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Recognizing Vaccine Injury: 10 Symptoms & Remedies from Top Experts

According to Dr. William Makis, an oncologist and cancer researcher, there are 10 symptoms associated with a body that is grappling with an overload of spike proteins. Dr. Peter McCullough, a cardiologist, cites four critical areas where COVID-19 vaccines cause harm.

More than 1 in 4 Americans think they know someone who has been killed by the COVID-19 vaccines. And more people than not believe there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about the safety of these injections.

According to OpenVAERS, more than 1.59 million people have reported an injury following COVID-19 vaccination.

Many experts with a credible track record on COVID-19 attest that this figure is severely underreported. So, there are millions upon millions of people walking around with vaccine injuries.

Recognizing the signs

Amidst the rapid global vaccination campaigns, the whispers of vaccine injuries, largely linked to spike proteins, have now become echoing concerns.

Dr. William Makis, an esteemed oncologist and cancer researcher, has shed light on these pressing issues and presented a list of 10 symptoms that could be indicative of a body grappling with an overload of spike proteins:

  1. Recurrent infections.
  2. Decreased capacity for exercise or physical activity, often accompanied by fatigue.
  3. Chest pains.
  4. Persistent headaches.
  5. Noticeable skin rashes.
  6. Exacerbation of existing conditions, including autoimmune, cardiac and neurological disorders.
  7. New onset of conditions like diabetes.
  8. Seizures.
  9. Blood clots.
  10. Brain fog.

It’s worth noting that brain fog and fatigue are also symptoms often associated with “long COVID.”

The four major domains of concern

Dr. Peter McCullough, a world-renowned cardiologist, has indicated four critical areas where COVID-19 vaccines cause harm:


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  • Cardiovascular disease: The aftermath of the vaccines can range from myocarditis (heart inflammation) to cardiac arrests without myocarditis. Instances of aortic dissection, atrial fibrillation and acceleration of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease have also been reported.
  • Neurologic disease: From both ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes to Guillain-Barré syndrome, which might lead to ascending paralysis, the implications are severe.
  • Blood clots: Described as “the most thrombogenic protein we’ve ever seen in human medicine,” the spike protein has been associated with unusual and resistant blood clots. These clots sometimes resist conventional treatments.
  • Immunologic abnormalities: Vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia and multisystem inflammatory disorder feature prominently here.

Pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson has also expressed concern that the COVID-19 shots are contributing to deaths of “unknown” causes.

Hodkinson said:

Sudden adult death syndrome … is now the [most common] cause of death, at least in Alberta, where I live. That means more people are dying unexpectedly with no cause than are dying from strokes, heart attacks and diabetes, for example. It’s never, ever happened before.”

Mitigating the effects

Various substances can potentially alleviate these symptoms. These include NAC, bromelain, curcumin, quercetin and ivermectin. But the spotlight is on nattokinase, a key ingredient in The Wellness Company’s Spike Support Formula.

Benefits of nattokinase: According to Makis’ research, nattokinase showcases promise in counteracting the adverse effects of vaccine injuries. It has also shown the ability to degrade the deadly spike protein.

Spike Support also boasts other potent ingredients. For instance, black sativa extract has demonstrated potential benefits, such as anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, as highlighted here.

Other ingredients in Spike Support, such as dandelion root and selenium, may bolster cellular defense, reduce stress and promote tissue and muscle repair. Furthermore, the addition of green tea extract and Irish sea moss provides additional layers of protection and healing.

Frequently asked questions about vaccine injuries

1. What exactly is a vaccine injury?

A vaccine injury refers to an adverse reaction or harm resulting from the administration of a vaccine. There haven’t been long-term studies to test the safety of mRNA vaccines, and some individuals may experience side effects ranging from mild to severe or even death.

2. Are vaccine injuries common?

Vaccine injuries are thought to be relatively rare. However, a proper double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial has never evaluated vaccinated vs. unvaccinated health outcomes. The rate and severity of adverse events of mRNA vaccines have shown to be more common and deadly.

3. Is the spike protein harmful?

The spike protein is the most deadly component of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which has taken the lives of about 7 million people worldwide. mRNA COVID-19 vaccines instruct the cells to produce this damaging protein for an undetermined amount of time. The World Council for Health has concluded that the COVID-19 vaccines are not safe for human use.

4. How does Spike Support from The Wellness Company help with vaccine injuries?

Spike Support features ingredients like nattokinase, which has shown the ability to degrade the spike protein and act as a natural thrombolytic. However, it’s crucial to note that no supplement can guarantee prevention or treatment. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement.

5. Are there any known interactions between Spike Support and medications?

“The main safety caveats are bleeding and allergic reactions, both of which are manageable. It is our experience that both nattokinase and bromelain can be used in addition to antiplatelet and anticoagulant drugs with physician monitoring,” wrote McCullough on his Substack page.

6. How long after getting a vaccine can symptoms of an injury appear?

While most side effects appear soon after vaccination and are temporary, some might manifest days or even weeks later. It’s crucial to monitor any unusual symptoms and consult with a healthcare provider. McCullough has mentioned instances of cardiac arrests linked to the COVID-19 vaccines two years after the latest shot.

7. Can long COVID and vaccine injuries have overlapping symptoms?

Yes, some symptoms like fatigue and brain fog can be seen in both long COVID and vaccine injuries. Both are believed to be caused by excess spike protein.

8. Is there a safe way to detox from vaccines?

McCullough has recently published the first-ever spike protein detoxification protocol in a U.S. medical journal. His protocol includes nattokinase, bromelain, and curcumin, as summarized here.

For best-in-class nattokinase, McCullough recommends Spike Support Formula, which also contains black sativa extract, dandelion root, selenium and a host of other promising ingredients that can help protect you and your family from the prolonged effects of spike proteins.

Originally published on The Vigilant Fox’s Substack page.

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