An Open Letter to American Journalists from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. & Robert De Niro – February 15, 2017

On the occasion of our announcement of the Children’s Health Defense’s $100K challenge, we want to address America’s reporters, journalists, columnists, editors, network anchors, on-air doctors and news division producers. We especially want to reach out to those of you who have made a point of assuring the public about the safety of the mercury-based preservative, thimerosal.

Yale University Study Shows Association Between Vaccines and Brain Disorders

A team of researchers from the Yale School of Medicine and Penn State College of Medicine have found a disturbing association between the timing of vaccines and the onset of certain brain disorders in a subset of children.

Flu Shots During Pregnancy & Autism: Cause for Concern

A Nov. 19 study, of 45,231 women, published in JAMA Pediatrics, identified a heightened risk of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis in the children of mothers who received a flu shot during their first trimester of pregnancy.


The first association between autism and exposure to mercury was the publication of the landmark article Autism, A Unique Type of Mercury Poisoning by Bernard, et. al in 2000. The paper was first published in its entirety and later in the journals Medical Hypothesis and Molecular Psychiatry in 2001. The authors conducted an extensive literature review of mercury and autism and showed that exposure to mercury can give rise to the traits defining or commonly found in individuals with autism spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Is the Autism Epidemic Real?

A threadworm tactic employed for a decade by Big Pharma and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and their allies to combat the scientific evidence that the autism explosion is a manmade epidemic of recent origins has been to hint that there is no autism epidemic at all.

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Press Kit – Facts for Media Contact Us OVERVIEW Led by Chairman, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, the mission of the Children’s Health Defense is to raise public awareness of the sources and dangers of mercury, help those who have been personally affected by mercury exposure, and push for the safe and responsible removal of mercury […]

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Forbes Magazine & CDC’s Rogue Scientist

Stark facts belie Willingham’s dismissive assertion that Thorsen is merely the creature of an anti-vaccine conspiracy mill.

The True History Behind Salon’s Retraction of my “Deadly Immunity” Article

In January 2011, Salon deleted my article “Deadly Immunity” from its website six years after its publication.