December 23, 2016

Kennedy Needs Your Help

You can help us reach our goals with a tax-deductible gift to the Children’s Health Defense. In this three-minute video, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman, discusses his plans for the Children’s Health Defense, and the important reasons why he got involved. Please watch to see how your support will make a difference.

Kennedy concludes with, “Please give me your support. I need it. Every penny that you give me, I will put to work getting justice for these children and making sure that we have a healthy generation.”

Your tax-deductible support of the Children’s Health Defense will make a difference in people’s lives. Your generosity will help us invest in many bold, exciting and innovative projects in the coming year that will help call attention to mercury poisoning, the research surrounding it and failing government policies. We will continue to expose CDC/FDA corruption, educate Congress on the dangers of using mercury in medical products, provide information on successful treatments and demand justice for the injured. We promise that every dollar you give to us will be used to create a healthier world.

Please donate now to help this important cause. We can’t do it without you.

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