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Atopic Dermatitis

Hand eczema in children. Clinical and epidemiological study of the population referred to a tertiary hospital
Published: 2018

An allergic response to thimerosal, nickel, mercury and cobalt often manifests as hand eczema.


Ortiz-Salvador JM, Subiabre-Ferrer D, Rabasco AG, Esteve-Martínez A, Zaragoza-Ninet V, de Miquel VA. Anales de Pediatria (Barc.) 2018;88:309-314.


Hand eczema is a common condition in children. The most common cause is atopic dermatitis, although cases of allergic contact dermatitis manifesting as hand eczema are not uncommon. Using children with hand eczema exclusively, researchers conducted patch-testing. The most frequent allergens detected were thimerosal, nickel, mercury and cobalt.

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