April 10, 2020

CHD Statement on 5G and Coronavirus

Thousands of peer reviewed scientific studies link wireless technology, including 5G, to a grim inventory of deadly and dangerous injuries. Children’s Health Defense (CHD) does not find sound scientific evidence to support the hypothesis that 5G is the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe that the spread of this hypothesis provides a strategic advantage to Big Telecom and Big Data. Allowing these companies to focus the debate on COVID-19 has given them pretext to censor discussion of 5G and to shift the debate to a battlefield where the science is hypothetical and weak. We therefore urge health advocates to focus discussion on proven harms.

There is ample pervasive human evidence of 5G and wireless harms. CHD’s work, including our historic lawsuit against the FCC for its false and obsolete health guidelines, is a potent threat to the wireless industry and its fraud on the public. CHD will continue to share the evidence and truth about 5G and wireless harms.

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