease that he has. My grandmother told me, never trust a white coat. However, if you don’t keep that oral history up, because we definitely don’t have true black history in this country, how would you know, how many people are aware of what has occurred? And that’s what this movie details, and why it is so important. You must hear your history. You must know your history to have a present, and to go forward in the future. Without it, we perish because of lack of knowledge. And you can’t leave that up to anyone else. You must seek knowledge and information for yourself. You can’t look to any religious leader. You can’t look to any medical establishment. That’s been trained by the very people who are here to tell you, “we don’t know where your diabetes comes from, could be the food that you’re eating. We don’t know what causes autism, but we can tell you what doesn’t, what is autism? It is brain damage, mitochondrial damage, gut impairment. It is the total destruction of the child’s body starting with the first seizure, which is a stroke that they have.” And I am paying the ultimate cost as a parent. I have nothing to gain by being out here. Matter of fact, I’ve suffered tremendously, both professionally and personally by telling my story. But once you know, what else can you do, but put the truth out there, and tell it over and over again. In a hope that someone will hear what you’re saying, not just watch what you’re saying, listen to what you’re saying, but hear what you’re saying and go ask those questions for themselves and wake up to what’s going on. How do you wake up with the information? And that’s why this movie is important. Is the same thing with “Vaxxed”. They did all that they could to keep “Vaxxed” from getting out there. That started the movement that we have today. Mr. Kennedy’s been out there for years, but it is the story of the parents who have nothing to gain. I’m called an anti-vaxxer, yeah I’m an anti-vaxxer now going forward, but I was not an anti-vaxxer. I believed in the medical establishment. I never thought this government would hurt my child, and hurt myself in the process or any family member of mine. Who would have thought that, I thought that we had equal footing in this country, with everyone else, and that we could achieve like anybody else, but that is not true. That is not the true for black indigenous people in this country. And it is time that you wake up, and realize that you’ve been fed a bill of goods. You’ve been lied to, deceived by the most powerful industry in the world, because they were given that power. And with absolute power comes absolute corruption. You cannot get around it. So take back your power, the power that you have. And that’s what this movie is expressing to you, in each and every way possible. I know that is set just the black people, and for African people, because we’re all under attack. Tanzanian president is now dead under suspicious circumstances because he took a stand to be a constitutionalist, a loyalist. We have a constitution, but it’s being dismantled. And that constitution is for everyone, but only we the people, will be able to gain our footing again. And how do we do that? We boycott whats not right. Take off your masks. There’s already scientific evidence that it doesn’t work, and it could do more harm than good, take it off. And any store that won’t let you in walk away. That’s what they deal with the civil rights movement. And that’s why they were so successful. They needed blacks on those buses going to work, that’s who rode those buses. And the minute they got off and got into caravan and decided, no, we’re not sitting at the back of the buses paying the same taxes, everyone else is paying without representation. This is your history. This is your history. That’s how they end it. Our own segregation within this country. How do we end it now? We educate ourselves. We start with this movie. We go and we research everything that’s in there, because as minister Tony said is all factual. It’s all factual. And as Mr. Jenkins said, walk away from all of these ministers who will not allow us back in those churches to speak our truth. They’re hoodwinked locked into a nonprofit status, and the payola that they’re given to do what they do. We don’t need that anymore. We can stand on the street corners and say what we need to say. We can go into have town hall meetings and say what we need to say. We can have zoom calls with organizations and church groups ’cause that’s what I’m doing. I’m too sick to leave my home. But I’m still having zoom meetings with church organizations and people who organize them. There’s a way for us to do it. But the most important way is to boycott the medical establishment, boycott the businesses. If you’re not spending your money and you’re not a part of it, there’s nothing they can do. Trust God, ask for the wisdom and all he can give, seek your own knowledge. Look up this for yourself to see what we’re talking about. Go to CHD’s website, subscribe to the defender. The information is there. And stop listening to those who say the anti-vaxxers are the problem. We only represent 1.4 million people in this country that are really active and out here. Yes, there are more of us, much more but they’re not as active. So don’t buy into that is never enough. They have over 50% of the people supposedly that they want to have already vaccinated. And yet they keep calling for blacks. Until you can tell me what caused my son’s autism, until you can tell me why we have the highest rate of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases. You can keep your western medicine. Only when we wake up and realize this is the new form of warfare is called biomedical warfare. Will we be able to stand as a people and say enough is enough

– [Curtis] Sheila.

– Let your footprint be your footprint where you are. You don’t need to go outside your community. I know I’ve probably taken more than my seven minutes.

– It’s great information that it needs to be said. And we wanna allow a little bit of time for people to ask questions, and for the for each of you to respond. We start off with Mr. Kennedy, two general questions. One and again, everyone when we respond to these questions try and curtail it as much as you can. If you have three or four minutes and so for each response, I mean, that’ll give us time to get to a couple of questions. But Mr. Kennedy, could you give us an idea of what are some of the concerns that people need to think about with regards to potential risk of this COVID vaccine? That’s the hot issue. And so many of us have family and friends who are no matter what we say to them, they wanna go and take this COVID vaccine. Is there any reason why people should be concerned about the safety of this COVID vaccine? If you can also comment on how urgent is it for them to take this vaccine. If we could look at the survival rate, how necessary is it? And last thing, people also asking you specifically, what could they do to help spread this, the film, disseminate the film. That’s what they want to know. So if you can comment on the risks we should be thinking about, and how people can help with this effort. Thank you Mr. Kennedy.

– Okay in terms of vaccine, a couple of things. In terms of vaccine, we don’t give advice to people, we give information. Everybody has to make up their own minds. And the four vaccines are very different. Your risk category depends largely on your age, but also if you have comorbidities, if you’re overweight, if you have diabetes, if you have asthma, but if you’re under 55 years old your chance of getting injured by COVID-19 by the disease itself is essentially zero, it’s 0.00004. And so that’s four 0s, and it’s behave is functionally. You know, it’s one out of every 300,000, 400,000. It’s less than let’s seasonal flu. And meanwhile, the vaccines themselves are very reactogenic. People, you know, are for example 100% of the people in the phase one trial for the Moderna vaccine reported adverse events. And 21% of the high-dose group had to be hospitalized, or required medical intervention, than 6% of the low dose group. So if you have a 0% chance of getting injured by the disease and you have a virtually a 100% chances of getting injured by the vaccine, why would you ever take that intervention? The only way they’re gonna try to give it to kids, and they’re good, you know have to acknowledge kids have no risk. Why would you take a potentially dangerous medical intervention if you have zero risk? And they’re saying, well you do that to protect the older people. But you know, there’s a lot of answers to that. One of those is we as a society cannot ask people to take risks, to benefit somebody else number one. And number two, there is no indication that this vaccine actually stops transmission. We don’t know how long it lasts. The indicators are that for a child it’s much better to get the wild disease which has virtually no effect on a child. And have, you know, the latest studies are that you get at least 17 years of immunity and that’s a much broader spectrum of immunity than you get from the vaccines. Or if you’re over older than 70, your risk from COVID is very high, very high much higher than a seasonal flu. Or, it may be as high as 7%, but we have no idea what the rates from the vaccine is. And so I think it’s hard to figure that out. I wanna say a couple of things. One is you’ve heard a number of people here today. Talk about SV40 and you heard Tony Muhammed said, that Minister Elijah Muhammad warn people not to take the polio vaccine in the ’50s and ’60s. And he later turned out to be right, is interesting, because the vaccine, the Salk vaccine particularly, but even the Sabin vaccine contained a simian virus which means a monkey virus. The way that they grow vaccines, they grow it on kidneys, on animals that aren’t mashed up, and they were growing it on a kind of monkey called the macaque and the monkey kidneys that they were like on were carcinogenic. They were tumor kidney. All of the vaccine had a very carcinogenic virus and when Maurice Hilleman with who was the chief of Merck’s vaccine program. When he gave that vaccine to hamsters, 100% of hamsters got cancer. And they went ahead knowing that it was causing all this, that it was carcinogenic. They kept it secret at NIH. They punished, Bernice Eddy who was a woman scientist who discovered it. They silenced her, took the locks off her lab and they locked her in a basement without a telephone. And they said, don’t talk to anybody about this. And they gave it to 98,000 Americans. And that generation had an explosion of soft tissue cancer of muscle feeling, and brain cancers, bone cancers, breast cancers. And when they look at the tumors for those cancers, they find the Simian virus and them. Oh, you know, people will tell you well the polio vaccine cured polio. We don’t know whether that’s true or not. You know, there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of science that said it had nothing to do with that. We are virtually certain that it triggered this epidemic of soft tissue cancer and baby boomers. And I think the soft tissue cancer rates have gone up 10 times in baby boomers. And the other thing I to say is a number of the other panelists have talked about, the ministers being recruited by the pharmaceutical industry to try to persuade blacks to take the vaccines, this has become their key strategy. They’ve gone to the black colleges, they’ve gone to civil rights leaders. They had a group of civil rights leaders that they brought to Emory university, which is, you know a part of CDC in Atlanta, essentially, Emory is a partner of CDC. And who took the vaccine publicly in order to persuade blacks to get vaccinated. And the message was look we’re doing it. A lot of these people are friends of mine, Andrew Young, Hank Aaron, people have not all of my life, Hank Aaron 17 days after going through that press conference he died suddenly and unexpectedly. I wrote an article. I didn’t say that he died from the vaccine. I said that he was part of a wave of death. And in fact, it’s a wave of deaths among black people. Cicely Tyson died after her vaccine. Marvin Hagler, many, many others. But I said his death was part of a wave of deaths that occurred after vaccination. I got hammered worldwide, The New York Times did two articles about me, on USA Today, Inside Edition, ABC, NBC CBS, CNN, hundreds and hundreds of papers. And they all said the same thing. Fulton County Coroner and declared that Hank Aaron’s death was related to the vaccine. Well, I know a lot of vaccine injury, and I know that there is no test for vaccine injury. When you die a vaccine, you die of a heart attack. You die of a brain aneurysm. You die, there’s 400 ways to die from vaccines that are listed on the manufacturer’s insert. And none of them, you cannot tell anybody even with a full autopsy that heart attack was vaccine related, or it wasn’t. You have to look at the number. And so when I read that the Fulton County Coroner, had exonerated the vaccine and said it wasn’t vaccine related, I called the corner. And do you know what the coroner told me? I said, “why are you telling The New York Times which they reported you saying that Hank Aaron’s death was unrelated to the vaccine.” And he said, “we never said that to The New York Times. They weren’t lying. And in fact, we never saw Hank Aaron’s body. We never did a post-mortem. We never did an autopsy.” All of these newspapers I’m answering press just made it up a wholesale cloth. They never saw Hank Aaron’s body, Hank Aaron’s family buried a Hank Aaron without any autopsy. And so they’re just lying about it. And CDC has looked at the hundreds and thousands of deaths following vaccination and has declared them all unrelated. But that’s the game they’re playing. They know they can’t be caught. So they just declare them all unrelated. Here’s what the agency ought to be doing. If they were really interested in public health instead propaganda, they would be counting every death after vaccination and publishing numbers of death per day after vaccination in each age group. So, and here’s why that could be useful. We know that out of every hundred thousand Americans who are between the age of 75 and 84, we know how many are supposed to die every day historically. The number of Americans between 75 and 84 would die every day are 12 out of every a hundred thousand. That’s the number it’s rock solid. It’s from CDC mortality and morbidity data. We know the answer to that question. So if we know how many people die who are that age group, following the Moderna vaccine. And we learned that it is 50 people the day after the vaccine out of every a hundred thousand people that age 50 of them die after Moderna, we can say that’s a safety signal. And if we find out from the Pfizer vaccine that only 12 die, we can say seniors, you know what? If you’re gonna take a vaccine you should take the Pfizer vaccine ’cause there’s fewer people dying. That would be valuable information. And like all of the data, all the information from the beginning of this pandemic, they are screwing with the numbers and they are manipulating them. And they are not doing what a public health agency ought to be doing, which is being first of all doing really good data gathering, and then being honest about it. They are simply not gathering the data and then making up facts. And that’s why people don’t trust them, ’cause then we know that they’re making up stuff.

– Thank you, Mr. Kennedy, can you also, cause people are asking for recommendations on how they can spread the word about this film and…

– You know, I think what was it, Kevin who said you go, or Sheila , who said we go on, by the way I love these panelists. I love working with all of them on this film, and David Massey who is the award-winning African-American director and all of these people, you get to see it in the film. I am just bowled over by how articulate, how brave, how committed they are. And every time I hear, you know, I hear them speak, I want like tears come to my eyes, and it’s tears of gratitude as well, because there’s such an impressive array of humanity. And I love all of these people who are on this panel with us. And if I were on a desert Island and I had to pick four or five people to be on it, you guys will all be on my lists. I really really enjoyed being with you. And we have a lot of fun together, but you’re just, what they say is that a brotherhood and sisterhood does not come from DNA or from shared blood, it comes from shared values. And in that sense, all of you guys are my brother. And the courage that you’ve shown, I just love all of you. I think you go just to isn’t that, is that the way.

– .org, yes.

– And this film has so heavily answer that nobody wants you to see it. We had 10 reviews that appeared about this film and national magazines. All of them up here before that film was available. So the critics who were criticizing this film and never seen the film. And what they said is, you know, it’s a racist film and it’s crazy and it’s full of misinformation but they never saw it, they never looked at it. They wrote the review, they never saw it. But the other thing they did, this was really conniving of them is they never mentioned the name of the film. So they call it Bobby Kennedy’s racist film, you know, or something like that. And they don’t want people to see it, they’re trying to block it. And anything that you can do to put it out in a realist style in your community, those are the kind of tactics we need to do in this day and age. We need to use all of the tools of advocacy that Martin Luther King talked about. Agitation, legislation, litigation, and also innovation. And we need to figure out new ways, innovate new ways of talking to each other, of communicating with our army, with the people who are aligned with us and who wanna stand up to this hearkening cloud of totalitarian of this technocracy, the plutocracy, the military industrial complex, which is now wedded to these technocrats in Washington who are closing the door on our simple rise.

– Yes I fully agree. And I would just say this that we need to reach out to our local newspapers. Those who wanna know what to do. One of the things you do write the letters to the editors. I’ve done some interviews in some local papers do that. Whatever organizations you are part of, create a gathering on a weekend where you invite people to watch the film, family, friends, whatever, have some food and drinks and everything else. There are a lot of things that you put your mind to you could do to get the word out. We don’t have to depend on the mechanisms. We can use guerrilla tactics and get this out there. ‘Cause the fact that they don’t want us to see this, why they don’t want people to see this black white and all between. That’s all the more reason why you need to see it, and why you need to get everybody, family, friends, those on the fence, those who are in the middle of everything, we need to get them all to watch this. ‘Because they don’t want you to see it, and you need to understand why. And what you’ve seen here today, it’s only a small fraction of the power of this film, “Medical Racism”. So you can go to, it’s free. A lot of people are asking for, how to reach the panelists for questions. And they actually for where we can go to get references, and things of that nature. So I’ll start off and just give, if you have websites, whatever, however you want people to reach you please feel free to share that. And myself I am the, people ask for me as well so I’ll just mention it. As I said, I’m the author of this book “Vaccines Are Dangerous: A Warning to the Global Community”. First edition came out in 1992, and this one’s came out in 2010. And you can reach me on my website. You can email me there. You can order my book and have lots of information on vaccines. And I’m also on Children’s Health Defense, I work with Children’s Health Defense. So you can reach me there. Mr. Kennedy what will be the best way for people to reach out to, I guess, send something to you. Some people have said they have contact…


– Okay.

– And the defender is our newsletter, which you should sign up for that will help us. That’s the way that we’re communicating. We’re adding a million page views a month on addicts as well a place where you go, if you want the information that is a solid, but everybody else’s censoring it. We fact check it, we resource it, we side it. We don’t put anything on there that you can’t rely on it. And please follow me on my podcast. It’s the last place where I can still talk ’cause they’ve taken me down or throw me everywhere else.

– Fantastic. Mr. Tony Muhammad, what would be the best route for people to get in contact with you, get access to your information. What’s the best route?

– I can be emailed [email protected] Or you can follow me on Facebook Minister Tony Muhammad, or Instagram while I’m still on Minister Tony Muhammad.

– Thank you, Kevin can you tell us how people can reach you and access to your information?

– Yes, yes. [email protected] is my email address. And you can go to And you can get my information there. It’s really simple.

– Fantastic. Okay, Mrs. Ealey, Sheila Ealey, how can people best reach you and access your information?

– Its Sheila Lewis Ealey on Facebook, or you could email me as [email protected], Yahoo and Gmail. Just my name, Sheila Ealey either one of those.

– Fantastic one last question, and then I’m gonna start wrapping up. it keeps coming up a lot, people want to know they’re under a lot of pressure. They’re they’re being told, well, if you don’t get the vaccine you can’t travel and you can’t, old people are afraid of not being able to see their grandkids. People on public assistance are afraid of losing their benefits. People who work in hospitals facilities, they’re afraid if they don’t take the vaccine, they could lose their jobs. Could each person, each of the panelists, can you please respond to that? Is it legal, can they legally force people to take this COVID vaccine?

– Let me answer very briefly from my point of view. We are litigating on the issue. You can call Aaron Siri in New York. If your employer requires you to take the vaccine or anybody else it’s illegal. They cannot do that, they cannot coerce you into taking this vaccine, because it’s an emergency use authorization, and the actual law, the emergency use authorization laws hasn’t said anything on approved under this action, is experimental by nature, and it will be illegal for anybody to use coercion to try to force some other human being to take it. You’re forcing people to participate in an experiment to be guinea pig. You’re not allowed to do that. We signed treaties after world war II. We have laws in place, including the EUA revision itself that says you cannot force somebody to do this. And if somebody tells you that they want you to take the vaccine say “I’ll take it when the company has liability, and if they hurt me I can sue them.” If they don’t have confidence enough in their product have liability like everybody else, and don’t ask me to take a risk on it. The Pfizer is not, they don’t believe in it. Moderna does not believe in it. Or they wouldn’t ask us to take waive liability to sign a waiver of liability before we take it, you know, don’t be crazy.

– Absolutely, I think we gonna wrap up there ’cause we’re over the hour point. I do wanna thank all the guests, and let’s thank of everybody who’s participated in this. And again, if you weren’t able to get everything down in your notes, this is going to be on the website, And you can also go to children’ I’m Curtis Cost, let me thank everybody. Have a good day.

– Thank you.

– Thank you, Curtis. Thank you, Sheila, Kevin, Tony. Good to see you guys.

– Thank you, peace, peace.

– Thank you all, bye bye.

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