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Defending the Constitution Behind Enemy Lines: A Story of Hope for Those Who Love Liberty

Robert A. Green Jr.


The story of a silenced minority who placed their constitutional oaths above all else to preserve the great gift of liberty from our Founding Fathers.

“Defending the Constitution” is an explosive tell-all detailing the history of the illegal military COVID-19 vaccine mandate and the resistance to it by service members who could not, in good conscience, go along. As an actively serving Navy Commander, Robert A. Green Jr. pulls back the complex veil of military secrecy to shed light on the unlawful actions of certain DOD leaders and the associated cover-up.

His deep dive into the current crisis reveals just how badly our military was betrayed by its own command, as well as the destruction of military readiness that resulted.

“Navy Commander Green expertly weaves historical analysis together with this incredible true story of a courageous fight for medical freedom.”
—Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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