A Tale of Two Sides: A Novel On Vaccines and Disease

John Phillip Ryan

Compliant parents are one of the things Julianna loves most about her job. Thankfully, most patients listen to her. After all, she is a nurse who helps them deliver their most precious gifts in life: babies. Yet even the most well intentioned parents sometimes push back, especially when it comes to vaccinating their children.

Paulina and Reuben Gonzalez want to do the right thing for their infant son. As they wrestle with the decision whether to vaccinate him for hepatitis B and, eventually, 15 other diseases, they seek advice from their doctor and others. The very mention of infectious disease strikes fear into the heart of every parent, so they want to make the right choice. There are those in the medical profession who believe vaccines are so critical they should be mandatory, and others who acknowledge that vaccines have risks that must be considered.

As the Gonzalez’s and dozens of other families, doctors, nurses, reporters, and politicians come together in an open, honest, and sometimes heated dialogue to explore the truths at the root of their beliefs, their lives provide a fascinating perspective on one of the most polarizing issues of our time.


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