November 20, 2019

CHD Needs Your Help

The state of children’s health is unacceptable.

Our kids are swimming in a toxic soup. 54% of American children have a chronic illness, up from just 12% in the 1980s. CHD is addressing many culprits: a burgeoning vaccine schedule known to contain harmful ingredients and cause injuries to some children; glyphosate, chlorpyrifos, fluoride, 5G and more.

Also, across America and the world, parental choice to make certain medical decisions has slid from the free exercise of personal and religious beliefs into total adherence with near-zero exceptions. But all is not lost.

Thousands are rising up and speaking out. Please join us on the most important issue of our lifetimes.

For only $10, (the cost of a burger, fries and drink), you’ll help so many. You’ll:

  • Become part of a growing movement that recognizes our children’s health has been harmed—and demands accountability and real change. For our legal efforts to be successful, we need to show that we represent thousands of families across the U.S. who share our concerns.
  • Get free access to our members-only content—full of advocacy materials that you, doctors, politicians, scientists and regulators can watch and use to establish a true vaccine safety system at the local, state and national levels. (Includes RFK, Jr.’s “Vaccine Safety Project” (VSP) video and PowerPoint presentation exposing the ongoing corruption and conflicts of interest of vaccine policy makers and more.)
  • Support CHD’s efforts to help all advocates in our movement become better informed and more successful. Your membership fee will help make the CHD website the go-to-source for: research, legal facts, articles to promote understanding of the issues, and information and tools to fight mandates at the state and federal levels.

 RFK, Jr. from the video:
…”when I got involved in this issue, I saw something a hundred times worse—big pharmaceutical companies, the most evil companies on Earth, who are commoditizing our children—who are giving our children this tsunami of chronic disease and then making money.”… “They’re making$50 billion selling our kids these mandated vaccines that are untested and liability free, but they’re making $500 billion a year selling them the EPI pens, the seizure medications, the Prozac, the Albuterol inhalers, the rheumatoid arthritis medications, the diabetes medications—that our children are now addicted to, for life.”

Join the Movement. Share the Message. Support the Cause—Your help can make all the difference.

Your membership fee of just $10 will help CHD reach our goals. And, if you can, please take the opportunity to donate in addition to your membership fee. Every tax-deductible gift, large or small, gets us closer to our goals of addressing the poor state of children’s health, justice for children’s injuries and the inadequacies of state and federal policies.


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