December 19, 2019

Your Gift is the Key to Reaching Our Goals. Stand with Us…United in Truth.


As CHD forges into 2020, RFK, Jr. will be lighting our way.

Unifying efforts.  Seeking justice.  Amplifying voices.

Saving our children.  Establishing safeguards.  Building a powerhouse.

RFK, Jr. (from the video): “I’m telling you… do not despair! We are going to win this battle. We have plans and we have a strategy. We are going to sue them … in the state courts. We are going to sue them in the Federal courts. We are going to sue them in the Appellate courts and if we need to, we will sue them in the Supreme Court! We are going to stand shoulder-to-shoulder, we are going to bring them down…and I will see you at the barricades!”

In this season of giving, your gift is the key to reaching our goals.  Stand with us…united in truth.

Our strength is built on your support.

With deepest gratitude,

The CHD Team

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