September 17, 2020

‘Governments Love Pandemics’: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in ‘Bold and Blunt’ Podcast

Earlier this week, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. spoke with Cheryl Chumley with the Washington Times podcast “Bold and Blunt.” In a segment titled “Governments Love Pandemics.”

The Show notes: “If you’ve been taking all the government mandates over the coronavirus at face value, you’re making a serious mistake. So says Robert Kennedy Jr., who has conducted extensive research into vaccines and the conflicts of interest permeating Big Pharma.”

Kennedy and Chumley discussed a range of topics related to the COVID crisis including the upward shift of wealth obliterating the middle class. As authoritarians further clamp down on individual rights and freedoms, the expansion of the tech industry erodes those freedoms even more, with governments and corporations gaining the capacity to monitor even the most intimate aspects of human behavior.

Kennedy also addressed the increase in censorship we’ve seen in recent months, commenting that technology will soon allow governments and industries to censor not only our words, but our thoughts as well. When asked how America can win back its freedom, Kennedy observed that we all need to educate ourselves and fight back. In order to reclaim our rights, “We’re going to need to turn over some of the furniture,” he said.

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