October 22, 2019

RFK, Jr. Speaks at Harlem Vaccine Forum

From the outset, Children’s Health Defense General Counsel, Mary Holland put The Harlem Vaccine Forum, held at historic Riverside Church on October 19th into perspective. She reminded the audience of the many civil rights titans who spoke in the church, from Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. to Archbishop Desmond Tutu. So, when a time shortage forced the event’s end, and the crowd had to leave, they found Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. outside standing on a chair. He smiled to the crowd and picked up where he had left off. And, for the next twenty minutes, he riveted the audience. He attracted local residents, passersby, and motorists who pulled over, rolled down their windows, and listened to what he had to say. While this video is a shorter excerpt, you can watch the full two hour and 45 minute video here:

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