Science Library Abstract
Published: 2010

Researchers warn of sizable difference in individual reaction to vaccines, stress need to avoid increasing side effects of vaccines.


Interindividual variations in the efficacy and toxicity of vaccines


Chandan Thomasa, Majid Moridanib. Toxicology 278, 2010 204-210.


“A number of currently available vaccines have shown significant differences in the magnitude of immune responses and toxicity in individuals undergoing vaccination. A number of factors may be involved in the variations in immune responses, which include age, gender, race, amount and quality of the antigen, the dose administered and to some extent the route of administration, and genetics of immune system. Hence, it becomes imperative that researchers have tools such as genomics and proteomics at their disposal to predict which set of population is more likely to be non-responsive or develop toxicity to vaccines.. With the increasing number of side effects associated with a number of vaccines reported over the years, it has become imperative to develop new technologies that can effectively assist in the development and evaluation of vaccines for efficacy and toxicity.”

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