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Published: 2020

Delay or catch-up vaccination due to COVID19 social distancing should be done judiciously if at all, to minimize aluminum toxicity.


Impact of catch-up vaccination on aluminum exposure due to new laws and post social distancing


Lyons-Weiler, J. G McFarland and E La Joie. 2020. Impact of catch-up vaccination on aluminum exposure due to new laws and post social distancing; Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology Volume 62, December 2020, 126649


This study utilized the established clearance and accumulation models to calculate expected per-body-weight whole-body toxicity of aluminum from vaccines considering for children of all ages under CDC’s Catch-Up schedule from birth to ten years, assuming social distancing for 6 months. Our updated Pediatric Dose Limit (PDL) model assumes a linear improvement in renal function from birth to two years. The results indicate that due diligence in considering alternative spacing and use of non-aluminum containing vaccines when possible will reduce whole body toxicity and may reduce risk of morbidity associated with exposure to aluminum. The study concludes that careful consideration of expected aluminum exposures during regular and Catch-Up vaccination is found to be especially important for infants and children below 2 years of age.  We urge caution in the mass re-starting of vaccination under CDC’s Catch-Up schedule for children under 12 months and offer alternative strategies to minimize per-day/week/month exposure to aluminum hydroxide following the COVID-19 period of isolation.

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