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So many Americans want to put mRNA out of their minds after the COVID-19 vaccine debacle.

Dreams of injections gone bad with side effects including heart attacks, strokes, blood clots and nerve damage have so many people around the world fearful of the next technological step.

On cue with a bad dream, Tao and coworkers from Harvard published a study on a “mechanical pill” to directly inject the stomach lining. If this was a sci-fi movie, people would be heading for the exits!

The authors summarize the technology in this key figure.


In a nutshell, a pill would be swallowed and the devices would orient to the wall of the stomach or intestine (which would be difficult to control) and then the payload (mRNA) would be injected into the gastrointestinal epithelium and submucosa.

The rich blood supply would immediately take the products into the bloodstream. From there, the portal circulation would take blood to the liver via the hepatic portal vein.

No one knows what a direct shot of mRNA would do to the liver.

I can tell you as a doctor, I would be very concerned this could lead to even bigger complications than an injection in the arm.

Let’s hope this remains a bad dream for now.

Originally published on Dr. Peter McCullough and John Leake’s Courageous Discourse Substack page.