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A new study from Sweden showed that a previously healthy woman developed symptoms of “microwave syndrome” shortly after a 5G cell tower was installed 60 meters — nearly 200 feet — from her apartment.

According to the study, published April 10 in the Annals of Clinical and Medical Case Reports, the 52-year-old woman developed “severe health problems” — including “unbearable” pain, headache, dizziness, loss of immediate memory, confusion, fatigue, anxiety, nose bleeds and issues with her lungs, stomach and urinary system.

The woman temporarily relocated to another home with low radiation levels and no 5G exposure, at which point almost all of her symptoms disappeared. When she moved back to her apartment, the symptoms returned.

The study’s findings mirror the results of two prior case reports, conducted by the same researchers, which showed that non-ionizing radiation from 5G — well below levels allowed by authorities — can cause health problems in individuals with no prior history of electromagnetic sensitivity, the authors said.

The case reports’ lead author, Dr. Lennart Hardell — an oncologist and world-leading scientist on cancer risks with the Environment and Cancer Research Foundation — said the symptoms seen in the three case reports first appeared when a 3G or 4G tower was replaced by a 5G tower, indicating that 5G radiation is “devastating” for some individuals for whom it leads to “a whole range of medical problems,” he said.

Hardell and co-author Mona Nilsson measured “extremely high” microwave radiation levels — much higher than levels recommended by scientists — outside and inside the woman’s apartment.

They included a drawing that showed the location of the cell tower (A) in relation to the woman’s apartment (B).

On the woman’s balcony, they measured 2,500,000 μW/m2 (microwatts per square meter) as the peak value — the highest reading the meter could register, an indication that the radiation level may have been even higher, they said.

Inside the apartment, they measured a peak value of 758,000 μW/m2 with sharp variations — or pulses — over one minute, which they displayed in a graph.

Credit: Lennart Hardell and Mona Nilsson

“These measurements are very alarming,” said Nilsson, managing director of the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation. “They confirm the concerns raised by hundreds of scientists that 5G would lead to an increase in exposure to microwave radiation — which has already been proven harmful at levels lower than governmental limits.”

It’s not just 5G’s high radiation levels that are problematic — it’s the highly repetitive nature of the pulsating 5G signal that harms people’s health, the authors said.

“In medicine, you have a recovery period,” Hardell said. “It takes [the] cellular system time to recover from something that’s bad for it.”

For instance, he said, research on radiation treatment for fighting cancer has shown that the radiation has a stronger biological effect when one treatment is given in the morning and one in the afternoon — rather than just once a day — because cells do not have time to recover.

“Here we have the same problem,” Hardell added.

Complete ‘darkness and silence’ on part of the media

The researchers determined that medical problems surfaced when people were “passively exposed” in their own homes, Hardell emphasized.

“That’s not to be tolerated in a democratic society, in my view,” he said. “The deployment of 5G needs to be stopped and the 5G existing stations need to be dismantled.”

The study coincides with the Biden administration’s April 12 launch of a $1.5 billion telecommunications “innovation fund” to “help to ensure that the future of 5G and next-gen wireless technology is built by the U.S. and its global allies and partners.”

Hardell — who has conducted epidemiological research on environmental toxins since the 1970s — said when he was publishing the world’s first case reports on the health effects of Agent Orange “people were actually mad” that large herbicide companies were spraying the chemicals in forests.

“The media was on their toes and really reported about all these things, which led to more studies,” he said.

But that’s not the case with 5G, he said. “There is complete darkness and silence in the media about this problem … the governments ignore this completely, and there is no political or media pressure on politics to do anything about this.”

Hardell said it is “almost forbidden” in Sweden to discuss or publish about the health implications of 5G, he added.

Industry profits — not public demand — driving expansion of 5G

Nilsson said it’s “madness” for a society to expose the public to 5G radiation without an established track record of safety.

The 5G rollout is driven by the telecommunication industry’s desire for profits, she said. “That’s the driving force. It’s not the public demand.”

“We need to dismantle and reduce the use of this wireless technology because it’s clearly harmful … and we need to start looking at alternatives and use more of the cabled internet and cabled communication, which is safe,” Nilsson added.