‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: EU to Vote on Vaccine Travel Passport + More

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– Polly, great to be here.

– I’m gonna read out, as over the week there have been different headlines, and then we can assess it afterwards. The first one, so we had, obviously, the blood clot issue, and then the Norwegian professor came out with the headline, AstraZeneca Jab Is Causing Deadly Blood Clots. This is Professor, Pål André Holme. He says three Norwegian health workers had serious blood clots following the AstraZeneca vaccine. He said, “There’s nothing but the vaccine that can explain why these individuals had this immune response.” And the Medical Director, Steinar Madsen, said, “I don’t want to comment on this now.” That was his comment on that. Then we had “The Telegraph” going out in their “Global Health Bulletin,” this is a British paper. “The AstraZeneca jab is 100% effective against severe illness and hospitalization.” That was a U.S. study showed that. AstraZeneca said, “An independent safety committee conducted a specific review of the blood clot in the U.S. trial. It showed AstraZeneca was 100% effective.” 100, not just 90, or anything, 100% effective against severe or critical disease and hospitalization. Do you want to stop on that one, or do you want me to keep going on the AstraZeneca headlines?

– Keep going and then we’ll sort of do the roundup.

– Yeah, okay. And then “Bloomberg” came out saying, AstraZeneca to issue, now this is today’s news, okay? This is breaking today, AstraZeneca to issue, “Bloomberg” being American, of course, to issue trial update after the U.S. calls results outdated. So a U.S. science agency has criticized AstraZeneca saying its analysis of shot’s effectiveness included old information. Now, meanwhile, today, the British, the BBC, so back in England, their headline today is “COVID vaccine: The U.S. trial of AstraZeneca jab confirms the safety.” Then back over today to “Reuters” their headline, “U.S. health body questions AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine trial data.” So conflicting headlines there. And then, of course, we’ve got this wonderful headline at “Reuters.” “U.S. to share four million doses of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine with Mexico and Canada.” The U.S. is sending four million doses of AstraZeneca that it’s not using, surprise, surprise, to Mexico and Canada. They want to ensure, they say, that their neighbors can contain the virus. This is critical, they say, and they remind you that AstraZeneca is still not authorized even for emergency use in America yet. Woo!

– Okay, yeah, so a lot to unpack as they say. So I would start for us, Polly, our interest is in safety, first and foremost, and 20 countries have now suspended use of AstraZeneca, primarily in Western Europe because of reports of blood clots, like what you just read from the Norwegian scientist. Many people think that these blood clots are associated with all of the COVID vaccines, not just AstraZeneca, but somehow it’s been highlighted for AstraZeneca. What’s interesting to me about the U.S. report that you mentioned, the “Bloomberg” and others is they’re quoting, they’re right, the British paper is right, The U.S. Dr. Fauci is coming out and saying, we see no evidence of a problem with blood clots. In view of 20 countries suspending it, Dr. Fauci and the European Medicines Agencies are saying, the European Medicines Agency is saying, well, there’s rare blood clots. There’s a rare problem. Nothing to worry about it’s still safe and effective. Dr. Fauci is saying, there’s nothing to see here about blood clots, but he’s saying that the efficacy picture is incomplete. And that now AstraZeneca has to go back and talk with this committee within the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases. This data, DSMB, this data committee. You know, it’s astonishing really that the issue in the U.S. where it still does not have emergency use authorization is only about efficacy and not about efficacy and safety. That to me is astonishing, but let’s be real, Polly. This is all about money, as well as other things, but money is central here. Pfizer, and Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, are all U.S. based companies, right? Pfizer is in a deal with a biotech in Germany, but these are U.S. based companies. They’ve all gotten the jump on the market. AstraZeneca is U.K. The U.K. is no longer in the European Union. I mean, I think the U.K. and Oxford are having tough sledding, right? It’s tough, they’re gonna have a tough time of it, even though the beauty from a vaccine standpoint of the AstraZeneca version is that it doesn’t require this deep, deep refrigeration that some of the other ones do, the Pfizer and Moderna do.

– I think it’s interesting that U.S.A. that they’re gonna share these four million doses. Have they bought in AstraZeneca?

– The AstraZeneca doesn’t have emergency use authorization, and we’ve already pre-bought a hundred million doses. You can’t make this stuff up, Polly. I mean, this is a level of kind of public-private partnership, supposedly, that’s just really kind of unfathomable. Basically, all of us, the consumers, the taxpayers around the world have financed these astronomical profits. We have made possible these astronomical profits by these pharmaceutical behemoths. It’s really an extraordinary story.

– And I just want to say on the AstraZeneca, I see, certainly, in England a lot of people saying, well, the World Health Organization says it’s safe and effective, so I’m gonna go ahead and take it. Please go back and look. A lot of particularly Bobby Kennedy’s “TRUTH” episodes where he breaks down the background of the World Health Organization. And, remember, the World Health Organization, they told us that the MMR did not cause autism or all these other things that we all trusted.

– Right.

– So from my personal point of view, I think the World Health Organization there’s a big question there, I don’t trust them, so.

– I mean, Bobby Kennedy just wrote a letter to President Biden that we published in “The Defender.” And he said the biggest element of vaccine hesitancy worldwide is that the regulators aren’t honest. People don’t trust the CDC, and the FDA, and the WHO for good reason because they have come out with false information a lot over the last 20 years. They are in bed with the pharmaceutical industry. The industry wields enormous influence over the EMA, the FDA, the CDC, the WHO. People don’t trust them for good reason.

– And it’s really not hard to do your research on them yourself if you don’t know what we’re saying. I know we get labeled conspiracy theorists, but, actually, the evidence is right there. You just have to do some digging yourself. Let’s move on. I’m gonna go to a “Defender” article here. “Defender” is the Children’s Health Defense. So you can find “The Defender” on The European Commission to vote this week on vaccination travel passport. So on March 17th, the European Commission proposed a digital Green Passport for a safe free movement of citizens. This is their words, not ours.

– Right.

– Within the EU during the COVID-19 pandemic. The certificate would provide evidence that a person has been vaccinated, or tested negative for COVID. So what do we know about this, Mary?

– Polly, this is a really big deal, right? The European Union has within it the Schengen zone, and it’s been sort of a triumph of the European project for decades. Once somebody is in the European Union zone, the Schengen zone, there’s no passport controls. You can go between France and Italy and Germany, and Belgium and the Netherlands, and until recently the U.K. without ever going through a passport control. That was an extraordinary achievement of peace and prosperity for Europe. And so now there’s this proposal that came into the European Parliament last week, and is likely gonna be voted on tomorrow, Wednesday, in an emergency procedure to decide without debate to accept these passports. And the passports would require that people have a QR code, or a piece of paper. So an app on their phone, or piece of paper that shows either that they got the vaccine, or that they had a recent negative PCR, or other accepted test relating to their COVID status. And the idea of this is that it’s going to make people travel again and feel more comfortable. My best guess, Polly, it’s gonna have exactly the opposite effect. It’s going to actually really discourage people from travel. And the worse part about it is how this really impinges on fundamental rights. Travel has been a fundamental right and assembly. And lots of families are across European borders at this point, and jobs and all kinds of things. And so I think this is a huge step. It’s 600 million people in the EU. If it passes in Europe, it’s a stepping stone towards a more global kind of biometric identification forum. And what’s so troubling, Polly, there’s so many things that are troubling, and Bobby Kennedy, and Senta Depuydt, our president in Europe, wrote a letter to members of the European Parliament that we posted today on “The Defender’s” website, the top story at the moment. What’s so concerning about this is these vaccines have not been proven in any way to stop transmission. There are real questions about whether these vaccines will be actually furthering transmission of the disease, and we could come back to that. The PCR tests we know are not accurate. In other words, it’s just not very reliable information. Why are we relying on what is defective information about health status? There’s so much more to health. I mean, this is just so, we already have laws throughout the world that prohibit somebody with an infectious disease from getting on a plane, or from traveling. There’s lots of public health laws. If you have a fever, if you’re coughing, if you’re infectious, if you have tuberculosis, if you have measles, you can’t get on a plane, you can’t travel. So this is on top of that. And one of the great concerns is it’s meaningless, and it’s absolutely gonna lead to discrimination. We know that, I mean, it’s already discriminatory, so that people who don’t have these certificates can’t travel, so. It hasn’t passed yet. Please people, if you care about this, go to “The Defender” and there’s email addresses for every person in the European Parliament. There’s Twitter handles, there’s stuff on Facebook. They need to hear from us now, and you don’t have to be in the European Union. Be in Australia, be in New Zealand, be in the U.S. doesn’t matter, because if this goes through in Europe, it’s one step away from the rest of us, and it will affect anybody who is hoping to be in Europe.

– Yeah, awful. And it leads quite nicely onto the article in “The Atlantic” in the science section, the headline, Don’t Be Surprised When Vaccinated People Get Infected. Post-immunization cases, sometimes called breakthroughs.

– [Mary] Right.

– They’re called breakthroughs are very rare, but they’re very expected. So breakthrough case discovered in people more than two weeks after they received their COVID shot will continue to grow in numbers. There’s absolutely no cause for concern. What is that all about?

– Right, well, I think partly, Polly, it’s managing expectations, right? So people have this idea, oh, I get vaccinated, it’s a miracle. And everything is gonna go back to normal. So this is “The Atlantic” very much part of the mainstream media, saying, no, no, no, it’s entirely expected that there are gonna be these breakthrough infections. And I love this quote, Polly. They say, The goal of vaccination isn’t eradication, it’s detente, which is not really correct. They always talk about eradication at the end of the day, but people who have been vaccinated can still be diagnosed with COVID, and they may actually be more susceptible to other variants of COVID. While their bodies are building antibodies against the COVID-19 if they’re exposed to another variant they may get infected. The vaccine may not protect them against that. And they may be able to transmit that new variant. Also, these vaccines are not perfect, Polly. There are real questions about whether they’re actually 95% effective. A British medical journal editorial suggested that the Pfizer vaccine may be 19% effective, or 29% effective, well, efficacy from the clinical trials. It’s not in real life 95%, Polly. That’s like in a clinical trial with very healthy people. They’re not perfect, they’re absolutely not perfect. So somebody could get COVID-19 in the two weeks while they’re waiting for their antibodies to catch up. So can you get infected from somebody who is vaccinated? Yeah, you can. Can somebody who is vaccinated get sick with a COVID type disease? Absolutely, these are not perfect products. And they’re trying to manage expectations, Polly, because a lot of people are already, as you and I both know, they’re dying from various causes after vaccination, anaphylaxis, idiopathic thrombocytopenia. They’re dying from different causes, blood clots, but we’re gonna be seeing more people, I think, who get sick with COVID-like illness after having been vaccinated.

– So when people ask us, and we get a lot of messages in. Can you get sick from a vaccinated person? The answer is yes.

– You can, I mean, the answer is we try to stay healthy, Polly, and real life has real risks. Get sleep, get sunshine, eat well, make sure you get vitamin D, vitamin C, exercise. Do all the things we know to stay healthy. And there is a risk of getting sick, there is.

– Okay, so staying with “The Defender” Children’s Health Defense, the headline here. The CDC Ignores Inquiry Into Increasing Number of Deaths, and Injuries Reported After COVID Vaccines. The VAERS data released on the 19th of March showed 38,444 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines including 1,739 deaths, and 6,286 serious injuries. So on March the 8th, “The Defender” contacted the CDC with questions about how the agency is investigating reports of deaths, and injuries after COVID vaccines. And as of the 19th of March, 11 days on, the CDC has not answered your questions, correct?

– Correct, I mean, I’m delighted that “The Defender” staff reached out on March 8th and here it is March 23rd, and there’s no answer, and they followed up and they emailed and they called, and there’s no response. And there’s no bigger story in the world today than COVID and COVID vaccination. And yet here are these conscientious reporters just trying to get information, and they’re completely stymied, so that’s troubling. A lot of doses have been administered, right? So they say that there’s actually been close to 100 million doses administered in the United States. So that’s a third of the U.S. population. Well, it may or may not be, that may be second doses. So maybe it’s not 100 million people, but 98.2 million doses have been administered, but, nonetheless, 38,000 reactions, adverse reactions reported. And we know that’s an underestimate of the number. People say, like, if this were any other product, Polly, with this level of adverse events in deaths they would be recalled from the market. I mean, to me, there’s no question about that. If this were anything else, if this were an airplane and 1,700 people had died, or a car with a defect, with anything else, but the liability here has been so protected, and our expectations have been so managed that it’s okay if a few thousand people die. Hey, it’s for the greater good. You know, it’s very troubling.

– It is, so let’s go to the “LA Times” “Los Angeles Times” in the science section, the headline, Why are side effects worse after a second dose of COVID-19 vaccine? They use a nurse in this article and she talks about how sick she got, very high fever reaching 104.9. It was ghastly, she felt so ill, but she says at the end of it, it was worth it to be infected, which is extraordinary, because I don’t know anyone with COVID that had, I personally don’t.

– Well, a 105 fever, that’s a high fever.

– Yeah, but not to be Basically, the article goes on to say, all those symptoms are a sign that the vaccine is doing its job by turbocharging the immune system. I don’t agree.

– What’s interesting about that to me, Polly, is the “LA Times” has been especially vicious towards us over the years, as I’m sure you know. They are very pro Dr. Pan, pro the whole vaccine narrative. And so if they are telling people, don’t be troubled if the second dose is bad it’s worth it. It’s because they’re afraid that people aren’t gonna go for their second dose. That’s the reason they have that article, in my best judgment. And they’re telling people, yeah, it’s bad, but it’s worth it. So it’s interesting. They’re trying to convince their people of the necessity of going for that second dose, even though it’s going to be bad.

– Yeah, well, okay, so over to Spain now where the headline is, 46 residents in a Spanish nursing home died after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. That was their headline. It says health authorities have reportedly halted the second shot of the Pfizer vaccine. Do you know anything about that, Mary?

– That was an older story, but I think that article from “LifeSite” news details deaths in nursing homes around the world. And that’s what we’re seeing. And we’re seeing that the rate of death among the elderly is increasing after the introduction of vaccines. And so several countries have said people who have ill health over 65 should not get these vaccines. This raises lots of questions, Polly. We published a while ago a video on “The Defender” website with a whistleblower in a Berlin nursing home. And this person, we discussed this a few weeks back. I mean, it’s very disturbing. Elderly people have weakened immune systems. And so giving them this really hyperbolic kind of push to the immune system it just tips some people over the edge.

– And, also, AstraZeneca has been absolutely slaughtered in the press the last week, or so. Pfizer and Moderna, I hear people say I’m taking the Pfizer, Moderna ’cause AstraZeneca is bad. They’re all bad.

– They all likely cause blood clots, Polly. It’s sort of this interesting, sort of pointing fingers the other way. Oh, it’s AstraZeneca that causes the blood clots. No, it’s the spiked protein that seems to be causing the blood clots. We have an article on “The Defender” by Lyn Redwood talking about the research of Dr. Whelan, and he reached out to the FDA. It’s very well-established that the spiked protein is associated with blood clots and blood problems.

– So keeping with “The Defender” again. See, people this is where we get all the breaking news. Go to “The Defender” at Children’s Health Defense. The headline, Pfizer’s, we’re gonna stick with Pfizer here. Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine Could Become the Most Lucrative Drug in the World. This article written by the brilliant Megan Redshaw. Pfizer’s COVID vaccine is already the second highest revenue generating drug in the world, but the company plans to turn the vaccine into an even bigger cash cow once the pandemic ends. The vaccine maker expects in 2021 at the end of it, the sales to be around $15 billion.

– Yeah.

– Wow.

– It’s an extraordinary article. And so what the article then goes on to detail is that Pfizer is already stating to the world that they’re planning to triple or quadruple the price of the COVID vaccine. It’s COVID vaccine after pandemic pricing. And they point out, and Bourla, the head of Pfizer is saying, you’re gonna have to go get your annual COVID shot. This is gonna be a cash cow forever. Moderna has already made $11 billion in advanced sales. Remember, this is a company that did not have a single product for sale ever before the COVID vaccine. And they quote a physician from Yale saying that right now these doses are $20 and under. The Pfizer is $20. So, basically, they can be delivered free. The government is essentially picking up the tab, but when they go to the private sector they’re gonna be 150 to $175 a dose. And as this Yale physician, Ramachandran, says, yeah, ultimately, the insurance companies are gonna pick up the tab and then it’s us, the consumers. It’s like there is no free lunch. Not only are we gonna suffer whatever the unknown medical consequences are, but we’re gonna be paying for these extremely expensive profitable products to the 1%.

– Okay, right. Well, again, you can read that full article on “The Defender.” And, again, next article from “The Defender” as well. This was to me really good. I really enjoyed reading this because I really feel the same as Dr. Mercola who wrote this article. The Biggest Casualty of COVID? The Personal Freedoms. And he’s says here, the psychological devastation caused by teaching children to fear their own hands, to fear other people, the air that they breathe, and that their very presence poses a lethal threat to others is but one of the many casualties of COVID. And, Mary, both Children’s Health Defense, and here, the vaccine so many people writing into us talking of the psychological devastation in their homes.

– Yeah, it’s a very good piece by Dr. Mercola. And he’s really talking about how freedom has been attacked in the last year. And he quotes Lord Sumption, who was a very prominent jurist in the U.K. about this is sort of how totalitarian regimes get established. It’s done through the guise for the greater good. It’s always done that way. And I think it’s a very thoughtful piece. And I also appreciated that he talks in a very thoughtful way about Klaus Schwab, who is the head of the World Economic Forum. And he links to a really fascinating crucial article by a journalist named Johnny Vedmore on “Unlimited Hangout.” And it’s really about how Klaus Schwab is directly from family that was deeply involved in Nazi Germany, and running a factory with slave labor. And his engineering firm was supplying illicit materials to South Africa’s nuclear weapons program. So this family was involved in arguably two of the worst governmental, totalitarian regimes in the world, the Nazi Germany, and then Apartheid South Africa. So we should be thinking twice when we’re hearing that people like Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum are global heroes.

– Yeah, okay, so again you can read that full article on “The Defender.” Okay, so back over into England now, U.K. now we already, if you remember, not that long ago, Senator Pan wrote an article about coming after anti-vaxxers as he calls them. So now in the U.K. in the crime section of the paper here, so it was interesting. It wasn’t just a headline of the paper. It was actually in the crime section. The Metropolitan Police counter-terror chief Neil Basu calls for action on coronavirus anti-vaxxers, he calls them. He is talking about new laws that he wants to put in place to punish people who spread what he calls anti-vaccine conspiracy theories. He says spreading misinformation could cost people’s lives. Well, I agree, spreading misinformation could cost people’s lives so we couldn’t agree more on that. It’s just that we have different ideas of what misinformation is. The most disturbing is that Mr. Basu, his comments come as counter-terrorism policing launch a campaign to persuade in other words, within the family, if they suspect that someone in the family is posting what they think is conspiracy theories. It has already started in England. They have started deporting people in families because they won’t take the vaccine, or they don’t wear the mask, or whatever it may be. And that’s a dangerous road to go down, which is the same thing Pan in California is trying. It seems like an international effort here to try and do that, and I say that panicking. I say that panicking. Why would they want to do that?

– Well, that’s a couple things, Polly. This is an interesting older article from the “Evening Standard,” which was from November, 2020. So this didn’t happen yesterday, but we do know that certainly in the United States these efforts to brand anti-vaxxers as terrorists is gaining new strength. And there’s $2 billion that have been allocated in the rescue stimulus package towards propaganda, full-on propaganda to overcome hesitancy. And I think to paint anti-vaxxers as providing misinformation, and, apparently today, or yesterday, Governor Newsom in California is also calling out anti-vaxxers as being the problem. So I think we’re in for some harsher words going forward. I think we know that. The propaganda and the censorship are gonna continue.

– I mean, the censorship is utterly incredible right now.

– It’s extraordinary, Polly. I mean, I spent many years living in the Soviet Union in Russia, and I never thought I would live to the day where my IG account is blocked. We’ve been taken off of various platforms. It’s extraordinary. The whole notion of a democracy is there has to be a marketplace of ideas. And the United States has always been really a little bit different than Western Europe that lived through fascism saying, we have to have unbridled, full-on freedom of expression. So the ACLU protected Nazis to march through Skokie. That was the level of our country’s commitment to free speech. And what we see is this horrifying and very scary rollback on the commitment of people in Congress, and government, and the private sector towards free speech.

– Okay, so we got something here from the “UK Column.” If you don’t know “UK Column” news people I highly recommend you to follow. They go up three times a week. Mary, you actually sent me this. The headline being, Why Is There A Correlation Between the Vaccine Rollout and Increased COVID-19 Mortality? That’s the headline, it’s by someone called Iain Davis, who is in my opinion, very brilliant. And he says a number of unusual death events have been reported in the U.K. since the beginning of the vaccine rollout. Officially, they’re saying that there is no connection between vaccines and the deaths, it’s been denied, but that article was very good.

– It’s a very good article. Again, it’s not this week, it came out in February, but you had mentioned this journal. And so I was very happy when I saw it. And so I love they quote Michael Yeadon, who’s a really remarkable scientist who worked at Pfizer for 17 years, who’s very pro pharmaceutical products, but just not when they’re inadequately studied. And he says, in this story, they quote him as saying, What’s happening in the name of saving lives simply doesn’t stand up to scientific scrutiny. And the article makes the point that they look particularly at Gibraltar, which has had very high vaccine uptake. And, basically, there’s a very low-level of COVID deaths. And then they start vaccinating. It’s a hockey stick. Then they report massively more numbers of people dying from COVID after they’ve had this very wide rollout of the vaccines, so the article says, listen, yes, correlation is not causation, but if you ignore correlation that is denial. That is really unacceptable. And they’re not investigating this correlation. And I think we are gonna see in the data, Polly, worldwide that there’s been a correlation in the deaths of the extreme elderly once they started the rollout of vaccines. That’s our first story today. The 46 people who died in the Spanish nursing home. That’s happening around the world. And that, Polly, if that’s true, and the death numbers suggest that, then we really have to ask, what is this really all about? Because a eugenics agenda from World War II, and before is, basically, it’s deciding that certain groups of people are more worthy of life than others. And that’s very disturbing

– Very disturbing. Now, before we get onto the good news the article that’s just come out that shared on Facebook. So I don’t know a lot about this, and most likely you don’t either, I presume, because it’s fairly new news. The world’s 1st ORAL COVID-19 vaccine could soon begin human trials. A coronavirus vaccine that could be swallowed like a pill, and administered at home could begin clinical trials in the near future. After developers supported promising preliminary data it’s called Oravax. It’s developed by an Israeli-American pharmaceutical, and India based as well. And the CEO of Oramed said, it would be just like taking a vitamin pill. Someone I saw wrote underneath when we posted this, so presumably it could also be put in food. What do you think? Do you know anything about this, or is it just too new?

– That’s too new, I don’t know a lot about it, but it’s concerning, Polly, the notion that potentially one could be given things involuntarily, right? Through foods and having it not be disclosed, or through additives, or through aerosolization. I mean, that’s a troubling idea that people may be in the future medicated for the greater good without their knowledge, but I don’t know much about it. So I want to hold off on that one.

– I see Kevin Hill saying, does it come on a sugar lump? When I was a little girl.

– The polio was, right, the polio vaccine was that. I mean, certainly, we’ve known for a long time, Polly, there can be lots of different types of vaccines, right? They can be viruses that you ingest or bacteria. It could be one of the patents that’s out there is sort of a little pad and you do it through the skin. In some ways it makes a lot more sense in terms of how the immune system works if it’s not injected. Injection does, like, put the body on kind of, like, Defcon three because the only thing that happens that way are snake bites, right? The body is expecting you to take things in either through air, or through the mouth, or through the skin. And so there have been experiments, and research done on alternative ways to get vaccines, but in the world that we live in today, we need to be very careful that everything is transparent. Even the vaccines that are on the market now, Polly, they’re not transparent. We don’t even know everything that’s in these, the Pfizer, and Moderna, and J&J, and AstraZeneca vaccine. We don’t know, we really don’t know. They have not disclosed all the information.

– No, we don’t know, and that is the point, but also just to remind people, if you go to “The Defender” this is not just about vaccines. They talk about food, GMOs, 5G. You’re gonna discuss everything on there. We just happen to be talking a lot about vaccines.

– Correct, well, I’m gonna mention in our good news some stuff outside of it, but yeah, I mean, there’s a lot of things that are harming children’s health in the world today, it’s not just vaccines. You and I have experienced the vaccine issue directly, but it’s not just the vaccines.

– I always note Dr. Suzanne’s famous quote, Dr. Suzanne Humphries, she says, if you’re going to eat complete junk food, you might as well vaccinate.

– Go back to that.

– Yeah, okay, good news. So the first thing is Florida.

– No, no, no, I’m sorry, before we get to the good news, Polly, we have to say what the incentive, the incentive of the week for vaccination, right? Is a doughnut. And so what’s so great about that is like you look up junk food and what do you see, but a doughnut, right? So it’s like pairing vaccination. This is like in honor of Suzanne, right? Pairing the vaccine with the penultimate junk food.

– Yeah, so what Mary Holland is talking about is the headline, and it’s really gone viral. Krispy Kreme donuts are saying, bring in your vaccination card to prove and you can have free donuts everyday to the end of 2021. And what we’re saying is that’s ironically ridiculous because the last thing you want to have after you’ve had a vaccine is a buttload of sugar and GMOs, and goodness knows what else in there. So going along with Dr. Suzanne, you’re absolutely correct. And I don’t know why they even have that there. That was the unbelievable headline of the week.

– Yeah, that was pretty funny.

– Get you free doughnuts with a vaccine. So do not do that, that’s my recommendation. Sorry, onto good news, good news. I’m so desperate to get onto good news.

– Good news.

– So does Florida, and the headline is we are not doing it. The vaccine passports will not be required in Florida. This is Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, and he says, under no circumstances will the state ask you to show proof of vaccination. How much do we love him and Florida right now?

– Oh, man, it’s such a breath of fresh air. And Governor DeSantis is really listening to the scientists. I watched a Facebook Live he did with three doctors, some of whom were involved in the Great Barrington Declaration, This guy is following the science. He understands that the lockdown measures don’t matter. They don’t improve outcomes. And then travel for Florida, which is a huge tourist destination, will harm the economy not help it. So God bless Ron DeSantis. I think he’s done a far better, more independent job on these issues than any other governor I can think of.

– Yeah, great stuff. We hope he has really good protections.

– We do, we do, we do.

– Right, now this is something completely away from vaccines, but you guys need to know about this. This is a book by J.B. Handley. Many of you will know who J.B. Handley is. If you don’t just Google him, and Skyhorse Publishing have put out a book by J.B. Handley, and his son, Jamison Handley, called, “Underestimated: An Autism Miracle.” I’ve actually read this book. I’m sure you have too. It’s a journey to find his teenage son who’s called Jamison, a method of communicating, because Jamison is non-verbal. It’s very hard when you have a non-verbal son to be able to really communicate. It’s heartbreaking, a whole load of emotions go with that. And you begin to think, well, there’s just no hope. And this is just such an uplifting book, and a book of truth. And I really urge you parents out there if you can’t communicate with your non-verbal son, please get this book and read it because Jamison actually finds a way to communicate. And you can read about that in the book, and starts to type the most amazing really. I spoke to him on Facebook, actually, FaceTime. He FaceTimed me, and I’ve known him before, Jamie, and he has never spoken to me and he was talking to me. He told me how he remembered me, and he remembered the vax bus. It was just the most amazing moment. It goes on my top five moments in my life to see this boy talking to me through this communication. And he says, he’s been a prison of silence. He’s been underestimated by everyone in his life. Heartbreaking, but uplifting and brilliant. I really, really can’t recommend this book enough.

– Well, I just want to add, I’m really proud, Polly, that this is this fantastic partnership that Children’s Health Defense has with Skyhorse Publishing. So we are promoting this book heavily, and I would recommend anybody to get this book because it really is a book about sort of the triumph of the human spirit, and the triumph of love within a family. And it’s just this young man who’s been in this silent cone for 17 years breaks out, and he’s just flat out brilliant, and wise and kind and generous and understanding towards the people who have underestimated him. His mission in life now is really to help other non-speakers speak through these technologies. And they’re working on a movie, and people will remember that J.B. Handley has been an extraordinary advocate for all people with disabilities in part from vaccines. And he wrote the fantastic book “How To End the Autism Epidemic.” And part of the extraordinary journey of this book is that it really has made him rethink a lot of what he’s learned about autism. So it’s a fantastic book. We’re promoting it. Bobby Kennedy is gonna do an interview with J.B. and Jamie this week. Please help us make this a bestseller. We want to really lift this book up. It’s a wonderful story about children’s health.

– Someone’s asking the name of the book is called “Underestimated: An Autism Miracle.” And you know what? To all of you people out there listening right now that think when you’ve been living, or you know someone that looks like they literally cannot understand you. So you have those conversations around that person. Jamie Handley has just told his dad of all the people that spoke badly about him, there’s a few firings that have been going on around him. It’s a lesson to everybody that you do not talk about people.

– Right.

– In front of them, and we’ve all been guilty of that. All of us, we’re not judging anybody here, but they know way more than they’re letting on.

– Yeah, one of the other wonderful things about the book is how Jamie is saying, and the teachers who taught him that all of the people who are non-verbal, it’s not a cognition issue. It’s a fine motor issue. They can’t get the brain to tell the muscles around the mouth what to do, but they have perfectly intact thinking. And that is a revelation, right? There are millions of people who are non-verbal with autism, and the presumption is kind of that they’re not cognitively with it. And what Jamie does is completely blow up that myth. They are totally cognitively with it if he’s the judge, and he’s telling his father, and all of the people around him. All of the other non-verbal people in my school they could do exactly what I’m doing. And they’ve already started to teach some of these kids to use these letter boards they’re called. So it’s a really uplifting heartwarming story.

– It is, and then for those of you that think, oh, I’m sure, the father is holding the hand. No, Jamie is doing this independently completely on his own. I’ve seen it, and it’s unbelievable. It’s very, very emotional. So if Bobby Kennedy is about to interview J.B. and his son, Jamie, or Jamison as his dad calls him, you must watch that because it will give you so much hope.

– It will, it gives me great hope. It gives me great hope for humanity, honestly, it really does. And to think of that, 17 years of this kid not being able to communicate even with his own family, and then suddenly to have this breakthrough, so breakthroughs can happen, miracles can happen. And I’m sure that that video will be on “The Defender.” So be on the lookout.

– Be on the lookout for that. Anything else from Children’s Health Defense before we go, Mary?

– Well, yeah, two things. We’re still really promoting the first movie that we’ve done, “Medical Racism: The New Apartheid.” It’s being censored mercilessly. That should be indication enough that it’s really good. I really urge people to watch it. It’s got our friend Sheila Ealey in it with her son Temple. There’s many other people, Kevin Jenkins, Curtis Cost. It’s a fantastic film and really a must-see. I think it really helps to put a lot of things in perspective. It’s not telling you what to do. It’s just looking back in history, and interviewing a lot of people on all sides of medical racism. The other thing I want to talk about that’s good news is we are very engaged in looking at the health effects of wireless technologies, 5G, and wireless technologies. And we just filed a lawsuit at the end of last week. We filed a stay against the Federal Communications Commission to get them to stop what’s called OTARD. I forget what OTARD stands for, but it would enable this new rule of the FCC if it’s not stayed, would enable people to put antennas on their houses, on their roofs, and basically be spewing radioactive waves to their neighbors with no kind of regulation at all. What our director on this, Dafna Tachover, says this is the Wild West of wireless. And our position is we are waiting for the FCC, or for a decision from the DC Court of Appeals to decide whether the health guidance, the guidelines that the FCC has been using from the 1990s are outdated. While we are waiting for that decision from the Court of Appeals that is not the time to rollout this whole new wireless technology that will have vast effects on people. And many people, Polly, many people like our children had sensitivity, if you will, to vaccines. Many people are more sensitive than others to this kind of EMF, electromagnetic frequencies, and it causes headaches. It causes heart palpitations. It causes tinnitus. It causes ADHD. All of those things, cancers. They’re very well-established in the medical literature. So we’re very proud of this OTARD case. And we will be watching that closely.

– People can keep up to date with that, follow “The Defender” but just a couple of questions before we go that are coming in the same ones. So because Bobby Kennedy has been taken down from Instagram, and now Facebook.

– Right.

– They’re asking where they can see the interview.

– Right, so we’re fighting that. We’ve been litigating with Facebook since last August. We see the takedown of Bobby’s account, his personal account on Instagram and Facebook is related to the censorship war against us. So don’t think for a minute we’re not working on that, we are, but all of the key videos that he does in his “TRUTH” series with you Polly, and Brian Burrowes, your colleague, they do get posted to “The Defender” website. So go to Children’s Health Defense, go to “The Defender” and you will see these videos. And I think we may be making it a little easier to find the videos going forward. And then, Polly, you graciously put all of these things up as well on the Peeps TV Roku channel, right?

– The Children’s Health Defense have their own channel within, so basically go to Roku, and then pull up the channel called Peeps TV, and you will see Children’s Health Defense, and all of Bobby’s work is on for you.

– It’s fantastic, I was recently on the channel on Roku, and it’s just miraculous really, it’s really fantastic. I mean, and most of our episodes are there as well. It’s a fantastic resource within Peeps TV on Roku is Children’s Health Defense, and all of our video material is put there.

– Thank God for Roku. And then there’s one more question. The last time I said thank God for Periscope, and then Periscope finished now it’s the end of it.

– So we will be careful what we say.

– And then the other question, of course, again, people asking one more time where do they see the medical racism film?

– So go to “Defender.” “Defender” is really our resource. So there’s a banner at the top of “The Defender” and it says “Medical Racism” watch for free. And it’s about an hour long video. And we worked really hard and long on it. And we have a fantastic director, and Bobby Kennedy and others are producers. And I really encourage you to see it, and tell your friends about it. It’s an important film.

– Yeah, and thank you for your messages coming in to Children’s Health Defense, questions, and various other things. We do get to see them.

– Yes, and, Polly, just to say, the email to send any questions or comments to Children’s Health Defense is CHD at CHD at, no grammar. And we get those. And so if it’s a question for Polly and me that will get forwarded to us. We will get back to you with an answer. I mean, we are very open to your feedback.

– Yeah, we are, and I have to say, I’ve recommended Children’s Health Defense site to so many people. people in my Bible group and stuff who just don’t know our movement, and they are learning so much. They are really learning so much of things they had no idea about before. So do recommend it to other people, it’s a fantastic forum. Thank you, Mary.

– Thank you, Polly.

– And thank you to all you people. We know it’s perilous times really in a way, but we are going to win this. I promise you we’re going to win this.

– We are definitely going to win this. I mean, truth is on our side, and you know what? About 50% of the people worldwide, I think, are truly on our side. There’s a few people who are undecided on these issues. We are exposing the corruption. There’s a tremendous amount of corruption in all of this, and that’s got to come out.

– Yeah, and for those that are desperate about their family members getting vaccinated, and they just feel like despair, it is what it is, you can’t undo it, move on. You have your family, but you also have us. We’re your family too at Children’s Health Defense. So stand shoulder to shoulder with us, and we’ll get through it.

– Pray big as Polly says.

– Pray big All right, we’ll be back next week on some forum. We’ll let you know which one it is nearer the time, hopefully, this one. Okay, everybody, lots of love from us all, and we’ll see you next week.

– Bye everybody.

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