Join the Athletes for Health Freedom

Dear Pro Athlete,

You knew your chosen path would take everything: discipline, courage, and perseverance. You know how to dig deep…As you answered that call, you may not have imagined that your talent and dedication would lead you to this moment in time — where you are stirred to dig even deeper, for something bigger, something urgent.

If you are a professional athlete from any sport, the Athletes for Health Freedom Initiative (AHF) invites you to join us privately. When athletes band together and take a stand against medical mandates, they can save others from the violation of human rights that is happening in plain sight. AHF and our partners have gathered together thousands of professional athletes within a private communication platform. They collaborate privately behind the scenes to fight mandates in every way they are able.

You may join us and stay private within our community or participate in public interviews and campaigns with AHF on a case by case basis, when and if you are ready. AHF will provide a vehicle for you to stand against the mandates that threaten your livelihood, and those of your fellow citizens, especially children, in the form of school mandates.

If and when you decide to participate publicly you will not stand alone. AHF provides a community for athletes for health freedom to support each other and orchestrate coordinated publicity on this issue. This protects you because an army of fellow pro-athletes and influencers, through our partner organization Voices4Choices, will have your back when you voice your allegiance to medical freedom and the right to choose what goes in your body and the bodies of your children.

AHF will work with your agent, publicist, trusted manager, or friend in whatever ways you prefer. We respect your human spirit, dignity, and bravery. You are in complete control of whatever messages you put out and how you present. We are the antithesis of exploitation and only facilitate the orchestrated process and strategy of supporting pro-athletes in taking a stand for health freedom— with our infrastructure, expertise, and most importantly, with camaraderie from other pro-athletes.

Will you join us? Please respond using the form below and we will contact you with invitations to join our meetings, including planning launches and publicity for the entire medical freedom revolution we have planned. Please join us.