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Multiple Vaccinations and the Enigma of Vaccine Injury
Published: 2020

The increasing rates of allergy, ear infections, and neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) in countries with high rates of vaccination could be related to mass vaccination and to its impact on liver function and vitamin A metabolism.


Mawson, A.R.; Croft, A.M. Multiple Vaccinations and the Enigma of Vaccine Injury. Vaccines 2020, 8, 676.


Mawson and Croft have written a comprehensive review article in the journal Vaccines and have investigated the role of multiple vaccinations in long term health effects include neurodevelopmental disorders, allergies, infections and neuropsychiatric disorders.  Past research on vaccine adverse events highlighted in the paper includes multiple childhood vaccines as well as multiple vaccines given to military personnel during the Gulf war.   Mawson and Croft hypothesize that multiple vaccines trigger the retinoid cascade which initiates apoptotic hepatitis that releases stored vitamin A compounds into circulation in toxic concentrations.  Further, the authors link vitamin A toxicity to multiple adverse events following vaccination.

This review article is a very important contribution to the science around vaccine injury, especially injuries following multiple vaccinations which given the bloated CDC infant vaccination schedule is the rule and not the exception.  Mawson has previously completed his own study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children where he found relationships between vaccination status and multiple sequelae including allergic rhinitis, eczema, otitis media, pneumonia and neurodevelopmental disorders (Mawson et al. 2017, J Transl Sci).

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