October 06, 2021

Michelle Walrath Medical Freedom Dinner Donation

Thank you for your RSVP to Michelle Walrath’s Medical Freedom Dinner, on Wednesday, October 13th, 7-9:30 PM. All proceeds go to Children’s Health Defense (CHD).


Mary Holland, Esq. – President and Lead Counsel for Children’s Health Defense.
Larry Palevsky, MD – board-certified Pediatrician who has testified before congressional committees on vaccine safety.
Jonathon Kavner– homeopathic practitioner and inspirational thought leader in the medical freedom community.
Rita Palma – activist and organizer for the vaccine rights community, founder of My Kids, My Choice, President of New York Alliance for Vaccine Rights, and a Legislative Director for Children’s Health Defense- New York Chapter.

With your support, we can and will win in courts of law and the court of public opinion.

RSVPs for the Medical Freedom Dinner are now closed, but you may continue to donate.

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