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Parents Are Watching. Protect the Children.

Ways to express your opposition to the FDA in potentially granting Emergency Use Authorization to Pfizer’s vaccine for this younger age group and bolster efforts to educate friends, family and people in your community.

Please watch and share the video above from concerned parents, grandparents and citizens to prompt critical thinking, raise awareness and educate parents about the risks and harms associated with the COVID injection for children.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee is considering Pfizer’s application for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) status for its COVID vaccine to be used in the 6 months to 5-year-old age group. While the meeting was postponed due to the lack of available safety and efficacy data, the committee will no doubt meet at some point to consider granting EUA status for babies and young children, even though this age group is not at risk of serious complications or death from COVID. However, they are at risk from injury and even death from COVID vaccines.

If the committee grants the EUA to Pfizer for this age group, nearly 20 million American infants and preschool-aged children could be at risk of vaccine injury based on the indicators we’re seeing in the published medical literature.

Take Action: Four Ways to Get Involved

We have four different ways to express your opposition to the FDA in potentially granting Emergency Use Authorization to Pfizer’s vaccine for this younger age group. This also bolsters efforts to educate friends, family, and people in your community that will extend beyond the next meeting no matter the outcome.

① Complete Our Email Action Alert and Send Your Handwritten Letter to Remind Decision Makers that Parents Are Watching

TAKE ACTION NOW to send an email to EVERY decision maker of the FDA Vaccine and Related Biologicals Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) and your federal elected officials in LESS THAN 60 SECONDS.

We’re also encouraging everyone to send letters of opposition, mailed in red envelopes (to signify urgency and the risk of heart health concerns of babies and young children), to the public health officials and VRBPAC members involved in this decision-making process.
We want their desks covered in a sea of red envelopes! You can use the letter that we’re sending to the members of the VRBPAC committee from our advocacy portal, or you can write your own. Phone calls are also important. The more contact we can make the better. Have your kids send notes as well — let them hear directly from those who potentially would be impacted by their decision. Let’s keep the pressure on!

To urge each VRBPAC member plus other public health officials involved in the process to deny EUA to Pfizer’s vaccine for infants and young children, join CHD in the Red Envelope Campaign.

Share your letters! To encourage people to join in, post pictures of your red envelopes to social media before you mail them with #ParentsAreWatching and #FollowTheScience and let’s get these hashtags trending!

② Get Ready, Get Set … Tweet!

Take part in our Twitter storm. Follow the CHD Twitter account and re-tweet our tweets targeting the FDA, public health officials, and VRBPAC members urging them to deny the EUA for COVID vaccines for our youngest children. Let’s let them know we are watching, and be sure to use the hashtags #ParentsAreWatching and #FollowTheScience.

③ Defender Day to Protect the Children

Spread awareness in your own neighborhood. Join friends and neighbors to organize a Defender Day. Organize and gather in your community on a busy Main Street or shopping center with educational handouts, stickers and our latest pocket guide to help parents #FollowTheScience.

Many parents are unaware of these risks as they are bombarded daily with the relentless “safe and effective” narrative from mainstream media and captured government agencies. Let’s break through this propaganda with our educational materials, “The COVID Vaccine & Children: A Second Opinion,” that contains the facts about real indicators of risk and harm that are occurring. Informed consent is the basis of all healthcare decisions, and if the general public is not aware of these risks, they’re not making truly informed decisions.


Select an image to download the flyer in color or black & white.

Use this fully referenced flyer to educate your state legislators, especially in states fighting bills for mandatory COVID vaccines for school, and to educate others within your community at Board of Education meetings, pediatricians’ offices, pharmacies, and more. Pull together teams to create “Defender Days” within your community! Be our army of truth and help get this crucial information to the world.

④ Get Social: Share! Share! Share!

Over the next few days, please share this #ParentsAreWatching video on all your social media platforms with a link to our action alert. Utilize the following series of social media graphics to educate and raise awareness in your social circles . Share any content we put out there to combat censorship and help educate others.

Download and share these social media graphics!

Help us sound the alarm. The science is clear. If the FDA grants EUA status for this vaccine targeting this age group, our very youngest children and babies will be at risk. Let’s do everything we can to stop that from happening.

Be a defender of truth, freedom and health!


Select an image to download the flyer in color or black & white.

“The COVID Vaccine & Children: A Second Opinion”
Reference Links for the 2-Page Flyer


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